Mills Working Late

I grabbed this just before sunset in the Netherlands. I like the blues in the homes on the nearside.

Working Mills at Dusk

Some Holland HDRs

It’s been a while since I posted some pictures of Holland, so here is a cool church and um… some cool squnched up old building.


Time Squeeze

Saint Bevo

Here is Saint Bevo in Haarlem. I’m not super happy with this picture because it doesn’t look as enormous as it really is. Below, I put a picture of the inside, with which I am happy.


Golden Room

Golden Dome

Holland Town Hall

These two were taken at the town hall in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Town Hall


Kinetic Energy

I found this little girl concentrating hard on a chess match. She was embroiled in a match with about 25 other people all playing against a single Dutch champion that would run from table to table and play them all simultaneously.

Kinetic Energy

Buildings of Holland

Here are two very different structures from Holland.

Hobbit Bridge

Purple Cube

Gift Shoppe of Mystery

This is a very strange picture because of that strange art that is embedded on the left side of the picture. It was even more strange to stare at in person. I actually felt strange walking up to it and peering around to figure out what was going on.

Gift Shoppe of Mystery

Holland Reflected

Here are a night and day night of various parts of the Netherlands. One is reflected off glass and the other off the water.

Shiny Night

Vertical Glass

Golden Dome

Here is the top of that huge church from Haarlem. The latin came out very sharp and golden.

Golden Dome

Golden Rays

This is the shiny interior of a famous church in the Netherlands. The tiles are all ceramic, which make all the light and colors much more vibrant. You can see the afternoon sun streaming in from the right side.

Golden Room

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