A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House

I made it to Kiev, and it is perhaps the slipperiest city in the world. It could be colder, but I don’t know how.

No matter which way I walked, the snow and wind beat into my face like a sandstorm combined with a monsoon combined with my mother-in-law’s attitude. The other Ukrainians and wayward Russian wives were walking around without hats like it was normal. Will and I wanted to dress up in our Spies-Like-Us-winter-garb, but we haven’t found where to buy that yet.

Here is a shot of the opera house in the middle of the snowstorm. That little blip up there on the left is a snowflake that had the inconsiderate vector to land on my lens.

The large version of this one is a little dizzying.

A Snowy Night at the Kiev Opera House

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  • Susan

    Oh wow! Beautiful Trey! Know it must be just bone chillingly cold!!

  • http://www.livingminimal.com David

    Can’t be any more slippery than the Baixa district of Lisbon.

  • Ksena

    Great shot!
    But… It’s not Opera House, it’s a Conservatoire :)
    Cheers, Ksena

  • http://www.bestofukraine.com Lensa

    Your pictures are amazing!

  • Oleksii

    Cool!! But Ksena is right, it’s conservatory.
    Oleksii, Kyiv

  • Maryana

    Opera is even prettier :P

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