Boston at Sunset

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Google+ has been crazy lately. I broke 200,000 followers (see and there are all kinds of new people discovering this kind of photography, which is pretty exciting. I can barely keep up with it all… I did start a post to have people write a little bit about themselves. It capped out at 500 comments very quickly. But you can see all sorts of people on there… very interesting to see the volume and variety!

Introduce Yourself!

Since I did it there, I thought I should do it here too! I know MANY of you by now, obviously… and I think the rest of the community here has gotten to know you a bit through your comments as well. But, why not take this opportunity to say hello and tell us a little about yourself. Feel free to include links to your website, your blog, your google+, or whatever you like! 🙂

Daily Photo – Boston at Sunset

Boston is great, and I am sad I’ve only spent a short amount of time there. On this evening, I walked along the waterfront here to look at all the various angles and light levels. They were all good! That’s a sign of a good city when it is hard to take a bad photo of it!

Boston at SunsetBoston is great and I am sad I've only spent a short amount of time there. On this evening, I walked along the waterfront here to look at all the various angles and light levels. They were all good! That's a sign of a good city when it is hard to take a bad photo of it!- Trey RatcliffRead more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

  • Susan

    Beautiful photo – so pretty with the lights and that teal blue water! Nice tribute you made tonight on g+ for Steve Jobs – we are all sad about it tonight.

  • Impressive Trey…I can`t believe that u have more followers than Pitbull…LOL.Trey Ratcliff rocks !!!

  • let me try again…for some reason, my comments never show up on your site. My name is Scott Graham, and I have been a long time fan of Trey. I am a photography teacher living in Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 15 years. Before I came here, I was a helicopter pilot and SCUBA instructor. I enjoy life to the fullest, and photography is a big part of my life. Feel free to visit my photo blog at or you can follow me on G+ at +Scotty Graham

  • Welcome Scotty, to one of the finest blogs imaginable on the net.Had a look at your work and very nice pics like your beneath the sea pic and the rest. Most of the boys or gentlemen on this blog of Treys turn out good work.We learn that little extra from Trey as he comes up with great places to travel and some crazy ideas in doing certain things to enhance or do better than what you are doing,thats why we hang out here. He is a humble man at heart and not afraid to tell you that he learns from his customers as well.
    Sorry got carried away love the sky and water it makes the city jump out and the chain that leads you in.

  • I remember being there too 🙂

    Love Boston. Cool creation here too Trey!

  • It looks like you also already broke the 200,000 🙂 That’s really a lot of followers :). Also since you are encouraging of sharing our own pages, here is mine 🙂

  • Gorgeous! I love your city shots, you can’t go wrong with them!
    I’m Kelley Bard, I have been visiting this site for about a year and a half and I love the amazing photos shown here, and the community that has grown around it all. My website is and you can find me on facebook and as Kelley Bard Photography and on google+ as Kelley Bard. Photography is a total love of mine and I enjoy learning more about it and seeing more great photo ideas, so I love connections formed here and in other photo friendly places!

  • Those shafts of light are very eye-catching… Love the overall tone & feel of the photo also, makes Boston look like a self contained city from this angle!

    I’ve just out up a sunset photo, but in a very different setting:
    I’ve also dedicated it to the tragic loss of Steve Jobs and written a little personal tribute…

  • George

    Trey, this is one of the few shots of yours I’ve seen that doesn’t have exiting cloud formations.
    Love the water and cityscape. Different interesting triangular composition.

  • I’ve been visiting this site and leaving comments for ages. I’m from the Netherlands, from a town called Maastricht (you might have heard about it, the basis for the current European Union and the Euro where signed into treaty here: see You can find me on the usual places ( on Twitter, on G+, my vastly neglected blog (click my name), on Flickr).

    Great shot, Trey, love the sun rays!

  • Andy Bird

    Okay so yesterday’s photo was your best HDR in a while in my opinion but today’s has just taken it’s mantle – very cool indeed.

