The Lens of Valpopando

One of my good photography friends, Valerio, highly recommended that I get this new lens – the Sigma 10-20mm. We spent the weekend together in Napoli and took a bunch of pictures together…we put that set here on Flickr. Here is one of the first shots I have taken with the new lens from Chicago last night; I think this lens is amazing. I look forward to doing some landscapes with it as well. The second picture is one of my favorites with that lens from Valerio… who is one of the most popular photographers on Flickr… here are some of his top shots.

The Lens of Valpopando

Multi window (by valpopando)

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  • Valpopando

    GRAZIE !!!!

  • carol owens

    WOW! What a that lense can do! But then, it’s not so much the camera or lense but the photographer who makes it special. Still, I’ll have to remember to look into that lense when I get my first DSLR. Let’s see some landscapes w/ the new Sigma!

  • Susan

    Wow – these are amazing Trey!!

  • Carlos Lorenzo

    Amazing hdr. I think I should come around here often. Thanks for sharing all these striking images.

  • canon sd750

    amazing… cooooooool :)

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