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100 Cameras in 1 Reviews

Feel happy and creative!

100 Cameras in 1 is a new camera app that I designed to be unique, fast, and fun. I hope it unleashes a creative side of you that’s been lurking about!

Currently available for the iPhone, iPad and now Windows via Intel AppUp!

Unexpected Accolades:
? #1 App for Photography –See Pic
? Top 10 Apps Overall –See Pic
? Featured by Apple –See Pic
? Top 10 in 45 Different Countries for Photography –See Stats

100 Cameras in 1

NBC Video

A short promotional video that shows more features

Some Reviews

Poetic Love ?????
by Kari Vasquez on Jan 9, 2011 version 1.0.1 in iTunes Store
“FAST! Gorgeous! Up until now I used hipstamatic, instagram, and camera bag for effects, and this app is by far my favorite of all of them. I don’t like hipstamatic because you cannot use an image you already took in your camera or save a ‘clean original’ if you will; camera bag is awesome but limited in effects options; instagram is ok but mostly about sharing. This puts everything in one, has numerous brilliant filter options, not to mention the experience of using the app is delightful with the beautiful design sounds and filter names. Its an iphone app, and everything an iphone app can deliver up to the point of getting yourself a separate non cell phone camera and photo-shoppping your photos yourself. I can see this app going places, its done quite well. And, like I said, the speed is amazing. Lavacado studios and Trey Ratcliff did an amazing job. This is a quality product I recommend.”

by 148 Apps on Jan 27, 2011 version 2.01
“Even bland, insipid photos with poor lighting, like my demonstration photo of an Apple mouse, can be transformed…. The possibilities are almost limitless, which makes the app an easy one to come back to, even without the social features… The poetic filter names are a treat, giving it personality and warmth. Overall, an inspiring app at a bargain price…” Read the whole review!

“The 100 Cameras in 1 app turns ordinary iPhone photos into creative images worthy of framing.”

A Brilliant and Thorough Review by Joseph Neinstedt
“The results are simply amazing, and it becomes almost too easy to create images that would take a good level of expertise in Photoshop to replicate through more traditional techniques.” – Read the whole review!

by franwhite on Jan 3, 2011 version 1.0 in iTunes Store
“I had read about this app before I even knew I was getting an iPad for my 10th anniversary. I raced to download this app FIRST because I was so excited to try it. You will not be disappointed, actually should cost more! Thanks so much for creating an app that does just what the description says!”

Lost sleep over this App ?????
by Leonard Veleff on Jan 13, 2011 version 2.0.1 in iTunes Store
“Downloaded recently and starting having soooo much fun I barely slept. Very glad I purchased it. Tons of filters and quality results from each one. If you love taking photos and you love photoshop this is a must buy. In addition, I’m very impressed with the design interface and the over all feeling I get from it….Can’t wait to play some more!”

Los Angeles Times by Jennifer Leo – LA Times article link
What it does: Turns an ordinary iPhone photo into a creative image worthy of framing. Worth it: Absolutely. If you like CameraBag for customizing photos, you’ll enjoy upping the ante with this app.”

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

100 - Landscape

100 - Landscape

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

100 Cameras in 1

Get it now!

Download 100 Cameras in 1 here!

Just a Few of the Features

  • Fast, simple, and light. Designed for speed and ease-of-use
  • Take unique new photos or re-create existing photos
  • 100 different effects that use mixes of hardlight, overlay, and more with beautiful textures from around the world
  • A “new” kind of camera that lacks the confusing complexity of many other hard-to-use apps
  • Share your photos on email, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr! Export to Instagram coming soon right, @KevinRose ? 🙂
  • Gamecenter support. Unlock fun achievements!

Thanks and Development

Development by Lavacado Studios

Also thanks to testers: Gernot Schulz, James Brandon, Scott Kublin, Eden Brackstone, John P, Ryan Martinez, Chris MacAskill, Brian Matiash, and Greg Annandale. Also thanks to Shimelle Laine (choco chip cookie photo!) and Brenda Clarke (Unicorn Images). Nick Harris took the perfect Truffle photo for “Baking Truffles”!

And thanks to Antonis Karalis, composer of the background music in the promo video!

Sample Results with 100 Cameras in 1

Here are a bunch of images that I have processed using the effects from 100 Cameras in 1.  I even have a few family photos in here too!

Best Camera iPhone

Created by mixing together two different effects via the new "Add Effect" button on the My Creation screen.

Best Camera iPhone

To make this, I first used the black & white effect in the Zen Effects group before adding two other effects to give it both light leak and some color.

iPhone Camera App
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
iPhone Camera App
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
iPhone Camera App
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
iPhone Camera App
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
iPhone Camera App

Before and After Phone Shots!

I think you’ll be amazed at how the average camera-phone pic can be transformed into something special. Even though a few of these have more examples in the video above, here are before & after shots:

iPhone Camera App

Before shot -- this is a typical shot that comes from a camera phone... kind of interesting, but it sadly lacking in some way.

Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
iPhone Camera App

The Before Shot... a typical camera-phone shot...

Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone
Best Camera iPhone Best Camera iPhone

Some Other Reviews

? Wired – “Instagram-Like Camera App Uses Game Center for Achievements” by Charlie Sorrel
? LA Times – “Web Buzz: Enhance your phone photos with this app” by Jen Leo
? Kotaku – “Pretty Little Pictures” by Brian Crecente
? 148 Apps – “Inspiring”
? AppleSheet – “So friends, if you are wondering to turn an ordinary iPhone photograph into a creative image, then I think this could be the best for you.”
? Scott Kelby’s Blog – Short review by Brad Moore
? Geekbeat.TV – Cali Lewis was the FIRST to review the app… even before Wired, Gizmodo, and all the other big boys!
? Macgasm – “If you like Camera+, Hipstamatic, or Instagram you’ll probably like 100 Cameras in 1”
? The Star – “one of the most adaptable of the apps out there, and also one that makes some of the loveliest shots”
? One from Jason Teale.
? Several more on the iTunes site… be sure to add yours too!

