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“I’m a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys.”

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Trey’s images are other-worldly, mind-blowing creations that, at first glance, appear to be some digital trompe l’oeil; a Photoshop trickery post production creation. But no, Ratcliff’s photographs — through techniques he freely shares — are inspiring and real. Something which makes them all the more incredible.

JJ Abrams, Director & Writer, Lost, Alias, Fringe, Star Trek, Super 8, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Trey’s pictures are a daily source of inspiration for me. I can’t count the times that I’ve gotten stuck in my writing and, as I sit there staring at my computer screen desperately trying to think of the next idea, the screensaver kicks in with one of Trey’s images, and the shapes and colors triggered something in me that got me to the next note…

Hans Zimmer, Composer, The Lion King, Gladiator, Batman, Inception, Sherlock Holmes

Someone once told me that a photographer is an artist that paints with light. I never understood what that meant until I saw Trey’s work.

Patrick Rothfuss, Writer, The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear, The Doors of Stone

About the About Me page

Hello! 🙂 I’m quite a humble person, really, but I know that people that come to this page want to know more about me. This page started out small, but people ask more and more questions, so the page grows and grows! Remember, in saying All This Stuff about myself, I am actually egoless, which I think is the greatest creative gift any artist can give to one’s self. It wasn’t the easiest path, but books like this helped.

Briefly… a bio in brief bullet points

  • I was born blind in one eye and still only see out of my left. I call it “The Gift.”
  • My degree was Computer Science and Math and I did that for 35 years before finally diving full-time into my creative side.
  • I started the blog StuckInCustoms.com immediately after getting a digital DSLR and started sharing 1 photo per day, stories, and free tutorials to help everyone enjoy this strange world of HDR Photography that I was discovering for myself. I was obsessed. As of the time of writing this, that was about 10 years ago and I still publish one photo per day and I love it. Here is the HDR Tutorial by the way.
  • The site became very popular and I started getting into social media. Now, if you add up all platforms (FB, Insta, Pinterest, Google, Twitter), I have about 16 million followers and I love all these Internet friends!
  • Google tracks views, and on that platform alone, it’s over 140 billion views tracking at over 125 million a day of the photos. At least some of those views are from my mom, who is my biggest fan 🙂
  • I do a lot of public speaking through my agent at CAA, I’ve been interviewed on most major TV channels around the world, and had the first HDR photo to hang in the Smithsonian. My young son went to go visit it in person, took a photo, and it made him proud. That made me smile.
  • I’m really into meditation and yoga. I also go to Burning Man (my photos) every single year and love it.
  • Over the past few years, I’ve started partnering with companies to build products and services. One good example is Peak Design, where we designed a number of bags on Kickstarter. The two Kickstarters made over $13 million and have been hugely successful. Most importantly, the bags make people happy! I give tremendous credit to the Peak Design team!
  • I also teamed up to build our own Photo Software with Macphun. It got over 1.5million downloads (Mac only but Windows soon!) in the first year and been growing ever since.
  • I love to do Free Photo Walks Around the World filled with tips and fun for the fans! Sign up for our newsletter to find out first about that or other goodies!
  • The company here has grown to about 10 people, full time and part time. Everyone helps one another out and we have a lot of fun!
  • Lots more to talk about but already too many bullet points… more here on the site from Workshops to Fine Art sales to Business Development to our Online Store to Luxury Brand Partnerships to Home Videos!
  • What’s the core reason I do all of this? A bit new-agey but maybe you’ll dig it. I want to help spread consciousness and presence to the world. It’s hard to teach billions to meditate, but you can help teach them photography and creativity. I believe when people are being creative they are being fully present and conscious, and that’s the best thing we all can do for the world.

A very personal video

I made this video from 3+ years of drone footage combined with the word of the British philosopher Alan Watts. FInd a quiet place, put on your headphones, and enjoy.

Speaking at TEDx

There’s a grouping of questions about me that come up pretty often. How did I become a photographer? What’s the backstory? What are some of the counter-intuitive things that I figured out along the way via series of embarrassing stories? Well here’s all that and more!

Social Media Reach

My audience largely consists of people with disposable income seeking inspiration and adventure. They span all ages and countries and are passionate about travel, high-tech gadgets, the environment, camera equipment, and learning photography.


Pie Chart March 2017

Speaking at Google Zeitgeist

If you are extra curious about me and HDR photography, this video is a pretty good summation of the whole shootin’ match. The talk “The World We Design – Technology and Beauty in Photography” is from Google Zeitgeist Americas.

What I look Like

Don’t most people click on an “About Me” page to see what the bloke looks like? I don’t like photos of me, and I can’t ever decide which one is representative of me. Anyway, I’ll post a few different ones here, but don’t think I’m one of those Instagram non-stop selfie people haha… (and if you simply MUST see more, here are a bunch of photos that other people have taken.)

Okay this is me

My mom thinks I look cute in this photo. Who am I to disagree with my mom? I don’t know what else to say here other than maybe you would like to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where we have all sorts of videos. I don’t know if you are a photographer who likes tutorials or simply a fan. Either way, I have lots of videos there.


Photo Walking in Europe!

Here’s a highlight video from our photo walks in Europe. Enjoy! If you want to join me for an upcoming one, why not sign up for our free and beautiful Newsletter!


Atop a 100 Story Building in Dubai

Getting to the edge of this building was probably not the best idea, but I really wanted to get this shot of Dubai! It was an incredible city and we had a great photowalk there as well. If you want to join me for one of our photowalks around the world, be sure to check out the events page!


Tutorials and Reviews

I freely share my photos and many tutorials with everyone. I use the Creative Commons license, so people are free to use this stuff on their own, as long as it is not for commercial purposes. A lot of people come here the first time for the various tutorials or reviews. The first tutorial is about my style of photography which has a special little twist – the details are in my HDR Tutorial.  If you want know even more, we also offer a downloadable Complete HDR Tutorial. The Camera Reviews section has also been growing a lot lately with some good stuff. Perhaps you can get the inside scoop on cool things in there.


Adventuring on Antarctica

I spent about three weeks down in Antarctica taking photos all over the place. I flew down in a CL-130 and we landed one skis on the sea ice. The whole experience was absolutely incredible. Everything happened from digging out an ice cave to sleeping next to a glacier on the continent. You can read more about it by looking at all the blog posts with the Antarctica tag.


Categorical Breakdown of Me

The Basics

  • Name: Trey Ratcliff
  • Gender: Dude
  • Primary Language: English
  • Place of Residence: Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Family: Wife, three kids. Son: Ethan. Two daughters: Search and Destroy
  • Sign: Cancer
  • High School: Jesuit College Prep Dallas
  • University: Southern Methodist University (Computer Science and Math)


PhotoWalking Around the World

Check out our upcoming photowalks and events here! I’ve gotten into the habit of meeting you guys all over the world! Whenever I have an extra day or night in a city, I always try to make time for a free PhotoWalk. These are tremendously fun events! Here’s a photo of one we did in Melbourne, and they even get bigger than this! We’ve done them in Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, LA, Auckland, Christchurch, and many more places. Be sure to watch our Newsletter to find out when I might be coming to your city too!


In a Nutshell

Most people find me odd, and others have trouble finding me at all. I’m often busy doing something terribly important, but it seems hardly important to the other person once they have found me and asked me what the hell I am doing.



Most people don’t know that ROBOT TREY is my true identity on Snapchat (treyratcliff). It says all kinds of crazy things and Trey really can’t be held responsible for what you may or may not see, hear, or feel. Luckily, ROBOT TREY does not feel anything, being a robot. So if you have any complaints or anything, they will assuredly fall upon his deaf robot ears.



  • Photography
  • Philosophy
  • Genetics
  • Swarming
  • Computer & video games
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Writing fiction
  • Drawing
  • Raising kids (little RPG chars)


  • Soccer
  • Jogging with Pixel on too loud
  • Snowboarding
  • Making up a lot of games if there is another guy and a ball involved
  • * above hobby sounded sketchy

Books (one from each genre…)

  • Patrick Rothfuss or George RR Martin
  • The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Almost anything from Philip K. Dick
  • Eckhart Tolle books
  • His Dark Materials
  • Cryptonomicon
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Ender’s Game
  • Tale of Two Cities
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Genome
  • The Journeyer
  • Winesburg, Ohio
  • Free to Choose
  • I don’t want to list a ton of books…  but anything about genetics, patterns, anthropology, history, come visit my library and I’ll have a big pile of books for you to borrow!


Having a drink near a glacier

This is a very typical photo of me getting off a chopper near my home in Queenstown, New Zealand. Thanks to Choppy for the ride and the martini! I got that jilaba while in Morocco… it’s so warm and cozy. I bought it in Fes and then in Marrakech had extra pockets sewn inside (like Kvothe) to hold all my lenses.



(I hate listing movies because it makes me sound like a My-Spacey 13-year-old-girl, but people seem to like reading this sort of thing because they feel like it gives them a cutting Freudian insight into my psyche, a notion I heartily dismiss.)

  • Amelie
  • Any Wes Anderson Movie
  • Tombstone
  • Fantastical movies like The Fall, Big Fish, and Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Crouching Tiger
  • Office Space
  • Serenity
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Best in Show and that whole line of movies from Christopher Guest
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Ron Fricke movies like Baraka
  • Obvious predictable adoration of LOTR, SW, Batman series
  • Anything with Christian Bale
  • Anything with Woody Allen
  • Nothing that stars both Christian Bale AND Woody Allen



  • Ambient and world new age electronica
  • EDM – well good EDM
  • Gotan Project
  • Cesaria Evora
  • Tipper
  • Patrick O’Hearn
  • David Darling
  • Acoustic Guitar… Spanish Guitar
  • Listen to almost all genres though…weird stuff!


  • Ricky Gervais shows…
  • ?????, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
  • Firefly (canceled, sadly)
  • Rick and Morty
  • House of Cards
  • Game of Thrones
  • Burn Notice
  • The Office (both)
  • All the Connections shows with the great James Burke
  • Good Eats
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Arrested Development
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Southpark
  • Blackadder
  • The Simpsons

A slide shade of evolution

This was shot near the Batu Caves of Malaysiay.  Now, it might look like me and this Macaque are smiling at one another.  Well, I am smiling.  That monkey is showing aggression (they do so by baring their teeth). My jugular is a warm, salty half-second away.  But, right after this moment, I threw him a piece of fruit and made a hasty egress.


  • Italian
  • Chocolate
  • Anything with carbs
  • Chocolate (did I say that already?)


  • Englsih (barely)
  • French (enough not to get sneered at by the French themselves)
  • Spanish (enough to order Texmex)

Quotes I like:

  • Homer: (screaming) “Why must I fail at every attempt at masonry?”
  • Winston Churchill:  “Success is the ability to move from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm.”



Sleeping in the Sahara

I went camel trekking across Morocco in the Sahara desert and approached the border of Algeria. I was with a group of Berbers, and I ended up staying in their camp for the night. The desert was so cold… I was taking a photo of the fire and decided to sit down in front if while I took a selfie of sorts. After the photo, I sat there for a long time, conjuring strange thoughts from the fire.



Oh, also, I also like the to draw and I find it helps me quite a bit with the photography. I started teaching myself in an experiment to see if I could learn in April of 2008. Here is a compilation of some work I did between April and October of that year. I still don’t think I’m very good, but I look forward to improving.

If you would like to see more drawings and sketches, I’ve put them all in the Drawing category.

Learning to Draw by Candlelight (by Stuck in Customs)


Besides drawing, I also like digitally paint. I have done a few of these… none are for sale – just experiments. You can read more about it and see more on the Fire in Yellowstone page.


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  • Chris

    Trey, your work is truly inspiring and extremely artistic. You are gifted. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Hi Trey

    Season greetings from Singapore! My name is Thain Lin, and I’m a great fan of your work.

    Thank you for sharing your images, and your HDRs are simply awesome and truly inspiring. In fact, I visit your blog everyday ever since I came across your name from Ferrell McCollough’s HDR book (I hope you got your complimentary and autographed copy). btw, your recent Christmas family photo is simply stunning!

    Your work has spurred me to get serious with HDRs and photography. There is still lots of things to learn, and I’ve not even ventured in the various tools you recommended, such as LucisArt.

    I notice that you do not have “Singapore” as your Categories. If you’re ever in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, please contact me so that we can invite you to meet your fans here for a talk; there’ll be fees payable to you of course.

    Cheers, and keep up the great work. Keep ’em coming!

    Thain Lin

  • Trey,

    You might check out the homepage of entertainmentbenefits they are using your image I would guess without permission

  • boB

    Because of your HDR photos of Walt Disney World I decided to give HDR a try. It seems as if this is what Ansel Adams and others were always looking for, some means with which to fit the full range of a scene into a print (or display). Now we have it!

    Thanks for introducing me to this new world of photography! Here is one of my recent ones, a drawbridge in operation:


  • Dorreen

    I wanted to ask your permission to use one of your photos on for an global warming non-profit email invitation. Of course we would give you credit with links / etc

  • Hello from New York. You have some amazing pictures here.

  • Rod

    Hi Trey,

    I’m a novice when it comes to photography, but I’ve always had an eye for the art. I borrowed my father in law’s D40 and I’m loving it!

    Do you have any tips on how to shoot pictures at night? I love your city night shots, but I can’t seem to get it right especially when it comes to HDR. They either come out too noisy, and dark obviously. As far as detail goes, are you shooting at smaller F-stops (12, 16, etc.), slower shutter speed, flash vs. no flash, etc? I don’t have AEB, so I’m saving up for a camera that does.

    Thanks for the inspiring pictures you take. I love music and I have my own production studio, but I want to try my hand at something visual now.

    You’re probably busy, so reply when you can

    Rod Rosete
    SUITE 307 Productions, Blue Magic Studios
    San Jose, CA

  • Thanks! Well my only tips are to try to follow my HDR Tutorial – it basically says the same thing I would here – use a tripod, shoot at the lowest possible ISO, and take multiple exposures. (and you never need a flash for city shots)

  • Hi Trey,

    I just wanted to tell you that you are inspiring. I am in love with your images and live surprisingly through you, just a little. My husband and I love to travel, over the last 2 years we have been crazy busy wedding photographers so our traveling is very much at a stand still. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong we love our job but your images for a brief moment allow me to see the world the way God made it. Beautiful in all is splendor.

    Thank you for being so open in sharing how you do what you do. We are currently trying to do this with some of our wedding images. And our clients are going nuts over it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I have been asked to teach a photography class and I would love to post an article about you on my blog and a link, if you don’t mind.

    Have a great day and be blessed where ever you are.

    -Erin Hernandez-Reisner
    Imagine it kc

  • Eny

    Dear Trey,

    What an awesome drawing esp the Scarlett one. Hope I got the title right, I saw a sign in the lower right side.
    Do you sell it?

    I love your pictures as well, the ones of Jogjakarta, the Kali Codet(right?)and the Sujatmi.

    I am an Indonesian, live in Northern California. Looking at your pictures bring back thousands of memories.

    Have you ever visited the city nearby Jogjakarta named Surakarta? There is a candy close by, near the mountain. Maybe you can capture things other people can’t from that forsaken candi.

    Good luck !!


  • hello
    my name is julia from germany
    i have a forum

    thats a psp school
    we love tagging and all you can do with our Photo Program psp .
    your pictures so wonderful that i want ask you
    May we please get your permission to use your Art?
    – Can we make blends/tags
    – Can we animate the art (such as eye blink)
    Of course with all your Copyright Info on our Tags on all our works is the copy from artist and a link to his site

    I hope this is Ok to write you
    That would be so nice

  • Jon

    Very random, but I went to the same high school as you, and work in Austin

  • Kat

    sorry if this first question sounds rude, more of astonishment
    how can you afford to go these places?
    I mean you they are beautiful shots of places I can only imagine. I wish I could go there take photos myself (also to acknowledge I’m no good at photography)

  • Thanks yall

    Eny, no I don’t sell my drawings… I am keeping them all in my little sketch pad for now…

    Julia, just contact my email and I can hook you up with licensing.

    Kat, I travel half the time on my own and the other half for work. I usually try to find time at night or the weekends to go shoot. I plan ahead and usually go cheap… like I have an upcoming trip to Patagonia that is not that much at all.

  • Rich

    You are an insanely traveled and talented individual who is getting the maximum play out of life. Is all of this true?

  • Ellen Rasmussen

    Dear Trey:

    I am media editor with ABC-Clio, a history reference publisher near Denver, CO. I found a photo of yours on Flickr (http://flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/189321498), and wonder if we might use it in a web story we’re doing on Julius Caesar. Thank you for considering my request!


    Ellen Rasmussen
    Senior Media Editor
    2655 W. Midway Blvd.
    Suite 320
    Broomfield, CO 80020
    Tel: (303) 385-1607
    Fax: (303) 385-1640

  • Srihari S


    Amazing Pics.

    Srihari S

  • Hello:
    Just dropped in. You have some interesting photographs!
    Best wishes,

  • Hi Trey, saw your lovely shots of Jogjakarta. Planning to go there in June and the photos were excellent, very sharp, captivating and mesmerizing (esp the temple at Borobodur). Wish I could take photos like that. Any other places you could share coz by just looking at your photos I feel like I’m transported there. I like photography but I’m still new and have got lots to learn. Might look up your HDR tutorial someday. Keep doing what you’re doing man, all the best.

  • I got a new 21″ flat panel (monitor) to replace my old 17″ tube. I was looking for just the right wallpaper to show it off.

    I found “Times Square at Dusk” via Google. I just had to see more.

    Trey, your work is AMAZING. Deviant Art has lost a fan for a while. I’ve got lots of viewing to do on your site.

    Thank you so very much.

  • I love your work and your website. Is this WordPress theme one you designed yourself?

  • Carina

    Hey Tray,

    while I was surfing through the www i found your site and the article:
    bad Art at Austin Airport …

    It would be great if you could send me your pictures you took.
    they are not linked anymore

    I am very much interested in Art Exhibits at Airports – that´s why

    Greetings from Germany

    [email protected]

  • Thanks!

    Yes, this is a modified 3-column theme that I widened myself… I am getting a new theme done by the great Fabien in France as we speak… so it should improve soon!

  • clark

    Hello from a fellow Austinite (but now residing in NYC). I stumbled across your site this morning and was as awe at the amazing hdr pictures you have taken from all over the world, and then I saw the picture of the fireworks at the Austin Country Club and thought to myself “hey I know that bend in the river”. The pictures on your site are amazing, I’m beginning to experiment with hdr imaging with my newly aquired nikon d60 and think that your tutorials will help a lot with this.

    Thanks for the great pictures, and for the good half-hour distraction from my design homework haha.

  • Clark – good to have you around – also glad you noticed my photo at the Country Club! 🙂

  • Hello,

    A few months ago, we announced you a photo competition organized by PIKEO and LONELY PLANET.

