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It’s a small world. My Aunt and Uncle are traveling through China now… and they opened the China Daily newspaper there to see this article about me! They were shocked…hehe…

Daily Photo – China Mysteries

This curious place was found in China…

Who can make up a good story about what is happening here? Any guesses as to what it really is while you’re at it?

China MysteriesThis curious place was found in China...Who can make up a good story about what is happening here? Any guesses as to what it really is while you're at it?- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Susan

    Cool shot Trey….ok I gotta say….a Christmas tree! Loved the Chinese news article too – awesome!

  • To me, it looks like the maid doing some extra cleaning on the giant’s Tiffany lamp.

  • Andy Bird

    She is definitely thinking – “I hate it when the Christmas tree lights go dying on me – ten hours to fix and always only one stoopid bulb to blame!”

  • “Xi was so super excited when his Bedazzler and Litebrite showed up in the mail at the same time, that he rushed out and went to town on a decommissioned rocket body assembly.”

    Man.. I have no clue on this one. Hope you don’t keep us in suspense too long

  • Looks like she’s trying to guess how many lights on attached to that rocket – so she can win a trip to the moon and set up that Christmas tree. Velly interesting! Noticed from the hi def version that there are a number of number lights on the thing.

  • Ribbed for her pleasure?!

  • Vicki Wilson

    Very cool photo! It would make a really cool Christmas tree, wouldn’t it be cool if the white light in the middle changed colors with music.

  • Latest design in exotic condoms for space research to lighten up ones life

  • haveacupoftea

    In its latest iteration, 99000, trying a new outfit for Mars travel.

  • RggerDea

    Looks like something from out of a Dr Who episode.

  • Gail Moshier

    Cool shot of whatever it is. It looks like a rocket Christmas Tree to me. Is it going to space, lol. Did you ever tell the answer? I happened to see this post and it looked interesting!! Have a great Saturday πŸ™‚

  • Patrick Ahles

    A giant Christmas Dalek? No idea…

  • Erik T

    Little did the people know, the cell phone kiosks were masquerading as art installations as they self-programmed the means to world domination.

  • Erin

    Again, I’ve totally been here! Memories… πŸ˜‰

  • Darren N

    It’s a museum featuring the last remaining incandescent light bulbs in China! LOL I dunno… I had a 50-100-150 natural color bulb burn out in my bedroom 2 days ago and I am terrified I will not find a replacement. πŸ™ I bet there is one somewhere in that giant “bulb bullet”! πŸ™‚

  • I believe that is the Christmas lightbulb quality control facility?

  • hehe πŸ™‚ Yes yes keep the guesses coming πŸ™‚

  • They are designing the next installment for the google campus – welcome Android Sprinkles

  • Very cool shot Trey. It looks like a rocket lit up like a christmas tree.

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  • Spaceship! Or a future Christmas tree… Who knows. That is really weird… This scene looks like it is right out of the Portal series… haha. Awesome article!! I can’t wait to head to China! just one more year!

  • They made a city sized version of the memory eraser (flashy thingy) from Men in Black, and are forcing the residents to re-live Christmas for a year as part of a complex sociological experiment.

  • RogerC

    I’m guessing it’s an art museum and this is a display.

  • Looks like they are combining Christmas and Easter this year!


    Seems like a numeric scultupre to me, myabe related to random number creation. Can serve many purposes, such as make a lot of people take a lot of guesses

  • Don

    Clearly, 2011 A Space Odyssey… just what do you think you’re doing Dave… will you stop Dave… stop Dave… I’m afraid.

  • The world’s largest Lite Brite! 3D!

  • John

    Interesting, I have no idea. However, I am currently visiting China and spent yesterday in Shanghai, and I have to say I would not have been surprised to see this after rounding any corner! It is an amazing place.

  • Jeff Peterson

    I’m going to say it’s a time machine.

  • Karleen

    A decorated missile.

  • peter

    Nice article from the paper trust you will keep a copy for your scrap book. thanks for the photo’s you put up.

  • Grant

    Looks like the young VIKI computer before she grew into mature multi-story computer core in “I, Robot”.

  • Joey

    It’s the i-wait. Apple’s new cryogenic chamber.

  • John F

    Looks like the Grinch’s workshop. Or at least the Grinch’s skunk works for Christmas stealing projects.

  • David Hendershot

    This was in the center of the fake castle at the fake Disneyworld.

  • Keith G

    Looks like a Chinese trojan horse destined for the US. We will happily accept a Christmas tree as a gift. She is the last one in. Maybe they’re trying to get some of the latest Apple products.

  • Ming

    As some earlier guesses have mentioned, it’s probably an art piece. With most of the lights actually being numbers, I’m going to say its a super computer trying to figure out the meaning of life.

  • Sam

    Nuclear Christmas tree.

  • he never told us… Seems like some piece of art to me

  • Michael

    light bulb tester?

  • Juliah

    I believe that it could be a fuse box for a building.

  • A running number generator of the trade deficit between the U.S. and China.

  • An exhibition in the 798 art district.Β 

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