So I decided to paint the ceiling of our bedroom (not)

I don’t do many things around the house, especially when it comes to things like painting, repair, and other silly things, like flushing. So it always impresses me to see someone that takes the time to actually get up and paint the ceiling, because if I were actually to do anything around the house, painting the ceiling would be way down the list (right after flushing).

And so here is another nicely painted ceiling in Rome…

so I decided to paint a mural above my four poster bed (just kidding)

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  • Chris Wisehart

    Can you tell me some of the technics used to render these pictures so wonderfully?

  • tratcliff

    Thanks Chris – I have a tutorial up at which might help you.

  • Chris Wisehart

    Thank you a ton. I almost forgot to come back and look for a answer. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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