Flickr Group

A fan made the 100 Cameras in 1 Group on Flickr – enjoy!

What’s in the latest version?

2.1 Update ? Double resolution texture effects for hi-res file saving
2.0 Update ? Control each effect with a granular slider
2.0 Update ? Add multiple effects to same photo with “Add Effect” button
2.0 Update ? Moving the slider will change the effect of the texture using overlay, hardlight, luminosity, the texture itself, or other methods depending on the nature of each unique effect

Other Recent Updates To Note:
? Higher resolution icon for Retina Display
? Check out Effect #10 now “Around 3 AM”, especially for photos with red.
? Re-mastered all texture-effects for the hi-res output
? B&W effect moved into first 10 effects
? Add favorites right from the My Creation screen (see upper right of the My Creation screen)
? Hi-res cropping after you take a photo
? iOS 4.2 – Now you can Print! Via Share to AirPrint
? Optimizations to share to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
? Re-organized interface so that “Back” is always in the upper left
? Added new text to Effect #1 after you begin to “Add Effects” – now it says, “Original image with new effects”
? Opt out of GameCenter whenever you click “Cancel” three times when it asks you to log in
? Adjusted GUI on Options screen
? Added user feedback when “Crop Image” is selected on Options screen
? Added option to disable sound & music
? Added option to dramatically increase resolution in cropping phase for each iPhone model (e.g. for iPhone 4, which is 2592×1936 pixels — the square is cropped to 1936×1936)
? Increased hit-size on the Save/Share buttons
? Upload to Flickr at maximum resolution for your given iPhone (in square format)
? Max possible resolution photo now uploaded to Facebook
? No more character limits for Facebook/Flickr
? Optimized TwitPic upload size
? Memory and speed optimizations
? Try making the first effect a Black & White effect, then click “Add Effect”, and notice the amazing variety that the next 100 effects will serve up!
? Continue to add one effect on top of the other until you have a nice feel to your photo
? Fans have created a “100 Cameras in 1” Flickr group for you to share your creations

  • Geoff

    Hi,I really like the look of this app, do the pictures you take with an iPhone stay in full res after the effect has been done?

  • Yes – if you have the iphone 4, you can save them up to 1500×1500 px, which is good enough for an 8×10 print… since most people share online, it should fill up the screen. But, you’ll be happy to know we are going to up the resolution on the next update.

  • 1500×1500 is not full resolution for the iPhone 4, that’s barely full resolution for the iPhone 3GS. I was going to give this app a shot (I still might) but, I have a feeling it’s not going to have much to offer. Most of the example pictures appear to have been taken and processed outside of an iPhone. What is this app going to do for the typical iPhone photographer?

  • Jeff, thanks for the feedback. 1500×1500 is good enough for an 8×10 print, but we find that most people don’t even make prints any more… they just share online. However, you will like to know we are upping the resolution for the next version. Also, the app does amazing with iPhone pics. See the upcoming video for more samples of that! 🙂

  • Sadie

    A smart and pretty app! I made a boring photo of a coffee cup look so nice! The names of the effects are nice too – thanks thanks!

  • I downloaded the app. I’m not thrilled. The filters/textures are destroying my originals. I really can’t decide if this app is more of a game or a camera app. What’s the point of the achievements? Do I win something or is it just for bragging rights? As for print vs. online sharing, I know a few people that would beg to differ. We like printing our pictures, we like framing them even. I’m a big fan of square format myself but I’d like to have the option to edit my entire picture. I really don’t know what else to say…

    Check out my examples here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/xwhiteboy777x/sets/72157625515039151
    The original pic was shot with my Canon P&S. The original size was 2816×2112

  • Carl Olson


    I love what the textures are doing – something different every time. There is a lot to see here. i like the achievements!

  • Zizex

    awesome & incredible. So different with a nice artsy feel to it. Did anyone know you were working on this????

  • After calming down and re-reading my previous comments, I realize I may have sounded snarky. That was not my intention and for that I apologize. However, I am still not impressed with the output of this app. The finished product is not good. I am a huge fan of your HDR work and I know you take pride in what you do because you do it very well. I think that this app, with all of its good intentions, does not meet your standards. It surely doesn’t meet mine and I shoot with an iPhone. I will stand by this app when it meets the standards of the iPhoneography community but until then, I cannot.

  • Catherine McCoy

    It is a beautiful app. I’ve only used it for about an hour and it is so amazing.

    I had a little trouble hooking into Flickr until I realized it was my own silly mistake.

    5 stars for you guys!

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  • Jack

    It is fantastic.

    The interface is very clean — fun to use too! My only complaint (minor) is that the “Save” button is a little hard to click.

    The effects are very cool. I haven’t seen anything else quite like this out there. Do you have more apps?

  • O J Smith

    I like the look of this app, I like playing around with photo effects, but I do not have an iPhone, I have an iPad – sans camera. Can this app import image files to use — eg jpg files — or does it only work with images produced by the iPhone itself?

  • Stefan Frede

    I loaded the app directly after reading about it and I have to say it is looking really good. Awesome! I only have one complain, the sounds. There has to be a way to turn them off. It also would be nice to be able to choose the image folder when you are saving your images to Facebook (see for example hipstamatic).

