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The Nikon D800 Camera Living Review

This is a “living” review. I’ve now been using one for quite a while, and I will continue to add to this review with new notes and observations.

My Reviews

I review a lot of stuff that I actually use – see the Reviews area for more camera, lens, and software reviews. I know you’re time is as precious as mine… so I don’t waste time and get right to the best. 🙂

Compared to the Nikon D3X

I bought a new Nikon D800 right when it came out, and I used it for well over a year. It’s a great camera!

I used to have a Nikon D3X and many people wonder why I would rather have the D800. One reason is the megapixels and cost. Both are better! I know people often groan at the megapixel bit, but I do like having very large images. Given the choice of a medium or high-res photo, I will always take high-res. It’s not for prints, although that helps — it’s also for monitors and wall-displays of the future. Another significant reason is that it is better in low-light. It will shoot at 6,400 ISO instead of 1,600 ISO. Some minor points that make it better for me are: It is cheaper, it is smaller and lighter, and it has a bigger screen (3.2″). There are many more advantages, although very minor. These include a self-cleaning sensor (hope it works!), a quicker shutter lag (119 ms faster!), video (which I won’t use too much, but happy it is there), and it is over twice as fast to start up.

Magical Fog in San Francisco over the Golden Gate BridgeI recently drove across the bridge and up this little mountain road to try to find this shot. I started driving up a road I knew well, but it was closed. Closed! So I parked, got out my tripod, and hiked about a mile up this hill to get to this spot. It was a very cool night, but there was some strange inversion happening. Almost anywhere I stood on the side of the hill was a stead hotel-room 72-degrees. And there was zero wind. It was a perfect night, and just when I arrived, the fog really started pouring over the bridge, so I set up for this shot...- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

I took this photo in San Francisco while using the Nikon 28-300mm lens.


File Management

The files are huge and glorious. It’s almost medium-format in this glory! I’ve had to crop in many times on my 36 megapixel shots to recompose in post, and the resulting image still has more than ample resolution. Each RAW is between 40 and 50 megs when in 14-bit mode… and it seems to vary wildly.

So then you have a file-management issue of sorts, yes? This is sort of the “Red Queen” problem. The Red Queen describes a hypothesis where species that exist together are constantly co-evolving to keep up with one another. In this case, bigger files means you need a faster computer with more memory so that you have the same experience as before. Personally, I made a switch to an SSD (Solid State Drive) over a year ago, and it has saved me countless hours of waiting-on-the-hard-drive!

The Mysterious Rock of Wonder The day in Death Valley was about 115 F (46 C). It wasn’t a dry heat either… there has been a lot of humidity here and there is flash lightning in the day and night. This location here took a lot of time, effort, and 4×4 to find. I took five gallons of water, a map, and some warnings from the place that rented the jeep that this area was inaccessible because of recent road wash-outs from rivers. Well, they were right! So getting the 4×4 over and through the washed out rivers took many more hours than expected. I only suffered one minor injury when my head slammed into the rollbar during a clumsy maneuver. But after I finally found this place I’ve always wanted to visit, it was late afternoon with plenty of time to hike around before night fell.I look forward to your theories (from the boring to the surreal) of what makes these rocks move across the playa on their own!- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the entire post over at the Stuck in Customs blog.

A rock moves across the desert floor in Death Valley.


A Pro Camera?

I was a bit worried that this would not be a full-on “Pro” body in terms of toughness, water resistance, and the like. But, it certainly is! I find it to be quite tough and weather resistant. As you can see above, we had a good time in Death Valley together with no problems. The only “toughness” problem was a bit of an extreme situation when the whole tripod blew over in Sydney Harbor. That did require some repair, but I think the same thing would have happened with my D3X.

The Grid Overlay

The new Grid overlay system when looking through the viewfinder is GREAT. It has really helped me to line up photos better. I didn’t realize that was a minor feature of this camera before I got it, but I really love it.

Auto-Bracketing and Self-Timer for auto-HDR

First, the auto-bracketing has all the features of the entire line if Nikon Pro cameras. It has 9 stops, so you can easily go from -4 EV to +4 EV, stepping by 1. Unfortunately, you can only step by 1, and I wish they would open up more possibilities with a firmware update like Sony did.

Also, whenever I fire off an HDR, I simply put the camera into Timer mode, which is on the dial atop. Inside the settings, I did a one time setup of a 2 second delay and 9 exposures. Most of my HDR shots are just 5 exposures from -2 to +2, but this still works. I just:

1) put it in timer mode
2) set my BKT to 5F (5 exposures from -2 to +2)
3) press the shutter button
4) wait for the 2 second delay and it automatically takes all 5 exposures.