    We were all talking about people portraits the other day and I was thinking that as much as I like people portraits i’m probably better at animal ones. Here’s one that I took last month in Florida of a white tiger at Busch Gardens – it’s probably the best photo i’ve taken, as there was no need for post-processing of any kind…..enjoy.

  • Wow! What a dramatic and excellent use of HDR! I love the way you got the lights to glow despite the overall brightness of the image. I have to ask, did you take sunset shots, then waited until it was darker, and combined night exposures with the sunset exposures?

  • I hope I’m familiar to a fair few people on here having commented many times on Trey’s blog but for those who don’t know me, my name is Pete Halewood and I’m an ambitious photographer from Hampshire in England. Most of my work is HDR though I do produce ‘standard’ pictures as well.

    Like many people, I do have my own website. So please come and visit me at The Night Boat! – through that you can also find me on twitter, facebook, google+, flickr etc.

    I’ve been doing photography now for about 18 months and am very lucky to have my very own exhibition coming up. You can find out more about that here:

    Trey Ratcliff is a massive inspiration to my work and processing techniques but I’m equally inspired by Michael Steighner (comment no. 5) whose work I first discovered in ‘Practical HDR’ and has amazed me ever since.

    I love photography and enjoy talking, discussing, critiqueing all aspects to do with it, so please do get in touch on mywebsite, I’m very keen to meet more like-minded photographers. I’ve probably taken more than the allocated quota Trey was expecting so I’ll say cheerio! All the best, Pete

  • Trey, I love these introduce yourself posts. Great way to find similar minds and properly connect. Something often missing in the daunting flow of social media. As for me, I’m a graphic/instructional/Flash designer by day and a travel writer/photographer enthusiast by hobby.

    Blog –
    Travel narrative books –
    BFHstudios –

  • We spent a day walking around Boston 2 years ago. I am a finish carpenter by trade from Omaha, NE I have just recently in the last year and a half gotten into photography. I found Trey’s work and have wanted to do more HDR. I also do portraits for family and friends, as well as standard landscape and travel photography.

    You can find my work at,

    My portrait work is at

    on Google+ at

  • Trey, great shot of Beantown!

    Talke Photography – HDR’s & Infrared Photos!

    Have fun! Pete

  • Beautiful! I love Trey’s night shots. I have to call out louis (in a good spirited way) – I’ve seen quite a few gals who follow Trey and do a very nice job as well 🙂 Check out Kelley Bard as a great example.

  • Juliano

    Hey Trey, I’m here, again, today. Hoping that you could help a customer, I just need a link to download the HDR tutorial that I bought from you… this is the third day that I ask you for this. Please, don’t ignore a customer, just want what I paid for…

  • Awesome shot Trey! I’ve never been to Boston but this is a beautiful view. The sun rays came out quite nicely too. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with some people from here on Google+, but for those I haven’t had the chance to meet yet, you can find my work at or find me on Google+:

  • Nice one Trey, funny though to me the light looks like a sunrise. Either way, it’s a beauty. Good to see you got your followers back after the weird “dropped followers” incident – and you’re bigger than ever! G+ is wonderful, it’s been great for folks like me too. Hope all is well. I can be found on my blog at or on G+ here:

  • Csaba Mocsonoky

    Great shot, Trey!
    I am also interested in HDR and doing it since I got my first DSLR. Your work is the most inspiring I’ve ever seen and it keeps me going and do more and more images. Thank you ; ) More about me on G+

  • I found you through Benny Hsu and this picture post to inspire people to travel.. not that I need any. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for having this space that us travel junkies and fellow photogs can visit and learn so much!

  • Beautiful colour tones….

    Examples of my (rather non-standard) take on HDR, portraits, and football can be found at

    My Google+:
    My Facebook:

    Keep up the excellent work….

  • Thanks for the forum Trey! (And the great daily shots!)
    I enjoy checking out all the wonderful photographers here and on Google +.

    You can find me here
    and on Google +


  • Hi Trey,

    Found you through a friend at work, who mentioned you were an amazing HDR photographer. Since then I’ve slowly followed you more and more on this site, on Flickr (not so much now, though), and now on Google+.

