Becoming an Artist

An Inspirational and Informative New Series!

Trey wanted to do something totally different, something he had never done before. This series explores the answers to the following questions…

“What is it like to become an artist?”

“What is it like to find that creative self inside of you?”

…and for the practitioner, “How does Trey take and post-process his photos?”

Trey begins each episode with a very personal story. These might be strange stories from his childhood, embarrassing stories as a grown-up, or just weird stories about how he became an artist. You’ll hear how these stories emerged as life lessons which impacted his photography and art. The 15 episodes touch upon topics such as composition, color, light, and inspiration. This series will not only show you lots of photography tips & tricks but will inspire you to take your art in bold, new, and interesting directions.

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Trey begins each episode with a personal story and then dives deep into post-processing back in his studio. He covers composition, color, light and inspiration. He’ll show you tips & tricks for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photomatix. We’ve also included a free trial and tutorial for Aurora HDR 2017.

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I created a new Facebook Group called Becoming an Artist – Trey Ratcliff’s Funky Lounge. It’s for all of us out there who are in the process of creating ourselves artistically and in every other way. All are welcome, share your photos, comment and engage 🙂

Season 1 Episode Guide

1. The Accidental Creation of Me (27 mins) PREVIEW
Trey tells the whole story of how he came to be. He ends the show by showing the photos that will be worked on in all of the episodes in Season 1 and does a brief introduction of the tools he uses.

2. The Little Person and Jabba the Hutt’s Tail (27 mins) PREVIEW
Trey tells a crazy story about Star Wars and his dad. He then goes on to talk about a counter-intuitive truth about the creation of art. In post-processing, Trey demonstrates Adobe Lightroom basics and works on a few of his favorite photos.

3. The Burning of Embrace and Being Alone (32 mins) PREVIEW
Trey has a quiet moment in the abandoned ghost town Kolmanskop, Namibia. An abandoned diamond mine, now consumed by sand dunes. Trey went in expecting to find sadness but found something else entirely.

4. Moved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (22 mins) PREVIEW
A love of Impressionist paintings is an emphasis in this episode. Trey talks about a time he visited a museum in Paris with his father and how it changed him. He ends by showing how he created a light trail photo from the rooftop of Bar 7.

5. What Happens When You Sit Too Close to the TV (35 mins) PREVIEW
Trey visits one of the most amazing places in the world, the Deadvlei in Namibia. While here taking photos, he shares a story from when he was a little boy and got his first Atari 2600. It taught him something he did not expect about colors.

6. Writing a Failed Novel (21 mins) PREVIEW
Trey shares about his high school English teacher and how she said something special to him that ended up changing his life. He then discusses composition, experimentation, and gives a demo of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography

7. The F-Stop Question (25 mins) PREVIEW
This is a story about when an unassuming student asked Trey a very simple photography question to which he did not know the answer. He then goes on to loosely connect this to taking photos from high-speed-moving-vehicles.

8. What Goes Up Sometimes Come Down in a Different Location (28 mins) PREVIEW
Quadcopter photography! In this episode, Trey begins by talking about how HDR brought a new perspective to photography and how he believes that quadcopter photography is now doing the same thing.

9. Pregnant on a Roller Coaster (20 mins) PREVIEW
Trey talks about his incredibly awesome birth defects and how none of us were born to be normal. Trey shares some of his favorite night photography photos and demonstrates how to make a nighttime panorama.

10. A Reccy to Chernobyl (16 mins) PREVIEW
This story is about slippery memories and Trey’s first job at a nuclear power plant. Trey then talks about how much he has changed when he visited Chernobyl almost 15 years later and the difference in the nature of the memories.

11. What Burning Man Taught Me about People Photography (33 mins) PREVIEW
Trey talks about getting outside of his comfort zone and how he’s learned to take photos of people in a unique way. He explores images of people that he’s captured from around the world.

12. How I Keep Learning To See (27 mins) PREVIEW
This is a story about when Trey gave a keynote speech at Kent State and an unknowing student asked him something that made him question the nature of vision. He delves into Black and White photography and shares a few techniques.

13. Through Their Rich Tracery One Sees the Sky Beyond (30 mins) PREVIEW
Trey talks about how he was influenced by Mark Twain’s writings and how he failed at trying to make the photography equivalent of his writing. Trey finishes by creating a “Painting” of elephants by combining a photo with textures.

14. A Street Fight in Morocco (30 mins) PREVIEW
From Northern Africa in Morocco down to Southern Africa in Namibia, Trey talks about how he approaches both life and taking meaningful photos of people. He also talks a girl into taking off her clothes.

15. BONUS: “Not-Sponsored-by-Mutual-of-Omaha” Animal Show! (16 mins)
This Bonus episode is only available if you purchase the entire series. Trey and Bel give a director’s cut voiceover of the most awesome animal footage captured while in Namibia and Botswana.

A few of the images from this series

A Devil in the Sand

Becoming an Artist –
Season 1

An exciting new series! Explore what it is like to become an artist through the eyes of Trey Ratcliff. This series will inspire you and teach you practical photography tips to help find the creativity inside of you.



Trey begins each episode with a personal story and then dives deep into post-processing back in his studio. He covers composition, color, light and inspiration. He’ll show you tips & tricks for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photomatix. We’ve also included a free trial and tutorial for Aurora HDR Pro.

What’s included with Season 1?

  • 14 episodes filled with inspirational stories, photo tips, and post-processing techniques (7 hours of HD video)
  • Bonus 15th episode only available when you buy the entire series
  • Trey’s RAW image files you can use to practice with
  • Free trial & tutorial for Aurora HDR Pro

  • Vit

    Hi I would like to purchase this course but I want to know if Aurora soft. is also for windows 10 or only for Mac.

  • Hi there,

    Aurora is just for Mac right now, but we hope to do a Windows version!

  • Jerry Gammon

    After purchase, do you wait 15 weeks to be able to view all the series? Or, can you view ahead after buying?

  • Hi Jerry,

    For the preorder all episodes will be available once it’s released on April 3.

  • David

    How many of the lessons are affected by not having Aurora (I am on PC)?
    I might have missed this. Are the vids downloadable or only available on internet? If latter, how long will they be available for? Thanks.

  • Mary Austin-Keller

    will the episodes be available on youtube as well, or only available via the store?

  • They’ll only be avail for a week. If you want all of them for download and watching any time, you get them on the store! 🙂

  • When you get the whole package, it comes with my Aurora tutorial as well.

  • I prefer watching videos on a big screen — e.g. TV — while sipping a craft ale. Sitting in front of a computer watching lengthy video is just too … yuck. Any chance these will be available on Apple TV, YouTube, Vimeo etc.

  • They’ll be available on YouTube for a week each. However, I believe your Apple TV should be able to play your own local videos that you download as well.

  • JM

    Hy! How many seasons are? they bring subtitles? spanish, for example? Thanks!

  • Hi there –

    One season (so far), no subtitles.

  • Just 1 season so far and in English.

  • P1TMST3R

    I downloaded the episodes to my MacBook Pro and did airplay to my Apple TV. No loss as far as resolution goes.