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You can pop over to my camera equipment page to see all my goodies, and I’ll mention some in the review below.

Sony a6000 Review – A Great Camera!

Since my review, Sony has released the A6300 and A6500 which are revised versions of the A6000. The information below is still relevant for those newer cameras.

This camera is so good that I paired it with my Sony a7R (Sony’s full-frame offering) on a month-long trip to Africa. I don’t just recommend it on our recommendations page, but I actually use it! To see more about the latest version of the a7R check out the Sony a7R III Review here on the site.

Note that I only review stuff on the site that I actually use. This is not like other camera review sites that talk about everything. I’m a very practical dude, and I assume you are busy like me and just want to know the facts. So my reviews are very simple and focus on the key elements of the camera, rather than the more obscure stuff that hardcore nerds get off on. I’m more of a geek than a nerd, let’s start by saying that.

These reviews are also “living” in that I will continually come back and update them as time goes on! The A6000 is pretty new in my arsenal, so I expect to be using it quite a bit!

Sony A6000 Sample Photos

Throughout the review, you’ll see many samples of photos, like the one I took below. I think sample photos are a great way to show what the camera can do. Note that I unapologetically post-process my photos! Regulars here on the site are very forgiving (welcoming, in fact!) of this notion, but purists don’t like it. That’s okay. But, if you are new and interested in more about this style of photography, check out my free HDR Tutorial!

At 11 Frames per second, I was able to get more than enough photos to make sure I got this once-in-a-lifetime expression


Alone In The Desert

One great thing about a zoom lens for landscape photography is it allows this nice effect called “compression,” where you can do effects like this: Bring in the two layers of sand dunes from beyond and make them look nice and overpowering.


And the 24 megapixels means I can make giant prints with no worries…


Hey look, a non-animal photo!


The Painted Wolf

Don’t get used to it. This is the extremely endangered wild dog (or Painted Wolf) in Botswana. BTW, you’ll see a lot of special effects on my final shots β€” that is not the camera, that’s my post-processing.


Sony a6000 – Why I love it

It’s small, fast, high-powered, and has a ton of lenses available for it. I can’t believe something so small can shoot a 24 megapixel photo and do it at 11 frames per second! I used to really enjoy my NEX-7 a few years ago, and this one takes all the best parts of that system and makes them even better.

Huge Sensor

It is indeed a cropped sensor, but you still get 24 megapixels, which is more than enough. This sensor size is still much bigger than the Micro Four-Thirds system, which I find much too small for low-light shooting.

Interchangeable Lenses

There are ton of lenses for this system. It uses the E-mount lenses, and now Sony has been making these for many years. I’m still using some of my older E-Mount lenses from my NEX-7, and they work just fine.


This camera is about 5x smaller than the Nikon D4. Also the lenses are nice and light… it’s not a burden at all to carry this stuff around.


I think the value for the performance makes this an absolute steal. I’ll have it there on my recommended list for a very long time!

Incredible Autofocus.

The a7r, which is the other main camera I use, only has 25 focus points using contrast-detection AF. The a6000 adds 179 points using phase-detection AF. Phase-detection is way better… and, well, as you can see from the sample photos, I had very few blurry ones!

Amazing EVF

I’m so addicted to Sony’s Electronic Viewfinder! It’s just remarkable how clear and sharp everything is. There are a lot of HUD-gizmos on there for making sure your horizon is aligned, checking the histogram, focus-peaking, and more. Really, one of my favorite things about it is reviewing the photos after you’ve taken them when it is bright outside. I hate looking at the back of the camera… looking through that EVF is so fun!

More Sample Photos

Looking sharp at 1/4000s shutter speed!


It was quite dark when I took this… the ISO was 800 so there was a bit of noise, but nothing too bad.


I didn’t do much people photography with it, but a little bit… You can see Bel there is holding the Sony A7s… she was using that to film me during the adventure.

Botswana Amaze (307 of 2505)-7

That 11 FPS helped me to get that mouth in that exact position!


A happy elephant family!


Hello pretty bird. I cropped in more on the one… the 24MP helped with that.