    I’m essentially an amateur photographer looking into selling some stuff here and there. I’ve got an Etsy site up and I’m thinking about launching a RedBubble site but that’s about as far as I’ve gone with that. And of course, I don’t want selling things to distract me from making art and I don’t want it to taint my “vision”, as it were. I really like pretty much all styles of photography, except maybe studio portrait stuff (kind of boring to me). I would love to do adventure photography hiking like some of you guys do, but haven’t had an opportunity yet.

    You can find more on me at the usual spots:


    Google+: – speaking of which, I can’t get to work. Anyone else having a problem with it?

    Flickr (I don’t update this much anymore):

    500px (I don’t update this much anyomre, either):

  • Dan

    I love your work and follow it very closely.

    You can find me here (on Flickr):

    and here (on G+):

  • Howdy!

    I had shared a link in an earlier thread, however I think that was over 2 years ago! I guess it’s time for an update.

    Twitter: @Justinbalog

    I would love to chat and get to know the other folks that visit here.

    Thanks for the opportunity Trey, and I hope you are doing well!


  • Great great — yes and thanks for putting all the links in – makes it so easy for us to see more about you!

  • Hello Trey. I don’t believe anyone knows of me as I haven’t commented frequently. I’m what a friend of mine calls a lurker. You look but don’t take part. I’ve really got to fix that.
    Anyway, I’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time, and have applied some of your techniques for amazing results. However, I’m still a fledgling in this HDR arena. Rick Sammon’s is another HDR guru whose book I’ve read, and read, and read.
    About 80% of what I do is HDR related. It’s afficianado’s in SoCal are picking up rapidly. Some people still come up to my large prints and feel the need to touch them because they swear they are 3D. I just have to laugh and let them…carefully.
    I own and have just finishing a revamp of it. Have a look and I look forward to searching everyone else in here. My google+ profile is lacking. Gotta fix that too.

  • Beau

    Love this angle from Boston. They have a perfect skyline and harbor setup for some great photography. I’ve been there a few times and love heading out here at sunset.

  • I usually enjoy your HDR-work but frankly, I find this particular image a bit “too much”. Especially, I’m not very funned of the halo behind the buildings. I love the colours, though – the cool, blue colours really suit the image.

  • Big Matty

    I have always wanted to go to Boston, thank you Trey for photographing all the cool spots I can’t get to for a while. It keeps them fresh in my mind and keeps the wheels turning.
    The pic is great, all the lights stand out and beckon me from across the cold water. I want to go explore the dome structure behind that boat;)

  • I share your love of Boston – I must get back up there sometime.

    By way of introduction, I was brought up in Scotland but moved to Austin, TX about 17 years ago. I’ve been an avid semi-pro photographer for 30 years (I started early) but pay most of my bills writing software. As far as HDR goes, I’ve been a fan since discovering the technique in 2006. I teach classes on HDR through a gallery in Austin and have spoken on the topic at various local photography clubs. I’m an editor at and one of the hosts of the PhotoNetCast podcast.

  • Christin

    Thanks, Trey, for being so generous in sharing your photography knowledge and creating such a welcoming environment for seasoned and new alike! I’m quite a noob to the HDR and photography world. My sister-in-law works for Google and attended a recent photo walk with you which is how I discovered your work. I’m so happy to have made the discovery! You’ve been very inspiring.

    Being on G+ has really lit a fire under my keister to get cracking on my photography. I’m absolutely fascinated by it! I’ve been skirting the edges of it for about 10 years now with my toy camera, always being tentative and not taking any risks. I’ve played it very very safe and consequently not learned a whole lot. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do it (darn perfectionism!) But here I am, taking the leap and finally learning!!!

    I don’t have a dedicated website set up yet, but here’s my G+ profile with a very very limited number of pictures so far…more to come soon!

  • Trey, why does Smugmug list this as a D2Xs camera at 10mm focal length? Something doesn’t jive.

  • Thanks all!

