Ukrainian Homes

The Ukraine has some unique architecture. Below is a section of some interesting homes that I think look like they came right out of Smurfville or Disneyworld. In other parts of Ukraine, the buildings are all concrete, blocky, and throwbacks to Soviet government-mandated design, so it is nice to see a reminiscent style of architecture that seems to blend the olde world and the modern.

I’m leaving the Ukraine today to head to Amsterdam, where we have the Casual Games convention lined up. I’ll be pretty busy there, but I’ve always got the camera in the bag if an opportunity arises.

Ukrainian Homes

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  • Jen

    thanks for letting us tag along around Kiev and the Ukraine….i was still pretty bitter about my Russian trip getting canceled, your images ease that pain a bit..

  • alexandru savu

    I love it. It makes Ukraine look friendly :)

  • Robert smith

    Cool houses. I want to go!!!!

  • http://don'thaveone Lesley Pelstring

    HI, Just wanted to say I loved your site and pictures of the Ukraine. Our daughter has been posted near Kiev in a village called Lesky with the Peace Corps for ten months. I know she will enjoy your pictures greatly as well as your insights to the people and surroundings. Yea, she went to the reactor town too. As a Mom, I wasn’t happy with that decision. Keep on posting! Lesley

  • http://don'thaveone Lesley Pelstring

    Oops, just realized how old your posting is. Missed the year. But the pictures are still wonderful. Lesley

  • Stuck In Customs

    hehe – hey thanks!

  • Rebecca Beidel

    I love this picture so much. I found it on the cover of the travel section of the Sunday Staten Island Advance today and kept looking at it all day. I would love to buy a copy. Is there one available?
    I love all your pictures and will keep coming back to this site. Your pictures make me want so much to see the world.

  • Michael Henry

    Excellent job with the colors on this one. Any idea what the little fixtures on top of the houses are? They look like the have their own roofs.

  • Jimmy Denham

    Very cool Trey. Almost looks cartoonish.

  • Maureen Francis

    Looks like Lyuteranska street facing down to Kreshatik. I lived in one of those buildings for a couple of years during my 8 years in Ukraine. Love your pics of the city.

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