Oh Hai! You’ll notice a lot of “effects” in my photos… that’s not the camera that’s me doing post-processing, which I do without apology.


It’s such a fun camera!


I shot this one from air, hanging out of a helicopter without a door. The A6000 was plenty rugged enough! I used the 70-200mm lens here with image stabilization, which really helped.


Coming in for a landing… BTW, you can click on any photo then go through to see the EXIF on SmugMug – just click the little “i”.


It also takes black and white photos.


  • Ken Kistler

    Well done! Thanks for the advice!!!

  • Evan Spellman

    I do low light with my olympus omd em1 via metabones speedbooster and using my old nikon prime lens– f1.4 manual focus– I agree with you that the sensor does have its limits–im really intriqued with the sony system and FF sensors in mirrorless size bodies

  • Great photos. Can you tell me what zoom lens you’re using to capture the animals? Is it the SEL70200G?

  • treyratcliff

    Yes – the FE 70-200 from Sony ! πŸ™‚

  • Dave Robbins

    Trey, Will the FE lenses work on the A6000/NEX7?

  • Aside from the full frame, why do you prefer the A7r over the A6000?

  • klockheed

    I got the a5100 recently and I’m loving it, however, it seems like the sensor is a dust magnet. No matter how much I clean it, I keep getting lots of spots on the photos. Any suggestions? (Micah from Khutt cohort)

  • Brian

    I’m looking at picking up a Panasonic GX7 (micro four thirds). I looked at the A6000 and was pretty tempted, but its video capabilities aren’t quite up to par with the GX7 and I’m looking for a good hybrid. While I realize the m43 sensor is smaller, I understand that the pixels in a 16MP m43 sensor are similar in size to the 24MP sensor in the A6000, and therefore in theory should have similar low-light performance. Are you basing your comment about current m43 low-light performance on experience, or past reputation?

    Thanks! Love your photos. Actually got to see you give a presentation at my workplace years ago while you were living in Austin and have dabbled in HDR since.

  • treyratcliff

    Yes! Many of those shots were taken with the Sony FE 70-200mm @disqus_rDAUW2jW6c:disqus

  • treyratcliff

    The 36 megapixels, and the full frame does a LOT for me… it is better in low light, for one. Second, the bokeh area is more rich in a full-frame camera.

  • Thanks!

  • Jay

    Hey Troy,
    Have you tried your Sony 10-18mm on the a6000? Is the full frame lens on a crop sensor a no go? I’m interested in some wide angle use on the a6000.

  • treyratcliff

    I haven’t, but I’m sure it works great!

  • Jay

    Thanks… and sorry for calling you Troy πŸ˜‰ My bad.

  • Mike Fait

    Hey Trey. What f-stop did you use? ;D

  • Romel Velasco

    Hi Trey! Did you ever use a Metabones adaptor for any of the Sony bodies?

  • Nit

    Hey Trey, Can you autofocus with A mount lenses with adapter?

  • Yes! πŸ™‚

  • the pedigree007

    Hi Trey ,need your help, is Sony NEX 5r better than A 5000 ? many websites show that NEX 5r is better than A 5000 for many reasons , i need your go ahead before i make my decision , thanks a lot in advance !!

  • Barry

    Hey Trey, I’m a rookie at photography and I’ve been able to learn a ton from all your video’s, thanks for all your hard work!! I just got a Sony a6000 and I really want to practice HDR but I can’t seem to find out how to set up Auto Exposure Bracketing on my camera to take three pictures at a time without manually doing it. Appreciate you time and help!!

  • Saravana Kumar R

    Here in this video he explains on a NEX-7 and the same applies for a6000

  • Hi! Press “FN” and then cycle through the shooting modes and you’ll find it! πŸ™‚

  • I think the A5000 is better for sure!

  • William Burnett

    Thanks for this look at this camera. I have shot Somy for years and predicted many years ago the rise of the Mirror Less camera systems. I am extremely happy that the technology has finally gained critical mass. I am adding an a6000 to my bag very soon. I am so tired of carrying around a full frame DSLR. I will need to get an adapter or two so that my Sony and Minolta glass get some use on the a6000 as well.