This method is great because you don’t need an external trigger or anything!

The only disadvantage is that there is a 0.5 interval between each of the bracketed shots. If that is too long for you, then using the Interval Timer Shooting can help. But, that is a cumulative time-waster because you’ll have to go through the menu system each time, which takes more time than just waiting 0.5 seconds between each exposure.

Why not the D800E?

Like many people, I had to choose between the D800 and the more-expensive D800E. I’ll tell you basically with the “E” is without getting overly technical. If you really want to know the tech-speak, you can go look that up elsewhere. The “E” means that a thin layer is removed on top of the sensor that decreases something called “moire”; this supposedly makes your photos sharper. Moire is that strange effect you see sometimes when you zoom into 100% and in the parallel lines you see those pixellated stairs. The filter in the camera removes those, and some people want those in there for absolute sharpness in those very very rare situations.

Some of my friends got the D800E, and I can’t really tell a difference.

Last, one of my final steps in post-processing (see my HDR Tutorial) is sharpening. This tends to get everything I need more than sharp enough.

...and the SF Giants!I was down on the field with the SF Giants before a recent game. I got down there because Tom Anderson sent out a tweet, and the marketing manager for the SF Giants responded and got us in! So, we were able to go anywhere and do anything before and during the game. It was great! I made full use of it.I had my giant D800 Camera out there (see the Nikon D800 Review for more baseball photos from that evening).After I left the field, I went to the very very very top part of the nosebleeds to take this shot...- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this entry at the Stuck in Customs blog.

This is a shot from the nosebleed seats at the SF Giants game. Here’s a good example of when 36 megapixels comes in handy.


Focus Issues

This is a common topic of discussion, and my story is a strange one that will not sway you either way on this issue!

I used the camera for about 5 months with no problems at all. Maybe the focus was a bit off, but I never noticed. Even at 100%, things seemed “sharp enough” for me. Of course, I’m always looking at these images in a vacuum, without another D800 right beside me. All focus-sharpness is relative, of course. You can’t tell how sharp something really is until you compare it side by side. Once something is “sharp enough”, you tend just be satisfied.

But then here is the confusing part of the story that wil not give you any indication as to the answer to this question. In a HUGE wind on Sydney harbor, my D800 blew over on my tripod along with the 28-300mm lens. Now this DID knock the focus out of whack. Strangely, though, the focus is only out of whack at low F-Stops, like f/3.5 for example. Everything looks good around F/8. Anyway, I sent in everything to Nikon Professional Services for a proper fix-up.

What are my favorite Lenses for the Nikon D800?

These are the three lenses I use the most for my D800. Of course, keep in mind that I love to do landscape and architecture photos…

  • Nikon 14-24 Review – A great wide-angle lens for landscapes and architecture
  • Nikon 28-300 Review – Perfect walk-around lens mid-range stuff like landscapes, birthdays, sports, etc.
  • Nikon 50mm Review – Ideal for cute children, family and close-up objects where you like a blurry background

I only write reviews for lenses that I use and recommend.  Here is a complete list of camera lens reviews.


Since this is a “living review”, I add to it from time to time based on questions that I receive here and on social networks. The nature of all my photos are kind of this landscape situation where I used a tripod. Some people are wondering if it’s okay for just handheld snapshots.

The answer is yes, it is great with snapsots! This is a very high-end DSLR with a huge sensor. Having a tripod around is really kind of a luxury, but you definitely do not need one to get quality shots of people, architecture, buildings, flowers, landscapes, or whatever you happen to enjoy shooting.

Why I Bought the Nikon D800

This is a video below where you can find out more…. and it is also in response to a controversial article about DSLRs being a dying breed … something that I still believe … In the article I said that DSLRs are on their way out and Mirrorless cameras will take over in the next few years. I didn’t see myself spending more money on DSLR equipment, but that is before the D800 came out, which is half the price and better for my situation than the D3X! So…. this is my loophole… hehe… and well… you can see more in the video.

Sample Photos

 I’ll continue to experiment and put more beneath.

Construction in Cleveland I went out with my host during the Kent State speech, Lester Lefton, and this is the first place he brought me! I don’t think other guests get to do things like this… you know… go to dangerous construction sites and stuff… But, if you could not tell, it turns out to be an awesome place for a little photography adventure!This was actually the FIRST photo I ever took with a D800, and it was using Lester’s camera. I put in my memory card, which felt a little weird. But then when I looked through the viewfinder and snapped away, it felt like my own! Anyway, we had a great time together. - Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

This one is literally the FIRST photo I took with the D800. It is HDR, like many of my photos, created with 5 exposures from -2 to +2.