  • rdp

    Great app! I love the effects. But please, can you add an option to mute the sound coming from the app? It’s a bit too zen for me 😉

  • Andreas

    App is alright, and fun to use. But I don’t really think they “enhance” your photo, like some other camera apps do (Instagram, Hipstamatic, Camera+ are still my best friends for Iphone photos). There are some good treatments, but most are just adding some texture that makes the photo blown up. I’d like to see some more interesting settings.

  • Klaus Kopec

    Hi Trey,

    the app looks awesome and I’ll right away write an E-Mail to all iPhone owners I know recommending it =)

    I also have the inevitable question: will this app be ported to Android phones? If so: what’s the schedule?

  • Ok, after paying around with it for about 30 minutes, some thoughts and suggestions.

    The effects are cool, some very nice ones in there. The UI is pretty nice for the most part. I personally see no appeal to the achievements, but some folks might like them, and it’s an interesting idea.

    I made a number of shots. Two I especially liked I uploaded here and here.

    Some suggestions: You gotta have full resolution. The two biggest iPhoneography reviews (Gyn and Marty) will knock you points for that, and lots of serious iPhoneographers will ignore your app. I do print some images, so I’ll probably only use your app for things I process specifically for instagram (which saves at a pathetic under a MP, I know.) But you said it’s coming, so awesome 🙂

    I’d like to see layers, or rather the ability to apply multiple filters. Enough successful apps feature this now that it’s almost a standard at this point: you guys should really add it. Also, the ability to fade the filter. The textures are all nice, but some are a little strong — it’d be nice to be able to fade it to 50% or something. A few borders might be nice too. (Warning: I added borders to both of the shots linked above. From PictureShow, btw, a fantastic app)

    Well that’s my two sense. I’d give it a 3 at this point. Great first effort, and tons of potential for more. (I hope that wasn’t too negative, but I wanted to be honest and offer suggestions too. I like it overall. Now make it even better :))

  • That’s Glyn…whoops. Someday I’ll learn to type

  • Keri

    Some decent effects on this app, although it is a little slow to process effects, there are faster photo apps around that perform on full size images.

    The sounds on this app are annoying as hell, sounds on most apps are annoying until turned off, I can’t seem to find a way to turn them off so I think i’ll have to stop using the app until they are removed, unless of course you want to give me a refund ?

  • You really are a genious at marketing Trey I’ll give you that lol. Sweet idea for an app as the possibility of a hundred effects is a strong selling point that makes it unique. (you’re probably going to get some bad feedback from the hardcore iphoneographers).

    I wonder how many of the photo’s in the App Info images were taken using an iPhone 😛

    Keep up the good work!

  • Just got this app, found it a little disappointing, I think this is mainly down to the clunky interface. It just doesn’t feel like an app that has been designed for a touch based device. A lot of it feels ill thought & thrown together, when you compare the “save to library” & share icons for example — they don’t really match & the spacing around them is very off. Be nice to see an update to the app in the future with an improved interface but until then I don’t think it’ll be replacing any of my other camera apps.

  • Any chance of an Android version?

  • Chris Giokas

    I hope you listen to your constituents and make this App worthy of the Ratcliff name.
    I’ll wait for some updates before i buy it.

  • Thanks all !

    OJ – Yes – in the next update you can turn off the sound…

    Michael – yes working on an Android version

  • If I duplicated the same original picture and applied the same filter to each, will they look the same or is there a formula for applying it slightly differently each time?

  • If you save an effect, and then bring it back in, you can change the intensity by re-applying the filter. One cool trick is to save a black and white version of it and then bring it back in for re-processing

  • lis

    I would love to try this — too bad it isn’t also available for android. 🙂

  • Great concept Trey, love the app so far. Keep working at it and best of luck!

  • I’m wondering if the photos look better on the iPhone itself? I have a Droid 2, so can’t tell until the Android app comes out. To me this program looks like it adds a lot of grain to the photos, or maybe it’s just the textures are over powering the photos. It’s a cool idea, hope they keep adding improvements.

  • Vicki – some photos get grainy — others don’t… depends on the effect!

    NEXT UPDATE – Already Submitted to App Store – see features above

  • First, I wouldn’t call this a camera app, it’s a photo editing app. For me, camera apps add to the function of the camera, which this does not. Regardless, this app is competing with many others in the same space by adding effects to photos. There do seem to be some nice effects to choose from, possibly the most effects of any photo editing app for the iphone but I haven’t tried them all. I already have 4 such apps on my phone, so the appeal for me is limited. If future versions add more functionality I will take a closer look.

  • Bill

    After running it once, I removed it from my iPhone and will not reinstall it until I can disable the sounds.

  • so fuc++++ amazing, I always enjoy visit your web =)

  • wyseur

    great marketing Trey. Keep ’em coming !

  • PK

    Hi! First time posting! I’ve been reading your newsletters for some time, and now I’m here posting!
    This apps seems awesome! I just bought it, and I need to play with it when I have time, but it seems very promising!
    I actually posted a link to this page on my fb status as well. Hope that’s OK.

    Anyways, good luck on the app, and merry christmas!

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  • April

    I love it at first glance! I’m struggling quite a bit with lots of freezing and crashing. Haven’t been able to post to Facebook… but maybe your update will help with that. I’m not a serious iPhone photographer — more snapshots — so this is the perfect app for me. I use photos on Facebook as a way to open dialog with my friends and stand apart as the creative person that I am. Others choose to put pity sayings on their status, and I prefer to post provocative photos. This fits the bill! Thanks Trey, for sharing your talents with the world. Keep up the great experiments!