  • Chris

    Hi Trey,

    What would be the best lens to pair with the for night photos of the sky like your Milford sound pic. I am looking at buying this camera too. Thanks

  • I’d get the new wide-angle 16-35mm! πŸ™‚

  • Connor Jenkins

    Hi Mr. Ratcliff,

    I’m a young photographer and interested in the Sony a6000. I’ve read lots of terrible reviews for the 16-50mm power zoom kit lens that comes with the a6000 (huge barrel distortion at wide end when shooting in RAW, vignetting, not sharp, etc.) What is your opinion Thanks so much!

  • Chris

    Thanks mate. Just got home with the a6000. What about shorting people? Like macro sort of stuff. Also just got the HDR tutorial so looking forward to that.

  • Jerry James

    Hi Trey, which lens adaptor do you recommend for the A6000?

  • Bill Merritt

    Trey, the above photos are terrific! You have put me over the edge on this. Chewing my nails waiting for B&H to open to place my order. Going to start with the 16-50 kit lens. Thinking next in line will be the 35/1.8. Going to order a lower price Canon EF/EF-s adapter. I do quite a bit of manual focus and have read all but the most expensive adapters (metabones) are very slow to AF. Any experience using either Canon or Nikon lenses with the a6000? Am I better off dumping and moving to Sony and Sigma E-mounts? Thanks again.

  • Daniel

    Hi, I did and I’m very happy.

  • scott

    Hi there, how do you think this camera would do focus wise at lets say a wedding reception/first dance where the light is really low ?

  • Daniel

    Hi, if there is really really low light you will get really really low performance πŸ™‚ It’s not a full frame and no pro cam.

  • scott

    I used to shoot with a nikon d90 so should I see an improvement in performance in AF and image quality using roughly the same glass ??

  • Daniel

    Sorry, I never had a D90 to compare it.

  • Jason Merrick
  • Kelly

    Trey my photographer friend of mine, Gary Wang, suggested this camera for me. I want a lightweight, quality camera that will accompany me on many trails, mtns and sunrises, sunsets. Based on the imagese above I think this looks like a fine camera. Do you think Amazon is the best place to buy one?

  • Bob

    Hi Trey. How would you shoot brackets for HDR on this camera? Since 5 shot is limited to .7 increments, I can’t shoot -2 -1 0 +1 +2. Would you stick with three shot brackets? In case it makes a difference, I’m using a tripod for most HDR shots. Thanks for any advice.

  • Bob

    Just a note to other readers. If you go with Sony lenses, they have more QC problems than most lens manufacturers, primarily regarding centering. It’s a good idea to test your lens with a Zeiss star chart (available at camera stores). If it’s not good, be sure to get it serviced while it’s still under warranty.

  • I don’t think that is true, but I will check it out

  • Yes – Amazon is always a great price! πŸ™‚

  • Bob

    I would love it if there is a workaround. The workaround I found for the moment is a tethered cell app called RCCDroidPro. It sort of extends drive mode with its own definitions. One is “Extended HDR”. It allows you to bracket up to 13 shots in increments ranging from .3 to 4.

    The downside is that it is slow. Since it adjusts the exposure itself between shots, a five shot bracket takes about 25 seconds. Still better than changing the exposure myself.

    It has a ton of other features including a full-feature intervalometer. It is also fairly cheap ($5 for the app and about $6 for the OTG cable). Still, if anyone knows of a better (and faster) alternative, please post. Thanks.

  • Jeed

    Hi may I know why my images are blurry when they are zoomed? Is it because of having little bit dusty on the lens?

  • Vik
  • Bob

    Hi Jeed. I would say blur is probably not caused by dust, but it’s very hard to know what is causing it. It could be a problem with the lens, a problem with the camera. It could just be a problem with the settings. Best thing is to take it by a camera shop close by. Someone really needs to see the problem in person to diagnose it.