    This competition was very succesful so we decided to organize a photo exhibition: the winners and the jury’s choice will have their photos exhibited at the HOST Gallery in London from March 9th to March 15th 2009. The exhibition is free, so don’t hesitate to tell your readers!

    We would like to invite you to an exclusive preview of the exhibition on March 10th! Do you have any email address we can reach you at and send you the invitation?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Trey,
    I would like to use some of your photos on a free website for healers and the art of healing that I and my web master are in the process of building but I am unsure as to how I can give you credit and all in a manner that you would approve of. I would appericate your feed back on this.
    This is my first adventure in web site construction and I don’t want any one yelling at me for stepping on their toes over what I put on the site.
    I have added a Flickr API for the site. I just need to get it set up for use.
    Come visit my site which is still under construction. It will be free to the public. All information and healing will be free also or I’ll kick off the member who trys to charge for their gifts. I sure have never ever asked for any money for helping another person to get well again. It is my gift to humanity.
    I am sorry to use up so much of your space…
    Peter [email protected] http://whitelight023.nin.com

  • Don Lee

    “It was nice to make it there after dodging all the modern art that just takes up a lot of space. I’m sure that’s sort of a heretical thing to say, for someone so deep into the digital mediums, but I find most modern art to be inane. Any piece of modern art that requires a douche in a black turtleneck to describe what I am seeing is something that probably simply represents two minutes of my life I will never get back. Anyway, I’m sure some people like it… that’s fine… just not for me.”

    Trey…based on this subjective observation I would guess there is no need for art history. If it’s representational one can understand it? All art was modern at the time it was made, it becomes art because it stands the test of time.

    I love the triangle of the Kemper, Amon Carter and Modern in Fort Worth. In a days time one can find the roots or witness the evolution of visual art without bias.

    Otherwise I’m good with your work. I just thought this a bit of an inane comment.

    You’re much appreciated.

    Don Lee

  • Hi, I did not see anywhere here to send an e-mail to the company, so I hope I’m not intruding on you, I purchased a dvd that is not operable, please help me out, I just received it today it was billed to News Stand in Flint, Mi. maybe I we can exchange the bad one for a good one, the one I received freezes after one minute of playing I tried it on different play things such as quick time and window player, no luck, please help me with this situation. Thank you.


  • Rod – that is strange – are you saying you ordered a Textures DVD that broke? Of course it will be replaced for free. Contact ratcliffphotos at gmail.com – and the team will take care of you!

  • Maybe it’s not vista compatible, it worked on windows xp computer, but it will not work properly on my laptop.

  • KJ

    thank you for inspiring me in this time

    I, too, am a computer science graduate, been working for three years now and have had no interest but in art and photography and writing

    Perhaps it is not too late to pursue such desires 🙂

    thank you

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  • Jeff


    While out and about surfing the “GIG” (Global Interface Grid) this evening, I came across your site and was ABSOLUTELY amazed! You are truely an artist and a great one at that! I have always been interested in photography, but didn’t really pick it up until I was in Iraq and bought my first DSLR (Nikon D40x) and some lenses… I have been slacking as of late, I need to push my own motivation to get out and take more… I must say, thankyou for your site, it has helped me to understand the world of photography much more and has inspired me to get out and do more with my camera… Hopefully in the near future, as my creativity grows and I take more pictures, I’ll have something to show you and can ask for you opinion… Thankyou again for your very imformative and helpful page…

    IT2(SW) Jeff Davis
    USS Hopper (DDG-70)

  • Liam Bussell

    Hi Trey, I would like you to have a quick chat about possibly using some of your pics on a brochure I’m designing, what’s the best contact method to discuss this?

  • Mudy

    You are a man with unusual mental ability, a creative thinker and an exceptional lensman. Keep it up.

  • You wouldn’t happen to have amblyopia in that eye would you??? If so, we have something in common that only 1%-5% of the world has.

  • Philip D

    Hey Trey,

    Astounding photos !!! Simply remarkable !!!

    I would like to pick you brain about the Christmas photo. Would it be possible for you to break down the process involved in that photo? I am a keen amateur photographer and I aspire to take some photos that are as good as yours. Naturally there will be some post production involved and therein lies the rub. I have the tools, just not the know how on how to use them as well as you have. I use a Canon 40D with a 28-135 IS Ring Type USM lens and other accs. such as tripod, hood, wireless remotes, etc. I also have PS, Lightroom, Photomatix, etc. I particularly like the Christmas photo as its something I believe I could use to make my own personal Christmas greeting cards.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the brilliant work.

    -Philip D.

  • I have to say this and I am sure you have heard it before, but WOW! You do some seriously amazing work, I noticed though that you don’t have any Michigan or Alaska pictures on your blog… 🙁 It makes me sad as Michigan and Alaska are very beautiful states. (ok I am predjeduce, I have lived in both states, I have pictures, but nothing like yours!) I hope someday that you have time to visit these beautiful states and make them memorable in your amazing photos. Again I love your photos they make me want to visit so many places, or like the glacier photos, they make me want to go back to AK for a visit!

  • Hi, I love the patagonia’s photos. I was born very close from the Glaciar. In Rio Gallegos, the main city of Santa Cruz.

    Thanks for the good shoots, I hope you have a good time at Argentina.



  • nicolette

    i just wanted to say i love your stuff. im a former art major and i just am obsessed with travel and art. i love that you get to do both . im a waitress in los angeles and i bet i mention your website to at least 5 people a day if not more. i think its inspiring and for a few moments you can look at your pictures and forget that your sitting at a desk!! Thanks!

  • Hey yall- thank you so much – I appreciate you taking the time to write such nice things — very nice of you!

  • Hi Trey

    just came across your blog! Your work is wonderful, congratulations. I have always wished to start in HDR and never got the time so far…

    Anyway just to tell you that me and my family (partner & 2 years old daughter) are living in Kuala Lumpur as Belgian expats since almost 4 years. You are more than welcome to come and visit us – as you state you find this city great right?! Let me know!
    Please also feel free to check out our web site (in French, shouldn’t be a problem as you know a bit ?) made for our friends and family. No HDR but some good shots from the various places we went to!


  • Joey Bischof

    Hey Trey, I’m obsessed with your stuff and i’m trying to get in to a bit more sophisticated digital enhancement of photos, AKA HDR shots. Here’s my situation, i have a very basic Nikon D60, but it doesn’t Auto Bracket… is there a way to bypass this or some way to imitate this function? Email me please! Cheers!

  • Thanks all — Joey – you can still shoot a single RAW and make an HDR from that – it is covered in my tutorial if you like! 🙂

  • Megan

    in the pic in d.c. with the cabbies..I don’t understand what you mean when you say the men starting laughing egregiously (I know the meaning of egregious). So these were not nice guys? I’m from D.C. by the way..very nice pics

  • Ken Buddha

    Is there any chance that you could (or already do) provide a link to your latest photo that is generic? ie, http://www.stuckincustoms.com/daily.jpg or some such link? I’d like to write myself a script to grab it and use it for my display background. It would be a nice surprise each morning.

    Just a thought.

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  • …. very nice blog Trey, glad to ‘make your acquaintance’ and yes, I’m gonna follow you for a bit … keep at it … there ain’t NOTHING like an ENGAGED life … best to you

  • A non-related question: what plugin did you use that allows Facebook users posting comments on your blog? Thanks.


  • I would like to start by saying, i think your doing a great job at showing a viewing audience a fantastic new visual world on creative innovation and by using a form of technology that is out of this world very hip, very fresh, very futuristic.
    Im terribly disappointed with your lack of respect to all that strived to use a viewing medium of rise, tilt, shift, fall. do you understand how much more your images would be received by the architectural world of truth over computer programing tech if your lines were simply straight.

    Please show me that you understand the truth in structure, try using a tilt lens, or buy into a medium format camera system that will allow your images to justify there means of futuristic creativity.

    I realize you have a great eye and don’t want to sound snobbish but real is real and we need that now more than ever, especially at this time.
    Have a more accurate voice, Art is getting a bad rap.


  • One of _the_ best ‘About Me’ pages I’ve ever read.

  • Michelle

    Um…I’m pretty sure you have a typo in your About Me page: “Bad Pictures of Me from non-MySpace Angles”. Did you mean “Angels” as in heavenly creatures and not “Angles” like triangles?

  • Michelle

    Oops. Nevermind. I get it now…”Angles” as in “Non-MySpace” perspectives.

  • Jessica

    Hey there.

    I was just recently directed to your blog from wattsbw2004 over on flickr, since I’m HDR retarded atm haha. You’ve been really helpful in that aspect.

    Anywho, you said you don’t think your drawings are very good… Perhaps I should send you some pictures of my stick figures lol.

    <3 *thumbs up*

  • Ron J. Pride

    Hi Trey,
    I would like to discuss permission to use the photo “Metallic Clouds” on a booklet cover. I work for a medium-sized Christian publisher. We have a donor who wants to fund the free distribution of a booklet for Christian motorcycle clubs and bikers across the U.S.A. We saw your shots on flikr and thought it would be perfect for “The Ride of Your Life”. We’d like to keep the cost reasonable enough for us to be able to give the booklets away for free. Please let me know what you can do.

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Ron J. Pride, graphic designer
    Review & Herald Pub. Assn.
    Hagerstown, MD

  • Hey Trey,

    I’m just commenting to say that your site has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration for my own personal photography. I’ve been doing HDR since July of last year and it’s been quite a fun learning experience. I might go to Japan later this year and if I do go, I’ll pick up your textures package to spice up some of the photos. Anyway, thanks again for making such a great website!

  • Hey Trey,

    You may have done it on purpose, but if not, the Smithsonian links above in the “Awards & Miscellaneous” section don’t link to your images, but others in that group instead (shot by other ppl). Keep up the great work.

    (If you’re going to be in the DC area, drop me a note on flickr or gmail.)

  • Hi Trey,

    I am using a D300 and I have read your review of the Nikon 24-70mm. I currently have the 70-200mm VR and love it. I am thinking about purchasing the 24-70 for taking pictures of buildings and landscapes. Would I be better off purchasing the 14-24mm 2.8 or will this lens do the job? You had commented on your site that you have used the 24-70mm at one time for almost 80% of all your shots.

    Thanks for you help and your site rocks!!!!

  • Efraín


    We are Efraín Eliú López Serrano and Juan Sebastián Henríquez Henríquez “Lobo”, from Guayaquil – Ecuador.

    This year, at Copenhagen – Denmark, will be taking place the United Nations Summit to take actions on the climate changes, so we decided to help this Summit by doing the best we do, Creativity.

    We have entered The YouTube 48 Hour Cannes Lions Ad Contest with a video that we know it should be viewed by as many people as can to put some pressure on the leaders that will assist to sign the agreements that will benefit us all (and future generations).

    We are sure that the importance of this Summit will inspire you to get involved in this cause by feeding this news (see: message) to your Blog so more people around the world could join us too.
    We really appreciate your interest on this subject.

    Efraín López and Lobo.


    Subject: The world needs your help.
    Body: Put pressure on your leaders to focus their efforts on climate change, sign to get them sign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQTg_wAU50U leave your comment and rate the video.

    Tags: YouTube Cannes Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest viral advertising video brief rain dance oxfam summit copenhagen mysteryguitarman paint light lighting PiKAPiKA mystery guitar man susan boyle rihana evolution terrorist fox cnn msnbc bgt britain got talent republican democrat obama clinton what the buck black eyed peas boom gripe porcina swine influenza

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  • Richard


    Your work is awesome. FYI, you need to get your credits and links added to the following site, http://listphobia.com/2009/05/06/10-most-brightest-cities-of-the-world/. I think some of your work is on there. Anyway, I look forward to your future posts.


  • You haven’t completed your travels until you have visited Sisters, Oregon.

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  • Kim

    Trey, your work is an inspiration to me! I love how you photograph the places you visit and the post production. And then, your photography itself….WOW!

    Just a note to say that I think you should put your NAME AND HOW want credit given at the bottom of your new newsletter (and elsewhere on your site). Your name is not there anywhere that I could find on my first cup of coffee this morning. Make it easier for people to highlight and copy the info you want them to put next to your photos to give you credit and share your fabulous work with others. Keep up the incredible and breathtaking work!

  • Thanks all – very nice of you to take time to write!

    Kim – you are right! Maybe I will fix that for the next newsletter 🙂

  • ana

    Do you visit Portugal? If not, you must. You will not regret

  • Hello Trey,

    Needless to say your work is beautiful. I would really like to speak to you about your work in detail. I run several stock agencies and would like just a minute of your time to present a collection in Macro RM represented by the largest agencies in the business that I think you would find great interest in. Please take a moment to contact me.

    Jonathan Ross

  • Jonathan Ross

    Hi Trey,
    I forgot to add my web site correctly it is http://www.andersenross.com. My e-mail is [email protected] I look forward to having a moment of your time.


  • Carrie Jordan

    Do you sell your photographs for personal use? I would be interested in having one hanging on a wall in my house. They are amazing.

    Thanks…Carrie Jordan

  • Thanks all – Carrie – you can buy from the store there (Buy Prints on the right). They do a very professional job of printing and framing. Or, I actually don’t have a prob if people want to print out small copies for themselves… sometimes it’s hard to get good high-quality personal prints made, so people go with the professional option.

  • Fred

    Intemporelles salutations,

    mes yeux n’ont jamais été autant flatté de voir… Je suis parti avec vous, grâce à vous, et toujours pas revenu de chacun de vos tableaux… Tous les adjectifs superlatifs ne suffiraient à décrire ce que me suggère vos photos.

    Je suis un de vos fans !

    Bonne continuation. Fred.

  • Alex Zavatone

    Hi Trey. Mind if I send you a PNG from a Raw from this weekend? It’s just a cricket ball in mid air shot at 1/4000 on a D300 with a 70-200 + a 2.0 tele at ISO 800 at 400MM.

    Bokeh of the gods.
    – Alex

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  • Gio Diaz

    Good day, Trey! I happen to see some of your HDR pictures before, but I did not know they were taken by you. I’m a Filipino, currently living in Singapore, and work in a multinational IT company for a bank. A fellow Singaporean colleague in the office referred me to your site (actually, first in your Flickr account before this website). I was already awed and hooked at looking at your great shots. Truly inspiring! More power and more great pictures! As we say in our language: “astig ka talaga” (so cool!) ^_^!

  • Hi Trey,

    Thanks for the great work you do.

    I put a reference to your tutorial on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.



  • i almost go on ur site and see ur hdr photos everyday cause they r just so awesome. Great work.

    By the way, i hv a question about hdr.
    if there is a limitation in the env that i can’t set a tripod to take a few photos for hdr but only one photo can be taken. in this situation how can i make a hdr image w/ only one photo that i took.
    Like the hdr image that u made showing the texture of chairs and couch in China.

    Thanks for reading my message. ^_^

  • Thanks all !

    Alex – I’m afraid I’m too busy to do it justice – my apologies

    Gio – Thanks! Glad you are having fun… I love Singapore!

    Gianni – thanks!

    Steve – yes you can make an HDR from a single RAW — see my tutorial for info on that… think it’s on Page 3 currently

  • Jonny Delap

    Hi Trey,

    First of all congrats on the fantastic work, beautiful and inspiring.

    Also I have manipulated and traced some of your Amsterdam Photography for a University (non-commercial) Project. Hope you don’t mind. It is on the web here: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Hydrophonica/273772

    I have credited you and linked to your site.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Thanks Jonny for the mention and the link… yes I keep my work Creative Commons – I am fine with people re-using my art and combining it to make new things (as long as it is not for commercial purposes).

  • Link to your Facebook page points to wrong location since it don’t have “http://” in the beginning.

  • thx aha – fixed it 🙂

  • ReverendTed

    I can’t help but ask; is “Englsih” spelled that way intentionally?

  • Trey, thank you for this website.

    I guess it’s not original to say this, but your amazing pictures made me want to try out HDR and your tutorial was really helpful!


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  • Priscilla

    I just stumbled on this website….I’m just speechless at some of this photo art. I have a camera and I love taking pictures but I would in no way say I’m a photographer. I have resigned myself to the fact that I may never ever get to travel. I usually do all my traveling via PBS. When I look at these pictures I feel like I am actually standing there and looking at the scenery. It is so surreal. I’m awed. I was so awed that I looked at the equipment you use. Sorry not gonna happen…..i’ll just look at your website every other day from now on. 🙂 Its cheaper. I can’t wait till the book comes out. I’ve never bought a photography book but yours I will buy. Have you ever been to South Lake Tahoe? I went last month and was just amazed by it’s beauty. My camera could never capture the beauty of actually being there. Like I said, this is my first time on your site so I have a lot to peruse. I’ll look for Tahoe and see if you have photos. THANK YOU

  • Just wanted to say thanks. You introduced me to HDR Photography and I have fallen in love with making pictures all over again. Your tutorial is the best around and I cant wait for your book to come out. You should also know I started my own Photo blog and I have mentioned you profusely throughout.

  • Hello,

    I’m writing just to inform you that we’ve mentionned your widget on our communication’s blog : http://blog.netvibes.com/

    Kind regards,


  • Oh.My.Gosh! I have never seen such amazing photography work – ever! I stumbled on to it quite by accident (?) while searching for some images to use in some video segments our non-profit is producing. I would really like to use the one of the two gents sleeping in front of the IRS building and possibly the columns in the DC arbor if I could get your permission. This is for educational use only and you are welcome to check out what we’ve done so far at our website under the video section. LOL, I love your “in a nutshell”…that’s how I feel most of the time!

  • oops! The website should be .org, not .com!

  • Richard A. Heckler


    Thanks so much for your work. Its very inspiring. I have a good friend in Austin, Flint Sparks…an amazing guy…Zen teacher. You may have heard of him. Have a sense you two would hit it off.

    Question about Lucis Pro – Is it really an amazing program. I’m thinking about it. Do you find you do more there than Photomatix? I do mostly portrait and landscape.

    thanks for your time,

  • Thanks all!

    Richard – I use Lucis and Photomatix both quite a bit! Probably Photomaix a bit more….

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  • Pingback: Exploring South America, a river from the Andes()

  • Well, no wonder you are one of my favorite people, Trey. I see we have some things in common, like CHODOLATE, lol. Your drawings are quite good, considering you taught yourself, I am impressed!!! Have to save this page from your site in my favorites so I can take the time to read it all. Thanks for sharing on Stuckincustoms!!!!

  • casusan

    Your updates are really good Trey – interesting page – Like all the photos too!! Whichever one you choose for the book will be good!

  • Hi Trey!
    I don’t really have much to say except that I think you are one of the most talented person I have had the luck to encounter in the blog world. It was your drawings that put the whole thing into perspective, surprisingly. Your photos are truly amazing, but the drawings prove to me that you are a visual artist, not “only” a photographer. I should have known that immediately, but insights come to me only sporadically. 😉
    Thanks for the inspiration and tutorials!
    /Kristina Blom

  • Thanks Stina – I went to your blog – nice work there… I was gonna comment, but could not find the german comment button! 🙂

  • Ah, the disadvantage of “innovative” blog design! 😉 It’s the thought that counts, and thank you very much!

