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I have only a few bad habits, and camera bags is one of them. Even worse, I’ve gone vertical with my habit by teaming with Peak Design to make some of the best camera bags in the world.

My theory is that it’s hard to find the perfect bag for every situation, so I choose the best TWO from our line of FIVE bags that meet my needs. Well, I actually choose three. My three are the Everyday Backpack (20 Litre size), the Everyday Sling, and the Everyday Messenger. I’ll describe my three use cases below.

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Peak Design simply has the BEST photography gear and bags. You can save 10% on all of their awesome products by following this link and entering the code TREYPEAK10 at checkout.

What is in my bag?

Check the Camera Equipment page here on the site for a list of all the latest stuff in my bag!

Four new bags just launched

We just launched a four new bags! Go check it out β€” I’m sure you’ll find a bag you like. As for me, my main bag is the Everyday Backpack, but I also use the Sling quite a bit for little outings. There’s a bag for everyone, and they are brilliantly designed. I love our partners at Peak Design β€” what an aweseom design team! πŸ™‚

Deep Dive into the Backpack

Here’s a video that talks more about the Everyday Backpack, since I know that is one of the most popular of the bags! πŸ™‚

Deep Dive into the Tote

The ladies tend to be more into the Tote bags… but there are some dudes that like them too! Here’s more about them.

What about the Everyday Messenger?

The first bag Kickstarter went crazy with $4.9 million raised. It’s now available to all via this link.

Which Bags do I carry for what purposes?

I have three main bags for different situations.

My main bag is the Everyday Backpack (20 Litre β€” the smaller version). Inside here, I carry my mirrorless full-frame camera + four lenses + 15″ Macbook Pro. I still have enough room left over for hoodies and other goodies. I’d say the camera equipment occupies about 70% of the bag so 30% is leftover for misc goodies. This is my main travel bag and the one I use on longer hikes where I need all my lenses.

My second bag is the Everyday Sling. It’s very lightweight and I use this for little jaunts away from home base when I only need 2 lenses and a few other goodies. I don’t need my big backpack with all my goodies all the time.

The last bag is the Everyday Messenger. I used to use this for all my camera stuff, but now I use it for clothes and other miscellaneous stuff I travel with. This can be anything from chargers to quadcopter batteries and all the digital errata which I am sure you have too! I also use this a lot for overnighter trips to hold all my clothes and toiletries rather than carry a suitcase.

  • Cameron Moore

    Well done Trey, you’ve managed to talk me into buying another camera bag, an Everyday Backpack 20L. No just kidding, the Peak Design products speak for themselves : – ))

  • Pablo

    Hi Trey, I am a big fan of your photography and I visit your blog daily. I own an Everyday Messenger, which I love. That’s why I felt a little disappointed when you said that something that less than a year ago was presented as “The Camera Bag” is now being used to carry socks and underwear (lol) and not primarily as a camera bag.
    just a comment. your work is great.

  • ArH

    Hi Trey. Just backed the Kickstarter, with a 30L backpack, but interested to see you use the 20L. I’ve just returned from a European vacation and used the Everyday Messenger. It was great, but I could have done with a little more room (not way much more though). I carry an A6000, 16-70 F4, 70-200 F4, 10-18 F4, filter pouch with my Lee Seven5 gear, batteries, cleaning stuff, 15″ Macbook Pro, leads etc – it was pretty well loaded up. How much more room does the 20L backpack give you over the messenger bag? I would have loved a bit more space to carry around a hoody and some other travelling gear, such as a book and a water bottle. I’m wondering if the 30L might be a little too big. Cheers.

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey, if you havent seen it already, check out this vid Trey did where he talks about what can fit in the 20L. (He shows what he carries too: )

  • ArH

    Great, thanks Stu. Looked at the video and the specs (EDM is 18L capacity), I’m sticking with the 30L, rather have a little more room for stuff than too little.

  • Good feedback – I think you’ll love the 30L β€” it’s a bit big for me because I don’t carry quite as many lenses as you.

  • Hi Trey, for long trips overseas (or excursions to the arctic for example) do you ever take hard cases like Pelican and pack PeakDesign bags for when you get there? How about a rolling bag like a Tenba?

  • I don’t have a lot of experiences with hard bags at all, except for the custom ones for quadcopters, which seem to work great. I travel all over the world and have never needed a hard case for travel. But, I do hand-carry all my Everyday bags on the plane and treat them gently like a bag full of babies! πŸ™‚

  • You are going to have difficulty getting a hard case as carry-on onto a flight. Unless you want to check your camera gear as luggage, which I do not recommend.

  • Paul S.

    I got the everyday messenger about 3 months ago. It’s truly the best bag I’ve ever had! My search for the perfect bag ended the day the everyday messenger came in the mail. We travel a lot and it holds everything I need and fits under the seat on the plane. I

  • KJohnson

    I have both and tend to use the 30L. It’s slightly bulky, but I always carry a lot and always need more room. Nikon D750 with a few lenses, Mavic Pro, Water, etc etc etc. I’ve carried on planes and it fits under the seat in front of me as well. (I see you wrote this awhile back… hope you’ve found what works best!)

  • Jayadeva Kavi Das

    FYI the promo code for Peak Design is no longer valid

  • kingstonjam

    It does seem to work now.

  • Stu – SIC

    As Kingstonjam mentions, its up and running.

  • ArcticWolf005

    Looks like the Peak Design promo expired again πŸ™

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey, sorry about that. All fixed now (link should auto apply the discount).

  • ArcticWolf005

    Thanks Stu

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