  • Keri

    Trey – that is lightening fast with the updates, looking forward to a play with the updated version!

  • SCW

    Ok firstly FULL RESOLUTION is a must, I don’t care what you think “most people” do with their images ie: share online etc. But saving to the original Full Resolution that the device captures & also the Full Res of the original image loaded is a MUST! No if, ands or buts about Full Resolution or your app is USELESS. As well your wording “we are going to up the resolution on the next update” truly sounds like you have implemented an upscaling work around to enlarge your low resolution images to a larger size, rather than implement the correct lines of code to enable true full resolution. If this is correct & you have decided to be sneaky & are going to “upscale” you will soon be blackballed & feel the wrath of a huge iPhoneography community, thus DO NOT do so.
    Secondly forcing square images & saved results again leads your app down the road to uselessness. Don’t cheat yourself nor the paying consumer with cheap & easy, when we want the best our devices produce & then some.

    Lastly…. YOU really MUST develop most better effect filters. These are far from good & many are just awful to say it kindly.


  • Dan

    Looks cool. I’ll buy it once you’ve got the Android version up.

  • Papa John

    I, for one, really enjoy the app. While I can understand where a number of these complaints come from (this is an apparently popular photography blog) from the so-called “iPhoneographers” (how pretentious can you get?), for us regular folk, this app is a blast to play with. I’ve turned some fairly mundane photos into something worth showing people. I for one say, good job, the rest of you, perhaps you shouldn’t be using your iphones for “photography” to begin with?

  • hehe… well some people take $1.99 more seriously than a $1,000 DSLR camera. But, you know… everyone needs something to get passionate about.

    Anyway, there is a root-level problem with the iPhone — that scale/square crop option after you take the photo drops the resolution down. This is a known issue in the iPhone dev boards… our devs figured it out today (it’s hard to detect, since no one would assume this)! Anyway, the update we pushed through takes everything to native resolution. Additionally, there is a new option in the app to allow people to select their crop area. This has already been submitted to the app store earlier today, so we’re just waiting on approval.

  • Hey, thanks for the heads up on your app. I just bought it. Going to try it out.

  • Oh, and once you work out the little burps, I will update. Thanks!

  • Thanks for your constructive criticism. You can currently save at 75%, and 100% with the next update that’s already in the app store. It’ll be available as soon as Apple approves.

  • Lee

    Trey!? Can we have an iPad version pleeeeeeeaasssseeeeee 🙂

  • Hehe… well we MAY or may not be working on an: iPad version, Android version, and more… hehe

  • Follow up. I was a little harsh on my comments on this app. Not for serious iphoneographers, but looks fine for those who just want to add filter effects.

  • Here is a full list of the Updates we submitted to the App Store 2 days ago. We’re still waiting on approval… these fixes should be in your iPhone soon!

    ➤ Option to disable sound & music
    ➤ Adding option to dramatically increase resolution in cropping phase for each iPhone model (e.g. for iPhone 4, which is 2592×1936 pixels — the square is cropped to 1936×1936)
    ➤ Added ability to turn on/off cropping after you take the photo or select from Library
    ➤ Increased hit-size on the Save/Share buttons
    ➤ Upload to Flickr at maximum resolution for your given iPhone (in square format)
    ➤ Max possible resolution photo now uploaded to Facebook
    ➤ No more character limits for Facebook/Flickr
    ➤ Sounds are now respectful of the ringer switch
    ➤ Fixed a low-level system problem with crashing
    ➤ Fixed a rogue sound library problem that was causing crashes
    ➤ Optimized TwitPic upload size
    ➤ Memory and speed optimizations

  • Hmm.. wonder who the other Carl Olson is that posted here. Guess there’s more than one 🙂

    But I do agree… it’s a fun app!

  • Michael Tomasek

    The title is misleading. Its more like 100 FX in one.Nice FX though. I would like to see native Iphone frame dimension added please. Glad to hear sound kill option coming. The app is a great deal for $1.99.But $4? Well,lets just say I’m happy I got it at the special opening price.

  • Nice app Trey ! While there is a room for improvement, I think that this is a great first attempt.
    Here are some of my suggestions. I am sure some will be repetitive, but I am listing them anyway:

    – forget about the “option” to disable the sounds. ‘Default setting’ should be ‘Disabled’
    – while appreciate the artsy ‘square look’, please let users to chose this and keep the default setting in the native format and size as the picture was taken.
    – please add variable cropping as the 1-st step with editing, before going to your filters
    – while your filters are cool, please allow for basic “additional edits”: – contrast, – saturation, exposure, etc
    – using these filters is BEGGING for at lest some creative frames. Please add at least a few (similar as the Photoshop app) and then add them as a last step of the edit before saving or uploading to Flickr, Facebook etc.

    Great work – keep it going !!

  • thanks for the feedback! More cool stuff coming!

  • Rob Rudloff

    Looks really cool … consider me ‘waiting in line’ for the android version 🙂

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  • I like the fact that we can upload direct to Flickr but is there a Flickr Group for that app where people can add their creations?

  • Steve — I just checked on Flickr and it looks like someone already made one for us – cool – I linked above, and you can get to the Flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/

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  • Would really love to try this on my EVO 4G!!!!
    Hint hint, ha!

    Looks like a great app!