  • Isn’t this your photo on Kodak “Picture of the Day” for Sep-08-2009?



  • Wanyen

    Hi there. I would like to ask your permission if I could use this specific picture for my assignment.

    Ive seen your message “Feel free to use photos with credits and links.”

    But we were asked to provide evidence of the owner replying with approval.

    I really hope you will reply really soon.

  • Excellent work posted here, I was wondering if you were on Flickr?
    here is my Flickr sets page, let me know what you think about my work. Stay well



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  • Hey, discovered your website this morning and was pouring through your HDR tutorial until I came to the part where you have the link to the NYC picture before modifications. I live in the Middle East – UAE – and Flickr is one of the sites that is totally banned here in the UAE and probably much of the middle east. Is there another way to see the before and after pictures? Help!


    Hey, my oldest is named Ethan too but that is neither here nor there.

    Have a great day! Christie Eckardt

  • Megan

    Hi Trey,

    We met in 2007 at the JW Marriott Gym in Hong Kong. I was working in Hong Kong doing securities lending and had just finished going to school at HKUST. If I remember correctly you were doing something with software, maybe video games. I left the gym and you ran after me to give me the name of this website.

    I cannot tell you how many people since then I have given your website too. It is often my favorite thing to give out as a talking piece to people I have just met. Your hong kong photo from TST is on my computer background and the peak one is on phone.

    So here comes my questions 1. do you remember me at all? 2. Is it possible to get either of your Hong Kong pictures in black & white? I just moved to San Francisco and I want your photo for my room, but color just won’t work. I know this is a crazy request… but for some reason, just had to ask.

    Talk to you soon,


  • Ashwin S

    I am numbed by your creativity and talent. Your pictures are so good it suffocated me and creates a loss of words. Even now I half believe they are computer generated images.


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  • Brian A. Thomas

    Just curious as to what plugin you use for the photos that enable the drag to share option. While on the subject of plugins, the comment one seems kind of cool too…

  • Matt

    Hey Trey,

    I don’t know where to email you a jpeg of the Read poster I created with your awesome HDR of the tomb in India.

    Thanks again for the help! Awesome site!


  • Since you’re line of work involves dealing with hundreds of photos, on a daily basis, I wander if you would need a solution to eliminate the repetitive and mundane tasks (like watermarking, resizing, converting, and so on)? I humbly suggest our own solution, BatchPhoto (www.batchphoto.com). If interested please contact us from our site.

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  • Jim Nasium

    Trey, you are a person that uses his God-given talents to their fullest extent, even though sight-challenged; an example for all people. You are an inspiration to all.

    (As an aside, I share your attitude(s) re: government.)


  • Trey, I just LOVE the new look and design of your website and twitter page.. AWESOME.. I adore your customs seals all over the page.. Very charming, and really gives a travel feel.. Always been a fan of you and your work, and now i love the blog and twitter page as well. Here is wishing you all the best. Hope to see you achieve so much more.. 🙂

  • Hugh Maclean

    I look with interest at your travel list, but do my eyes deceive me??
    You don’t seem to have visited the best yet!!?
    Come down to Oz, my friend, and see paradise all around you!
    Oh, by the way, I love your work…

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  • Heyo. Love many of your scenic/tweaked shots. Their awesome!
    Any chance I could use them for my personal blog?

    I do host an ad (it’s a social contextual ad I’m helping build) but the site is http://www.victusspiritus.com and it’s focus is inspiration, tech, and ideas.

    Will most certainly link back, would prefer something awesome looking I could host in banner on the sidebar that would point to your HDR how to page?

  • Hey Trey,
    Still loving your site, I am a frequent visitor.
    I have a question, I remember you having a page on how to prepare your images for the internet so they do not come out with a red tint, and I am having no luck in finding it.
    Could you please point me in the right direction please, Thank you 🙂

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Hi there,

    I really enjoyed your website! Great Stuff! I love the HDR! I take lots of HDR myself, but yours are really mind-blowing! Great stuff! Keep up the good work!

    Cheer from New Zealand

    Oliver Eitel

  • Hi Trey!
    Have bookmarked your site… Would enjoy a discussion with some photographers about two “down-sides” of HDR photography… I started a forum topic here:
    Kind regards,

  • Ranjit

    hi, im studying your work for my a level.
    i was just wondering if you could mail me anything that i could add to my work like what inspired you to do HDR and anything else that you make think that will be relevant. any help would be amazingly helpful thanks =]

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  • I’d like an invitation code to HDR Spotting.
    Please check out some of my work to assess if I am worthy.
    Love your work by the way.

    Brian Przypek

  • thx — I don’t hand out codes – best to contact the HDR group on Facebook or Flickr and see if there are codes out there! 🙂

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  • Ron Dobosh

    I can’t afford the Nikon D3x but I want the higher megapix. What do you think of
    the Canon 7D at 18 megpix ? It sells for around $1700. or the Canon 5D mark 2 @ 21 mgpxls.
    Would these cameras allow me to achieve HDR images? Also I would want to blow images up to put
    into frames. Ron

  • Trey, just signed up to the newsletter and want to say thanks. You are an amazing artist and craftsman. If you ever get the chance come to the Lowcountry of South Carolina please let us know, you won’t be disappointed.


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  • Holy Moly. Where do you find the time and energy to accomplish so much? And you don’t gain weight after sucking down all that coffee and chocolate. I’m envious and jealous! I love your photography. HDR is something I’m interested in, but haven’t had the time to really check out. My favorite pictures are of my dog Ozzy in my Flickr site. I love to photograph dogs.

  • Pete

    “… I think they say that a photo will steal their soul. That might be true; I just don’t know…”
    Actually, Trey, I don’t think they’re that kind of superstitious. The Amish folks in my community (and the ones you visited, I’m pretty sure) get the “no pictures” thing from the second of the Ten Commandments, in Exodus 20:4.
    “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”
    According to their understanding of that, a “likeness of any thing” includes a photo of one’s self. Different interpretation than I would give it, but then isn’t most religious difference based on interpretation?

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  • vincent

    Any chance you will put more of the Angkor Wat photos into print?

    Like these two:
    Meditating monk (fabulous shot!)


  • Rec’d your book for my birthday and recently retired I have ventured into Digital Photography. I have focused on HDR, mainly vintage or rare vehicles.
    To try something different, I got up before dawn recently and went to a location where I could shot the sun coming up over Lake Ontario, Canada.
    Nikon D300, set for 5 bracketed photos, A 5.6.
    However, when processed in HDR they were all under exposed with the sun overexposed.
    I will try your suggestion about setting the camera for 7 exposures, but do you have anyother suggestions for sunrise and sunset shots?
    thank you

  • Trey. You are brilliant! I represent artists/photographers here in the states. If you don’t currently have representation here, I’d love to discuss!

  • Lani Mein

    You wanted to be advised of great museums. That is you isn’t it?

    Best kept secret in Napa Valley, The DiRosa. One man’s collection , some 2000 pieces of Northern California Art form 1950 to Now.

    The De Young in San Francisco.


  • Lani Mein

    You wanted to know about other Museums.. That was u N’est Pas?

    Napa Valley The Di Rosa, one mans collection of 200 pieces from 1950 to Now

    San Francisco

    I tried to submit this but got message that no such address???

    Hope this works


  • Oli

    Hi Tray! I just enjoyed your “tour de bags” on video. I found out that my laptop-passport-and-selected-camera-gear-bag is not really monsoon proof and I fear the consequences while my next trip to S/E asia starting April. Your bag looks like it’s quite ok with a few (or more, that is..) raindrops and of quite good size. Could you tell me the name of the bag? I will try to get my hands on one of those and put it to the snow-test, here in Switzerland, for a start.

    Thanks a lot! I enjoy your website very much.

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  • Your drawings are fantastic. Do you post your drawings anywhere? Or have I forgotten and seen them on your Flickr pages?

  • Thanks!

    They are somewhere on Flickr — I have not posted them in a while! I should do that!

  • Michele

    Hi Trey,

    I’m hoping you read these comments because I have a question. You mention that a HDR file can be made from one RAW file. My Photomatrix Pro 3.0 won’t make it from one image. The “ok” button won’t even highlight until I put another image in, so it is asking for more than one image file. I’m also not getting that nice detail from any of my images. I have a Nikon D5000 and am doing exposure bracketing with nice various exposures, but still not getting that nice definition. Help!!!

  • Matt

    Yo. Just been scanning through in the middle of trying to research HDR photographers, I really like your work man, really cool approach to life too bru.

    Keep it foolish and keep it well rural yeah.


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  • Brian

    Hey Trey,

    Did you know one of your Chernobyl/Pripyat pictures was used in a recent episode of that new show on FX “Archer.” In Ep. 5 about 11:30 seconds in, the Russian spy holds a picture of his “house:”

    I’m pretty sure that’s a copy your photo:
    It looks like the cropped it, darkened it a bit, and added a flaming trash can in the foreground to make it look more run down. It’s not obvious if its your photo or not, but I think if you look closely the tire tracks in the snow match.

    Please don’t sue them, that show is freaking awesome :). Just thought you should know you’re the go to guy for awesome shots of Chernobyl.

  • Love your website and thanks for the resources. I was looking at your review on Topaz as I use it. Just a couple of questions.

    1. On the photo “The River runs through the Andes” is that HDR plus Topaz Adjust? If it is “Adjust” do you typically use the “photo pop” preset and tweak or what? It’s a great shot. Many times I’ll see a shot like that and someone will over kill it with Adjust. I tend to under state it and I’m trying to learn how to get it “up there”.

    I know my next step is HDR. Just trying to master Topaz right now.

    Same question with your shot of “The Andes”.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Thanks all for the comments! 🙂

    Tom – Yes – it is Topaz Adjust + HDR -I mostly use Topaz for sharpening after the fact.

  • aaron zweig

    i am building a website for my service project, working with clients using a mind-body psycho-structural approach to counseling. i would like to use one of your photos for my main image. can i have your permission?

  • Leigh Emerson

    Absolutely mind-blowing photography, obviously. It makes me simultaneously jealous of your vision and regretful that I’m not as gifted. Alas, I shall persevere.
    I think you may be the only other person I know that has seen Amelie, enjoys Blackadder (second and third are personal faves of mine), and has even heard of Bel Canto! For comedy-heavy light fantasy, might I suggest the complete genius of Terry Pratchet’s Discworld novels. The man is an amazingly effortless author. Pure joy to read.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Hi!

    We just opened a new photography studio in Miami, FL. We’re actually part studio and part school. Starting in July we will be holding 5-day and 2-day intensive workshops in photography and videography. We’ve been looking for an HDR teacher – would you be interested in working with us?
    I’d love to discuss this with you further. Please e-mail or call (305.318.5816) at your convenience.


  • Awesome photos Trey. We’ve got a few things in common: I’m blind in one eye too, and I actually think it makes me a better photographer. Who knows, maybe that’s just rationalization. I also list Dave Matthews Band among my favorites. But then again, I have to — I worked for their manager while I lived in Charlottesville, VA. Great place for photography by the way. Autumn in Virginia is more subtle than in New England, but quite beautiful in places like the Highlands, Skyline Drive and Shenandoah NP.

    Looking forward to learning more about HDR photography and going through your tutorials (and new book). I’m always looking for something new to help me get up for sunrise. I’ll be here daily. Thanks for the site!

  • From Peter K. Burian, Contributing Editor, Here’s How magazine

    Trey: I am writing an article about HDR and will test Photomatix etc. using my own images.

    On your site, you say anyone can use YOUR HDR images free of charge. Is this correct? Please drop me a note to discuss.

    Thanks, Peter

  • Rocky Barbanica


    A mutual friend showed me this blog- Simply put- AMAZING! If you make it to San Francisco, let’s organize a photowalk. I am Robert Scoble’s producer and (very) amateur photog but pro videog. Are you kind to Canon users ??? 🙂 Anyway, Peace out! love the Japan HDR.

    Rocky- @rocmanusa = twitter

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  • Logan

    sooooo… When are we gonna see a photoshoot from an African safari? That would be swell. 🙂

  • Srinivas

    I accidentally ran into your site and now I’m hooked into it. Your work is absolutely amazing. I dont have the patience to spend so much time and energy in creating something as beautiful as your photographs but I can certainly take a minute or two to appreciate something which is worth it.

  • Karyat

    Hi Trey,
    Just purchased your “A World in HDR” book. So many photography, photoshop, HDR book I have, but this is the one and only book that can be “finished” in one night. Soooo….interesting and prevent me from sleep. And when I jump to this site, absolutely amazing !!! Kind Regard Karyat Anggaswara

  • trc

    sorry, but your photos look way to clarified and contrasted that it completely defeats the purpose of SLR photography. . . . . .

    If i wanted wanted a shot that has every thing sharp in it, i’d use a point and shoot.

    Where is the shallow depth of field, its like you’ve maxed out the clarity levels in every photo and crushed the blacks in every photo. . . . .

    You photos look crap.

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  • HelenMarie

    Hey Trey,

    I have been looking at your site for years now and always find something beautiful and provoking, Thanks. Check out Salon’s slide show pic#26 of the northern lights and the volcano erupting in Iceland, wow what a picture. cheers,hm


  • starla

    Trey, I just read the sour grape comment and I wanted to respnd in kind. I personally think your pictures are beautiful! I could look through them for hours. I guess this person knows nothing about photography for art purposes. Just wanted to send a kind word. I look forward to your blog every day.

  • Hi Trey,

    I think, your HDR photos look amazing, they have your personal touch in texturing and detailing, so it only point of view of photographer, who likes them or not. I like them. 🙂 Keep up your good work!

    With regards,
    Boris Mitendorfer

  • Lee

    I really enjoy your photos. Yours is one of 3 or 4 sites I check faithfully every day. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the new and improved HDR in Photoshop CS5? From what I have heard it is supposed to do a pretty good job. Anyway, thanks again for the art.

  • Thanks!

    Lee – I am not sure – still evaluating. It is a lot better than CS4 though. In the meantime, I am still doing all my processing with Photomatix (which I mention in the http://www.stuckincustoms.com/hdr-tutorial )

  • I’m a travel writer for City-Discovery.com and Viakeo.com and I just want you to know that we have launched our first photo contest called “I Love My City.” I was reading some of your posts and was amazed at the photos you have on your site. Anyway, if you have time, do check out:

    http://wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/30831. Maybe you or your readers will be one of the fifty lucky winners of travel activities worth US$3000 on our site.

    Thanks and more power to your blog!

  • Trey, I just wanted to thank you for being such a great inspiration to me, as well as the many other photographers and artists that follow your site. Your work is truly amazing, and I enjoy your philosophy even more.

    Thanks for sharing your art (life) with all of us!

  • Cheri


    I just purchased the texture tutorial, I chose the basic with dvd but I assumed I would be able to download immediately and then have the dvd for backup. I was anxious to check it out right away but I am away from my home working and will not be back for weeks. Is the anyway for me to also download?

    Thank you

    Cheri Kaye

  • Brad

    “I’m quite a humble person, really…” but then I decided to make a huge About Me page with lots of pictures of me and unimportant stuff about me. LOL.

  • Hello Trey Ratcliff,
    Congratulations one of your amazing photos was feature on http://www.photobuzz.org

    Thank you

  • Trey:

    I’ve been told that you recently talked about having a picture used on an iPad, or licensing rights for use of a picture on an iPad. If that is true, I would like to learn a little more about how the picture was use and what you charged. I’m working on a story on pricing for iPad use as a few photographers are starting to get request. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Jim Pickerell

  • hey there – well we do sell ipad wallpapers – they are on http://www.stuckincustoms.com/ipad-wallpaper

  • I guessI was very lucky that I foundyour blog here.
    Indeed you are a GREAT artist with FANTASTIC art works.

  • Hi Trey, I enjoy browsing your site weekly. I am a photography student in my 1st year of school and I have been dabbling in HDR imaging since I bought my first camera thanks to your blog. Feel free to check out my online portfolio http://www.wavelengthimagery.com



  • Tomar

    Hi Trey, I would like to ask where can i ask for permission to use your pictures on my website. I have a small bike company and I loved some of your pictures. I want to use it as a background for my website. Its a small company and our consumers are just mostly our friends. Please get back to me.

  • Thanks all.

    Tomar – it’s best to contact [email protected] – they can get you a deal – thx

  • Robert

    Hi Trey, I follow you on Twitter on my iPhone and love getting my daily dose of art. The problem with that is when you link back to your sight it takes FOREVER to load because your sight is graphics rich. Would it be possible to make a mobile version of your sight (m.stuckincustoms.com)? It sure would make it easier to see all the great stuff you post. As of now sometimes I just don’t have the extra time to wait for the pages to load.

  • Allison Knaupe

    Hello. I emailed you once before requesting permission to use a photo of yours on my husband’s website. (He’s a lawyer.) Well, I never got around to getting the website done until now and I see that you have other photos I am interested in. There are three. How much would you charge to use them. (He’s out on his own–not with a big firm, so budgets are small!)
    Off your flikr account, these are the photo numbers:
    140485475_5085d232f4 (photo of capitol behind green trees)
    140486285_ae15e5e0a6 (photo of statue of Texas Ranger in front of capitol)
    3587528275_e0d2136a63 (photo of rotunda at ground level)


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  • Trey,

    GREAT site. Amazing.
    I’m buying Photomatix TONIGHT… but

    I’m torn between the standalone for Mac or the Aperture plug-in.
    Just got Aperture this weekend.

    Any place to read up on the differences between the two choices?



  • Thanks all!

    I use the standalone – it works perfectly with my workflow!

  • Trey – I love your work and if I weren’t needing to make some money I would offer to be your sherpa just so I could learn and travel. However, I can’t since I am opening a Coworking space here in Austin. I wanted to contact you for a couple of reasons.

    1) I want to see the art installation of the edge to edge monitors and I can’t find it via google search. Can you please tell me where you saw that? I want to do a very tiny version in my conference room

    2) I would like to talk to you about offering you a one year “Austin Celebrity” membership to Link. The only thing we ask in return is that you use the space when you can and that you try to attend our Grand Opening on October 15th (the space will actually soft launch in September).

    That’s it!

    Your fan – Liz

  • What a fantastic website this is and what an amazing life you must have. Such wonderful pictures here and the stories behind them must be equally as wonderful. I am fairly new to photography and I have to say out of all the things I am interested in and try it is my favourite hobby.

    Websites like this keep giving me the inspiration to continue to improve my photogaphy and to explore.

  • Kurt Bugeja


    Why don’t you come to Malta and take some beautiful photos of our temples, our silent Imdina and Valletta? Would like to find some of my country’s photos on your site!

  • Danny Kwan

    Hey Trey, your work is amazing and love every one of them. Was wondering whether you have taken any photos of Niagara Falls? If not, you should. 🙂 Cheers.

  • Thanks very much! I have not gotten to Niagara yet – it is most certainly on the list though!

