Japanese in the Hawaii

Japanese People with Cameras

I like to watch tourists take photos.  One thing I notice is that, on average, Japanese people taking photos are happier than Americans taking photos.

Why is this?  One guess is that Japanese people design the cameras, so they are easier for people to understand over there!  Americans are often hopelessly confused by Japanese cameras, so some of their unhappiness comes from that scowl that says, “I’m not sure how this camera works.”

Daily Photo – Japanese in the Hawaii

And, continuing the theme of Japanese people, here is a couple in Hawaii.  I like how they are wearing matching outfits (her dress matches his shirt if you look closely).  I had a version of this photo with and without the people in it… and I quite like the one with them in there!

Japanese in the Hawaii And, continuing the theme of Japanese people, here is a couple in Hawaii.  I like how they are wearing matching outfits (her dress matches his shirt if you look closely).  I had a version of this photo with and without the people in it… and I quite like the one with them in there!- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Tom Nicholas

    Nice Trey, yeah leave em in there adds to the photo. Intriguing to wonder what their story is…

  • Lovely shot – they look happy – such a beautiful shot of Hawaii!

  • Casper van Zyl

    Love your comment about the cameras so true. Japanese do seem to be that way and smart and tidy but this couple now have a picture of a famous HDR photographer You see Trey there is that Famous word come Famous again,so we use it with out us sometimes knowing it.hehe!!
    Nice shot with in the picture. Have a pleasant weekend as mine is about to start.

  • Trey Ratcliff


  • Shea Goff

    Yes, happy but I also love the scale. The one thing I love about the ocean is how large and powerful it feels. Glad you chose the one with the happy people in it. 

  • Great photo, Trey.  We saw this little island that looks like a hat when we were in Hawaii a few years back.  Lynn was on a Air Guard deployment there for two weeks, and the wives/mates/friends were given a special rate so we could fly over there from Wednesday to Wednesday.  Lynn and I rented a cute little house on the north shore.  We had a great time traveling around Oahu when he was off duty.  The house plants here were gigantic there.  Loved the little geckos that were in the house and also outside.  Anyway, thanks so much for bring back fond memories!!  Have a great day!!

  • I think the name of that little island is China man’s Hat, but then again, there are probably a bunch of islands that look like that off the coast of Oahu. I like the little people in the pic; they add a fun feel to an otherwise dramatic scene.

  • Eric Pearson

    Great shot, Trey. They were probably saying “OMG! Is that Trey Ratcliff!?! OMG! It is!”

  • lovely picute, well taken

  • Gotta’ agree Trey, it’s great with the couple, plus it gives it scale. Nice image, by the way.

  • Nice Shot! This looks exactly like the one place in the movie Pearl Harbour, some moments before the japanese airplanes came in 😉

  • zachawry

    From a photographer who has lived in Japan 15 years: It’s not that they understand the cameras better, it’s that they are fulfilling their entire purpose of the trip by taking the photos. That and buying useless stuff to take home (omiyage). When Japanese travel places, it’s not so much a matter of seeing and experiencing, but of bringing back images or souvenirs for people back home. I’ve discussed this extensively with Japanese people, and they basically agree that’s the way it is. 

  •    trey…great shot.  beautiful spot.  been there.  made for hdr sky that you were looking at that day.  i’m getting better at these though and starting to pick a few things up that are bothering me in my own shots.  wondering how you deal with them typically.  shots like this have a lot of noise in the clouds at size.  do you just deal with it or is this shot improved with a noise program as well…ive been playing with nik dfine (soo easy). 
      it looks like you did some cloning in the foreground right third of the shot to get rid of some people or something.  same thing to right of the furthest left tree.  i think its a great shot, but even on a 15 inch monitor i can see these things now.  what are your thoughts on cloning out unwanted elements?


  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks 🙂

  • Trey Ratcliff

    This is interesting!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Sometimes I am more careful than others — I choose my battles… I think this happens more now that I have kids! 🙂

  • That’s a really cool shot, Trey. I love the perspective that the people give it. 

  • Keith Oliver

    Cool. and that small island in the center is called “Chinaman’s Hat”

  • Brian Gray

    I wonder if they got a good shot of you?

  • Vincent Randal

    Love the photo. Love the Google glasses – “Resistance is futile!” Very cool in a Borg sort of way 🙂

  • Love it! I was in this exact same spot a week ago, and snuck a photo of Japanese tourists playing around with the classic “holding the hat” shot.

  • I like a bit of “human element” in a landscape image and this one works well, their antics are great BUT ahem kof kof on the cloning between the ‘pier’ and the palm tree!

  • This story & photo reminds me of when I lived in Cairns (QLD, Australia) which is a beautiful tropical haven with palm trees. A couple of Japanese tourists asked my husband to take a photo of me with them with their camera. I stood between them whilst they were looking up at me. I guess they thought I was kind of tall for a lady 🙂

  • I live in Japan, and I can confirm your hypothesis: Japanese are happier than Americans when taking photos. Nice work. Now check out our Japan Art facebook page because it’s awesome: 

  • Chow

    Remember Chinaman’s Hat in the movie Karate Kid 2? When they were driving in the taxi to Tomei village. hehe

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