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Another Beautiful Forest

Trey’s 360 Podcast, “Walking with Clever People”

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 11! In this moody episode, I wander with Kevin Rose through a beautiful forest in Portland, Oregon. Before I tell you what we talk about, let me tell you more about Kevin!

Kevin is one of the fun success stories of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. I first came across him while watching Diggnation, which was the regular show in the orbit of the site he founded, Besides that, he was a founder with Revisiion3, Pownce, and Milk. After all that, he was a partner at Google Ventures. Now he lives in Portland with his awesome brainy wife Daria and his daughter Zelda. There’s another daughter on the way any day now, judging by Daria’s ponderous belly.

Kevin has a great podcast that I’ve recommended a few times and I’ll do it now again: Go check out The Kevin Rose Show. I’m going to be on an upcoming episode but I can’t say what we talk about!

Note you can control the camera by grabbing the screen and moving it around. It’s a little wonky because the gyro was not calibrated, but think of it like a game. If you have enough bandwidth, click the gear and choose the maximum resolution!

As for this walk n’ talk, we discuss a myriad of subjects:
Vulnerability, Kevin’s dad and approval of strangers
Why we love Japan
Psychedelics and counseled sessions using psilocybin
Hug in the Secret Whisky Bar

Here are links to stuff we mentioned:
Book – Geek in Japan
Book – How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence
Podcast – Michael Pollan interviewed by Kevin Rose
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Daily Photo – Another Beautiful Forest

I thought it would be fun to include a foresty photo in here from Series 1 of the fine art over at I recently did a re-master of this photo, and you can see the complete how-to if you are a Passport Member. Jump on in there, and if you want an exact link to that re-edit, follow this link.

Another Beautiful Forest

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2019-02-20 16:02:23
  • CameraNIKON D3X
  • Camera MakeNikon
  • Exposure Time4
  • Aperture11
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length14.0 mm
  • FlashNo Flash
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias+2

Rain on the Bund in Shanghai

Becoming An Artist Day!

Every week on this same day we bring you a new episode we filmed in Africa! Remember to pop over to our Africa Photo Workshop page if you’re interested in the next one!

As for the video, in this one, you’ll get some fun quadcopter action and a few post-processing tips too!

Daily Photo – Rain on the Bund in Shanghai

When I look back on photos like this, it reminds me to get out and shoot more in the rain! It’s not gonna kill me, ya know? What’s a little bit of water on your head and camera? Both can take it. The head was built to be waterproof as long as you are above the waterline. And sure, you get a little wet, but, in 47 years, I’ve become a total expert at drying myself, right? Maybe one exception is when it is really cold… don’t want to get into the hypothermia zone, like I am probably in right now in Japan!

Rain on the Bund in Shanghai

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-06-23 01:41:58
  • CameraILCE-7RM3
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/20
  • Aperture2.8
  • ISO800
  • Focal Length17.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias

Sailing into Doubtful Sound


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Daily Photo – Sailing into Doubtful Sound

I did a fun overnight trip with Real Journeys into Doubtful Sound. It’s a very difficult fjord to reach because you have to take a series of smaller boats and a bus to actually reach the destination. But, once there, it’s really nice! You’re on a boat with about 30 people or so and you end up eat and sleep on the boat for one evening. The weather was absolutely terrible when we were there, but it did clear up for a few moody shots like this.

Sailing into Doubtful Sound

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-05-09 08:40:40
  • CameraILCE-7RM3
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/500
  • Aperture4
  • ISO250
  • Focal Length27.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias

Speargrass Flats Road (near Arrowtown, New Zealand)

Updated Page – Books

If you haven’t checked out my page lately, be sure to check out the “Books” section for some new recommended reads there!

Daily Photo – Speargrass Flats Road (near Arrowtown, New Zealand)

This is a road near my home that I often run down to during my semi-regular jogging sessions. Obviously, this is in the middle of the Autumn, and this island is known for its rather majestic poplar trees. I notice that all poplar trees seem to be over 100 feet tall! I’ve never seen a short poplar tree… surely they exist, or maybe I just don’t notice them.

Speargrass Flats Road (near Arrowtown, New Zealand)

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-04-30 11:48:10
  • CameraILCE-7RM3
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/250
  • Aperture9
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length105.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias

Floating in Fiji

Passport Sunday How-To

Today’s how-to if you’re a Passport Member is how I created this photo out of nine different shots. It was a fun (and relatively easy, actually) one to process. I’m not one of those guys who makes things seem more difficult than they really are! 🙂

Editing a 9-photo panorama with adjustments in LR

In today’s edit, you’ll see how (and why) I took 9 shots from the new Mavic 2 Zoom and made some adjustments in Lightroom before bringing the whole shebang into Aurora. BTW, in case you have a lot of extra money sitting around, you can go check out this resort at Laucala Island.

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Daily Photo – Floating in Fiji

This turned out to be a perfect evening for photos. I think those purple, cloudy, mysterious skies are some of my favorite. And couple that with the perfectly blue, warm, and inviting winner, and you have a winner! I hope you enjoy watching the edit of this one today!

Floating in Fiji

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2019-02-14 20:49:15
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Focal Length
  • Flash
  • Exposure Program
  • Exposure Bias

Some Favorite Photos from the Last Africa Trip

Amazing Madagascar

Check out this preview of Madagascar, one of the many places we are going on the upcoming Africa Photo Workshop. I learned all sorts of things about this place… like 80% of the species there are found nowhere else on earth. There’s a whole documentary on Netflix too about it where you get to hear the sweet whispers of Sir David Attenborough!

Of course, the workshop is not just going to Madagascar, but also Zimbabwe and Botswana. It is going to be amazing!