  • Danny Kwan

    Thanks Trey. Looking forward to them. Was there a week ago and immediately came across my mind that you’ll do a fantastic shoot both at night and day. Best wishes.

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  • You are my inspirator… 🙂
    (my site still in Dutch, but English version soon!)

  • naomi park

    Dear Trey,
    I am really inspired by your works of art. I am starting my journey as a resident physician (pediatrics) this month and moving into a dreary crappy apartment (too many student loans to pay!!).
    I wanted to print some of your pictures and stick them up in my room just so I can be reminded of beautiful things, and to elicit some positive emotions…

    I will be starting residency at a brand new childrens hospital and I feel that they could benefit from your inspiring works of art — both for the patients and the parents (especially in the “quiet” room for parents)

    Is it possible for you to kindly email some “high resolution” photo files so I can print them out?
    Thank you so much,

  • Edmond Ameti

    Excuse me sir but I must tell you something about your website…my god man your images have given me back faith in this world. This truly is life as seen by the human soul. Many have used a lens to capture life, but so far you are the only person to have used the Human soul as your looking glass into this life.

    Smart, exquisite, fantastical, captivating, enthralling, enticing, grab-you-by-the-___lls, choose a word or a phrase but can’t describe it still. Only way I can sum up how I feel now that I found your website…blessed.

    Thank You.

  • Misty

    How does it feel to be good at everything 😀 ?

  • I am looking at setting up a website which ultimately will offer some of the same things you do (ebook, dvd, printed book) would you be open to a discussion of how you got started with your site? Just looking for some feedback. Let me know if you have time or inclination to talk. Our site is focused on empowering parents.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Tracy Crowley

  • sharon Davidson

    Hi Trey,

    I am a great fan of your work and I read your blog every morning! I just returned from my “Vaction with Vanelli” in St. Augustine, Florida (June 16-19) and I want to thank you for your e-book offer to all who attended. I got a lot out of that workshop and as a result, took my first step in HDR processing with Randy Van Duinen. I look forward to working through your HDR tutorial in the near futue. Again, thanks for the e-book offer and I look forward to receiving it soon.


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  • Carl Youngblood

    Hey Trey, Really love your HDR stuff. One of my favorites is the fireworks shot from Disney World. I was wondering, are you aware of any efforts to produce an HD videocamera with automatic HDR processing? That would be totally cool. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I recall you mentioning a plugin that can do HDR with a single RAW shot. If that is possible then it seems like it should be theoretically possible to create a camera that can do that in real time. What are your thoughts on that?

  • thx for the comments everyone!

    Carl – no – nothing like that exists… yet!

  • Dan

    Hey Trey, I got into HDR photography because of your work. Great stuff! I’ve gone my own route with it and have tried to set myself a part from the usual HDR photographers out there. How hard is it to carve out a niche for yourself from your experience? I would love to do this full-time, but as of now, my increasingly boring “career” will have to do. My kit: D90 w/ Nikkor 24-70mm and 10.5mm fisheye lenses and looking at the 80-400mm VR2. Thanks again for the inspiration Trey :).

  • Thanks all!

    Carl – we will see !

    Dan – that is a good question… not sure I have a good silver-bullet answer though!

  • simple Super my friend, I’m glad to follow you on twitter

    My best regards…

  • Hi Trey, love your work man, I am fairly new to HDR and would appreciate some comments about my work if possible ? Keep up the good work ! Oh, have forgiven you for the typo …Englsih lol

  • Emily

    Hey Trey! I admire pretty much everything you do!
    Your photography is fun, breathtaking, and AMAZING.
    Please keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your HD tutorials with us!:)

  • Thank god I found one website where I can find everything about HDR. Finally after 4 hours or searching.

    Thanks so much.

  • Steve Gregory

    Trey, Wonderful pictures and tutorials, info, etc.

    However, I cannot figure out how to navigate your site. I added the 2 pack of IPAD photos to my cart and then could not find out how to actually purchase anything. Also, there is no HOME to go to when the reader gets confused.

  • Thanks all!

    Steve – well, I bet it opened that cart in a new tab — it usually behaves like that.

  • Lynn

    Hey Trey, gal from The Venetian, Las Vegas – okay – I hated HDR. Thought the only way was film despite many years of using digital for work (staff photographer). Well, you won me over. I love HDR and appreciate it from all photographers. Is it something for every photo – I would say no, but I see it from a different eye now. I’m a big fan, follow your work and signed up with SmugMug. I’ve have put several of my photos on it, and I have found it to be easy, affordable and, well, I love it. Thank you Trey for your hard work and research!

  • randall

    Dear Trey
    I can not afford the Nikon 14-24. Could you recommend a good alernative. I am not a pro but photography is my hobby.
    Thank You,

  • Thanks all — Randall – go ahead and look at the Sigma 10-20mm – it’s a great one!

  • Hi Trey,
    I have been one of your HDR followers for years. I love your images and all your web interaction. Last year my wife and I went to Burning Man for the first time. I did go to the trouble to get a media pass but in the end just used the images for friends and family. BM has a lot of hoops to jump through if you want to publish your images. I promise you BM will be an experience you will never forget. From the time you enter the gate you will have visual experinces that you have never had in your life. The dust is a challenge. It is fine like talcum powder and gets on everything including your cameras. Baby wipes are a good way to get it off your body- not your camera body! I ended up taking my two older Nikon D200s instead of my D700. I put a 16-85 on one body and 70-300 on the other one and never took the lens off. I did have UV filters on both lens. I started out with zip lock bags taped on the bodies and lens which worked pretty well but made it difficult to manually focus the lens when I needed to- especially at night. Speaking of night- the place comes alive at night. Go out at night, even if you are tired. It is a spectacle. I wish I would have taken a tripod more often but we either had to walk or ride bikes. If you can hook up with a mutant vehicle that is the ideal way to get around. Here is the link to our blog with our Burning Man pictures if you want to a get a feel of what we experienced. Have a great time. We hope to go next year but are going to Peru and Patagonia this year- http://johnandsarastanford.blogspot.com

  • Thanks so much ! This is valuable info!

  • I’m ready to buy the Nikon D90 and all the accessories but I hear rumors that a new D95 might come out soon. Have you heard anything ? I would hate to spend all that money if they are gonna release something new on the D90 level.

    Thanks and I love your photo’s.

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  • Carroll Hanks

    Suddenly I can’t find the list of newsletters, used to show up when I logged onto the site. Anyone?

  • Toga

    Trey, you are a wonderful piece of creation, so humanely art life. Its good to know someone like you (via internet).

  • I have only been doing HDR photography for about 3 months now. I LOVE IT! I really did not like it before I read through your website and tutorial. I hadn’t seen anything much that I REALLY LOVED. It all just looked too fake. Also I live in Knoxville, TN and am 25 years old. I don’t know of any photographers here who specialize, excel, or even really practice HDR photography. I’ve been working on some HDR and trying to get it completely down. I’m glad for all your advice.

    Thank you,
    Johny Hoffman

  • u are awesome!!!! an great artist + photographer.. O__O I’m saying “Wooow” “woooow” and “woooowwwwww” each and every time I look onto your HDR shots….

  • I mean… “a” great artist + photographer.. woooooot! 😀

  • Finally! A website that I can actually learn some good stuff from. Love the HDR and am just getting into it. Visit WDW often (at least once a week) and your pix are out of this world. I have so much to learn! Thanks for a great website –
    NAPP member, Photoshop guru/teacher

  • Tihomir S.

    Didn’t think I would be replying, but I read your bio, looked at your work and I am really inspired by how good it is/how good of an artist you are. Keep up the great work.
    I was most impressed by the drawings I think 🙂

  • Hey Trey, just wanted to send you a shout out now that I’ve arrived back in the Netherlands. Thanks so much for stopping by Twin Freaks and for the awesome chunk of music you gave me. I most certainly would love to post some music up for you, so just give me a couple days to assemble some items that aren’t in the library you gave me, and I’ll send you a link to browse/download from. Hope that all’s well with you in the post-burn reality. Also, drop me a line if you ever are passing through Holland; it would be great to meet off-playa sometime.

    All the best!

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  • Ron

    Hi Trey,
    When will you visit Holland for a workshop? 😉
    Love to have one from you to improve my photos!
    (Trey, Please take a look on my site, i’am curious what you think about my photo’s…)
    Best regards,

  • Well, I have been fiddling with HDR more and I understand and like WOW! I had posted at one time about the extreme colors I see in some HDR photos and then I realized that everything can be over done and a good use of HDR to show realism just requires constraint.

    I am another convert now! One question I can’t seem to find an answer to and this is relative to what I do a lot of. I shoot panoramas, most are 8 to 10 shots wide and I stitch them together. I have been doing a lot of them on my iPhone 4 for ease – daily sunrises that I post to http://facebook.com/darabbett. If I was to buy a new mid range camera – which saves raw files the fastest? Sometimes the waiting for the raw to process would screw up the timeliness of the subject matter of a panorama.

    Does anyone have a chart online relative to camera save times? Also is it more the function of the camera or the date card being used? Appreciate any help. Tips to [email protected] – Thanks!

  • Eileen Lee

    Travel has been a life long passion for me and my husband too. I love photos and photography. Never documented our travels adequately. Thanks so much for posting your photos and esp for the tips and tutorials.

  • Lissi

    Hi Trey
    I’m Lissi. Do u remember me?
    I like your photos.
    very very wonderful~~~:)

  • Great website, wonderful photos, and good taste in books and tv…. May I suggest The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond (and there are others, too)? HDR may be what I am looking for. Thank you.

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  • You are great! Congrats!

  • Ted Cassidy

    Cool jacket you are wearing in Japan with the Denmark patch. Who makes it? Stylish photos and stylish guy.

  • I am not sure ! I will look – picked it up in Tokyo… I think on the label is says “Kiliminjaro” or something like this !

  • Ted Cassidy

    The cool jacket with Kiliinjaro on it–searched for three hours on the web! any other identifier would be helpful. BTW, the The World in HDR (I am an early adopter) is spot on. Nothing out there in the market as good, and I have bought four so far. Thanks for this site; it is inspiring. jacket wanna be guy

  • darnit -hehe – okay well I have it here in my checked luggage – will take another look when I get to my destination. I guess it doesn’t say that… will try to look at the label and be more exact sorry mate

  • Ted Cassidy

    While I have read endlessly about HDR, including every image that you have published and written, I finally took the plunge into reality and shot some legit HDR images, tripopd, seven shots, aperture priority etc. And lo and behold, its great. Thanks for the good and inspiring work. Now I just need the maker of your cool (Tokyo bought) jacket. Ted

  • Ted – okay – got it ! 🙂 It’s made by Napapijri – http://www.napapijri.com/

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  • C Vandenberg

    Bad news for Mac users from ICT & Lucis Pro

    Their website announced – Starting at midnight PST on January 1, 2011, Image Content Technology LLC (ICT) will become a Windows only software company. At that time Lucis Pro 6 DVD’s will have the Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit software only on them.

  • Linda

    I just love your talents!!! You are multi-talented. Beautiful pictures, beautiful works!

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  • anny


    This woman has violated the copyright of your taj mahal picture, in order to
    participate in a photo contest. Thomas Cook Belgium

    Kind regards,

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  • Trey,

    Hello, i would like to tell you that i have created a page dedicated to you inside my website with some of your best pictures i have also used some of your pictures as backgrounds to my various sections within my site if you click on any part of the background they are backlinked to the original posting on Flikr i have also backlinked to all your sites i hope this is to your liking and if not let me know and i will change it anyway you like i can create anything you want i am also a big fan of your beautiful photographs you sir are amazing please check out my site and see what i mean i design like no other thanks Trey have a good one…

    Tim Clark, CEO & Founder
    Something New Now Media Promotions, Management & Distribution, LLC

    [email protected]
    (205) 341-6789 Office


    and i am honored to promote you and your work…

  • Trey,

    here is the direct link to the page i designed for you…


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  • Chuck Bryant

    Hello, Trey,

    First — thanks VERY much for your generosity with the free tutorial. Besides the photography, you have a super talent for teaching as well.

    One tech question before I buy and download the $99 lessons: how much space? I’d like to do it all in one swoop, so I need to estimate download time.



  • Thanks! The downloadable HDR VIdeo Tutorial is about 900 megs or so !

  • Kuntheary

    Hi Trey,

    I must say…you are one of the luckiest man in the world. Keep Trekking!!! 🙂

  • Dear Trey hello!

    My name is Natalia, I am photo editor of Afisha Mir magazine, based in Moscow/Russia. We are an established publishing house, with 4 magazines and a series of travel guides. Afisha MIR is a travel magazine with quality photos. Please have a look at it online: mir.afisha.ru

    We recommend different travel destinations to our readers. In our next guide we write about Kiev, that’s why we need images to illustrate the article.

    Could you please give us permission to use your image of Kiev with credit, or your condition?:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/380368394/

    Our deadlines are today now, could you please answer us as soon as

    Thank you in advance!
    Kindest regards,
    [email protected]

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  • I’m a full time high-end retoucher at a large commercial studio in Ft Lauderdale, FL, KSC Kreate (www.ksckreate.com) I’ve always been interested in your work and just putting it out there that I am looking to do some freelance work.

    I was recently diagnosed with cancer and my medical bills are killing me! I had a $10k deductible because I figured that I was young, what could go happen? Anyway I found out what could happen and it’s got me in a wicked bind.

    If you ever have any work that you’re wanting to freelance out drop me a line if you will 🙂

    David Hartman

  • Hey Trey,

    I love your work, I’ve been checking out your site for years and you are always an inspiration! Thanks!


  • Lin

    I was wondering if you offer educational discounts? I am interested in purchasing the HDR Workshop Premium DVD. I was wondering if you have or plan on comparing NIK HDR to Photomatix? I love your stuff

  • Jaqueline

    Hi Trey!

    I am from Brazil, currently living in the USA (Austin, Texas).

    I started in photography 6 months ago, since then I have learned a lot. Since I saw your work I am in love with HDR. I ready your HDR tutorial and after that I have done some of HDR photo. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
    I would love to see you doing some HDR photos in Brazil, maybe Sao Paulo, or Rio de Janeiro. Hve you been there?



  • you are my favorite photographer :3
    love your job~

  • Hi Trey!

    I stumbled upon your blog today and I fell in love with all your photos. I’m currently a 20 year old student from California aspiring to travel the world and photograph every part of it, and you’ve become a true inspiration to me. I’m also going to try out the HDR technique. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and being such a big inspiration to me! 🙂


  • Ethan

    Wow, I have so much in common with you! I grew up in the Austin area, I love the Dave Matthews Band, I am politically conservative, and I love Genetics (I am a Genetics major in school). I really appreciate your work with the camera and all the really awesome places you’ve been to. I hope I can do stuff like that some day! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • Edward Turner


    I was just checking out your app in the App Store. Found it among the New Releases. Congrats, looks pretty good.

    Happy with the amount of downloads so far?

    I’ve worked with a few app developers over the last few months, and I’ve learned that there’s two aspects that you need to focus on to be really successful promoting apps in the App Store. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned if you’re interested? Just let me know and I’ll send you over a quick overview. (I’m not trying to sell you information, just don’t want to bother you if you’re not interested in what I have to share.)

    Best of luck,
    Ed Turner

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  • We all want to capture the world, we all just don’t want to capture life while we were in the world. Imagine an idea that captured everything Cleopatra did while ruling Egypt. Would you be against that book or that idea?

    I wrote civilocity to capture life. Civilocity is a form of government where the people watch the ruler or elected official entirely amongst their reign. Would you be against that book or that idea?

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  • Wow that painting of yours is almost an “HDR” piece of art in itself!


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  • Lisa

    You are amazing!

  • Trey Yancy


    I lived in Kenya and Tanzania for five years and if you really do want to get into Africa one of these days, shoot me a line. I know how to do it on the cheap and avoid all the tourist frufru.

  • Ayodeji

    Okay, I give in.
    Photo 133 in your portfolio (shot in Chicago). I lived 7 years in Chicago and its killing me that I don’t know exactly where this is.
    It looks like the lounge/bar across the street from the House of Blues (can’t remember the name), but I’m probably wrong.
    So can you tell me where this place is?
    Please? 🙂


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  • Babs

    Trey – a quick question! Saw your testimonial on Jack’s (China) website. We have booked time with Jack to visit some of the minority areas. Did you travel to the Yunnan region? If so, wondering if in our few days there we should just concentrate on the area with Jack (Guilin, Guangxi) or try to do this and Yunnan. So glad we discovered your website – beautiful! Babs

  • Gene


    How can I get better results from 100 Cameras? I tried to post a very cool photo I made to Flickr the other day.
    At full size it was very pixelated. Do the filters always deteriorate the image quality? Looks good on my iPhone but no where else.



  • greg

    hey Trey.. great stuff as always.. saw you on the Nik website in a video talking about their hdr software and i was wondering.. have you switched from photomatix to nik’s program? would you recommend the nik over Photomatix?


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  • Kristi

    When will you have the 100 cameras in 1 app for Android?

  • We are workin’ on it ! 🙂

  • Kazim seni seviyoruz

  • Hi Trey.
    Today I have seen for the first time and I’m really impressed by your warmth as a person, the volume and quality of your work, not saying your vocation to share, I surrender to your feet man.
    I’m Venezuelan, I travel and take my pictures with my Casio Exilim and I love them, but for some time I have wanted to go beyond, with my same camera but with more detail for better pictures and support as well as you do, show them .
    I would like to start there and move forward consciously to reach your level, if God wills.
    You can please guide me about it, my twitter is @ richalazuarte, I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and I am amazed to see your photos and reading all your information.
    Now I’m in your hands men.

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  • Roger Green

    I’m having a he’ll of a time with your App crashing every time I start to use it. I only use Mac computers with this being a download on the iPad 1. You may need an update to resolve this problem. So far this is the only App I have that does this, so I can’t be the only one experiiencing this annoyance. You need to resolve this before the bad reviews start. It seems like it should be an excellent App, if it would quit crashing. Please let me know when you have this fixed. Also, the game popup is not necessary. I’ll be looking forward to the corrective update and, if it works, will write a good review. Roger

  • Hey Trey –

    My company makes an inexpensive 3D camera rig (see Mini 3D Rig at http://www.3DFilmFactory.com) that several HDR photographers have purchased to shoot with. It aligns 2 cameras so the frames match up and 2 identical photos are taken at once – using a beam-splitter.

    Anyway, we are considering the idea of making a even smaller rig just for HDR photography.

    Any thoughts ?

    thanks in advance,
    Karl Kozak

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  • Hey Trey I just saw a video about HDR movies. He is using two 5D Mark II’s probably side by side or on top of each other but its the best looking HDR video I have seen so far.


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  • Jasmine

    TREEEEEY! I noticed that some of your movie preferences are in the fantasy realm :). You should watch Kazuaki Kiriya movies: Casshern and Goemon. He has a very decadent aesthetic in these movies, as he is also a fashion photographer. Hope you have the time to see them :D!