  • Alexis720

    Hi, I have been looking at the a6000 to take to Kruger NP in a few weeks but have read lots of mixed reviews including poor low light focusing.
    I have never been on a safari holiday so really want to maximise my photography opportunities but don’t do any post processing at the moment. I would shoot in raw + JPEG for the future though.
    I would buy the 70-210 mm lens too.

    Do you have any advice for me?

    Thank you


  • Christian Cerne

    Guys, does anybody knows if the lenses that I use with my ALPHA 550 will fit in this a6000?? Thanks in advance!

  • Olyphantastic

    You need an LA-EA4 adapter to use A-mount glass, but it will work very well with auto focus and everything. It’s not crap like the Nikon and Canon adapters.

  • Christian Cerne

    Thank you very much Sir!

  • When I reviewed the A6000 myself, yes the kit lens distortion was pretty bad. However it’s corrected nicely by a profile from Adobe, and virtually eliminates all vignetting and distortion.

    I think the 16-50 makes a good enough walk-around lens, and a great landscape / travel lens if you shoot stopped down and don’t inspect your corners too obsessively.

    The good news is, killer landscape lenses such as the Rokinon 12mm f/2 exist, and are ridiculously tiny and lightweight while still being amazingly sharp. Pair this 12mm prime with something in the ~20-30mm range for a “normal” prime, and IMO as a whole system you’re good to go!

    Then again, the Zeiss 16-70 f/4 is not that much bigger, and wow is it sharp! Just a bit more pricey than the 16-50, as you might imagine…

    Personally, I’m “staying tuned” for a possible A6000 mk2, or A7000 or whatever it’s going to be called, because I’d rather have a weather-sealed camera. But if black friday comes around again this year and there’s still no A6000 successor, I might pick one up if they hit ~$400 like they did last year. πŸ™‚

  • Peter K

    hi trey
    I am considering buying the A6000. A question: For bird photography, I need to be able to manually focus at 210mm zoom through the viewfinder because the birds are often in the middle of a bush and the autofocus gets confused, What’s your experience of manual focus? Is the image in the viewfinder sharp enough?

  • Bob

    Hi Peter. There is a really good focus mode for this, DMF, direct manual focus. You can both autofocus and manual focus in this mode. Press the shutter halfway to autofocus. Keeping your finger halfway down, grab the manual focus ring and refine your focus. Turn on manual focus assist, and you can be half blind, and still tune in very sharp focus.

  • Bob

    Oh and be sure to turn on focus peaking. That gives you a powerful cue to indicate exactly what is in focus.

  • Frank Villafane


    You took both these images with the A6000? Fantastic! Very nice! Was it the Sony 10-18mm lens? That would make this a 35mm equivalent of 15-36, yes? Spectacular!

  • Daniel

    Hi Frank,
    thank you for the good feedback, I’m happy that you like the pictures. Yes, it was the Sony 10-18mm. I think it is equivalent to 15-28, but since I’m just a holiday photographer, I’m not really sure. The CF should be 1,53. I can only recommend the cam and the objective. Walking through the Grand Canyon with the light equipment made it much more comfortable. Following Trey’s HDR Tipps, I got some satisfying results for a beginner. So many thanks to Trey for sharing his knowledge.

  • Ayatollyahso

    Drinking the full frame kool-aid Daniel???? I dumped my 1ds mk 2 for aps-c fujj’s, and m4:3 and if you know what you are doing it is fine. If you are a pro you need to know about lighting and exposure not just “pump the iso up to 409,000 and praying”…

  • Layne LeBleu

    I just recently got a position to work in Antarctica for a year! I’ve followed you and your site for years and decided to ask your opinion on gear. I’m looking at using the Sony a5000 or a6000. Will they be able to hold up to the extreme temperatures? Moisture won’t be an issue unless I drop it in the snow or overboard. I’ll be at the South Pole Station so it can get QUITE chilly! Thank you for your advice!

  • dorkopter

    There is no artificial horizon in the a6000, Trey! You’re perhaps thinking of your NEX-7 (or the NEX-6).

