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Latest Episode – Photography, iPad, and more

The new iPad! Photography! +Leo Laporte, +Andy Ihnatko, +Eric Kim, +Victor Cajiao, +Teresa Stover,+RC Concepcion, and +Steve Stanger join me for a fun discussion about iPads and photography with a healthy sprinkling of street photography thrown in for your pleasure. And see that photo in the thumbnail? That’s a sample of Miss +Teresa Stover, who shared her art along with all the other guests… it turned out much better than the selfie that +Leo Laporte took of himself in the forest…

And, as usual, we close the show by finding other photographers on G+ to mention… so be sure to check out the “G+ Discoveries for the week!” +Peter From, +Michiel de Lange, +Nathan Wirth, +Niki Aguirre, +SwitcherMark P, +Ed King, and +Thomas Leuthard.

Thanks to +Tony Wang from and +Dave Veffer for producing.

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Idea for Facebook Interest Lists

I’d like to do an “Interest List” for the community here at — since MOST of you are on Facebook, it might be fun to have a list with a lot of you in it. The only problem is that I don’t have time to maintain the list. Who would like to do it? You’ll have to go through and add a bunch of people now and in the future… so it will be a lot of work… but let me know! 🙂

Below are some of the lists that I already made…

Disney Cruise

I’m going on the maiden voyage of the new Disney ship next week…  I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve never been on one of these Disney cruises, so this will be an interesting experience.  The whole family is going, so it should be a good time! 🙂

BTW, Disney is not paying for the trip or anything… people sometimes suspect that I get everything for free in exchange for blog posts, but that isn’t the case...  If a company does sponsor something, I’ll be sure to let you know… not that you would really care anyway… just letting you know the ground rules around here 🙂

Daily Photo – The Disney Temple

I put up a photo of a temple in Oahu yesterday, and it occurred to me that this is just another form of the temple…  sort of a modern-day worship of spas and relaxation!  You can make an argument that, in many ways, this is just as beautiful as those revered buildings of another age…

This is the Aulani, a Disney resort on Oahu.  Tom and I drove over here to take photos one evening.  I didn’t stay here overnight, but I did stay late into the evening to take photos.  There’s also a big beach and a ton of cool spots to take photos.  I think I pretty much filled up a card with all the photo ops!

  • what a cool looking place – love all the details and the water is awesome – I was hoping you’d get to Aulani!

  • Casper van Zyl

    nice looking place,like the water in slow motion and what looks like a very old tree or whats left of it.

  • This is my favorite one from all your recent photos. Excellent colors and clarity. It became my desktop wallpapers instantly after I have seen it 🙂

  • I agree with Susan, very cool looking place. Great colors!

  • Trey, your recent pictures are not showing on your homepage. The shot from the 30th of March is the most recent showing.

  • “BTW, Disney is not paying for the trip or anything… people sometimes suspect that I get everything for free in exchange for blog posts, but that isn’t the case…”

    well, like you said in one of the recent videos, youre endorsed by lytro. and i couldnt read that anywhere on the website. so. well. youre not honest.

     “If a company does sponsor something, I’ll be sure to let you know… not that you would really care anyway…”

    well, we would.

    “just letting you know the ground rules around here”

    you only follow your own “rules”, which are self-deceiving blah blahs you tell everybody.

  • 1. trey is not wearing pants in the video. you can see him sit in his boxers there. even the other people are loughing. check it out!!!
    2. will stuckonearth be available for iphone/ipodtouch too?

  • Trey Ratcliff

    I’m not endorsed by Lytro.  They are giving away a lytro at an upcoming photowalk, but they are not paying me or anything… but we have dozens of giveaways at photowalks… and none of them have ever paid me to do that.  Anyway, you seem bitter dude… chill out.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thank you Jimmy – we are receiving these reports of strange blog performance from all over the place!  We gotta figure that out…

  • Trey Ratcliff

    yes it is in the plans to make it for other platforms…  it just takes time and we are a small team.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thx for the comments everyone

  • Wow!!!  I love this photo, Trey.  I’m going to put this one on my desktop in a minute.  The only trouble with using google chrome is I can’t just add it here like I could with IE.  I love all the colors, very pretty.  Thanks for posting, have a great day!!!

  • Lytro passed out a hundred or more cameras to photographers all over, prior to release, in something they called the professional shooter program.    It was a way of gathering feedback and collecting data, ironing out bugs.   They didn’t bribe member photographer (I was one too) and they don’t give you perks.   The perk was just being able to use the loaner-camera.  You don’t have to have a million followers or an epic blog to be a member, either.  All I did was ask…

  • Planning to take the family here next year… this photo just makes me want to move up the date! 

    Great stuff!

  • gorgeous photo!

  • Philip Arthur

    It is 

  • Paul Jennings

    Something wrong with the links to the facebook lists. They all point to the same thing.

    Also, I can’t see the attraction of Disney. Why someone who can travel the world and see the real thing would post so many pics of fake disney things. They are just so phony. Or maybe that’s the point?

  • I hope you took the shot of the Sting Ray in J.W. Marriot, the first Hotel in the Ko Ohlina line up, it’s an old sting ray and the hotel too, the newer ones are the ones going towards the end, If i’m not mistaken, the Aulani is the one almost in the middle of the Ko Ohlina series of hotels, I was there summer of 2009, the disney site that time was totally empty yet, now it’s in full force, I’m going there on June this year, Ko Ohlina is probably the only high end Hotels compound the whole Oahu, I have no doubt you consumed 1 Card though.I know you probably got so thrilled with the scenery, the lagoons and the different swimming pools are amazing, the sunset? Woww i imagine, I cannot wait to be there with my D800 and D4.Courtesy of

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