  • Scott Strain


    I am absolutely loving your iPad App. You nailed it! Thanks for investing your time to help people become better artists.



  • Pingback: La Foto della Settimana – 24 aprile 2011 | LightroomCafe()

  • Patrick Russell

    I was sent a wonderful Power Point presentation of B&Ws that were taken by a Russian photographer 100+ years ago. He used red, green and blue filters to extract the colors and fused them somehow. The final product is colored prints. I would like to send it to you if you have not already seen them.

    My best regards,

    Patrick in India
    but from Austin Tx

  • Wilson

    I see there are 3 (Three!) Nikon 85mm 1.4 lenses on the B&H website. (I’ll paste the info below.)Which one is the one you are recommending on this website?!? Thanks!!!


    Telephoto AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF Autofocus Lens

    B&H # NI8514DAF Mfr # 1933 In Stock Price: $999.95 Calculate Shipping QUANTITY :

    This item is in your cart
    In Wish List

    (191 reviews) NikonUSA

    Telephoto AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF Autofocus Lens

    B&H # NI8514DAF Mfr # 1933 In Stock Price: $1,229.95 Calculate Shipping QUANTITY :

    This item is in your cart
    In Wish List

    (12 reviews) NikonImported

    AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G Classic Portrait Lens
    FX-Format Lens DX-format has 127.5 Equivalent Focus to 2.79′ Super Integrated Coating (SIC) M/A Focus Mode Switch Internal Focus (IF) Silent Wave Motor (SWM) Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm
    B&H # NI8514GAF Mfr # 2195 Temporarily unavailable Price: $1,699.95 Calculate Shipping
    In Wish List

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  • I’m amazed that you don’t seem to have visited Egypt yet, especially now after the youth revolution.
    Email me, if you ever pass by.
    Cairo – Egypt

  • Alessandro

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand when i shot live people or animals with bracketing how the process can do a fix photo??

  • Hi.

    I’m interested on the HDR pst processing …. Sometimes my HDR are not very good and I can find some mistakes (as you have explained).
    Could you let me know if in your ebook (10 HDR mistakes ….) is explained (step by step) how is possible to fix these mistakes (High white area, Halo, poor white area like dirty white, clouds and sky and so on ….).
    Thank you very much for your kind reply, Antonio

  • Thx… Yes it will help you with that… And if not, you can have your money back 🙂

  • Ben

    Hi Trey,
    Just a quick question, I’ve noticed you’ve done a bit of low light video with the d3s and I’ve been trying a bit myself lately with the same body. How do you keep the noise down in it though? Yes the d3s sensor is great for low light stills but I find for low light video I cant help but think it could be better.

    Any tips? Would shooting in hand held work better instead of tripod live view?? I dunno, I’m a bit stumped.


  • Very coool fotos! Thanks you very much God for so beauty, and you Trey – for so cool fotos!)

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  • Gerald Griswold

    I tried to purchase the VIDEO “Best Value Package” there was no checkout or payment option “I DO NOT USE PAYPAL” PAYPAL CHARGES MY CREDIT CARD WITH ADDITIONAL FEES AND I DO NOT WANT THAT.

    [email protected]

  • Harold


    I bought full package including the forum. So now that I downloaded the video where and how do I join the forum?

  • Harold

    Disregard my previous message I found it
    silly me.

  • Chris
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  • I could not get “in” on Google yesterday. I was in the stream with others, but never saw the video.
    It stated only 9 were in. Is that correct? You should have a minimum of 900 to let in.

    What’s he plan for the next one?

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  • Pingback: $45 for HDR Photography and Postprocessing Online Course by Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs ($97 Value) - Find all the deals from Groupon, Living Social, Buywithme, Bloomspot, Scoutmob and others - Riibit Daily Deal Aggregator()

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  • kate

    trey — how did you get from a math degree to a career in travel photography? it’s a missing link here that i would very much like to hear about!

  • Meleah

    There are so few libertarians out there. So glad you’re one of us!

  • Trey,

    If your travels ever bring you to Toronto, I’d love to take you out for a shoot at Toronto’s Distillery District (http://imagesbylml.zenfolio.com/distillery). I’m sure you’d love it.

  • Suzanne

    Hey…bought the groupon and it says invalid code. What’s up?

  • Richard Daugherty

    Hey, Trey!

    Given your taste in music, I think you’ll like this group. We discovered them at the Laguna Beach (CA) Sawdust (art) Festival a few weeks ago, and fell in love instantly.


    Check them out and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

    Rich D.

  • Nicolas Hennebicq

    Hi Trey,

    Thanks for your website and promoting HDR.

    I also try to do some HDR pics. But I have one issue: when I try to have a reproduce bracketing from a single RAW photo, my HDR software (Hydra) shows really weird and not satisfactory results.
    When I use Hydra with RAW files directly from the camera with automatic bracketing, the results are really fine.

    Would you have any idea about the issue?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Pratyush

    A very adventurous job…I like your job…’Travelling+Photography’..its like capturing every single element that creates a tint of the huge art.

  • Uzivam pregledavajuci tvoj sajt. Cestitam ti, divan je

  • Susan

    Love you honey – yes mom is proud!!

  • David Scholl

    I just recently purched a Nikkor 14-24 lens and took some really nice pictures with it. But I am
    having a problem at the bottom of the photographs, it looks like a dark half circle. Any ideas
    what I am doing wrong to get this artifact?
    Thanks ,Dave

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  • Robert Eng

    Mr. Ratcliff,
    My name is Robert Eng. I don’t belong to Google+ so I’m not able to e-mail you at that site. I was at your Photowalk at Stanford University the another day and had a great time and got some good images. I listened to your views regarding how you feel about taking pictures and took it to heart. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to lead over 200 people on that walk, and your mom for the brownies. Also if its not to much to ask, can you tell Topher Martini that the article he posted on his Google+ site regarding Dave Cross and Law Enforcement was about me.

    Thanks again

    Robert Eng

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  • Robert

    Hi Trey,
    First of all, LOVE ur awesome works!! U’ve made me an HDR addict!! tho i’ve still got a lot to learn but.. i hope to get there one day 🙂

    May I ask u some photography questions? specifically at the moment regarding cam gears.. btw, I am a videographer doing mostly corporate videos n hv done 1 documentary. still a lot to learn.. anyway, my question is this.. wat’s ur opinion on Pistol Grip ballheads? I want to get something more versatile so that i can also shoot a bit of video wif my simple 1100d such as time lapse n stuffs.. is a pistol grip a good idea? it’s hard to get gears here in Borneo so i’v found a few online n really wanna make the right choice. the ones that i’v narrowed down to are 1. Vanguard GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head and 2. Opteka SW-1 Sidewinder Joystick Pistol Grip Ball Head. I do hope that the Opteka is good enuf as it’s way cheaper…

    Thanks a lot. And, mate, U really are a man of a lot of talents!!!!

    Thanks for so willingly sharing ur knowledge! Much appreciated 🙂

    Best regards from The Land Below The Wind, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

  • Robert

    now i wonder if i’ve posted in the wrong place….

    sorry if i did!!


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  • Being a travel agent in Costa Rica, I am a little embarrassed that I am only now discovering you and your amazing eye on the world!!! Since connecting with you on Google + you are igniting my own travel desires, wanting to see the world that we all share.

    And your soOO CUTE too!!!

    Thank you for sharing your vision and bringing a smile to my face daily. You are by far my most favorite on Google + and I look for your posts daily 🙂

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  • I would really like to publish your work as an application on Apple Store …
    I spent over two hours looking at your pictures, amazed and surprised. The planet is beautiful and the men can sometimes create very beautiful things.

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  • Bob Hathaway

    Continuing the cruise. Now that I see your profile I just realized we are fellow Mustangs. A few years younger I can see. I am class of 1987, Finance and Mathematics. Great to bump into other ponies out and about. Good luck and safe travels.

  • Krista

    A while back there was a comment with a link to a site that can trace your photographs if they were being used/downloaded. I tried looking for that comment, but can’t find it again. Do you know the website? Thanks for the help!

  • Harvey O. Stowe (z4hos)

    If I recall correctly you said you have been influenced by impressionist art and some of the great masters of the past. There is a modern day artist by the name of Dale Turbush. His paintings, to me, are like HDR photography. Your landscape at the bottom of this “About me” looks somewhat like one of his paintings. You might ennjoy looking at his work. http://www.masterslight.com/

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  • Kaye

    Hi! You’re an amazing photographer! I’m into photography too, it’s just my hobby to take pictures of like everything. but when I saw your pictures, it’s like WOW, i wish i’m good as you. Maybe you could go visit Philippines someday. There are lots of beautiful places here that you could take a shot. Anyway, you’re really good. Keep sharing these wonderful places to the world. 🙂

  • Mon cher Trey,comment vas-tu ?
    (I know you know French (enough not to get sneered at by the French themselves) – I am French)

    I know also that you don’t need any promotion, or don’t need to be better known. You are already too much known.
    I know that the whole world knows you and your fantastic work. I know you don’t need to be marketed and don’t need to be published.I know that you know that you are one of the best photographers of the last and next century.
    But despite of this, I want to publish a book of your 200 best photos in the form of an App in Apple Apps Store / iTunes. This is one of our specialties and I know it will be incredibly successful.
    I have already written to your email address “business at stuckincustoms.com”. But they are out there too busy to have time to respond.
    We are a German Publisher of PhotoBooks: http://www.magnooks-apps.com
    Please contact me at : md (at) magnooks-apps.com
    Merci et bonne journée,

  • nice to meet you,how about exchange with our website http://www.topmarketcn.com ,thanks
    best regards

  • Hi Trey,
    Great site, love your photos and enjoyed your sense of humor. Thanks for the HDR tutorial, I need to learn how to do it for shooting home interiors for real estate. I used to do a lot of underwater photography and actually used a Hasselblad Superwide in a housing of course. The difficulty and stress of using and transporting the equipment got to be a real pain. Anyways, thanks for sharing with us and keep on doing what you’re doing.

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  • Amazing and awesome is the word.
    Too Good…

  • Pingback: Doors of India | Maternity Photos()

  • Hello. Thank you for your amazing photos. They inspire me. One question that I continually had as I viewed through your pictures… the Sky. Can you provide information on how you create the skies? This would be an amazing Ebook I would promptly buy. Until then, any pointers ??

    Thank you!

  • Neeva

    Hello. I am so-called Photographer. Here I would like TO THANK YOU for these amazing photographs. Now I am contemplating to become professional photographer of course under your guidance. is it possible ? if yes, it will be my pleasure. I WANT TO MEET YOU ONE DAY. ITS JUST MY SHEER GREED.

  • Joe

    Wow… the whole HDR thing is new to me, I’ve never really understood what it is. But these are some of the most breathtaking and thought provoking images I have ever seen. Please continue your work.

    Hare Krishna!

  • Jessica

    Hey! Bought ure app 100 cameras, then i dont think it should be commercials in it! Its ett annoying!

  • Luke Lakatosh

    Hi Jessica,

    Can you email me at [email protected]? There aren’t external ads in 100 cameras.

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  • Hi Trey,
    I am thankful I found your blog. I kind of stumbled upon it in a round about way, much like I stumble upon everything I do. One thing always leads to another, everything evolves. Watching and listening to your videos and reading your blogs I see myself and hear myself and completely relate. Like you I am comfortable with that, even if no one else gets me. To finally see or hear that there are other people out there that see the world differently, artistically, full of color and drama, this is very encouraging. As a photographer I have always been discontent with the quality of the photos, the inability to capture what I see or felt. Through HDR this has totally changed and I am very excited about this new door that you have opened for me, so thank you for that. I look forward to following you and seeing where this adventure called life takes us, keep up the awesome work!

    Paul Koester

  • Excellent, I’ll be sharing this with my bloggers.

  • anne


    can you please tell me the difference between wrapped canvas and stretched? does one look better than the other? would lke to place an order.

    thank you.

  • You should be able to use the “select level” option. It will even go as far as remembering the highest level you’ve gone.

  • Stephan Banakas

    I recently purchased the HDR Tutorial. I donwloaded it along with the book and the ‘homwork’ lessons. I cannot get the ‘homework’ files to open using PhotoShop. Can you help me figure out how to get into them? I also don’t know how to get to the forum either.

  • Stephan,

    I just sent you an email from support at stuckincustoms.com to get you set up.

  • Heidi

    I love your quote from homer. You seem like a righteous dude.

    P.S. You have some wicked photos! Very Beautiful.

  • Carly

    Hey Trey, I’m a newbie to photography, but I really like the HDR concept. I know you didn’t recommend this camera, but what do you think about a Canon T3i?

  • Very cool stuff you got here! You inspire me.

  • i m still seeing the photograph lying back you :))…..very u really work hard for every bit u have 🙂 gr8t job boss …keep it up <3

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  • You are so talanted Trey, I am so amazed and inspired by you.    Your photography and your paintings.  Things which I love. I am now very interested in getting into HDR.         Anne Morrison King from the UK

  • Hi Trey! Just want to ask a quick question…..Do you have any Aurora Borealis photos? Or did I miss them? You are awesome! Keep on trucking on and Thank you for giving me the inspiration to keep doing what I love.

  • Jonathan Cloward

    Great stuff, love your work! I not only was I awed by some of your pics but I loved your Google conference talk , I personally believe that the world would such a better place if we ppl would just accept themselves like you have , it was very motivational, and if you ever plan on traveling to Hungary or any of its neighboring countries and wouldn’t mind a “tag along buddy” for a day or two I would love to join you. We have lots a sites here in Hungary esp Budapest that could be your next Hdr target if your interested :). I personally haven’t gotten into Hdr as much as I would like to but who knows what the future will hold . I only have a Facebook fan page right now ” Keitaro Cloward” if you wanna check something out 🙂 .  Anyways enough of that, just wanted to say you’re doing an excellent job hope you keep it coming !   

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  • Amazing works and dedication!!!! God bless you and family..
    —A.Gangadharan Pillai, from Kerala, INDIA.

  • Amazing !!!!  Very proud of your hard work and dedication !! May God almighty bless you and family with Peace and Happiness—
    –AGangadharan Pillai, from , Kerala, India. (now in USA.)

  • Incredible stuff here!  Inspirational.

  • Anonymous

    This is almost depressing! How talented can one guy be?
    Fellow writer,

  • talent at its best!

  • Melanie Shepherd

    beautiful 🙂

  • Anonymous

    an inspiration for new photographers.  thank you for being you.

  • Lori Quayle

    Such inspiring stuff you do. (Also intimidating to try for myself.) and…suggest modifying “all genres” of books to “most genres” because I don’t see “‘romance novel” on the list. I’m just sayin’.

  • Damn… you’re awesome. I’m now officially your fan! 😀

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  • Michael O’Grady

    I would urge you and your fans to check out thjis video about the development of the Polaroid SX-70 camera;


  • Anonymous

    I like very much Trey but this (http://www.merliandrea.com) is better…

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  • Hey Trey, any idea on underwater photography +HDR? 

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Trey – Your HDR tutorial is fantastic.  Quick question – I shoot Canon CR2 Raw and use Phase One Capture One Pro for Raw processing. You say it’s best to shoot Raw.  When I bring the Raw images into Capture One I am assuming I just process them to Jpeg without doing any exposure or color adjustment.  Is this true?  I would think if I adjust exposure and color then I will damage the image for Photomatix.  Thanks!

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  • Hi trey. I am Dr.Vipin a small time photographer. Me and my friends have started http://www.camerocks.com to help amateur photographers find some market for their photos. Please check out our site and send some of your valuable suggestions. please 

  • Vivek Rane

    Hey, do you have any audio-book-like conversions of your youtube hangouts that I can listen to on my long commutes?

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  • Trey, you may not see this, but you just inspired me. Yup. Add one to your list of fans now.

  • How and why did you start stuckincustoms? I’ve read a lot of your background info and nowhere do you mention how you got started. How did you fund all of this travel? As a professional photographer myself, I know the difficulties in getting a business up and running and making a profit. You mention you went to SMU for computer science and math. Were you working in the IT field before you started into photography? Also, what were the circumstances behind you getting that photo into the Smithsonian? I like to know the path of a photogs career, and I’m sure others would too.

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  • Homer Shannon

    Tray: I watched your video on copper mines on Virgin Gorda. Why do you need a 5-stop bracket for a sceene that is easily within the dynamic range of a D800 camera?

  •  Hi Homer,

    I’ll make sure that Trey sees this question, but I’m not sure I completely understand your question.  Trey does multi-exposure HDR processing on his photos, generally requiring several bracketed shots. 

  •  Hi Stew,

    I can answer a few of your questions.  Trey had been working in various computer-related functions previous to photography.  Trey sells tutorials and ebooks and has a healthy licensing business that helps fund his travel.  This site was his blog and just evolved as he was expanding his skills as a photographer.  You can read about the Smithsonian photo here:


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  • Rick1234567

    Very interesting work.  spent all day going through it.  One question, does your camera take the shots simotaneously or do you have to reset each time? And blend with software, 

  • Rick1234567

    A few years ago I drove through canyon country in Utah.  I snap a couple of pics to show friends.  Knowing pictures couldn’t do justice to the beauty of this place I just stopped every few miles and took it all in.  A most enjoyable trip.  After some equipment and practice I am going back.  You have given me hope.  Thank you.  Rick

  • Malcolm Van Atta

    I will sometimes on the hangouts on my droid thru the youtube app and listen, but not view, when driving 😀

  •  Hi Rick,

    Trey uses a feature called autobracketing to take his exposures – you set it up in advance, and then the camera automatically takes the different exposures.  Check here for some details:


  • ursinus

    Trey, you seem like a nice guy and you’re a good photographer but your cliched travel images and horrendous post-processing  combined with your unfortunate popularity has probably done more to hurt the integrity of photography than anyone else in the world in recent years. You have made it incredibly difficult for millions of honest photographers trying to produce honest images. Please reconsider the effect you are having on photography. I trust your editor will leave this up in the interest of open discussion. Not everything is people patting each other on the back.

  •  Wow. Sometimes we take ourselves a bit too seriously and feel that the actions of others create a significantly negative impact on what we do as professionals. If one is a professional, or an artist, or a professional artist, one must acknowledge the creativity and subjectivity of each. True professionals realize they are only responsible for their work, not the perceptions of others, and certainly not the complete obliteration of an entire art form.

    I’ll bet no one said anything as unprofessional to Vincent Van Gogh as your assessment of Trey’s art. Van Gogh’s art was imitated by thousands, but duplicated by none. What Trey does can be considered a photographic art form. You don’t have to like someone’s art,  but should appreciate the same creativity and love of the art that you both share.

    Trey is one guy. One guy who loves what he does. One guy who is a professional. That one guy can’t change the world of photography, but he can make it more beautiful for those who appreciate the creativity, passion and hard work he puts into every photo. Only when you love what you do, and are honest with yourself about your own work, can you appreciate the creativity and vision of others.