    Mike – I took it with my D2Xs and my sigma 10-20mm a while ago

  • Beautiful shot Trey. I live just outside Boston and posted a very similar shot to my blog the other day.

  • Hi all!
    I’m Patrick Mc Donnell from Ireland. I ‘discovered’ Trey’s work shortly after seeing my first HDR images and have been a fan of his work since (and a daily visitor!). My work is varied and can be seen at – if you drop by I’d appreciate a comment on one of my images!
    Love this shot Trey – your recent posts have been inspiring!

  • Hi Trey and Trey’s fans! I love visiting this website for my daily source of inspiration and for information on HDR and all photography related questions. I always find something new in the wealth of information here.

    My name is Anne and I have a whole new life! I recently gave up my traditional career in software development and sold my house to go on the road. Now I live in an RV and am travelling around North America photographing and writing. Hopefully during this first year I can find a way to make money on the road so I can keep going. If you are interested, you can follow my photo/travel blog here: or my G+ here:

    Thank you Trey for the opportunity to introduce myself. I have found some great people in the comments already!


  • HI Trey!

    I’m actually from just outside of Boston and you DEFINITELY should get back to that city and spend more time there – there’s so much to see and photograph you wont regret it!

    I’ve just started getting into photograph inspired by your photographic style and this blog among others. I really like getting out and finding ways to share the world I see with other people – I do so on my blog at and hope that you have the time to check it out and say hello 🙂

    Take care Trey!

  • Awesome photograph!! 🙂

    Well my name name is Deyson Ortiz and I hail from the sunny land of South Florida.

    My profession is that of a video artist.
    You may see my portfolio and blog at

    I also have an online store where I sell Motion Templates for Apple’s Final Cut and Motion software:

    Please give them a look and tell me what you think. 🙂

    Thank you for all your hard work. I visit everyday as a way to cheer me and show me all the good that is on the earth.

    Much love to all!

  • Hi all. I am Chris Harnish and I am trying t make a professional go at photography while still holding down a full time job. It keeps me very busy to say the least. I have made more room for travel in my life and scaled back my responsibilities at my day job. In the last year, I have constructed a website, I shoot weddings and portraits, but my real love lies in landscape and travel photography. My heart is always on the road…

  • Hey Trey – Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration, Hats off on managing to pull this daily shots for more than 5+ years (or is it more ?), Kudos !!!! And an opportunity to say hello to all 🙂
    Hi Trey / All !
    This is Sathya here from Portland. Mostly shoot Landscape, HDR & trying out combinations of long shot , night exposure with night photography ! Feel free to connect up at my blog or any other social site!!!
    Twitter: @buzzSathya
    Facebook Page:

  • This is one of four photo blogs that I follow daily. So inspiring.
    I’m David Thorpe. I do mostly portraiture, but I try to add a touch of HDRishness to my work to set me apart from the pack. I’ve been following Trey for a few months after finding him by accident while looking for ebooks. The first Trey photo that grabbed me was his lobby in the Tower of Terror. I had been there before but didn’t even recognize it. I just sat there staring at the picture thinking, “Where the heck is that??” Amazing stuff, and even more so since he shares my affection for Walt Disney World. Trey has the best job in the world, and he does it magnificantly. I want to be him when I grow up!

  • Ooh, forgot my link!

  • My first comment didn’t make because of the links I put in there. So here goes another try:
    I’ve been visiting this site and leaving comments for ages. I’m from the Netherlands, from a town called Maastricht (you might have heard about it, the basis for the current European Union and the Euro where signed into treaty here: lookup Maastricht Treaty on Wikipedia). You can find me on the usual places ( on Twitter, on G+, my vastly neglected blog (click my name), on Flickr).
    Great shot, Trey, love the sun rays!

  • My first (and second) comment didn’t make because of the links I put in there. So here goes yet another try:
    I’ve been visiting this site and leaving comments for ages. I’m from the Netherlands, from a town called Maastricht (you might have heard about it, the basis for the current European Union and the Euro where signed into treaty here: lookup Maastricht Treaty on Wikipedia). You can find me on the usual places (@patrickahles on Twitter, on G+, my vastly neglected blog (click my name), on Flickr).
    Great shot, Trey, love the sun rays!

