It’s Not for Girls and other interesting foodstuffs

We took a bus to Castletown and ended up with some extra time so we went into a local grocery store to see what kind of crazy items they had inside. It’s always strange being in another English-speaking country but with slightly different consumer products. It sometimes makes me feel like I am in a parallel universe.

Here is an interesting candy bar whose tagline appears to cut out about 50% of the market:

No Women Allowed

Here is a Kit Kat bar that has actually been renamed to a rather cumbersome web address:

Kit Kat Co Uk

Here is Will – he has Nice Biscuits:

Nice Biscuits

And this is some honey that must be made by some distant relative of mine:

Ratcliff Honey

I like the tagline on the one below…so mysterious:


And then here is a Cadbury bar filled with a very sketchy looking pink substance:

Turkish Delight

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  • fu_shu_jing

    Did you try the Yorkie?

  • tratcliff

    Yes – it tasted mildly of testosterone and video games.

  • Steve

    1) Kelly is indeed a traditional Manx surname (also Irish)
    2) What did you use to bring out the colours in your photos?
    3) Yorkies are far superior to Hershies.

  • tratcliff

    hehe thanks – I do an HDR technique – search for Tutorial on my site

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