  • Patrick Mc Donnell

     No Andrea, it’s not!  Keep at it young man and maybe, one day…

  • isay haveacupoftea

     🙂 Photography hurts the integrity of reality 🙂

    What is “the integrity of photography”? What does “honest” mean? Anything “neutral”, “real”, “true”? That is – has always been – foreign to photography.

    Nothing will record faithfully what your eyes saw; even if you could create without constraints a recording device from scratch it would be biased to others since your brain interprets the input in a way unique to you. Photography = choices : camera, lens, subject, angle, focal length, focus, aperture, time,… and that is before even releasing the shutter!

    In film days you would have chosen Fuji/Kodak/Agfa/… according to the subject and desired rendering; then the processing in the lab was a matter of hundred choices : paper, exposition, chemicals, temperature, time,…; then the presentation, the size, framed or not, hanging or in book, the background, the available light… and you still have no control on how the audience will perceive the work!

    Nowadays machines (cameras and others) do not produce anything without processing (in a computational way; cranking could also be considered processing), where you can make choices, but someone else has already made some for you too; “no processing” does not exist; even a RAW file is processed material, it’s the outcome of engineering choices; the designers of the software(s) you use, in-camera or on computer, have decided on the range of settings you can apply; you only come next, and whatever represents your own personal interpretation of “honest” won’t be anyone else’s.

    I don’t like all Trey’s work, I’m not forced to look at it, some inspire me.
    If you are a professional photographer, it must not be the first time you are confronted with customers asking for a certain type of photography.
    If you are an artist, it must not be the first time you are not “understood”.
    You can ply or not care – there’s no outsmarting your audience/customers, only respect.

  • Christopher Stivala

    Dear Mr/Mrs Afraid and jealous what is your name and website so that we (the public) may compare your skills to your comments.

  • Guest, you seem like a commenter with some interesting perspectives on photography but your cliched, disingenuous words and horrendously provincial approach to the subject of art, combined with your negativity has done more to hurt the credibility of your opinions than you can imagine.

    You have made it incredibly easy for millions of honest fans of Trey’s art, visiting to enjoy the honest artwork he creates, to openly mock you.  Please reconsider hiding your identity because the effect you are having on this website is fabulous.  

    I trust you have no editor and will continue to come back and provide more narrow-minded fodder for the rest of us.  Not everything is people patting each other on the back but you, sir, deserve one. 

    Well done.

  • Mr Guest I guess you are afraid to id yourself.  Regardless I think you should look up the definition of Art and that is what it is and is in th eye of the beholder.  I really enjoy Trey’s images and 99% I love as some of the best I have seen around.  You don’t have to like Trey’s or anyone else’s images but your opinion is just that yours and you are not judge and jury.

    Trey is not a News Photographer so his interpretation and productions are just as honest as anyone else’s.  He never proclaims that they are Straight Out of Camera so why should you care.  News photography should be as close to untouched as possible for obvious reasons,  but Art requires “sight” and interpretation and that is what Try does.  He shows the world to us as he sees it.  I believe Trey said once “he sees in HDR” or close to that and sorry Trey if I misquoted too badly.Also Mr Guest thanks for causing others to spend more time on Trey’s site so more people can see his work.Thanks Trey for all you do and being an inspiration.

  • It would have been better if you introduce yourself mr guest.

  •  Has it ever occurred to you that the photographer’s product isn’t just for other professional photographers or the camera itself or “the field?”   Maybe you wouldn’t find Trey’s popularity so frustrating if your own work, where ever that is, were appreciated by more.  Integrity of photography?  For whom, exactly?  Photography is a visual medium, for aesthetic pleasure.  There are many who get exactly what we like in Trey’s work, whether you like how it’s done or not.  It really doesn’t matter HOW it’s done, it is the final product that we appreciate. 

    Do you also complain about artists who use paint on canvas for not producing “honest images?” 

    How about writers who have editors?  Or musicians who have producers? 

  • James Ramey

    I am a very amateur photographer that is striving to take really good pictures.  It’s a long and hard process, but I have long been inspired by your work.  In particular, I am most impressed with your eye for the shot.  Now maybe your photos don’t tell ‘enough’ of a story or maybe your photos aren’t the accurate depiction of the actual scene (with all the Photoshop and HDR processing), but (to me) I find them to be incredible works of art in their own right.  The images are vivid.  The composition is perfectly exposed from top to bottom.  And the pictures are tack sharp revealing incredible detail.  All of those attributes requires the man behind the lens to be a great photographer.  Yes, the ability to use HDR tools and Photoshop can make a picture ‘pop’, but you have to have a good picture to work with in the first place (that’s the skill you have that I want to emulate). 

    So yes, you had a guest rip apart the post processing and your skill behind the lens (which is rather unfortunate and unfair).  But you also have thousands of other honest photographers that look at your work with a sense of understanding and wonder and are working to improve their own skills and ‘eye for shots’ because of you being on the Internet.  I know, I’m one of those photographers (albeit very amateur).  So thank you for inspiring me to be better.  And as for your critics, no good artist is without his detractors no matter how accomplished he / she is in the world.  Take it as a sign that you are reaching out to more and more people around the world (and you couldn’t possibly do that if you weren’t successful in your own right).  So welcome the comments and continue to do what you do.

  • I’m not sure what your definition of “honest images” means. But Trey’s work — along with others who are doing well with this style of shooting and processing, have found a different perspective to photography. One either likes it or not. To say it’s not “honest” and adversely effecting photography are opinions of a artistically narrow-minded critic. However, had you given this opinion about Instagram — well, I might join you in that. (smile)

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  • Hi Trey I’ve just done a review on Squidoo http://www.squidoo.com/workshop/filtermania-v-instagram hope you like it. I put 100 Cameras in 1 as the top app. If you don’t like it – I’ll change it.

  • Thanks for the review and the link, Paul!

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  • Nafisa Tabassum

    Hi, I’m Nafisa. I’m following your page on Google+, and I love your photos, they truly are amazing. I’m 15, and a budding photographer, and I’d love to have your thoughts on my photography if you had the time to visit my photography page on Google+. My particular specialty is Storm Photography, and I have some lightning photos on my page.

    Although I don’t own a professional camera, I do my best with a 10-megapixel Sony Cybershot. If you could just spare a moment to visit my page, I’d be really grateful. Thank You!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks very much – I like storm photography too! 🙂

  • Rosita Soprano

    Hi, Trey!I am Tamara from Ukraine! I like your photos and your painting ! I think you are very talented young man! Also, I agree with your mom and think you are really nice one that one photo;) I wish you good luck! Please, don’t stop – make more beautiful pictures, try to fix interesting moments and your life the way you prefer: photo or paint! Best regards from Kiev!))

  • Micah Goff

    Hello sir, I have recently stumbled upon your stuff and my jaw dropped, wonderful photos. I have been obsessed with HDR ever since. I am interested in creating my own smugmug and I was wondering if you have any advice for someone just getting started like ideas on promoting my site or anything that might be helpful? I see that you are a programmer, I myself am studying Database/programming/anything else I.T. related that strikes my fancy here in Austin/Houston, TX. I was also wondering if you still have a programming job or do you just sell pics now a days?

  • Daniel Brennan

    Hello Trey. I have been a big fan of your art for a while now. I am in school studying photography and we had to chose a photographer’s website to do a review on and place it in our blog. Just giving you a head’s up on that. Great stuff and always looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Robert Sager

    I use photomatix and wondered how I go about getting a license key after a hard drive crash in my Mac I sent to hdrsoft, but have not heard back–I reinstalled a trial version for now

    Thank you

    Bob Sager

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  • Hey Trey, It was very cool to have you here in NY city yesterday I have two questions

    1) How can you afford to travel around sooo many countries and still having time for family and precessing?
    2) How much time usually do you spend processing one picture on the computer?
    Alberto 🙂

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  • Trey Ratcliff

    Nice meeting you too! 🙂

    1) Well, thanks to people like YOU, the blog is able to make enough money so I can travel and take photos… this is a lovely thing and I don’t take it for granted!

    2) I spend anywhere from 5 mins to 3 hours! 🙂

  • Tony

    I love this, really good pictures,videos maybe one day I be on of your employers, Call me tony
    THis is my email: [email protected]

    email me:D

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  • Jean Laurilla, Melbourne

    I’ve recently got into HDR photography and started using Photomatix. However, I sort of hit a brick wall, which I am having trouble getting around. I use a Mac and every time I generate an HDR image from 3 raw images I get this image with vertical lines on grey background that does not remotely resemble my photo at all. Can anyone help. Thanks

  • Pingback: HDR Photography – my foray into this “new” art movement | Jayson Oertel()

  • Jean,

    Is it possible your Photomatix installation is corrupted? Does this happen regardless of the settings you made in Photomatix? Drop me an email at [email protected].

  • Jean Laurilla, Melbourne

    You’re right. The installation was corrupted. It tool me 5 attempts (installing and deleting) before I got it to work. Thanks for your help.

  • matt emrich

    I just discovered your blog for the first time! Having traveled to 30 countries before I was 30 (none of it with the military), and written and photographed all of that, I thought I had a great idea for a blog, but you’ve already done it! Well done.

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  • mariana seijas

    Hi you are amazing! My name is Mariana, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Uruguay. I am studying photography and they told me to choose a photographer to talk about and I chose you, so could you pleeease send me some information about you? Like what inspires you to do the kind of photography you do and how you feel about the results? thank you so much love your work

  • sree radha

    trey, your photos are my only source where my worries diminish and im into a world of nature where i feel im a part of it. i sit for hours together watching ur amazing photos, thank u. would be happy if i can hear from u.

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  • GoatsOnTheRoad

    Right on man, love the pictures of the drawings. I hope your selling those, as originals and pictures of originals. Keep up the good photography and the down to earth blog.

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  • nomi

    I am a very amateur photographer that is striving to take really good pictures. It’s a long and hard process, but I have long been inspired by your work Surfing Movies

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  • The Lightroom presets are amazing. Can they also be used in Photoshop?

  • Hi David,

    We touched base in email, but for the benefit of those reading: no, the Presets will only work in Lightroom 4 at this time. We may release similar products for other programs in the future.

  • Chris Gillespie

    to a certain extent, i agree with the OP… i find i like treys photos less and less. from an artistic sensibility, i kind them akin to THomas kincaid whom i care not for. Trey has great composition, he goes out of the way to find the images that have not been shot, however i feel that the amount of processing creates a non world. something like the worlds we see in the “popular” kincaid stuff. (i do actually like Kincaids watercolours) However i depart from the OP on two important areas…

    1. I recognize that others do like it. so it is not for me to judge or offer criticism. just to contribute that while i am really digging the techniques, the photos are (in general) not to my taste.

    2. while i may not like how much trey processes things, the whole HDR thing fascinates me. so i am here (and follow on G+) in order to learn how to make images that satisy MY artistic taste. i think that HDR cures one of the biggest issues in photography representing what the eye sees.

    and as far as your Van gogh comparison… when van gogh was alive he was told constantly that he was shit. he did not sell a single painting in his lifetime. only after his death did his art start to become appreciated. and still today, most of the “fans” are fans because it is “VAN GOGH!!!!” not because they like it… just like picasso and Dali and many others.

    i give full props to Trey for the amount of work he puts into sharing this stuff.

  • Chris Gillespie

    “horrendously provincial approach to the subject of art”

    wow, that is the most puffed up artsy fartsy thing i have read in a very long time.

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  • Arne Loren

    Excited to see the new offering of Photovoyages. I could not spend the $0.99 fast enough. Immediately I see an option to subscribe for a larger library to view and even receive daily images to mt iPad. Unfortunately no pricing is revealed, only an option to subscribe. Selecting that offers me a login window but no apparent vehicle to “sign up” or create a new log in. I would enjoy seeing more of your inspirational work Trey, and if the pricing for the subscription is typical of the fantastic values you give, I would sign up in a proverbial heartbeat. Please assist when you are able.

  • Hi Arne,

    Please get in touch with me at [email protected] with some more details. I’m confused, because the three subscription levels are displayed pretty prominently in the app, and the signup process is also designed to be painless. Let’s take it to email, and we’ll get you situated.

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  • Casey French

    Hey Trey. I was just curious, do you only accept paypal for your lightroom presets?

  • Hi Casey,

    PayPal is our only payment processor, but you don’t need an account to pay. You can just select to ‘pay as guest,’ as long as your credit/debit card you are using isn’t associated with a PayPal account. If that’s the case, PayPal requires that the account be used.

  • Not sure how I ended up here, but your bio cracked me up! Love your work too!

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  • Hey, Trey love your blogging if your interested in featuring some other content check out my blog and see if you want to http://blog.travelpod.com/members/nick.iprogram

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  • p t

    HDR photography has been around since the 1850’s, look up Gustave Le Gray. The digital version may be a more advanced concept, but the concept itself has been around for a long time and you shouldn’t coin it as a “new” method created by Trey.

  • I’m not sure where you’re seeing a claim that Trey created HDR – Trey created his own method, but not HDR. While I can appreciate the sentiment, Le Gray’s composites being called HDR is a bit of a stretch. If we’re going to expand the net that wide, we may as well also call Photoshop out and say it’s “hardly new, since people have been changing images for a long time.”

  • p t

    He states that HDR is a new type of photography done by him in the first video of this page – therefore he is claiming this directly himself. It may be wise to familiarise yourself with the contents of this page. As rudimentary as it may seem, Le Gray did combine 2 negatives of 2 different exposures did he not? This is HDR photography is it not – the merging of different exposed photos of the same scene to obtain different levels of details? Le Gray wanted to capture the sky in an image that was overexposing, thus combined the 2 negatives of 2 different exposures to produce a high dynamic range image….maybe not on photomatix but certainly a more challenging version. Trey has an “Award Winning” tutorial on HDR does he not? Then what is his “new” method if not HDR? Photoshop is obviously the modern day darkroom, so perhaps you’re stretching the net a bit there as you put it.

  • Some fair points, but I don’t think we’ll see eye to eye here. Nowhere does Trey claim to have created HDR, and again, using a computer to combine digital exposures, while similar in concept to Le Gray’s composites, isn’t really relevant in the world of Photoshop and digital processing – both of these points were the crux of my issue with your comment. We can split hairs on terminology all you want, but Trey is offering tutorials in a specific method using software that bears little resemblance to what you’re citing.

    I think the main point you want to make is that Trey doesn’t deserve credit for creating HDR, but he isn’t trying to take that credit, and I’ll state that publicly right here. Not sure what else I can offer you.

    And believe me – I’m very familiar with the page.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  • Can’t help but laugh at the fact that this commenter has chosen to remain anonymous, instead of appearing as a person, you are just another commenter with nothing of value to share. Sincerely disappointed that you would have such a strong opinion, but choose to voice that opinion cloaked in anonymity.

    Then again, that is what millions of fifteen year olds have been doing since the early 90’s. Thumbs down to that sort of behavior. 🙁

  • Je suis italienne mais je connais le francais; J’ai lit votre message sur la photographie ( http://www.cultorweb.com/10/Fc.html) que je considere tres precieus pour moi et pour mon activité avec les enfants: je leur enseigne a photographér la nature dans les cités (urban wildlife). Vous pouvez me trouver a http://www.artenaturafoto.it; merci beaucoup, Francesca

  • zoie bleau

    Wow, there is some talent, also I admire your lifestyle. Just found this blog through a school related blog project and its sweet so thanks for that- Z
    ps…………………. “I fail at every attempt of masonry!”

  • zoie bleau

    That lighting works wonders, really dig the shading of the water and the iridecesnce of the sun.

  • TreyRatcliffeOpinionatedTwat

    Are you really as self-centred as you come across? Me me me. Eh?

    PS. Here’s one of your quotes. “The problem isn’t the rise of technology. It’s people’s attitudes to technology”. Oh I see, so like some religious demi-god, we have to just ‘go with YOUR flow’. Well, we don’t adopt that attitude to religion or politics. As a free-thinking individual, I reserve MY right to my OWN opinion. My OWN attitudes. Not have them swept away by some David Koresh Nazi figure, simply because he has a website and a big mouth.

    Oh, and if ever you come near pointing a “life-logging” device my way, I’ll be sure to point out VERY loudly to all in the locale, what a sad TWAT you are. Ooh, can’t wait to see what you log/post about your life next… just what the world’s been waiting for eh?

  • Web Psychology

    Just wanted you to know that I teach psychology and we use your website as the basis for discussion on narcissism. Thought you should know.

  • Web Psychology

    Hey Trey
    I can summarise your website in 3 words. “ME ME ME!!!”

    You should try it. Would make it real clear to everyone what the game is. And then people wouldn’t feel so foolish when they’re posting comments requesting whether they can lick your arse!

  • Web Psychology

    Do you want to marry him too?

  • Web Psychology

    And would you like Trey to diagnose your next ailment too? I mean, he’s good, but not THAT good!

  • Web Psychology

    Hey Trey
    Do you have ANY weaknesses AT ALL? Or are you just perfect? Couldn’t find a single chink in your self-description (apart from misspelling of “Lebowski”). perhaps that’s youtr weakness – you think you’re just awesome!

  • Hmm – I have countless weaknesses ! Here – will link to my next speech I am giving at SmugMug where I talk about the countless mistakes !! 🙂

  • Got Your Number

    “I’m best known for, well, I suppose, this site, StuckInCustoms.com,
    which has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet.”

    Oh yeah, by what measure?

    Tell me Trey, if you walked down the street with a megaphone, reading out your boastful, self-promoting, ain’t-i-wonderful, gosh-it’s me-at-the-centre-of-everything me-me-me website, how do you think you’d be regarded?

    It’s no different that you’ve replaced the megaphone with a website. Our thoughts are the ame.

    If you were a serious photographer, I mean a REALLY serious photographer, not just some self-absorbed loudmouth with an ego the size of a small planet, would you REALLY be posting your hobbies, your favourite films, your favourite music, your favourite blah blah blah…, all the while mentioning your CHARITY work!!!

    The world doesn’t give a shit. What makes you think it does?

    And when it does, it thinks WHAT A WANKER!

  • Got Your Number

    Wow, what pomposity. Talk about taking ourselves too seriously… “I’ll bet no one said anything as unprofessional to Vincent Van Gogh as your assessment of Trey’s art.”


    Just as they did to Dali, Picasso, Monet etc. etc. – they were ALL were highly criticised in their time. And after. And today. And tomorrow. Your comment is highly ignorant.

    “Only when you love what you do, and are honest with yourself about your own work, can you appreciate the creativity and vision of others.”

    And where is the appreciation of OTHERS, as you put it – artists or otherwise – on this website. I’ve never seen such a self-absorbed website. No mention of influences, no mention of great photographers, no mention of artists, no historic references to the work of others.

    I’m afraid Trey is the worst kind of modern ‘digital’ artist. So rapt with the ‘digital marvel’, he don’t see much beyond himself – a surefire indication of ignorance – busy jerking off to the digital drumbeat.