Here’s a collection of some favorites, I can hardly wait for the next one! 🙂


Fresh Kill In the Trees of Botswana

The Dreaded Cape Buffalo

The Rare Wild Serval Hunting at Night

A Black and White Photo

A Serene Moment in Iceland

A little mind-blowage for you!

Did you know our solar system doesn’t exactly act like you were taught in school? And no, this is not some flat-earth garbage…it’s actual SCIENCE. The solar system actually follows the helical model, which illustrates the mathematical fundamentals of a vortex.

Daily Photo – A Serene Moment in Iceland

Well, almost all moments are serene there, especially for me because I traveled there for four years in a row by myself. It was just me, my music, and my audiobooks, rolling around the islands to see what I could find. This was another one of those 4-hour slow-motion sunsets where I was able to drive to about 20 different locations and jump out to get a quick photo. I would have hiked, but the car is much more efficient at maximizing visual input.

A Serene Moment in Iceland

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2010-06-13 01:09:49
  • CameraNIKON D3X
  • Camera MakeNikon
  • Exposure Time1/4
  • Aperture8
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length62.0 mm
  • FlashNo Flash
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias

Season 2, Episode 3 of Walking with Matt

Wanna see the other Walk n’ Talks? Here they are!

1) Discussing Rituals and Death with Kevin Kelly and Hugh Howey
2) Hugh Howey on World Building
3) Crypto with Aaron Lammer

Matt Mullenweg is not just the founder of WordPress and now Automattic, but he was also my lucky roommate on this week-long 200km hike through Spain. Not only is he warm at night, but he really knows how to work that loofa in the shower.

We share many commonalities including the love of writing, Burning Man, hiking, and experimental and self-exploration use mind-expanding substances. You can see the poor guy has a bit of a limp here, as he had a knee problem that got worse and worse as the days went on. We should have brought more drugs. Anyway…

First time seeing a 360 video? You can grab the screen and move it any way you want! Tired of seeing me and Matt? Spin it around and see where we are going.

What do we talk about?

1:30 His inspiration for WordPress and his mindset
3:30 Comments on Blogs
4:00 What is his main gig now, Automattic?
5:15 Texas boys say hi to their moms
5:55 What did Matt learn that he didn’t expect to learn?
7:20 Meditation and the Stoic philosophers
7:50 Why do we blog?

Matt’s Blog
Matt’s photos, stuff and things
Trey’s Kit + Books

Below, I’ll share some photos of Matt while we walked along the Camino and some quick thoughts and stories.

Very few people know this, but this is exactly how Matt came out of the womb, beard and all. His mom was like, “Well I’ll be darned!”

One awesome thing about Matt is that when you are talking to him, you’re the only person in the world. Here he is talking with Gia-Miin Fuh, Kevin Kelly’s genius wife that works at 23-And-Me.

No one can rock a scallop shell like Matt. I told him that with those sunglasses that he could be a hardcore pornography director.

A lot like everyone on the trek, Matt seemed to know either a little bit or a lot about everything. On the very first night, we walked across the bridge from Portugal to Spain in the dark. It was quite romantic. We talked all about the different sort of hallucinogens we’ve imbibed and how they have shaped and expanded our minds (for the better).

Here’s Matt Hackett, Hugh Howey, and Matt somewhere in one of the more forested areas of our walk. We would often pair-off or triple-up and have all kinds of interesting discussions, solving all the world’s problems!

Here’s Matt talking to Kevin Kelly at a rest break. By this time, Matt’s knee was really bothering him, and none of us minded having a break. We were in no hurry to get anywhere in particular.

And last, here is Craig Mod giving life to Matt with his noodly appendage.

Attack of the Wolves at the Hills

This week I’m bringing you another great free video from Africa! By the way, there are just a few slots left for our upcoming Africa Photo Adventure, so be sure to come to have a look at the amazing trip we have in store for you!

In this video I’ll be hanging out of a helicopter and then getting into some layer fun in Photoshop.

Daily Photo – Attack of the Wolves at the Hills

Here’s a fun little vertirama of The Wolves at The Hills here in Arrowtown, New Zealand. I believe this was taken with two vertically stacked shots with the quadcopter. I think it’s nice how just getting 10 meters off the ground gives a slightly different perspective. The top-down is not nearly as good as I thought it would be, because you can’t tell that these are wolves vortexing in on a samurai.

Attack of the Wolves at the Hills

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-02-23 10:14:51
  • CameraFC220
  • Camera MakeDJI
  • Exposure Time1/2500
  • Aperture2.2
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length4.7 mm
  • FlashNo flash function
  • Exposure ProgramProgram AE
  • Exposure Bias-1

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Pixel 3 Phone

I upgraded from the Pixel 2 and I’m happy I did! This one has been absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite things is the little charging dock. It looks kind of like… hmmm… how do I describe it. Well, let me put a picture below. What I think is cool about it is that, even with a case on, you can just set your phone there and it charges… no need to plug it in. And it acts like a photo-frame while there, showing me family photos while it happily charges.

Daily Photo – St. Basil’s Cathedral

It was a perfect day in the Red Square in Moscow for photo taking! This was my very first time in Russia and I absolutely loved it. I found it to be such an interesting-crazy place. There is something about that Russian mind I cannot quite put my finger on, but I think it is interesting. Besides all these hot tourist spots, our videographer Olya took us around with all her nutty friends to see all sorts of places tourists don’t normally get to see. It was great fun, and I’ll share more of those photos soon!

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-06-03 11:47:15
  • CameraILCE-7RM2
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/1600
  • Aperture3.5
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length24.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramManual
  • Exposure Bias-0.3

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