  • Rob

    I see that Amazon has various bundles for the A6000 and wanted to get some thoughts on if I should get the bundle that has the 16m-50m kit lens + the 50m prime lens or does it make sense to just go with the body and the 50m prime? I guess I’m wondering if the kit lens and standalone 50m are too similar. Thanks for any advice for this newbie.

  • Dariela

    Hello, what settings can i use for taking pictures in the beach? And for use in a wedding inside? I love your pictures, i purchase sony a6000 recently and i dont know how to use it, thanks

  • Daniel

    No, I have the A6000 and I love it. I just think that I’ve seen better results in low light.

  • Well, best to start with Intelligent Auto then experiment from there! πŸ™‚

  • Callum Anderson

    Hey Trey, love your work. I’m looking to move into the Sony mirrorless market (moving over from Canon), I’m looking at the a6000. Just wondering if there was any news for an upgrade coming out anytime soon? Cheers πŸ™‚

  • Paul Dennis

    Hi there is a video on youtube the title is why i nearly sent my A6000 back, it shows why some are getting blurry photos the problem is long exposure noise reduction is on turn it off worked for me.

  • Frank

    Just wanted to say hello Tray, coming from Nikon and now joining Sony, bought my first mirror-less camera the Sony 6000 a couple of days ago, with a16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS E-mount (kit lens), This camera is freaking me out, I just love it, but the lense is killing me. So for now i go out shooting and getting to learn this new camera, which is a new ball game for me. Love your work and your honesty !!! Now I am searching for lenses for my camera. I don’t mind which brand, but just good lenses (quality). Been on this before but never posted anything, how bad am I πŸ™‚ I am not into much reviews, where people are not use the gear that make the reviews off, I rather check out blogs like yours, where I can tell what the experience is with a brand, and for you is was switching from Nikon to Sony (very interesting).

  • Andy

    You’re picture is just amazing thank you for the review and sample exemple !

  • good thing I found this review of the a6000. I knew you used the a7(r) series but no idea you also use the a6000… how good is this for HDR? can I bracket?

    I’m in an internal struggle to decide on a new light weight alternative to my DSLR (I use Nikon D7000 for now) the a7 would give me a full frame option. the a6000 would be just a nice camera if i cannot take my nikon gear (+ 6 lenses) I found a nice deal for Sony A6000 Black + 16-70mm ZA Carl Zeiss that would work in a lot of circumstances. (except on safaris where I would bring everything + my 150-500 mm lens)

  • SarahHawkinsMiduski

    Curious how durable this camera is. I had a bad experience once with dropping a camera so now I currently have “tough” camera but would love to upgrade to something better than a standard point and click

  • Hardey Leone

    FOR YOU, These images are awful. Really. You do amazing work with others cams.

  • Tim Fiko

    Dear Trey

    I’m not a fan of sony, or i wasn’t, but now i kinda wanna go into it, BUT. Beside that i haven’t look at the camera yet but i’m going to look at it and try it and some other mirrorless, i have a few problem against it, if my problem aren’t wrong. i currently use a Nikon d80 (old but gold) and i’m maybe going to by the nikon d7000, but i also wanna find some mirrorless in a 1,000 dollar range. but i have som issues with them if my issues aren’t wrong, comment if you can correct my problems, this list is mostly focused on the Sony a7, but i think all the mirrorless are the same.

    1. As a nikon user i love the screen on top of the camera for easy looking at my current setting, that ability would be lost on mirrorless. as this screen is my life.

    2. On the Nikon you can adjust the appeture with the wheel on the front and the shutter on the wheel at the back for easy and fast manuel controll. i would lose that with a mirrorless.

    3. On the left at the back of the camera i have easy and fast acsess to ISO settings and format, i would lose that with a mirrorless.

    4. Lenses, now this am i unclear on, i know nikon have 100000 billon good lenses, from nikon and sigma. You can get adapter for the sony, but from what i have heard you would lose focus speed, now this speed isn’t much of a problem. but if i make my switch i would change my lenses also, so is the Sony sense good? and are the big market there?