  • hehe yes yes – we are working on the Android version right now 🙂

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  • Trey, I couldn’t get to the app store fast enough once I learned about your app…downloading it now, and can’t wait to use it…One of these days we’ll have to meet up in Austin! …or up here in Dallas! Happy New Year to you and best of luck with your app, although I know you won’t need it! Dave

  • AC Junior

    Just saw your link from “PetaPixel” post on Facebook and decided to give the App a shot…Not bad at all for the price. Reminds me of Photoshop adding textures..mix it with Adobe Lightroom – super convenient, slick clean interface too.

    Thanks for your hard work and look forward to any updates! Joined your Flickr group as well.

    (On a sidenote, I really have to calm down on my App purchases, I’m becoming an AppAddict..lol!)

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  • newelly

    am liking the app..the more i play with it the more i like…great updates

  • Cool- thanks so much!

  • Randy

    100 cameras will not connect to Facebook

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  • Is there an ETA for the android platform? Im a huge camera phone photographer and cant wait to try this one out. I have about 9 camera apps now and want to see how this one stacks up. Thanks in advance.

  • No ETA – Android is very hard to develop for… but we are workin’ on it!

  • My name is Neil Ballard and I am the owner of the UK based InternetGumshoe website (www.internetgumshoe.com), which offers news and reviews for our readers. We cover everything found on iTunes and the Mac Store (applications, music, books and podcasts.)

    Our readership is growing rapidly and we are currently receiving over 500 unique visitors a day.

    I have already received several emails requesting reviews on your “100 cameras in 1” product for the iPhone.

    Firstly could I ask to be added to your mailing list so I can be kept up-to-date with your new releases and product news.

    Could I also be so bold to ask, if you would be interested in providing me with a Promo Code in order for me to download and review this product, or could you offer any other type of help or assistance?

    Clearly, if you do provide a promo code, we will still be neutral in our review of the product, but will offer you a draft of the review before it is published and you may ask us not to publish if you find the review unfavourable.

    Many thanks for your time and consideration.

    Neil Ballard (Mr)

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  • Joe

    I just bought this app and it’s great. I’ve got only 1 request at this moment: please fix the icon resolution on my iphone 4. Much appreciated.

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  • Sandy

    Okay, I am ether really dumb or something is wrong with my 100 camera download. I bought the app on my ipad yesterday and all i can do with it is move a picture around in a square. There is no slider to to change or make effects. I have looked all over your web site and don’t see anything to fix this or what I am doing wrong. Help.

  • Sandy – Aha! Well.. hmm! So, you probably have just selected effect 1/100, which is the Original image. There is no slider there. But, if you “swipe” the image to the left, then you will start to see some of the effects. Does that help?

    Joe – We’ve got that fixed in the next version – thanks!

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  • This looks like an amazing app. Nice work Trey! Please please please…. ANDROID!!! We’re a huge community, growing by the thousands daily! 😉

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  • I have been looking for an ap that would allow me to add effects to my images but NOT crop them square like 99% of the other apps out there and keep their original ratio. After reading the details on this app I noticed it said “Added ability to turn on/off cropping after you take the photo or select from Library” so I decided to buy it thinking that I could simply turn OFF the cropping and it’ll keep my original ratio. Well that wasn’t the case. The cropping option turned off simply meant the app would automatically crop for me. Not cool. I will be requesting a refund and will keep an eye on this app in case one day the square cropping is optional.

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  • Dennis Colligan

    How do I get a refund?


  • Pattie

    Hi…I just purchased the app and it shuts down every time I try and use the camera. It will allow me to alter photos already in my camera, but will NOT let me take a picture no matter what I do. It just shuts down. HELP!!!

  • Pattie

    Disregard the above….just updated to the new iTunes version. I restarted my phone and it works fine now…

  • Greets,

    For the most part I LOVE THIS APP, however, here are issues I have on the iPod Touch 4G.

    -App icon is pixelated. Shame.
    -Game Center prompt constantly comes up for me. Annoying.
    -If I switch apps I lose my work? Rats.
    -When I take a photo or open a photo from the library I don’t get a crop option, it automatically makes it square and selects the subject in the center. Documentation says “Hi-res cropping after you take a photo… Also hi-res cropping after you select an existing photo from your library”
    -What resolution can 100 in 1 Cameras handle from a imported sync photo and what is the maximum output for iPod Touch 4G?

    Can you help me / other iPod Touch folks out?


  • Thanks for all the feedback –

    FinePhotoGraphics – we’re fixing most of those in the next update. The fast-app switching is a tricky one. Right now, many advanced users like to “open into camera mode” — but with fast-app switching, that does not work. Cropping – just square for this version… but you may like something we are working on that regard coming soon. In terms of resolution, it can take any size photo. We are increasing the texture/effect resolution in the next version as well…. that will make a notable different I think. It increases the app size a lot, but I think it is worth it.

  • Peggy McKoy

    Any chance of an Android app coming???

  • Hey Trey,

    Thanks for the responses! The app is really wonderful, probably my favorite for photo effects, far better than Instagram. Kudos to you for all the killer free updates and functionality like blending effects, sliders, etc. This is definitely the best app for the value I own.

    As a Digital Storyteller and photographer focusing on historical homes, museums, historic preservation I can snap a photo with my iPod and literally apply favorites and wow a client / potential client in seconds without investing hours in Photoshop. I can circle back with my professional camera equipment (if necessary) for super high quality / resolution shots.

    Ever thought of allowing the user to blend in their own texture layers or watermark like the Blend Cam app?

    Any chance you would put out something similar for the Mac App store which I don’t have installed yet?


