Wiring in Thailand

Wiring solutions?

If you’re like me, the back of your desk is a total nightmare of wires and plugs! Has anyone ever seen an elegant solution to this? Mostly, what I try to do is make sure all that stuff is outside of my viewcone when I am sitting at my desk. That seems to work… out of sight and out of mind! But I would like another solution if one exists!

Daily Photo – Wiring in Thailand

I see this kinda thing a lot in SE Asian countries. I saw this one while walking down the street in Pattaya and trying to watch out for trannies. I've come up with only one theory for why there are so many wires… I think there are two things happening. Note I have not talked to a Thai electrician to confirm this theory. One: Sometimes the telephone/internet/electricity breaks down. Since there are so many wires, they can't possibly trace the wire to find the route of the problem and it's far easier and faster to make yet another new fresh wire! The second is that there is always new construction and density and new customers require their own telephone/internet/electricity so they create even more wires. I dunno… but it's kinda crazy either way to see this! Sort of the opposite of wireless! 🙂

Wiring in Thailand

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  • I think the box in the upper right actually has antennas sticking out. Maybe it’s wireDless!

  • John Cox

    Some dodgy cable management – but almost hidden from view in my battlestation…

    Don’t know what the best solution is – other than an all in one and maybe some sort of wireless thunderbolt hub would be wonderful!

  • ljgude

    Ikea here in Australia sells a wire basket that screws to the bottom of the desk and gets everything off the floor (so the robot vacuum has a clear run) and leaves the minimum wire visible on the desk top. It is designed so that the top of the basket has a gap between the bottom surface of the desk and most of the top edge of the basket so you can keep stuffing wires into it after it is firmly screwed to the bottom of the desk.

  • susan ratcliff

    wow! the back of my tv doesn’t look so bad! 🙂

  • Crazy, I have seen similar in things in South America and many Asian countries… it is a nightmare to repair technicians 🙂

  • tom yates

    Posting the same photo again?… Run out of stocks

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