    The result: sheer crass output. Not everything is quality art, just because the ‘creator’ has a website.

  • Got Your Number

    Loving the democracy of this comment section. If I say “Trey, you’re the greatest”, it stays put. If I criticise what Trey has put into the public domain (and so needs to expect negiative comment from time to time), the comment is removed in a flash. That’s not democracy, it’s digital fascism. I’ve accused Trey of a kind of digital fascism before, and the evidence is mounting up.

    Have you got the GUTS to leave this comment posted, in the interest of open debate. Or are you not interested in open debate, thereby proving my point???

  • Got Your Number


  • Got Your Number

    Russian roomate was a 300-pound beluga of a man who I shared a tent with
    one night. He smelled of gas and cognac. The next night I slept alone
    in my sleeping bag outside in the snow.”
    Oh Trey, I can FEEL the CHARITY pouring our of you, you KIND KIND man.

  • Got Your Number

    Trey Ratcliffe. Professional Cunt.

  • Got Your Number

    So Trey messing about with images is art. Instagram does the same thing and it’s not?

    Thanks for the clarity of your thinking – really helpful.

  • Got Your Number

    100% agree. It’s the work of a child who chooses all the bright colours from the palette, betraying a need for super stimulation. Much like the digital world creates a need for endless searching for the next bit of digital titillation. Bigger, better, brighter goes the motto!

    True artists appreciate the interplay of yin and yang. However, this subtety is lost on the 99.9% of others that call themselves artists. And their ‘fans’.

    Trouble is once these so-called artists get a few fanboys/girls, aided and abetted by the internet, they confuse the

    sycophancy with genuine critical comment from someone with credibility in the field. It’s a closed world where the subject of adoration creates an altar of worship (website), and because a deluded few wander in, they interpret that as having some kind of messianic claim!

  • Got Your Number

    And then it was found that the Emperor had no clothes. And no-one wanted to admit it, for they would then all look fools. So they applauded and fawned and played out their sychophatic roles, until the illusion was complete.

  • Got Your Number

    It’s OK, Trey is a so-called photographer too.

  • Got Your Number

    Disagree. Almost anything is better than Trey’s ‘art’. My coffee in the morning is more interesting than Trey’s ‘art’. HDR ‘photography’ is like brass-rubbing. Anyone can do it. Anyone can get the same results. But not everyone asks what then is the point? And even fewer have the courage to admit, it’s 100% shit.

    HDR is to photography what Boney M is to music. Wake up and smell the…

  • Got Your Number

    You are kidding right?

  • Got Your Number

    Yeah me too, and now I must go fill in my colouring book. Same for you too huh?

  • Got Your Number

    You got that right.

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  • PayForShitAndYouGet…

    And will the results turn out to be as unoriginal and clichéd as Trey’s? I do hope so.

  • PayForShitAndYouGet…

    Go get a life of your own you sad twat.

  • I only just started looking at your comments, and I’m the one who handles these issues.

    None were removed by us. Perhaps it could be the massive influx of comments from similarly-located IP addresses under different accounts that, for some odd reason that I can’t quite figure out, our system though they were spam.

    Your comments aren’t “critical” so much as they’re personal attacks, but you should know I’m only manually removing offensive ones. You’re free to speak your mind in a constructive way, but nowhere on this site or any site of repute do we suggest that harassment or threats will remain on the site. Call it whatever you want.

  • *Ratcliff

  • Would love to see your portfolio!

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  • steve kaiser

    One day I would love to be able to be part of one of your seminars. The only thing holding me back to date is being paralyzed in 1992 while windsurfing. I use a wheelchair full time, so that leaves me in some difficult situations when trying to get to places I want when taking photographs. The landscape deals me the photos I am able to take. I want to become a better landscape photographer and sports photographer being an avid soccer player from age 4 through college. To this end, if there is ever an event you feel might fit my disability, please let me know as I have been following you for decades and am inspired by all of your work, both photographs and post-processing.

    Steve Kaiser

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  • Hamno Dilshad

    Best blog, best guy !

  • Henk Wolthuizen

    Hi Trey I have a question for you have or your legion of fans ever used a ND filter with your HDR shots?

  • Looks like I just read the coolest AboutMe page ever.

  • Guest


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  • Chris Hwang


    I saw the article about your “adventure” in Beijing:

    As a Novice of photograph, I like your photos,
    but as a quadcopter flyer in Germany, I do know in most countries you do need a
    permission if you want to fly in the inhabited areas, let alone taking photos.
    I believe you know that. (Despite the sensitive stuff, the safety is also why
    you need a permission.)

    Correct me if I had misunderstanding. But please tell “The new zealand
    herald”, the defiance of law and safety of other people does not makes you an Adventurer.

  • Pingback: meyve sepeti()

  • Todd_Hanson

    About Trey? “Idiot abroad” seems apt. If you insist on traveling, please give a thought to behaving in such a way that makes it more likely that the people with whom you interact will welcome the next foreigner they meet, rather than expect them to be a thoughtless jerk. Your fellow-travelers will thank you. I agree with all those who criticize your Beijing antics.

  • Pingback: meyve sepeti()

  • Dan

    I find you boring you go more into detail on your own life than what The TOPIC is about. We come to learn, NOT to listen……

  • Omar Gracia

    Hey man, you are hillarious.

  • Darrin Villa-Howells


    I first encountered you on Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech show. You blew me away when you said you had never shot film, only digital, and had only been a photographer for 5 years. WHAT?! By this time you already had a photo in the Smithsonian, I believe this website was already up and cooking, and you were already producing HDR tutorials. How the heck did all that only take 5 years?

    I think it would be a great addition to your bio if you explained how you went from a noob to being so accomplished in only five years. It would be gold for aspiring photographers like myself. Heck, make a video tutorial out of it. I’d buy it. Your ‘Organize Your Photos’ tutorial certainly helped me.

    And frankly, I’d rather hear about that than your harrowing night in the tent with the gassy Russian! 🙂

    Keep up the good work and amazing tutorials!

  • treyratcliff

    Haha thanks! Yes I will write more about this, or perhaps make a video! 🙂

  • Bo

    Hi Trey,

    I have followed you on Flickr and just now I found that you also have an account on Sina Weibo!

    As a starter in photography (I’m 27 and maybe I’m a little late for this), I don’t have too much chance to travel because I need a full-time job to make a living. How did you do this when you were a starter?



  • treyratcliff

    Hi Bo! Well, I am 43 now, and I got started when I turned 35 — so a relatively new thing, I suppose! 🙂

  • Seazure

    Hello Trey, greetings from Pakistan!
    I must admit no photographer has won me over as quick as you did. I went through your website last night and could not believe it was the work of one lifetime. Keep up the wonderful work, it inspires people across the globe.

  • treyratcliff

    Wow – thanks so much @Seazure ! 🙂

  • Flavio Li Volsi

    Hello Trey, I’m a fan of yours from Italy (I was born in Florence and I live near Venice, you should come).
    I discovered you on Google Plus, and this has been the first and unique time Google Plus was useful to me. You made a miracle.
    Keep make us dreaming with your wonderful pictures!

  • tfed

    trey – I saw your great Parisian photo of the Jules Verne workshop, and it is quite similar to the Cleveland Arcade, in Cleveland (NOT Winesburg) Ohio, USA. It’s a great old building that looks similar to your photo. Check it out: http://www.theclevelandarcade.com

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  • Kat (Perth, Australia)

    Stuck behind my computer desk I realise, it’s kinda unfair how someone can be so friggin talented! I only just stumbled across some of Trey’s photos today and they are nothing short of STUNNING. Trey, you were born to photograph this amazing world we live in and thankfully, you choose to share with us some of the most awe-inspiring corners of the world that we don’t get to see… and the cherry on the top – you’re a humble, down-to-earth guy with a great sense of humour. Thanks for the inspiration, I look forward to viewing the world through your lens!!

  • Richard

    Hey Trey, just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I’m your
    age, Australian and currently living in Singapore. Just recently taken up photography
    again (went for the D800). Your information and hints have been extremely helpful
    and allowed me to start producing images that I could see in my mind but previously
    was unable to reproduce. I really do appreciate the fact that you share your
    knowledge. I am sure this good karma will only bring good things to your
    life. Thank you so much!

  • treyratcliff

    Thank you so much! Karma!!!!!!! !! !!! 🙂 Hugs from far away 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    Thank you @Kat — nice to meet you 🙂

  • Alex

    Hey trey, I really admire you and your site. I appreciate having all these resources in one place to learn the basics of photography. I’m a 22 y/o Aussie kid learning the basics of photography and film so as to document my solo sailing trip around the globe on my 10 metre sailing boat and I just feel like there is no market for true dangerous frontier adventure anymore. I am on a mission to capture the essence of what it means to be in the moment of a true adventure. A moment where you don’t know whether you will live or die. tasks that rip you to the very core of your natural endurance, leaving you helpless to he mercy of nature. Death should come but the spirit denies. The people who endure such things are among the real adventurers of modern times. I feel anyone with a decent camera and enough money for a round-world ticket these days can label themselves an adventurer. Of course, just like beauty, adventure is the in the eye of the beholder, but when talking of adventure in such a romantic sense as photography demands, I think it is owed the true meaning of the word. I think it should be reserved for the feats of the likes of Shackleton, admundson and Scott.

    Bottom line: if you’re not breaking ground or if shit isn’t going pear shaped and you arrive at the airport you expected to you’re simply just another boring traveling photographer.

  • treyratcliff

    Thanks dude! You sound pretty hardcore! But you can do awesome stuff without risking your life! 🙂

  • What you do is truly amazing, thank you, Trey, for sharing and being awesome!!

    I’m Tobias from Austria and u should definitely come here once to enjoy our scenery and countryside, I’ll guide you haha 🙂

  • Christina Do

    Hey Trey, I’m doing a school project on you, and was wondering, what education/training did you have besides attending Southern Methodist University?

  • Ken

    Hi Trey, your photos and your story are really inspiring! (Sometimes discouraging, too, as I feel like such a hack when I look at your photos, and I’ve been to some of those same places! But I try to keep a positive attitude 🙂 In December I’m making the long trek from the great state of Oregon all the way to New Zealand for a vacation and will keep shooting, keep trying to get better. Can’t wait! Any photo ops I just shouldn’t miss? Keep up the great work! I look forward to continuing to see the fruits of your travels!

  • treyratcliff

    Yes – a good attitude is key! And you’ll love NZ – spend most of your time on the south island! 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    I got my degree in Computer Science and Math! 🙂

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  • Jackie

    Hi Trey,
    I’ve been reading up on you, especially since I saw a few of your photos recently. You do incredible work, and your photos are some of the best that I’ve ever seen. I particularly love the one that you took of the Toronto skyline, especially since I’m currently in London and that is my hometown! Please keep up the work- it gets more and more inspiring with every picture/ story I read!!
    Cheers 🙂 x

  • treyratcliff

    Thank you so much for the kind words Jackie! 🙂

  • Kai Taylor

    Trey (or anyone): do any digital camera come with a golden ratio viewfinder overlay?

  • treyratcliff

    I wish @kaitaylor:disqus !

  • Ben Kurtaran

    Hi Trey,
    I am a Student at Esher College, currently doing the Arts Award. For my project I will be doing landscape photography and need a practitioner that can give feedback on some of my work and can help me improve. I saw your work while looking for a good landscape photographer and I think that it is really unique and looks magical and mesmerising, I was wondering if you’d be able to help help me with my landscape photography by giving advice and feedback on my work and maybe a few tips as well, it would be a great help and much appreciated.
    Thanks, Ben Kurtaran

  • treyratcliff

    I get too overloaded so it’s just not possible — but this is one of the many reasons we started http://www.TheArcanum.com — best of luck, though.

  • Aunty Barby

    I just found your web site. Saving as a favorite favorite. I love it so much. I ran across Trey’s name as a screen saver on Apple TV at a relative’s house.

  • Aunty Barby

    From Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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  • JoshPics

    Hi Trey- I really enjoy reading your content at Stuck in Customs. I’m doing a nude photo book project on Kickstarter and we have seen it draw support and we were wondering if you could check our project. I have always had the life long dream of one day publishing a coffee table style photo book. I’ve learned a lot while doing this project and think it could be great to share these tips with your readers. I realize that you are very busy, but if you have the time to do a quick interview, we would be extremely grateful and promote it on our website, twitter, facebook, and more. Great work on the blog and keep it up. Here are the Links kck.st/ 1zwyKtj and kck.st/ 1z4vDbc

    Sincerely Yours

    Joshua & Mary Lopez

  • nobody

    i use to visit your site cause i liked to use your photos as my desktop backgrounds. i had it setup to change the background every 24 hours so every day when i turn on my computer i have an amazing photo to look at. but i just noticed you no longer allow people to save your photos. it’s obvious you no longer wish to share and that is disappointing. i will no longer visit your site and i will no longer tell others to either.

  • Yvonne

    I believe this guy is claiming your photo as his.
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15635194177/

  • Hmm!

  • Natalie Jaro

    Your photos are simply amazing!

  • bob k

    I notice you only answer the ‘warm and fuzzy’ e-mails…
    What’s up with that?

  • Not sure what you mean —it may have something to do with how many emails I receive and where I choose to spend time… I prefer warm and fuzzy! 🙂

  • Hello, dickhead.

    Well, I’m sorry for giving you 365 fresh full-rez photos for the last 7 years of my life. I hope that was not an inconvenience for you.

    By the way, what you noticed was a temporary setting that was accidentally flipped on. Everything is back to normal now. Go ahead, pilfer away, and you can let your lovely friends know as well.

  • Heather Seashell

    I accidentally came across one of your photos while I was at work while I doing some research on good earth. I reside in palm beach county and found your “sun setting over hidden lake in PBC”. Due to the stunning beauty of your photo, I had to see more. Then I came across your photos of one of my favorite beaches called “Coral cove” or as the locals know it, “Blowing Rocks”. I wanted to simply thank you for sharing your talents. Not only are you an amazing photographer, but your drawings are mind blowing as well. Oh, and your response to “Nobody” is fantastic! Cheers!!

  • haha thanks @Heather! Nice to meet you 🙂

  • travelinjoe47

    Hello Trey!
    I am indulging in my travel lust for New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia for the next several months and have been following your photo exploits for years. I plan to be in Queenstown at the end of January to the beginning of February and would love to shake your hand and share coffee and a few minutes of your time if you are available. Consider this a “warm and fuzzy” invite.

  • Dani G

    Hi Trey! My name is Danielle and so far I’m a big fan of you and your work! Very impressive. With that said, I would love to make a new friend. I live in Atlanta Georgia(I see you have already explored Atlanta). I have read your bio and you and I are completely different but that’s what makes this fun! I will admit that Napoleon Dynamite is pretty hilarious though. Anyway…if you get bored and would like a friend to talk to I am here. Not just bc of your bad ass work but bc I figure everyone needs friends from different walks of life. Feel free to contact me on pintrest. I’m a follower( in the not creepy way of course) haha. Dani Grau. Send me some of your favorite pics. Be safe to wherever you head to next! Take care.


  • Dani G

    I just thought of this… I do not have a Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, or anything like that. So Pintrest or my email is the only way to get in touch. I’m a weirdo. Haha! Keep in touch.


  • azcanadienne

    Trey – your photographs are…beautiful, awe inspiring, weird, dreamlike, dizzying, captivating…and on and on and on!!! I’ve visited a tiny fraction of the places you’ve shot in and felt the same things your photographs inspire. And a few years ago, I got on my own belly and wriggled out over the edge to get a similar photo of Horseshoe Bend. I’m surprised you were in that area and didn’t stop by Antelope Canyon. Even crappy amateurs, like myself, are guaranteed a gorgeous photo in that place! If you’re ever back in Arizona and need a place to sleep and a meal with plenty of carbs and chocolate – you can count on a room in Fountain Hills! Only payment demanded…an hour or two of crawling into your head and poking around! Happy travels – and thanks for the opportunity to see the world through your very unique eye!

  • Jose Albert Andrade

    LMAO !!! What a Fupid Stucker !!! Trey, your work is such a driving inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing the past 7 years of your life….

  • austin

    does anyone know where Trey took this photo? i need to know it is an emergency!!!!!!

  • Steven

    I love the reference to Kvothe’s cloak.

    Rock on, dude.

  • Steve

    Pow! For the win.

  • Steve

    Correction: Van Gogh sold one painting while he was alive. He also cut off part of his ear and gave it to a prostitute to keep an eye on it for him.

  • Hi

    I decided to check your portfolio to see what is new and noticed there are no more pages to flip through. It’s just one page with a never ending scroll. This makes it very difficult to view your pics.

  • JC

    Hi Trey. Love your pics. I use an A7r and I am looking at UWA prime lenses for landscapes. I don’t really like the sound of the upcomy Sony 28mm plus 21mm converter. Do you have any recommendations from Nikon or Canon lenses that would be worth a look?

  • lee

    Hi you have a picture of a small suspension bridge on my Chromebook stone pillars and red barriers it looks like it is somewhere in England judging by the stone, I can not seem to find out where it is..Please Help I would love to visit it.Thanks lee

  • Ralph P.

    Well, I just spent some time floating through your incredible portfolio, it’s stunning, wonderful, fantastically artistic and most importantly really inspiring. Obviously you get it right in camera and compose beautifully but there is so much magic in some of these that I am inspired to want to learn to do a lot more in post. I suppose I have leaned closer to photo realism than I thought, it is really time to learn some new things, I am in awe of many, many of these photographs. Time to start studying some new techniques. Thank you for sharing this work but also the tips and tutorials. – Ralph

  • Thank you Ralph! 🙂

  • John Simlett

    Oh my goodness, Trey… I haven’t had time to breath or blink since I stumbled in here. A magical wonderland!

    I’ve been a Pen & Ink artist for many years until, in 2014 at 77 years of age, I discovered was another world called, ‘painting’ and am now trying to paint portraits. This is how I ended up here via your image of a “Berber Man in Morocco.” I’d love to have a try at painting ‘him’, but wouldn’t without your permission. If it ever saw light of day it would acknowledge you as the inspirational source.

    Could I have permission please?

  • Yes no problem! And thanks! 🙂

  • What a star! Thanks Trey that’s most generous of you.

  • Karina

    I can’t believe I am just now finding you! I cannot even express… I’m in awe. Thank you for sharing.
    Karina @ http://www.KarinasExtraordinaryLife.com

  • I hace only word: Great! Thanks for sharing with us your magnificent adventures.

  • johnny

    http://johnnyninja33.wix.com/johnnyphotography, please check out my website and help me improve it, your amazing

  • Kristina Ignatenko

    I am a big fan of photography, I might even say that photography is my passion. Looking up to those photographers who achieved a lot of things, they inspire me, I want to do more and show that I can do it too. Reading your story made me chuckle (I seem I have stumble on sarcastic sentences..), watching at your phenomenal pictures and videos. Also, your drawings are fantastic 🙂 I can praise all day long, but I just wanted to write here to congratulate you for succeeding all your dreams, works, achievements. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us ^-^

  • J. Harris

    Isn’t warm hearted INTJ a bit of an oxymoron?
    -a fellow, INTJ, Cancer, and new fan of Trey.

