Golden Buddha Throne

Here is a solid gold Buddha that weighs slightly more than Nirvana.

I was not supposed to bring my camera in there, but I mentioned that when I die, on my deathbed, I will receive total consciousness. So I got that going for me, which is nice. And while they thought about that, I took the picture.

The Golden Throne Room

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  • Zach

    Hello Trey –

    I found your blog from BEST SHOT community on livejournal. I love your pix, please feel free to view some of mine on my blog, and at my gallery section of my site, as well as my flickr account:


  • Axel

    You the Best!!

  • Pablo

    I love this picture, is so coool that place, dont you have it in a larger resolution, so I can arrange it as a wallpaper for example ??

    Thank you


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