Disney Fantasy Cruise - The Skyline BarWhich city do you think this is??This is the coolest bar on the ship.  I was in here this night with John Lasseter (I think!) - but he was sitting with a group of people and I didn't want to interrupt him to say hello.  Anyway, these walls are filled with images of different cities that change out every 12-14 minutes or so.  And, if you get up close to these hi-def walls, you can see movement!  People walk around the streets, cars move, lights flicker, people go about their days inside their homes, etc.  It's endlessly fascinating.  I also have some video of this too -- I'll release that as soon as I have more bandwidth at dock!- Trey RatcliffRead the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

This is the Skyline bar, where the walls are actually ever-changing video screens. The D800 got a nice clean shot here.


Disney Fantasy Cruise - Tunnel VisionHere is one more photo from the Fantasy!  I've been going photo-crazy.  Not only is the cruise kind of expensive, but the internet costs 75 cents a minute... so, many Bothans died to bring you this image!  But... it is so amazing I wanted to share it ASAP.See those tubes there on the right and left?  It's a huge waterslide that even extends out beyond the edges of the ship!  Amazing...  and that huge movie screen there?  They play movies on it regularly... so you can relax at the pool while seeing something more interesting than what always seems to end up on my airplanes:  Miss Congeniality 2.- Trey RatcliffRead the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

This shoots as well at night as my D3X. Of course, to get something like this, it helps to have a tripod.


The Disney Fantasy Cruise ShipI am here on the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy.  It's an amazing ship (50% bigger than the other ships) and a great playground for photographers!  Forget the kids!  In fact, I almost did a few times… but they are having fun in all the kids' clubs…  Well… I have a ton to talk about and show… but busy busy busy with photos and not much internet!  Anyway, debate away on whether or not this is HDR…  Either I'm tricking you, I double-tricking you, or something unknowable... I look forward to coming back and seeing what you think!- Trey RatcliffRead the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

This is a non-HDR photo. This all came out of a single D800 RAW!


Sunset in Milford Sound    I slept in my sleeping bag under the stars this night. It was very peaceful after seeing the pink milky sound under Mitre Peak.I took this right before I left New Zealand down in Milford Sound. I was in a bit of a hurry (you know how things get rushed before a trip), and I left the house without my tent. All I had was a sleeping bag, but it’s a good one.I slept under some trees that were tall and seemed to be leaning inwards while I looked up. Not long after that, I fell asleep…- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the entire post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

I now use the D800 for all my landscape shots, including this shot of my new homeland in New Zealand.


Morning at SeaI've been waking up at Ouch-o'clock every morning to see the sunrise off the front of the boat. It's always been worth it... listening to music, moving around the boat, pretty much totally alone except for a few members of the crew out doing their morning duties.This morning, we went to Castaway Cay, which is Disney's private island in the Bahamas. I thought it would be kind of lame (I'm both cynical and optimistic!) -- but it was really awesome... we had a great time there!- Trey RatcliffRead the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Another photo from the Disney Cruise.


Inception: New York I took these photos in New York City before going to LA to prepare for Burning Man. I found this spot below in midtown during a walk from Bryant Park over to the Facebook HQ in NYC. If you check my Facebook page, you’ll see some photos that Luke shot of me while I was taking this shot. It’s the one when I was awkwardly up under my camera shooting almost straight up in the air! You know that position…- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Here’s a shot from New York City that reminds me of Inception…


Sydney Australia Opera House

And last, a portrait shot of the Sydney Opera House…


  • Peter Talke

    Trey, I will get one, but later this year.  NPS goes first, then pre-orders, etc…  Cannot wait.  I just arrived back from Japan and in the standard stores it was odd to see they pay more for the camera then we do in the US!  Price is around $3500+.  We are about $500 less.  I walked around on the 22nd to see if any store had it available…no luck.  They told me me maybe in 4-8 weeks.  Big pics will be great to have…but stocking up on hard drives will be a must!  Happy Shooting!

  • Stephen Flournoy

    Nice picture Trey!  I just upgraded from my D3X yesterday as well (know anyone that wants a D3X with <10,000 shots?).   It's interesting, the build quality seems somewhat different but the picture quality is outstanding.  If I might ask, how did you convert the files?  My updates to Camera Raw don't seem to be able to read this new RAW format.  Are you shooting Jpeg or did you use Nikon's software to do your conversion?  