  • FinePhotoGraphics – thanks again for the nice response. Things are so busy here… hard for me to keep up! I like your Digital Storyteller notion — cool. I agree you can do a lot with an iphone. The nature of textures helps to add some mystery to the shot, which is important. Anyway, the idea of taking photos of your own textures is something we have toyed with — thanks for putting a vote in that column! And the Mac App store… hmmm… I can’t say anything! 🙂

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  • Eric R

    I love the app so far. My only complaint is that I take a lot of shots in landscape in my iPhone 4. When I bring the photo into the app I lose a lot of the photo. Is there anyway to fix this? Maybe use the native dimensions of the photo? Some of the photos in the app would be much more impressive with the rest of the photo in it. 🙂



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  • Kelly

    Can you give me a 100 Cameras in 1 promo code ?

    Thank you!

  • Cool gadjet, but if you want realy good quliti, you are needed cybershot. iPhone I’m use only fore internet 🙂

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  • g

    Just bought it with $1.99 yesterday!But price drop today,so sad!

  • First off this app is great! I love the ability to stack effects to my pleasure!

    I was wondering if in the next update you would give us the option to not have to crop our photos at all. There are many photos that I would like to edit in this app that I would like to preserve the aspect ratio on, but am unable to because the application auto crops my images to make them square.

    Thanks for making a great app!

  • Lesliep

    So, how’s the Android version coming?

  • Alex – thanks! We may have a solution for you… we will see! But we do have many updates coming for sure

    Lesliep – working on the Android one

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  • BabyG

    I love the app but I wish it wouldn’t crop my photos.

    Oh, and the app icon is super ugly. It put me off buying the app for days. Please can you update it? I’m sure it’ll rake in sales. Thanks.

  • Super

    Any chance for Windows Phone 7 version of this? Please…

  • Lisa

    You have no idea how much this app has changed my life!!! I love it and thank you for your geniosity! It’s really great! Can’t keep my hands off the app now!

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  • William

    Love app, thanks. Want to print but need help. Could you provide any information or a resource. Do I email image to my computer to print. Info regarding size and printing PPI? Any thing would would help.

    Thank You. William

  • Steven Kresch


    I downloaded this app into my iphone 4, and my regular camera app that came built in dissappeared.

    Any suggestions, Apple has been no help with this.


  • Thanks all!

    William – You can save the image and then sync it back to your computer. You can also email the large version to yourself, but that can be slow.

    Steven – We have never heard that! It’s supposed to be impossible to delete the basic iPhone apps like Calendar and stuff… we will ask Support and see.

  • Adam


    Great app. I never review or comment on apps, but this one deserves it because I would like to see it succeed. If the quality of your photography and website is any indication, Im sure this app will not disappoint.
    As a fellow world traveler and horribly amateur photographer, I would like to add my comments in the hopes that future updates will address certain issues Im assuming many of us would like to see improved.

    – Would be nice to keep original aspect ratios (or crop to preference). 1:1 as the only option is very limiting. This is my only real complaint.
    – Filter names: I get where you’re coming from – they give character to your app and make it feel personal, but the names are really long and that makes them difficult to remember. “When I felt Sad And You Were Not There” doesnt really stick in my mind…
    – This is probably due to my amateur eye, but so many of these filters seem so similar. Though I hesitate to mention it for fear of sounding kitschy, would be great to see a bit more variation/some filters similar to those of Instagram or CameraBag… Despite its faddish nature, a bit of the ’70’s Polariod scene’ never hurt anyone… and the ability to save these vintage filters in full res would blow the other apps out of the water.

    Thats about it. The overall presentation is slick and very easy/fun to use. Speedy as well…

    Anyway, thanks again for your efforts. Im sure you have a checklist of customers’ recommendations so please add mine when you have the time…

    All the best,

  • Peter

    Love the app! A few suggestion/requests:

    – I save all my images at higher resolutions (at least 1500×1500). The problem is that when I look at my photos that have bee processed in 100 Cameras, what you can see of the original photograph is super sharp, but the effects placed over them are lo rez so they appear blurry. Almost like the effects were all optimized for 600×600 and stretched up to the final size. So it looks unnatural to see a sharp photo with blurry effects on top. Any way to have the effects be high rez, too?

    – Any chance that we’ll see border options? Anything ranging from Polaroid, to white with drop shadow, to torn/ripped, etc.? Nothing silly, though, like hearts and puppies… just classy borders.


  • Yes – good eye! The next update DOUBLES the resolution of all the texture effects — so you’ll be set. And border effects – definitely on the way! 🙂

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  • I get your emails, so I saw the announcements for “100 Cameras in 1” earlier, but I don’t use iPhone. I recommended “100 Cameras in 1” to all my friends using iPhones, and know that some of them bought it. That’s good, but I have an Android phone. PLEASE make the app available in an Android version for the rest of us. Android is already outselling the iOS, so you would have an even larger market. Anyway, here’s another vote for an Android version. Please let us know when it will be ready.

  • hehe yes yes – the Android version is well underway. It takes a long time (sadly) to build these things.

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  • Greg Williams

    I really enjoy the 2.1 update, Trey! I have a few suggestions for the next update.

    1. Allow the user to set the image caption when uploading to Flickr. Description is not quite enough alone.
    2. Allow the user to set a Flickr set for the picture when uploading.
    3. Are there plans for supporting task switching? I’d like to not have the app restart each time I switch back to it.
    4. A bug – I’m noticing the Favorites thumbnails aren’t updating properly with the effects.
    5. Speaking of favorites – please add a button to bring up favorites right away instead of having to tap on More first. Put a Favorites button next to More?
    6. If the image is already square cropped (using a previously saved one, for example), why doesn’t it automatically align to the crop square when loading it?

