A Smooth Landing


A Few Days till the Keynote at Kent State

I’m looking forward to it!  If you’re in the area, maybe I’ll see you there!  More Information on the Kent State website

Daily Photo – A Smooth Landing

This was a wild last-second shot!  I was driving down the highway along the coast of Oahu with Tom and we saw this area where these parachuters were practicing landing.  Not being a hardcore parachuter (having only done it once!), I didn’t really understand that a landing was something one could “practice” — I figured you just either landed or you died.  It seemed pretty binary.  Anyway, while there was all this activity, I jumped out there and put my 14-24 on my camera so I could get in close on some of the landings for some fun shots…

HDR Photo<

  • Really cool shot – love that red parachute!

  • Nice!  Assuming single file HDR?

  • Casper van Zyl

    Nice shot,like the colours and sharpness.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Nice shot,like the colours and sharpness.

  • Cool shot Trey… great PoV!

  • … oh bugger, that didn’t work – I’m trying to add a profile photo, HEEEEELP! 😉

  • Maurice de Beijer

    Hi Trey. This is not a skydiver with a parachute but a paraglider practicing with his canopy. With paragliding we actually fly the wing as if it was a glider plane and we look for thermals to go up. Flights can last for hours and cover long distances. Practicing ground handling with a canopy is a good way for a paraglider to have better control over his wing in flight, not just at the landing.

  • Great capture of the gal landing!!  Wouldn’t catch me jumping out of a plane, lol.  Have a wonderful Sunday.  They are talking about Austin right now on Storm Stories.  I like to watch that show when I get up early enough on Sunday morning!!

  • treyratcliff

    Thanks everyone ! 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    Thanks – yes I only jumped out of a plane once… it was fun though!

  • treyratcliff

    Aha – is it the same parachute that they use though?

  • treyratcliff

    Oooops – hmmm

  • treyratcliff

    yes single-file HDR

  • Congratulations on the Kent State invitation. A great honor, truly deserved.

  • Bovrilarg

    This is a great shot!  The color is astounding but I would not expect anything less from you but the composition is refreshing.  I like the slant of the image and obviously the colors are mesmerizing!  I could not shoot today and seeing pictures like this makes me hate myself for not shooting!


  • I really enjoy the composition/colors/tones in this one.  Every now and then you post one that really stands out to me, and this is one of those.

  • Andrea Boyle

    Gorgeous shot.  It is really different than your usual blend of HDR shots. I realize it is one photo that has been processed, but what a great job!  Geeze, I’d still be trying to scramble for my camera gear…!

  • treyratcliff


  • Kurt Wheaton

    It is not packed like a parachute with a ripcord and deployed.  It is designed completely around gliding, and staying aloft as long as possible.

    Gorgeous capture!  Thanks for this!!

  • Frauke G

    Shocking, how much parts of Hawaii look like Iceland, don’t you think? Must just be MUCH warmer.
    of course, I have an HDR, too: http://trans-pond.blogspot.de/2011/12/hornvik-bay-hdr.html

    I really like your Hawaii-shots, though, since they really make me plan a trip there, someday.

  • No. The parachutes designed for skydiving are different from those used in paragliding in a number of ways.

  • Hoho.. awesome man.. cool..

  • I believe that’s the padding for paragliding and not a skydiving rig. Google swooping if you want to see crazy ways to land under a skydiving canopy.

  • Tom Martinson

    Mistaking this wing for a parachute is understandable because this one is considerably smaller than your common garden variety paraglider. This is a mini wing, meant for flying in higher winds, and at higher speeds. They’re relatively new, and a load of fun. She is just ground handling, which is practice, learning muscle memory and reacting to the behaviour of the wing. Beautiful colours…

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