  • Hi everybody,
    I’m Joerg (german for George) and I bought my first DSLR in January this year.
    And all that just because I accidentally found Trey’s website, his great photos and tutorials.
    Then I was hooked 😉
    You can find my photos on Google+ ->

    So thanks a lot Trey for all the inspiration and the work you put in your website, Google+ …

    I recently read that you have a RED camera.
    As a Media Engineer I’m extremely curious if you already tested it, what the results are and if you are planning to incorporate it into your workflow.
    It seems to be an interesting piece of technology.


  • This images is truly fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing it Trey!

  • Hello, I’m Eric Pearson from northern Illinois. I’ve been following Trey for a while, SIC is part of my morning routine. I love watching his videos too. They’re great and I love when artists show us how they do things.

    I’m in IT by day, but blog and make photos by night and weekend. I just recently got into doing engagements and senior photos. I’ve booked two weddings for next year, which I’m excited about … and nervous too.

    My Web site:
    My G+ page: … I’m very close to 2K followers. A few hundred percent lower than Trey, but still awesome.

  • Hey everyone! It’s great to come back to a site day after day and know that there is going to be some new inspiring content so that’s what I try to do with my blog. Next step, turn photography into a full time job….

  • At first glance at this photo it appeared to me that post processing of this picture is more of “Trey 2007-2008” style, a bit on the heavier side, not the most recent more realistic style. Yep, timestamp is 2008. Cheers.

  • Trey, another beautiful photo.
    I am from North Georgia and am fortunate to get to travel a little. Check out more about me and my photography at my daily photography blog: (heavily influenced by the likes of Trey Ratcliff among others)

  • I went in and a approved a bunch of comments! (Whenever there are more than 3, it holds them….) but now you are good to go – thanks again! 🙂

  • Hi Trey,
    can you already share some information about your RED camera? (also see my post number 49)

  • Hey Trey,

    Nice shot. I love how the rays of light shoot up above the buildings.

    Make sure to check out my new smugmug gallery at Feel free to pass along the url to your friends and everyone else who might be interested. You can also find me on G+. If your a fellow photog let me know and I can add you to my photographer circle.


  • Hello all, I have been taking pictures of some sort or other since I was 7 and bought my first camera with Bazooka Joe wrappers and my allowance. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this blog, that I discovered HDR. You can find me on Google+ at +William Rainey or

    Thanks for continuing to inspire us to keep pushing, Trey!

  • David Abrantes

    Hey everyone. Trey really got me hooked on HDR and I find his work very inspiring. Well is you want to get to know me I’m a pretty nice guy 🙂 here’s my G+ link
    and my flickr link
    Have a great weekend!!!

  • I’m Bernie Greene and I’m a London based people photographer and photography/photoshop instructor. My website and blog are at and you can connect with me on Google+ here.

  • My name is Scott Endersby. I have been doing HDR for a while now because of Trey! And now another reason because of Trey is that, I had started a blog about photography. Thanks again TREY!!! (In a good way!!) LOL I started a HDR Real Estate Photography about a year ago.

    BLOG – It’s about my photography blog of Disney Parks.

    BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY – HDR Real estate photography in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Kristen Burns

    Heya! Found this site thru Eblogger when I set up my blog and went searching for others. Stuck in Customs was the first that popped up and I was so fascinated I’ve yet to go looking for more! As an amateur photographer, your photographs give me something to drool over and aspire to.
    Flickr –

  • I think I have introduced myself tons of times on here, but I am currently an active duty Navy Officer living and working in Naples, Italy. I take many, many pictures, and some people like them… 🙂 I have a photo/travel blog at where I document my travels and work. Thanks for the post Trey!

  • Hey..Sonu here..aka sandmania on Flickr. I am based in the UK and started HDR photography about 5 years ago..criss crossing paths with Trey here and there on various travels.
    Flickr –

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