    Thanks for sharing, I'll be watching to see any other tricks or things you learn as you go.  Off to Vancouver soon, then to see the Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone and hope for some sunrise/sunset shots.

  • Marc P
  • Marc P

    I’m really interested to know how the Nikon D800 will behave when shooting handheld HDRs.

  • allen lee

    both camera has in camera HDR function, have you get a chance to try that? apparently it is one single shot with 2 separate exposures. 

  • Brian White

    I’ve got mine (ordered from the day it was announced) and I really like it so far.  The images are beautiful, the exposure is usually right-on, and it’s *fast*.  AF-C in “auto” or “3d” is fantastic!  The 28-300 VR lens is great, too; I haven’t had a chance to try my new 16-35.

    On the down-side, it’s heavy (hey, I’ve been shooting a D80 for the last 5 years), sometimes slow to “play” photos, has lousy photo management when splitting raw/jpeg between cf/sd cards, and the shooting/custom “banks” are stupid and awkward to use and don’t even include my AF setting.

    So basically:  I _love_ the hardware but am disappointed in the firmware.  Nikon could correct that, but I doubt they will.

    I shoot raw+jpeg(basic) which gives me 35MB+5MB for the files, approximately.  My raw files are 14-bit, lossy-compressed (see for my reasons why).

  • Tman1966

    Trey: a question that I’m sure you’ll be able answer soon: What is it like to do HDR with the massive files that come out of the D800?  Are you going to shoot JPEGs only to keep the size manageable?  If stacking RAW files, what’s the realistic specs someone’s going to need on the PC (I’m using a relatively new Macbook with 12GB RAM)

  • treyratcliff

    It’s not that much slower….  just a bit… I think any PC will work fine – it just may be a bit slower.

  • Anyone care to share their thoughts on whether to go with D800 or D800E?  I have read the Nikon explanations and reviews, but wanted the thoughts of everyone here…

  • Adam Allegro

    Oh man, another NPS member that got their D800 before all of us who woke up at the crack of dawn and pre-ordered it two and a half months ago… But I’m not hating – these look great.  Now if Nikon would get their act together and either A. ship out some cameras or B. give all of us an update on production/when we can expect ours… that would be great.  Only a couple months left in Italy and I would love to get an opportunity to use all this FX glass on a Full Frame camera…

  • blhogle

    I have a D700, which I like.  I decided last year after a couple events, I wanted a backup body again.  So, I thought I’d get on the list for a D800 & turn my D700 into my backup.  A couple months ago though, I reread a Thom Hogan article about improving ones photography.  Of the five suggestions he had, a new camera body was #5.  Even though I think I’m a decent (advanced amateur) photographer, I believe I should continue to work on #1-#4 before springing for a the latest, greatest prosumer Nikon.  Hence I latched onto a refurbished D700 about a month ago, for 2/3s the price of a D800.  Plus, I’m not sitting around stressing because I can’t get my hands on a D800. 🙂 

  • Good Morning,
    With the massive files created by the D800 will we have to invest in computer upgrades also? Currently shooting with a D700. I have a Dell  Vostro 260s 64 bit os with 2 gigs of ram running windows 7. Before the release of the D800 Nikon posted sample jpeg files to download that averaged 20 megs. I downloaded a couple of them and tried to run them into Topaz filters. Topaz would crash and didn’t seem to be able to handle them. I have loaded some of my own panorama HDR tiff files that are 100 megs with no problems. Has anyone else noticed this or had a similar experience?

  • Kmcgillz

    Trey, I need a real intellectual to help explain this post ( ). Can you explain? Any thoughts?



  • I’ve noticed if I increase the size of my D7000 images and try to open them in Topaz it crashes as well. I searched around and it looks like Topaz has a file size limit. You can find this info in the forums on the Topaz site. For now they suggest making a selection with the marquee tool and then run Topaz, then select the other section and run the same filter without making any changes. Seems to work but I’m a bit leary.

  • Jim_Clark

    I’ve been using Topaz Adjust with files from my D800 without a problem.  I don’t recall off hand how large the largest of those files were but you have inspired me now to go find something very large and try it. 

  • Jim_Clark

    I’ve seen up close results of my 800 and an 800E and really don’t find much in the way of color artifact or moire with the E.  There were a few instances where it did show up, but using the Nikon software you can minimize the effect.  Having said that, I also looked for differences in detail between the two cameras shooting the same image with the same lens and I have to say there is such a slight difference that it would not be worth the difference in price to sway me toward the E.  I guess it really depends on how you plan to use the camera for the bulk of your shots and how the images are to be presented. 