  • Great suggestions! And glad you like 2.1.

    We will file those away… Did you know, btw, you can get to favorites by swiping to the left from the first group?

    As for the fast-task switching – this was a hard decision. MANY people like to launch the app in camera mode, which does NOT work in fast-task switching — know what I mean? So.. anyway, we went with the way it works now…

    Anyway, I have your other good ideas here in our list ! 🙂

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  • BellaDonna

    To: Jeff White, RE:
    I downloaded the app. I’m not thrilled. Check out my examples here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/xwhiteboy777x/sets/72157625515039151

    I cannot open this link to see your photos. Your page settings are Private (Oops! You don’t have permission to view this page.) I would love to see your examples. Please repost with a public link. Thanks

  • Karin

    I just bought this, and I do like it, but noticed a very annoying ‘bug’, if you will. I’m not sure where to post, as this seems to be the only ‘support’ page. So, I guess, here goes – I’ve noticed that if the photo has an area or areas of ‘high’ white, some of the filters will include patches of purple and blue pixels or yellow and red pixels, depending on the filter. At first, I thought it was the actual filters, until I imported an alternate photo, and they weren’t there, using the same filters. My other apps don’t have this problem when I’m using the same photo, so it’s not the photo.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Karin

    I just noticed that the red, yellow, blue and purple pixels can be seen in one of your examples on this page. It’s the sunset skyline, next to the little girl. You’ll see there’s a group of them near the sun.

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  • Jorge Amorim

    Hi Trey,

    I’m loving the app but I would love it more 🙂 if I could save images without the square crop. That would be awesome!


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  • Jeffrey Rueppel

    No Android version? Really enjoyed the potential of the App on the iPhone. But just jumped ship to Android. Would be psyched to find an Android version of 100 Cameras in 1!

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  • Check out my latest article/review featuring “100 Cameras in One!”


  • Dagny

    Please please please put out an android version soon.

  • Pablo S

    No Symbian version for my n8? come on!!!

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  • I love this app so very much. So many countless images are possible with it. I downloaded it just an hour or so and I can’t stop playing with it. I read about it in Budget Travels magazine and immediately had to download it. After playing with it about an hour or so came to the website and did a little more research and watched the video. I have to say I started feeling sad after watching the video. Why the sad music? It’s such a great app but now I’m down?

    Either I still like the app very much! Just thought I’d get my opinion out there about the music in the video!

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  • Thanks for such a great iPhone app. I love Hipstamatic which I’ve had for a while now but this is something else. I can actually use this for the photos I shoot with the regular iPhone camera. Gosh with so many great apps now why would I even take my big Cannon G-11 out for anything. I can shoot add effects and email all the pics I want.

    Again thanks for such a great app!

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  • Karen

    Hi, So I don’t have an iPhone…(I rarely use my cell & an iPhone isn’t worth paying the monthly fee when I use so few minits. Is there any way I can use your software on my iMac?

  • Barry

    Absolutely love your app. The effects are awesome and the app has everything I can think of except… MULTITASKING! When I’m editing a photo halfway, and then have to answer a call, reply a message and etc, and then go back to the app, the app will restart and I’ll have to redo the whole editing again from the start. Hope you’ll add this ASAP.

  • We will get this in next ! 🙂

  • Awesome app!

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  • Ron Felton

    Love the IPhone and IPad apps. Having a great time with them as I travel. Having a significant problem with the IPad however. I upload photos from my camera using the new SD card reader for the IPad. When I open a photo with the 100 Cameras app it warns me that it needs to be reduced in size. I do reduce it and then after adding effects if I try to email it the app freezes. I can get out of the app but it totally crashes the mail program. I have to do a hard re-start of the IPad. Help!

  • ron meyerson

    can i use the dvd with photoshop cs2 or lightroom 2?

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  • Michele Truex

    Absolutely love the app for my iPad ………100 cameras in 1……….
    1glitch. When I go to save my work of art, it turns off, not saving the pic!
    Then I must start again…1/2 the time it will not save the piece…
    Thanks for the app…thanks for helping me get a fix….

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  • Danish

    Hey…..i just got your app for both the iPhone and the iPad. I have one problem so far: if i load an image from the photo library, it has to be cropped into a square format. Why is that and will that be fixed anytime? Some snaps work much better in portrait mode, like an 8×10.

  • Very Great app (I buy to Pro version) but i have a problem : when i want to send a photo on my smugmug gallerie, the app close (or crash), the other platforms are ok (twitter, facebook, flickr, droptbox)
    Can you fix this bug ?

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  • zero242

    Hey Trey,

    I love your app. I just don’t use it much because I’m so sick of this baking cookies and truffles game center integration stuff. I have enough fun making pictures, I don’t need any achievements and highscore stuff anymore…

    Can I turn it off? Please !!!! 😉 Coulnd’t find any options or information on how to do it

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  • Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Cheers

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  • Great points altogether, you simply won a logo new reader. What could you suggest about your submit that you just made some days in the past? Any positive?

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  • Wonderful captions are super love it..

  • obviously like your website however you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth on the other hand I’ll certainly come again again.

  • Ron

    Unable to link to my Twitter account – after entering user name & password get the “authorize app” screen. Click on Authorize app & am taken back to the Options screen which shows “login” for Twitter. Am able to login into my facebook account.