    5. The sony don’t have losless raw, THIS IS SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE, and this is one of my main problems.

    6. I haven’t tested it but the electronic viewfinder. It’s laggy and and you won’t be able to see what your eye sees.

    7. The battery time is far less on the mirrorless cameras, so i would have to carry 600 batterys.

    8. No dual card slot, this isn’t such a big problem, but it’s a feature that would be nice to have

    If i would make the switch i would start with the a6000 witch is a ok price, i have also looked at some other cameras in that price range, pleas give me tips on some good cameras.

    -_-_-_- Sorry if my english suck, working on it -_-_-_-

  • Joshua Harris

    I have an a6000 and love it, let me see if I can answer of your above items

    1. I assume you are talking about the screen not articulating to the side? Yeah, the a6000 only tilts.

    2. You actually have two wheels, one on the top and one around the dial. So you can have full manual control (all while looking through the EVF and seeing how things change, cant’ do that with a mirror!)

    3. One click turns wheel to iso, no looking up! IMHO this is actually easier than on a DSLR, but it’s a preference, not really different.

    4. Sony lenses work for me just fine. They make tons of adapters, I have one to use old Canon FD glass, where I got a manual 50mm f1.4 for $150, with focus peaking works great (BTW, if you havn’t experienced focus peaking, you have not lived!)

    5. Not technically smart enough to answer, the RAW files work fine for me and for HDR work.

    6. IMHO, the EVF is what makes mirrorless way superior. You see what the sensor sees, I adjust ISO, I see what’s going to happen. With focus peaking, I know what is in focus. No more hitting the shutter then finding out what the photo looks like.

    7. I personally have never had a big issue with battery life, but yes it is much shorter. Still, the lack of weight in camera makes up for having to carry some extra batteries IMO.

    8. I agree, would be cool.

    Give it a try! Once you go mirrorless you will not go back!

  • Tim Fiko

    Thank you!

  • Rad

    OMG. Epic photos. I’ve been between this camera & the sony a7. What’s your suggestion? I usually photograph people & landscapes, but I don’t think I need the full frame sensor of the a7.

  • Lainer

    It’s good to ISO 3200, then it is terrible. Even at ISO 3200, it depends. But that’s pretty darn good. I recall the days where there was only ASA 800 film and we had to push it to 1600 or 3200 and the grain was terrible! LOL! Cameras today are so amazing in low light. Get a faster lens, which will help with keeping ISO lower.

  • Lainer

    D90 and Sony have same sensor. The only difference you will see is with the quality of lenses, and the AF isn’t as accurate on the Sony or as fast, though with this camera, I could be wrong. I had the NEX 6 for comparison with my Nikon D90.

  • Darragh Cushen

    I am a complete beginner and want to get into landscape/astrophotography. I am wondering which would be a better choice to start with, the Sony A6000 or Canon d700? Also what lenses should I be looking into for the purpose stated above?

  • Hi Darragh – Trey is partial to Sony, as am I, so that’s what I would recommend. The Sonys usually come with a decent ‘kit’ lens that comes bundled with the camera, and you can click through to the lens reviews above to get some detail.

  • Darragh Cushen

    Thanks Luke.. Do you know of any that would be top of the list??

  • Sanket Patel

    thanks Trey, great work, are these photos taken with a kit lens ?

  • I love this camera also! So compact and easy to travel with.

  • notme

    Does this camera have an electronic horizon? I take many pics of scenery and need that feature. I really am considering the successor camera A6300. Does the A6300 have the horizon feature?

  • Yes! πŸ™‚

  • notme

    I think this man is referring to the LCD screen on top of Nikon cameras, which show your settings, cards, and pics possibly left. I just rented a Nikon D600. I hardly ever used that screen. It is redundant to the live screen on the back of the D600.
    Battery life on the A6000 isn’t far off from other cameras. 400 pics is very average. I was getting 400 pics from Nikon D600 battery charge, sometimes less. So I’m not sure where he is coming from?
    Amount of lenses? Really, unless you are pro, you don’t need a dozen lenses. The ones that Sony offers are the main types that most people need or even pros would use.
    While this is aps-c camera, it is lighter than aps-c DSLR. The Nikon D600 was beastly heavy to carry travelling. After 10 days, I wrote off getting full frame DSLR. They are just to heavy.

