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Day 25 – Rome, Fiat 500 Adventures, and the Holy Catholic Vatican

Awesome Rome!

We left Doha, Qatar after too-short of a trip and flew about six hours to Rome after I finally got my quadcopter out of being stuck in customs! I wasn’t allowed to fly it anywhere in Qatar or Oman, so they kept it at the airport for me. There’s always a confusing process to get it un-stuck! But everything turned out okay…

In Rome, we stayed right in the middle of the city at the Boscolo Exedra. It was another great hotel and a fun home base for the whole family. We did a ton of stuff here in the city. We got started with a full tour of Vatican City, which was even more impressive than I anticipated. Mind-blowing really! I’ve been to Rome four times but never visited the Vatican until this time. We had a private tour guide and it was definitely the way to go… Maria knew everything about this place and it was much more interesting than just blindly stumbling around.

And then we ended up in a 1962 and 1967 Fiat 500s to tour the Roman countryside. What a great way to explore… just about 10 km away was a beautiful lake… and, well you can see more in the video!

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A Roman villa stands on a hill with the rest of teaming Rome behind it.

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A Straight-up view from another area inside The Vatican.

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Driving into the Roman countryside.

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Exploring another room in The Vatican.

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Exploring the massive halls inside and outside of Vatican City.

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Having a quick flight over Rome with the DJI Phantom 3.

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Her skirt was a little too skimpy to be let into The Vatican, so they stopped outside for some selfie action.

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Scarlett got a new coat in Rome and she never takes it off.

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Stopping with our Fiat 500s at a Roman aqueduct.

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The amazing golden dome of the Basilica of Saint Peter.

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The Basilica of Saint Peter is the longest church in the world and you can see the lengths of other churches represented on the floor.

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The girls in front of the Coloseum.

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The massive interior of the Basilica.

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There are thousands of fountains all over Rome where the water is perfectly drinkable – one secret thing many have is if you plug the bottom, the water spurts out a little hole on top .

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We took two Fiat 500’s out to explore the Roman countryside.

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With one foot in both countries of Italy and Vatican City.

Daily Photo – The beautiful Colosseum from above.

The beautiful Colosseum from above.

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  • Mike Jacobs

    Great photo’s! I am enjoying your travel log and seeing people and places that are so beautiful.. You sure do have one super Travel Agent! I am lucky if mine can get me from point A to B. ;-P

  • susan ratcliff

    I wish you knew how much I love these videos and photos – what a fabulous trip – the Vatican is super impressive too – I’ve always wondered what it was like inside – it’s even more beautiful than I imagined 🙂

  • see you soon! 🙂

  • Karen Page Stannard

    Enjoyed your tour of Rome thoroughly! Parts of it brought tears to my eyes. Italy is on my bucket list. You and your family are truly blessed to be able to enjoy this trip. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Sahana

    Well at this point I’m becoming very repetitive 🙂 but the pictures are amazing as always, the countryside, the inside of the vatican beautiful !

  • Great photos Trey. Rome is such a wonderful city for photography. The pictures of the Basilica are amazing. I hope there’s some night time photos coming, Rome is magical at night.

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