  • Jim_Clark

    I spent several hours one evening last week at a soccer match shooting my D800.  The auto focus is fast and the shots of the match were excellent.  It was a cloudy day with the sun going down toward the end of the match, so I was able to get some very nice sunset shots through the clouds with all the nice colors.  I shot about 2 dozen bracketed photos handheld and processed them with Photomatix and they came out great.  The trick is setting the camera for continuous high speed and finding a single point in the image to target, then just keep as still as you can while holding down the shutter release.  While not as good as using a tripod it is still very doable for very nice results.

  •  I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

  • Thanks Jim,
    The filter that seem to have the most difficulty is Topaz DeNoise.  If you get a chance download the photo of the library interior from the nikon site and try your hand at this. Let me know if you have the same result.

  • Jim_Clark

    Mark – Can you post a link to the download? 

  •  Hi Jim,
    Here’s the link. I’m interested to see what you come up with.
    Sample image #1.


  • Jim_Clark

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I’ve seen that image.  I’ll download tonight and see how it works.  I only have Topaz Adjust so I won’t be able to comment on other Topaz products.  Sorry.


  • Jim_Clark


    I did download the image and it loaded into Topaz Adjust 5 without a problem.  I did made some adjustments and everything worked as expected with smaller files. 


  • Resolution of D800 is amazing.

  •  Thanks Jim,
    I had the same luck when I tried this again just a little slower than I’m used to, however Topaz DeNoise still crashed with this file.
    Thanks again for your input.
    Have a great day.

  • Greg Thurtle

    Loving my D800 – alas it’s suffered a couple of lockups whilst being used in anger.. Have you seen that thus far?

  • Paul Grinnell

    I have a D800E and am using LR4 and Photomatix.  I am still feeling my way around HDR (with the ever so wonderful assistance of Trey’s videos – thank you, Sir). I’ve been exporting tiff’s from LR4 and importing (5 images) into Photomatix.  They average approx 216MB a piece. I am noticing negligible change from the ol’ days of my D80, 3 frames, 60MB a piece.  The biggest change is in alignment, if required (I’ve been known to shoot handheld bracketing) and even then, it is not an issue. I’m using a relatively recent iMac with 8GB.

  • I received my D800 this past Tuesday and am very happy with my purchase.  I haven’t had much time to go out and play but hopefully I will have a chance this weekend.   I think my biggest issue right now besides time to use it is finding a wide angle lens to purchase for it.  I have a Nikon 50mm F1.8 and 70-200 F2.8 VR1.   Is there a Nikon wide angle prime out there that anyone would suggest? (20-28mm range).

  • My Topaz crashed as well while processing the massive D800 files. Had to re-install it all over again. Apart from that the only issue I’m having is to Exposure Compensate [mainly – EV] to shots when shutter speed drops below 1/10. This I guess is because of the sensitivity of the sensor which I’m not very used to with my earlier D7000 where it was rarely needed or purposefully selected for specific shots. Over and all a very good camera indeed.

  • I REALLY like my 20mm/2.8AFD.  Reasonable value too. 

  • Do you have a link to that Thom Hogan article? I’d be very interested to read that. Many Thanks, Pete

  • blhogle


    See:, “Blame the Equipment”.


  • Stephen – still looking to sell that D3X?

    Todd ([email protected] comcast .net)

  • Rich Herrmann

    I just received my D800 a couple of weeks ago and had to upgrade all plug-in software (noiseware, filters, etc.) in addition to Adobe Camera Raw, but once that was done, everything worked great.  The impressive thing about this camera is the low light quality when using high ISO, and I think the color and sheer amount of information it captures is amazing.  I upgraded from a Nikon D80 and the D800 is a mind-boggling step change in picture quality and detail.  Still need to get used to the focal lengths of a full frame camera vs. a DX sensor…am really used to seeing the world in a 1.5x crop mode, but that will come with time!   Can’t wait to use the 5, 7 or even 9 step bracketing for a nice HDR…the D80 only had 3 steps.  And the controls on the D800 make sense, are easy to find, and the whole thing feels solid and reliable.  We’re in a new world with this camera!

  •  Hi,
    The wider the better for HDR.

  • I’m still waiting on my D800 to be delivered.  I just got an email that stated it would be here between Jun 21st and Jul 11th.  That is such a long way to go.  I can’t wait for it to be delivered.  Super excited. 

