The Flickr and Digg Celebrity? I don’t know about that… Oh and some dead Chinese People

There was a short interview with me that was posted today. I don’t know what being a celebrity means in those circles, but I am pretty sure that people assume that it means that I wear a lot of black t-shirts and I am a nihilist. Neither is true. I do wear some black t-shirts, but it makes me look a bit like a Scientologist.

In the interview, I was asked about some of my photos where I am surprised that they did not do better. I commented on my Chinese Cemetery set, which I think must be too macabre or too Chinese. Here is a link to the set on Flickr.


Red Alone

And here is one of the pictures from the interview that I forgot to mention. It’s one of my favorites, but again… one that is not nearly as popular as the others, in terms of relative comments/favorites. Oh well… you never know!

The Hidden Pond

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  • alexandru savu

    Wow… great photos man. A+ from me.

  • Ioana

    You should come to Romania for a the Merry Cemetery

    Great pictures, love the cultural insight

  • lopez

    I am so sorry,sorry to see that…..

  • Ivan

    Enjoyed your interview, Trey, especially the part about Flickr. I think your points are valid. Yahoo is too large of a corporation to get enough resources and give enough attention to Flickr. They can’t be making any money on it, so why bother improving it or taking it where photographers want to take it.

  • tratcliff


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