Tattooed Girl with Umbrella

America’s Top Model

I think I’ve seen that show above only three or four times.  It’s too frustrating… it’s frustrating because I keep trying to look at the cameras, the setup, the lighting, the backdrops, the assistants, and everything…  but they keep showing the model over and over again…

It kind of reminds me of when my dad took me to those variety shows in Vegas when I was a kid.  I kept wanting the “girl parts” to be over with so I could see more of the magic tricks…

Daily Photo – Tattooed Girl with Umbrella

One hard thing about Burning Man is not “getting used to” everything around you.  Believe it or not, after a few days, seeing interesting people wearing crazy clothes and doing wonderful things becomes quite commonplace.  It’s kind of like living inside a non-stop Cirque-de-soleil!

I was riding by on my bike and there was another photographer taking photos of this girl.  He had just finished, so I swooped in, jumped off my bike, and took a quick photo.  I felt a little bad about jumping in at the end of his photoshoot, but I figured that the Burning-Man-chill-attitude would make everything okay… and I think it did!

HDR Photo

  • Yes, I can see why she caught your attention! Burning man looks cool!

  • Someday, you may not mind so much…skipping onto the fire swamp.  

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    This is pretty cool…she surely has an interesting attitude! I so wish I could attend ‘Burning Man’..

  • Mitchell Sacks

    Hate to be critical, but I’m so tired of the yellow filter you add to all your daylight Burning Man photos.  This had the potential to be a great shot, but the yellow distracts from the image.  Also, what’s up with the black dot above and to the right of the umbrella, did you miss a dust bunny?  🙂  How bout posting this same image without the yellow, I’m betting your fans (myself included) will like it a lot better.

  • t_linn

    Ah, Burning Man.  Always some of my favorite SIC images—this being no exception.  Very nice.  (I do agree, however, that the black dot in the sky is distracting, whatever it is.)

    As for the America’s Top Model dilemma, I agree.  How sad is that?  😀

  • Me

    You need to straightedge it up and lose the silly filyer effect.

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