  • Anonymous

     I want to apologize to everyone who may be offended by my reply to the person named iphone app maker. And Trey, please don’t think that I am using this as a forum for anger or lashing out at some random person, but – I need to speak up, not that it is any of my business, because if it bothered you at all, you would have already deleted the comment. I know I don’t have any place speaking ‘for’ you, but I am speaking for those of us who DO respect you, appreciate the tremendous amount of time you take out of YOUR Life to teach us your craft (even though you do get paid for your work, you CHOSE to teach us little folk), we admire and are amazed with your creativity, and are baffled by the amount of energy you always exude and your passion you have for those of us photographers who also are passionate for the craft. Photography literally saved my life – for without it, I would NOT be here writing this possibly offensive reply to one of YOUR visitors to YOUR site. So, I am very protective over   people like you who go out of their way to help people like ME see the beauty in what would otherwise just be a regular ol’ shot, but instead you take  it over the top and bring that beauty out of the  stuff we have seen 900 times before  and immediately get bored with it. So, I am just sticking up for the position you ended up taking in life. AND,  if you take this post down, and ban me from your site forever, I understand and fully respect your decision and won’t take it personal. I have never responded to another poster before.  As it’s not my place, but, today, I am.  Um, maybe you should have written your comment in a word document, and ran spell check and grammar check. Your comments are sheer irony at best. You didn’t start your post with  ‘I’, if you didn’t want to use ‘I’, you should have capitalized the letter ‘O’. Also, in the first sentence you said he needs to take a look at the spelling ON several of your posts, it should have said ‘IN’. Because he was not writing ON a post, he was writing IN a post…  Second sentence, you stated, ‘… spelling PROBLEMS, you should have used the word  ‘errors’ in lieu of  ‘problems’. You should have written, ” I AM finding..” not,   “I IN finding”.  You should have split up that run on paragraph you thought were 2 grammatically correct sentences. Your attempt at trying to sound smart backfired. However, if you wrote even somewhat intelligently, I wouldn’t have even thought twice about wasting my Saturday pointing out your futile attempt to insult one of the most talented and thoughtful photographers on the planet. *and i know for a FACT he could care less what you said and he may not even allow my response to you to even waste up valuable comment space. I a however, hoping you do read this.   It perhaps would have sounded better if you wrote it something like this:  I obviously like your website, however, you should take a look at the spelling in several of your posts. I find it very troublesome that a number of your posts are rife with spelling errors. However, to be honest, I’ll certainly come again, and again. I believe that my version is something that you may have wanted to convey to Trey? You have some nerve dude, he does SO much for us,  he spends COUNTLESS hours giving of himself to us. Do you realize how much time and creative energy it takes for him to be so selfless and do all of this? Yeah, it’s his job, he gets paid, and paid well im sure, but, that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to point out a few spelling errors. He’s not an author by trade, he is a world famous photographer who does the best HDR on the PLANET.  What do YOU do?  WHO CARES- look at your ridiculous comment to him. I am not claiming to be a Webster’s Dictionary editor, but, if you would have simply looked for 2 seconds at your post before you sent it, you would have noticed your own ridiculous words were simply a reflection of your own lack of control of the English language. I am not going to hold this against you completely due to the fact that in your pitiful attempt at trying to sound ‘smart’, but instead you came off like a jerk.  – I notice that English obviously isn’t your primary language. There is NOTHING wrong with this fact, but what IS wrong, is the fact that you had to be snotty to Trey and in your backwards process of attempting to be smart, you only look ridiculous. Perhaps you should have sent him a private message. Which is rightfully what I should have done too – but,  am fairly certain that I am not the only one who feels the same way. And I am certain no one else wanted to waste their time, energy, or keystrokes. And YES, I know my grammar is not perfect – I am not claiming to be. I just feel that you needed to be called out on. And maybe take an E.S.L class over the summer. 

  • Hi Liz,

    The comment you were replying to unfortunately was a very convincing spam bot.  We try to catch all of them, but some of them get through.  We don’t remove negative comments or criticism here, unless someone in the community is being unduly harassed.  We do, however, remove spam.  Just wanted to let you know where the comment came from and went. 🙂

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  • Ellenna

    It was just beautiful way to see this an amazing photos from this app.

  • Ellenna

    Yeah it’s true.

  • When will the app be coming to android?  Any help on that would be great. I really want to get this app, but not yet available for android. 

  • Hi Shannon,

    We’re still actively working on getting this to Android.  Because of the differences in the platforms, the wide variety of devices on Android (and thus different processors and ways of handling displaying and modifying images), and a number of other factors, there’s an inestimable amount of work to get it on there.  We’re still working on it!

  • Ok, Thanks for getting back to me on this.

  • dalydose

    I would love to see this on Windows Phone.  We have some GREAT cameras on our phones, and this type of app would be very popular in our growing community.  I see you did launch a Windows PC version, so I’ll just guess/hope/wish/beg that we’ll see it all come together with Windows 8 (for desktop and tablet) and Windows Phone 8, both due out this fall.

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  • Wow. Tons of info about the iPhone here. Thanks for all the help and tips. Have you considered adding info for camera lenses for the iPhone? http://lensesforiphone.com

  • I wish I could find the support/questions page.
    I was happy to find this app. Unfortunately when I upload a picture it shows on the initial screen but once I get to the filters my photo isn’t there. Is there some trick I’m missing? It is the paid version and I’m pretty sure I used it sucessfully once.
    Frustrated in Asbury Park.

  • Hi Diana,

    I’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work, please email me at [email protected] and indicate whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad and which version.

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  • Jonathan Berman

    Just downloaded the app….crashes every time i load it (iPhone 5S)…i deleted and re installed…no go!…any suggestions?

  • treyratcliff

    Let me look into that! 🙂

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