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  • Susan

    Love, love this photo Trey! Beautiful – video is awesome too – enjoyed your guest ‘Gary’ – super!

  • Great picture Trey!
    I was hoping to get some feedback from you as well as the community here on copyright/intellectual property issues. I have only been posting my pictures online for less than 1 year so alot of these issues are kind of new for me. Trey I know you believe in CC, currently I just mark my photos as copyrighted…2 questions:

    1. Does anybody have any concerns over Google+ TOS when it comes to intellectual property? See paragraph 11.1. I understand that some of this language may be necessary to allow people in circles to ‘share’ your content etc, but the terms ‘perpetual’ and ‘irrevocable’ always make me uneasy (I have a fear of commitment). I much prefer Facebooks language on intellectual property. Trey I know you have some friends over at Google so maybe you can tell me what liberties Google plans on taking with my images in plain english!

    2. I post images on my Facebook page and regularly share links of my images on other pages that encourage that sort of interaction and if the image is relevant. I do not upload my picture on another pages photo album but simply share a link to the url of the photo on my page. Again these images contain a copyright watermark. I recently became aware that one of these pages has been downloading a couple of my pictures for use in their blog. They are not editing out my watermark and they are giving credit under the picture, and overall I would appreciate the exposure, but I feel as though they should have asked prior. The blog is not a personal blog but a business blog…of a magazine…which regularly features photography prominently (the magazine). My issue is that if the magazine (business) didn’t exist then neither would the blog, which makes it non-personal use, which seems irrelevant anyway since I have not inferred duplication of the photos was ok. It just seems hair-brained that a magazine that must deal so often with licensing in photography would make that leap!?

    Any constructive feedback would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • Love the video! Its great to how you set up the shot.

  • Absolutely surreal shot. Awesome as always. The solstice in Iceland looks like a phenomenal event. Your shots really make me want to check it out.

    Are those houses part of a park area or what?

  • Wow, what a beautiful location. I never imagined Iceland like that, you have got me intrigued.

  • Isn’t that a lovely museum? I have been there twice. But never at sunset. Obviously that was worth it :o)

  • Very nice location Trey ,loved the video and the way you explained it all. Was this all taken on an ipad and if so, would it not take up a lot of MB. If not could you let us know. I may try and buy one this Christmas in Hong Kong. Also love the way you explained how the house at that angle matched the mountain that led into the sun.My daughter said you explained yourself very nicely. Also your guest you had on realy does travel. Brings back memories of that very part of Switzerland i know so well.’and the Canery Islands .

  • Great video Trey – it’s always valuable to get an insight to your workflow… thanks for posting!
    I recently watched your ‘behind-the-scenes’ video at Cannon Beach… hope you’re camera gear didn’t get ruined when that wave rolled in! 😉

  • Ashok Kumar

    Trey, very helpful video for newbies of photography like me. Helps to know how you see regarding composition, framing and other details.
    More such video will be very useful. Are there any other?

  • Awesome picture. Love the way you composed this and the beautiful light!

  • Totally awesome!
    This shot is so vibrant and rich on color. Excellent, Trey.

  • The picture is great. Hearing your thought process and steps for setting up and composing this shot are even better. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wow, one of my favorite photo in months Trey! The blueish and yellowish tone on the wood and rock makes this photo awesome. I also love your video; it really teaches on composition which is the hardest thing to achieve right. Come see my work at if you will.

  • Great photo and video! The only thing that could make it better and more “icelandic” is some Sigur Ros music 😉

  • Stephen Clarke

    Yet again, magnificently beautiful artwork Trey!
    I’m certain that I have seen this one before… was it in the webinar perhaps?

    Hi Scott,
    With regard to your question;
    “1. Does anybody have any concerns over Google+ TOS when it comes to intellectual property?”

    I would have to hazard a guess that any photographer would have some concerns with Google’s TOS (paragraph 11.1), but such concerns are ultimately irrelevant if your ‘desire’ to use their product outweighs your ‘Terms Of Service’ concerns.
    Basically, if you wish to use the service/software Google is offering, then simply put “sorry, like ’em or leave ’em”, because those are the non-negotiable terms of use that will apply.

    Having apologetically stated the obvious, here are some thoughts that might help you to determine whether your ‘level of desire’ outweighs your TOS concerns:

    1. Section 11.1 applies only to Google. Remember that you are entering into a contract solely with Google, not with the public at large.

    2. Per 11.1, you retain all rights and copyrights to anything you display through Google+. Google is not asking you to transfer those rights to them, however you are signing a contract in which you are agreeing to give them free rein to use your photographs within the Google marketing machine for promoting their products.

    3. Ultimately, should you ever change your mind with regard to the ‘value’ of Google+, and decide that you don’t like Google’s ‘Terms of Service’ regarding their use of your photographs, then you can simply terminate your contract with them as set out in 13.2. You still retain all rights and copyrights to your work.

    So, in summary, you are essentially granting Google a free license to use your photographs, however you really need to ask yourself what the ‘perceived value’ of this is to you…
    If Google never uses one of your photos, then what has changed? Obviously nothing changes, since they have not utilised or benefited from their contract with you, but consider this… If you were ever lucky enough (or perhaps good enough) to have Google use one or more of your photographs, what ‘value’ would you place on that level of exposure considering that your photo may be viewed by millions of people worldwide?

    What this really boils down to is a ‘trade-off’ with regard to the value you place on the publicity/marketing exposure Google+ may provide you. To determine this, ask yourself if (assuming you were in the financial position to do so), would you consider paying a marketing company to elevate the exposure of your photographic assets. If so, does that marketing/exposure have a greater or lesser perceived value for you than keeping your photographic rights close to your chest?
    In essence, in place of monetary gain, Google are providing you with the use of their software and possible marketing exposure in exchange for the potential future use of your posted content.

    Hope this helps your decision in some small way!

  • Thanks all!

    Chris, I’m not worried about Google stealing my images to make commercial money off them. In short, I trust Google, and I trust the people I have met there.

  • Thanks for the replies!

  • Andrea Boyle

    Trey, I enjoyed the video immensely as it gave some good composition hints as well as your thoughts on getting this particular shot. I tried to find the music cited (Antonis Karalis, “The One”) but couldn’t find it on i-Tunes. Do you have an exclusive at this point? I liked it a lot…

  • Cool perspective!

  • Haven’t checked back in a while. Love this scene, definitely moves the eye. Great video, always fun watching you do your thing!

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