  • James Probus

    The sample pictures are beautiful, but they all seem to be at longer focal lengths. Is the a6000 not ideal for landscape, or was this just due to the nature of safari trips?

  • SΓΈren Nielsen

    If you by that mean electronic level then the ansver is no. That is in the a7II series and the A6300 youll find that feature. I wish the A6000 had it

  • Ann Marie

    Hi Trey & Crew,

    Price point on this camera is out of this world! Especially with 2 kit lenses. That being said, I’m considering the a6500 for 2 reasons. In body stabilization and TOUCH screen. Going to Africa this summer. Your Africa wildlife pics are SO amazing. I know some of it is post processing but what lens would you recommend? The a6500 comes body only. Would Sony 55-210mm Black Zoom Camera Lens – SEL55210B be ok in your opinion? Or do I want a second lens?
    Any thoughts are deeply appreciated =)

  • Stu – SIC

    Hey, Trey was using the Sony 70-200 in Africa as far as I remember. Keep in mind though that you can also buy a Sony adapter e.g. LA-EA4 to mount Sony A-mount lenses on the A6500 and retain auto-focus etc. So check out the lenses for that mount which give you longer range. Specifically on the 55-210, its a decent lens in its price range. Nice and compact/light too. All depends on what you want to spend really.

  • Ann Marie

    Thanks Stu!, F 2.8 right? I think that is a little out of my price range right now. I’ll keep looking adding the adapter to the equation.

  • Ann Marie

    Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m settled on the 6500. Some people might not think the price is worth it for a touch screen, but I’m gaga for it. For zoom, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a Sony FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS Lens (instead or 55-210). I know it’s a bit heavier but I checked it out and I like the additional zoomy zoom and it dips to a little lower range as well. Now I need help deciding on it’s complement for closer, low light shooting. I thought I might want a Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens , but I see Trey likes the ZeissTouit 32mm f/1.8 Lens. Can I get some guidance on this? And finally will I need a 3rd lens for just everyday, shooting pics of my dog in the backyard?

  • William Patterson

    Glad your a6000 was a hit. Mine sucks. The pictures are blurry, no better than those I take with my Iphone 6. I hope Best Buy will let me exchange it for a decent point-and-shoot.

  • Bob

    Sorry you got a dud a6000. I would avoid the point & shoots. They are ALL worse than your iPhone 6. Smart phones have obsoleted point & shoots. Stick with your smart phone.

  • I also have the same problem.. I had to go back to my old D40 Nikon, because the A6000 took extremely bad pictures. -_- I wonder why this happens (I like to think that after 3 weeks of trying every single function I would’ve been able to get some decent shots)

  • Bob

    So sorry that happened. I ALSO moved from the Nikon D40 to the a6000, and for me, the photos were spectacularly better and more detailed. I can only think Sony hit some sort of production problem. There are a lot of good camera systems out there. Use what works for you!

  • Cedric Bayiha

    I really like this review of the Sony A6000. me I am sold, I love it.
    I know many people love it too, but they still think it is a bit expensive.
    If you are one of those people, maybe, you should consider to buy refurbished.
    This resource is great and give you info about sony A6000 refurbished deals, and what to look for:

  • Conor

    camera price isnt an issue it just the extra lenses seem way to much for what they they are. i want this camera the only thing putting me off is the lens prices. i am new to all this, i probably need guidance to lenses i can use with this mainly a zoom lens and macro. thanks

  • alter

    Bel is hot. I wouldn’t mind doing a private photo shoot with her.

  • Babayagah

    Wow, some one isn’t biased to Sony. First time i’ve ever heard anyone say anything positive about the EVF. Sony is my go to brand, but come on.

  • K.A

    Haha the Sony A6000 isn’t a point and shoot. It shoots at 11fps and can capture a photo faster than a point and shoot also Como g out with great quality.

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