  • Patty

    Hi Trey! I met you at the Dallas photowalk last fall. I’m the lady that wore my baby on my back. I was curious to hear if you edited the picture of my baby, Lillian.

    I realize you are super busy and may not have. I totally understand but thought I’d write you to see.

    Thanks for the great photowalk and in looking forward to the next one!

  • Hi @Patty — I remember you ! I have not edited that photo yet – I have a massive backlog, but someday… someday! 🙂

  • Hehe – I’m an INTJ with occasional fits of warmth and romance! 🙂

  • THank you so much @kristinaignatenko:disqus 🙂

  • patty

    Thanks for responding. No worries; I will patiently wait!

  • Richard Cooledge

    Your website refuses to give a discount for the March presets!

  • Sorry we just fixed that! 🙂 It should last for another 24 hours 🙂

  • Peter Wallace

    Hi Trey, we met at the London Photowalk, which was excellent. I forgot to ask, what is the name and make of the camera strap you use?


  • johnny
  • Sarabecka

    As odd as it may sound, I recently fell in love with your work through my google chromecast. 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful scenery it brings to my apartment. Thank you!

    ~Sara Ortiz

  • Bill

    Hey Trey- you seem like a great guy. I’m curious about your fascination with clouds and have noticed that most of your photos don’t contain much blue sky whatsoever. In fact, all of your photos chosen for Google chromecast regularly include chemclouds, “persistent contrails”, or blatant chemtrails. Did Google commission you to take these, or did they selectively choose these from your archives? Furthermore, do you realize that most of the “cloud” pictures you’re posting are actually aerosolized heavy metals like aluminum, barium, strontium, and magnesium? I realize that clouds (whether real or man-made) are a focus of media attention these days- in backgrounds of commercials, movie trailers, and sports network fills- but I’m fascinated with your photos chosen for Google Chromecast, along with Alistair Nicol, Patrick Smith, and others…
    As a resident of southern California, I have plenty of pictures of spray from airplanes- not only vapor trails, but white, stringy linear “clouds” that the pilots continue to spray over our cities incessantly. I’d love to share some of them with you. Maybe you’re not aware that these are artificial, man-made pollutants being sprayed into out sky? I’m sure you’ve seen the fresh trails as they’re being emitted from the backs of the aircraft and then linger for hours and spread across the entire horizon. Actually, I just saw a fascinating photo by Patrick with about 7 or 8 passes from aircraft leaving linear “cloud” patterns that glow eerily pink behind the sun. Most people are in awe at their beauty. I, however, know the components and the end result. Maybe you do not. Either way, I notice that you love clouds and so does Google, CBS, Ford, Nissan, NBC, FOX, etc. Do you see many clear blue skies these days? Because I do not. Especially in SoCal, which, prior to the commencement of Geoengineering had clear skies at least 80% of the time. Now, it’s maybe 10% if we’re lucky. Hope you’ve got a decent Hazmat suit!

  • Heather Bickle

    Hey Trey: I’m a big fan! Been following you since your HDR book came out. I’m pretty sure I just saw a commercial here on Canadian TV that featured your Bora Bora drone footage? Here it is on YouTube: http://youtu.be/i3Ym03XAz8o

    Also you’re the main reason I switched from Nikon to Sony Alpha cameras. So far so good. Love how much lighter my camera bag is now. So thanks for that!

    Keep up the great work! – Heather

  • Freyddy

    I have a terrible doubts about whether I should buy the a7s or a7II
    I love night photography, but take pictures of all kinds.
    12 megapixels of A7s seems to me little to normal work

    How the a7II works at high isos, how about the dynamic range?

  • The A7ii will be great at High-ISOs… the dynamic range is great too!

  • Awesome – thanks Heather! 🙂

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  • Robert Rhodes

    Anything you could say about flying internationally with a tripod, or camera gear in general would be appreciated. I fly USA to China, Korea, and Hong Kong with my camera, lens, and filters [not with a tripod] I have an upcoming trip to Nepal in June 2015 and desperately want to carry my tripod. Tips, tricks, or even snide comments are welcome.

  • Robert Rhodes

    Amazing how many people fail to recognize the effort the artist invests in their product, be it photographer or musician or other. You are very generous to share your work. Regardz.

  • Hi Trey, quick question about your smugmug gallery. It used to be that you could download large versions of your images (large enough to fill a 27″ monitor as a desktop background). However, it now appears that the largest size is only about 1600px wide, even if it still says X3. Did something change or am I just doing it wrong? Either way, great photos and keep up the good work! Thanks for the help!

  • Randy Millares

    I just want to confirm before I buy it… the Photomattix Presets is going to work on Lightroom, right?

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  • Rick Diffley

    “The Arcanum” – My application has been for awhile, but I can’t begin until after July 1st 20015 (See application for details.). I need a recommendation for a webcam for my HP desktop computer. What is recommended for good video and vocal quality? Please contact my email: [email protected].

  • Hey Rick – thanks for the update. For a webcam, I really like the Logitech one – it’s great!

  • Yes @Randy ! 🙂

  • Rick Diffley

    There’s numerous models. Any idea which one?

  • Rick Diffley

    RE: Which Webcam…

    I’m really new at this. Which Logitech model? Do all models work with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1? In the latter case I’ve read conflicting reports.

    For “The Arcanum” folks do the video conferences go through Google + Hangout? Or, is there another source?


  • haha well dude I’m not really Webcam tech support – but just get the

  • Rick Diffley

    Ok! That’s easy

  • Israel Weiss

    Hi Trey, Your tutorials have inspired me to pick up photography again after a ten year plus hiatus, for that I thank you greatly. I have a Nikon D80, as well as a Nikon p7100. Should I feel a pressing need to upgrade now, or should I be able to get along fine with these for some time? Budget is tight, if I must, I would spring for a a5000. Thank you for your inspiration and your time!

  • Andy

    Hi Trey,just I want say,you are the best Photograph who I ”know” till now. Your pictures are AMAZING ! Thanks !

  • Andy

    Ah sorry,also I want tell you,I been in Batu,very nice !

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • David Lorenz

    Hey Trey, great inspiration thanks for the awesome stuff you are sharing. I noticed some of your pictures on smugmug look pixelated when watching the mainpage. This seems only to happen for shots in portrait orientation, landscape seems to scale fine. I noticed this on my smugmug site as well. Working as intended?

  • Amelia Qualters

    My Dad referred me to your site because we are both photography fans, especially in nature and travel. I just wanted to write a quick comment to let you know how inspired I am by what you are doing. (as I’m sure you receive many of these!) I loved reading your story, and am a big fan of your work.You are a great inspiration to me, and I just wanted to say thanks 🙂

  • Thank you so much Amelia! 🙂

  • Lydia

    You have so many talents…. it’s so amazing. I am also blind in one eye, and it really does change the way you see things. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work with us:)

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  • jhbkj

    Truly, this article is really one of the very best in the history of articles. I am a antique ?Article? collector and I sometimes read some new articles if I find them interesting.


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  • Christopher Engell

    PLEASE PLEASE Trey do a Photo Walk in Chicago and I will be there and my Wife. Also glad to know we are Firefly brothers! Chicago is AWESOME walk around town.
    Christopher (found you in NZ grocery store) Have a A7rII on order…

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  • dodo fadel

    You have so many talents…. it’s so amazing. I am also blind in one eye, and it really does change the way you see things. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work with us:)



























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  • astritmalsija

    Hi, is there any chance that i can use this image for print on brand identity collection for commercial use ?.

    Kind Regards.


  • Eddy

    Amazing work, for someone who is self taught in photography, i am going down the same path, an hopefully my dream will be fullfilled. Keep up the good fight Trey

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  • jsharo

    Are your prints for sale?

  • Luke Lakatosh

    Hey there – currently a limited number prints are available in an exclusive run at treyratcliff.com.

  • jsharo

    Anything under $1,000?

  • You have so great talent. I like you works
    Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Crack

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  • Ken Faulkner

    Hi Trey

    Can you publish you settings for your sony A7R II

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  • Deepti Asthana

    Hey Trey,

    Without a doubt, this is the best photograph blogs I have found after researching several. I am India based solo travel and photographer. And I would love to see you in India, if you plan to organize a photo tour infact I would like to collaborate to organize one with you. Here is my photography blog http://datravelography.com/

  • George Botelho

    Hi Trey, Your site is amazing and I know you’re always busy – but I hope not too busy to help me with the many sets of presets I bought from you. Truth is NONE OF THEM WORK. I followed your instructions exactly for installation. I need to go into details and send you screenshots of the problem. Is there a way I can reach you with a more detailed explanation? Until I hear from you, I am going quietly crazy !!! Please.

  • Hi George,

    Sorry you’re having trouble. Please send me details at [email protected] and I can get you sorted out.

  • Donna Lasater

    I bought the Aurora software plus additional items but have not heard anything more of when it will be delivered. What’s up with that?

  • Donna,
    Can you please email me details at [email protected]? I see an order under the same email as your PayPal. It may have gone to your spam folder. You can also log in at store.stuckincustoms.com – click the order number on your dashboard to get your activation key, then click ‘my downloads’ to get your downloads.

  • Donna Lasater

    When I log into the SIC store I get a blank screen. It may recognize me but not sure. You have my email address – can you re-send the link to download the software. I use a different email address for my paypal account. There is nothing in the other email folder for the purchase & nothing in downloads. You should be able to see who or how many downloads you’ve had for the software. Don’t know why I cannot log in to the store. A mystery.

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  • Rodman7298

    Whats Up with AURORA it started out so good but now with all the updates every image I process comes out looking different with color distortion and missing colors on spots … whats up??????

  • Rodman7298

    so I contacted MACPHUN a week ago they know there is a bug in the Program that causes spots of different colors all over your processed photos but still no word on when a fix will be out.. is anyone else having this problem

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  • Bundle Joy

    What a fine skretch, If very awesome, Some time I try sketching but I am not good in this.
    Maternity Photoshoot in Delhi

  • Thanks! 🙂

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  • Levy Mirai

    Hello. I’m doing a school project on a famous Photographer and there were a few questions I was hoping to ask you. I’d like to know what/who inspires you and is there anyone who assists you with your photography/photoshoots? Thank you!

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  • Alan Kelly

    Hi Trey, thanks for your great tutorials. I’m starting to use the multi photomatix blend technique you suggest to good use. One issue that is causing me many problems is the drive mode on my Sony NEX-6. I have heard you complain about the same issue using the A7 Sony’s also. This is a camera software issue that will not couple self timer to trigger a bracketed photo session. This means I have to hold the shutter button during the bracketed exposures ( very shortsighted of Sony ). Obviously this causes vibration even on a sturdy tripod. My solution is to manually set each bracket and shoot with a 2 second self timer. It’s not perfect and the act of adjusting exposure between brackets sometimes slightly moves the tripod or the extra delay sometimes means the scene changes ( sunlight fade or moving foliage ). How do you deal with this issue on your Sony kit?

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey Alan, the best thing you can do is to fire your camera using a remote. There are a load of them available on Amazon and Ebay for a few units of your local currency (like no more than $5). Just be sure to turn on the remote option in the camera menu as it tends to be off by default. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wireless-Infrared-Remote-Control-IRMT-DSLR1-black/dp/B002VM49KC is one example. You set the camera and then use either of the remote buttons to fire it. Simple.

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  • Allan Moreno

    Hola Trey.

    Soy un aficionado a la fotografía y recientemente me he encontrado con tu trabajo. Debo decirte y reconocerte como uno de mis fotógrafos favoritos.
    Sin duda tu trabajo es excelente; la primera vez que entré a tu portafolio quedé fascinado y me pase varias horas contemplando tus fotos.
    Espero algún día poder lograr hacer fotos tan geniales como las tuyas.

    Recibe un gran saludo desde México.

  • Stu – SIC

    “Hello Trey .

    I am an amateur photographer and I recently found your work. I must tell you and recognize you as one of my favorite photographers .
    No doubt your work is excellent ; the first time I came to your portfolio was fascinated and I spent several hours watching your photos.
    I hope someday to achieve take pictures as great as yours .

    You get a big hello from Mexico .”

    Thanks! I’m sure Trey appreciates the feedback.

  • davidwwillett

    Love your photos and Adobe Spark website. What platform are you using to blog? Very nice!

  • Stu – SIC

    WordPress with a fair bit of customisation. 🙂

  • prins

    Thanks for making such a cool post which is really very well written.will be referring a lot of friends about this.Keep blogging.italian marble supplier


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  • Jenna Martin

    I have to say your photos are amazing but the best part is that you have an endorsement from Patrick Rothfuss!!!! That is incredible!!!

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  • Dakota

    Hey all. Happy belated Turkey day!!

    I’ve been looking around for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and found a few sites


    Anyone know how good these deals are? I’m looking to buy a Phantom 4 this weekend and I want to make sure I get the best deal. And does it even matter if I buy it on Cyber Monday? I’ve heard mixed responses on that and would like some clarification.


  • Stu – SIC

    Hard to know what deals will be available tomorrow but there should be a few decent ones on the P4 now that the Pro is available. Good luck!

  • J. Nev

    How Cannabis oil Kills Cancer (SEE more at cureyourowncancer.org)

  • Edoardo Sala

    Hi Trey! Hi Guys! I send you a link to the invitation( http://www.mariogiustihq.com/bartherrman-onyricon-eng) to our Bart Herremann’s exhibition in Milan on the 26th of January.
    If you happen to pass by it would be for us a privilege to have you there! I realize is far away though!
    It would be anyhow great to have you share our event with your base in your blogs and social if for you is alright! Give us a hand!
    I send you my very best regards

    Edoardo Sala

  • Edoardo Sala

    Sorry! this is the right link to the event! thanks again.

  • yeah – that guy is so sweet! 🙂

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  • Keith Chandler

    Trey! Trey? Does “Scarlett Project” evoke a memory or two? Todd, Rich, Angie, Stacy???

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  • Lombok Mount Rinjani

    Your photos it’s amazing

  • Lombok Mount Rinjani

    Your photos are amazing.

  • Gilles D. d’Aigueperse

    Hi Trey,

    First of all, many thanks for giving us all these tutorials & pictures from all over the world.

    And many thanks to have introduced me to HDR.

    I am french from Perpignan (very South east of France wher there is also a “FlixBus stop” !) and I am strongly looking at participating to one of yr workshops.

    Just one word to tell you about my regrets to see that you publish now through the said “social networks” such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which despite a strong belief are not the main way of communications on the Web.

    Personnaly I will never go to these sites which are subject either to the best or to the worst.

    Stuckin customs was a nice way to learn on how to take a good picture but now it has grown too big and unordered in chapters which makes it almost impossible to use properly.

    I can understand that for practical or business reasons you decided to use Facebook or Twitter but please do not forget that they are not used by a great majority of web users in general,…. and less by photographs.

    Anyway, if you are looking for a nice place where to express your great talent every day in a different place while leaving from the same town, try the Perpignan area (Pyrénéees Orientales) where you will combine nice easy treks with a visit to a huge amount of castles, medieval villages and abbeys still in good shape and occupied with centuries of history from the “Cathares” through the “Camisards” (french protestants war) to the “Maquisards” (partisans of WW II).

    And if you continue a bit nortward to Lozère “county” and then westward along the river Tarn and Aveyron, you will find the known most beatiful villages of France, mainly medievals.

    Maybe an idea for another local workshop ? (Public transports are very cheap here with the departmental/regional bus & train at 1€/travel.

    While if you wish I can negociate a deal with financial help from the local regional government.

    As I have already been treking all over this region but also travelled worlwide for biz reasons, my dream now would be to spend some time in New Zealand….The most beautiful and ecological place in this world.

    FYR: The festival of photoreporters named “Visa pour l’image” will be here in Perpignan as every year meeting the cream of the professionals:
    “International Festival of Photojournalism”
    From September 2 to 17, 2017.

    Convinced about the interest of the town about photography ?

    Gilles D. d’Aigueperse
    [email protected]

  • Besides drawing, I also like digitally paint. I have done a few of these… none are for sale – just experiments. You can read more about it and see more on the Fire in Yellowstone page.

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  • Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for all the information, photos, videos and that you’re a big inspiration to me.

    Best regards Mathias
    PS. hope you come to Sweden for a walk.

  • Hi, Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing the post.

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  • Pingback: عکاسی HDR چیست و چگونه می توانم آن را با دوربینم ثبت کنم؟ | itfast()

  • Impressive, Feeling good to see this post.

  • Dan Blackburn

    Trey….I hate to be grumpy but I paid $89.00 for a copy of Aurora HDR. Never received the link.Have tried for days to contact the Aurora HDR folks.No response. Seriously damages my confidence in the program.

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey Dan, sorry to hear that. I’ve searched on our store with no results for an order so it looks like you ordered from Macphun? If so there are a few options. You can head over to their site ( https://macphun.com/ ) and use the menu at the top left to login to your account and grab the download. Or if for some reason you cant access that, head to https://aurorahdr.com/ and scan down until you see the button for “Try Free” the trial version you receive can be activated with the key you would have received when ordering.

    You can also speak to Macphun/Skylum on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/skylumsupport/

  • Dan Blackburn

    Trey….Thanks for the help.

    Dan Blackburn

  • Pingback: Beakerhead 2017 | Out and About with the GeoKs()

  • Jerry

    Trey….I follow your journey’s and your reputation is stellar so in no way is this directed at you but felt you should know about issues with AuroraHDR2018 since you have your stamp on it. I downloaded the Free 14 Day Trial (Windows Version), I only got it for 3 days’s but got a chance to use it & decided to purchase it with the bundles for $79.00. Program downloaded ok but noticed something wrong, I do not have the White Balance Eye Dropper tool or the drop down menu to make selections under HDR Basic Filter, also under Top & Bottom Tuning Filter I do not have the horizontal lines for the radiant filter that can be moved around, it’s not there, in fact the Set Orientation isn’t even there like it shows in the videos. Contacted the 24/7 tech support & never heard a thing, in fact sent 2 emails. Really disappointed with the program & the lack of support. Guess I’m stuck with a program that doesn’t have all its functions, out $79.00, & no way to contact these people. Before you put your stamp on anything you better make sure they can walk the talk, not good for your reputation.

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey Jerry, Trey just responded to you on YT but I’ll cut and paste here for you too…

    “Hi, sorry to hear they haven’t responded. Not sure how long its been but they should respond to every mail. You can also use the Facebook support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/skylumsupport/

    As for the features, there are a few differences left between Mac and Windows but the software is very close now to feature parity. You can see the planned updates here: https://aurorahdr.com/faq

    (also make sure you have the latest patch which was released last week)”

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