  • Trey, did you test your D800 for the left AF sensor focus problem? I tested my body today, confirmed it DOES have the issue. Too bad, guess I need to send it in to get fixed. I hope Nikon can turn it around quickly.

    Full results of my testing can be seen here:

  • had2makeupaname

    Trey, I wonder if you will touch on the differences between the 800 and the 800e. Thanks

  • Michael Smith

    I currently saving my hard earned coin for one of these, thanks for the great review!

  • Jerry Fry

    I just bought a D800. Trey, would you list your setting for the D800 , as Moose Pterson did at
    What settings do you use to take HDR photos on the D800, do you use LiveView, mirror lockup and self timer?

  • Lots of great images. Really love the one from New York city!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks very much – I’m updating the review right now…. keep the feedback and questions coming! 🙂

  • Mike Gabelmann

    I don’t understand why you cannot bracket in more than 1 stop intervals. How hard can that feature be?

    When using the self timer to bracket you have to set the timer to take 5 shots or you can use the CL drive option and just hold the shutter down to take all the bracketed photos.
    Is there a way to keep the mirror up for more than 1 exposure?

  • Has anyone thought of purchasing the new Sony a99? I was leaning strongly toward the D800 but I am having second thoughts after looking @ the specs for the A99. A99 slightly less price and also, I would not have the expense of upgrading my PC as I definitely would need to do with the D800. Thanks!

  • you say: But, that is a cumulative time-waster because you’ll have to go through the menu system each time, but I believe this is not really the case. the d800 has some advanced features. on my blog, i go into detail how to setup the interval timer and if you map it a function button, you can start your interval timer with the press of a button! so you can skip the whole menu thing like you mention, tis not a perfect solution but in 3 buttons presses it will fire off your shots with Zero delay. I’ve setup my interval timer shooting to my button AE-L, then in my menus I put interval timer shooting in first position. i agree it takes time to set this up but once its all done all you ever have to do, is press 3 buttons, the button you map interval timer shooting too, the left arrow and OK, then the zero delay bracketing begins. i loathe using remote trigger cords.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Good point John.

  • i highly recommend the 14-24mm 2.8g it is Trey’s goto lens. you can’t loose with this lens, its awesome.

  • jamal

    hello my name is jamal and i have folllowed your site for a while know and im very interested in learing hdr and what is the best camera for shooting, I know you use nikon, so if you dont mind telling me what is the best brand for shooting for hdr photgraphs, i like both canon and nikon i just want the best one

  • Trym Schjervheim

    Im going to buy a new camera, and HDR photos is gonna be a be a big role. But the d800 is a bit expensive for me. Should i go for a d700, d600 or a d7000 ? The d700 looks realy good, but has the lowest megapixels. Thanks for your help!

  • Sivakumar Subramaniam

    The D600 is supposed to have a better noise performance compared to the D800. I suppose this would be quite relevant to the HDR process. I do hope you could review the D600 as well as I’m at the moment considering between the two and I’m torn between the practicality of the D600 vs. the larger resolution of the D800.

  • hey all i just got the d800 and im having weird issues with posterization way worse than any canons ive seen or even my old nikon d7000, any thoughts ?

  • hey i just purchased a nikon d800 and im having some weird posterization affects ive never seen before any ideas on that and what it could be ? its pretty low light i like the vignetting style of work which i do often but all of a sudden with this new camera the posterization seems out of control

  • Chance Evans

    Outstanding Photos, Truly Outstanding!!!! Your skill as a photographer is only matched by your camera…. Outstanding Review!

  • The A99 still has a 20something MP sensor. Trey’s point is that large files slow down computers.

  • I posted my D800 configuration, including a file you can download to quickly configure your memory banks here:

    Maybe someone will find it useful.

  • DiscoveringRanchLife

    WOW!!! I am thinking of purchasing a Nikon D800, and this was really convincing. Thank you!

  • petervandever

    I would suggest the D7100….. but I am a ASPC guy.

  • jdizzl

    Why use D800 with crappy soft and distorting lens like the 28-300mm better to get pro nano coated glass like the 24-70 with a d7100 or d600… IMO…esp at the cost of that thing… 14-24 and 50 are perfect for it though. I like the rest of your article, just nitpicking on that…If you really want walk around get a cheap dx body and a 35 1.8g.

  • Pratheesh

    Nikon D800 with 24-70 lens

  • Bart

    Dude, did you look at his photos? I think he knows what he’s doing….

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