MagCloud Review

MagCloud Review

Before I started putting our eBooks from up on MagCloud , I wasn’t quite so sure of it. Honestly, I thought it was going to look like a high-end, bounded Kinkos copy, so I wasn’t too excited.

But I was wrong! I ordered samples of all the books to be sent to my home, and I was super-impressed. The paper was the best part, perhaps… super-thick and bound together in the way you would expect. The color popped and everything just felt right about the thing.

If you want to publish your own stuff, you can just upload a PDF to MagCloud. They were happy to carry the print versions of my eBooks, so Stuck in Customs fans get a special introductory rate of 25% off print production costs off the first thing you publish.

  • Chris Klotz

  • Would love to hear more. What other services had you considered? Are you happy with payment functionality?

  • TR808

    Have you looked at Nov8rix? These guys are pretty cool, my friend is doing a iPad Magazine for newsstand with them — heard great things.

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