Grey London in Color

Another From the Class

We worked on this one during the class (see the Photography Course) as an exercise in composition. Students took their images and saw how many different photos they could make out of it. I saw lots of very nice new compositions that I never though of! When done, they posted their versions to the Clubhouse… and it is still fun to go through there and look at the various versions that are made!

Daily Photo – Grey London in Color

It’s so hard to carry a tripod with a big camera AND an umbrella. The number of ways you can severely pinch yourself must be in the thousands.

There is the right-hand-hold-the-umbrella-and-camera-together method. This keeps the left hand free to zoom, but there is no hand left to secure the ballhead. So, that only kinda works, but you have to do the strange reach-around. It’s about as much fun as using your left hand to get exactly 45 cents out of your right pocket.

Another method is using your neck to secure the umbrella, but that gets out of control very very quickly in the wind.

The last method is usually the one I do — and that is just to let myself get soaked. I feel only a tiny bit miserable, but I can sometimes be so focused that I can push that discomfort away while I’m focused on the photography bit.

Grey London in Color

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-04 17:48:50
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/22
  • ISO50
  • Focal Length19mm (19mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • Susan

    Super shot Trey -I remember this from the class – wonderful reflections and depth!!

  • Vicki Wilson

    It was fun watching you process this photo in the Webinar, I love the way the lights from the building reflect on the wet street! I’ve been out in the rain with my camera and only tried carrying an umbrella once. I always carry a rainsleeve in my camera bag for the camera and lens, works great.

  • George

    I’m a coward. Don’t go out in the rain to shoot. I can see from this photo that I am missing some great shots. Of course it hardly ever rains here in San Diego. Love the colors and reflections.

  • Than I’m guessing there definitely is no lens changing if you have no umbrella.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great colors and reflections! I guess I’m a coward too, I don’t go out when it rains…

  • Trey, when would you come to Chicago for a Photo Walk?

  • michel latendresse

    I’ve successfully used a clamp to attached a golf (large) size umbrella to the tripod extension boom on a few occasions. This has the added benefit of not only keeping the camera /gear dry but also provide a shelter to the photographer. But it doesn’t work as well when it is windy…

  • Siva

    Trey, instead of an umbrella, why don’t you try raincoat for yourself and rainsleeves for your camera. You don’t then need to fear at least minor wind and can get a bit more creative. 🙂

    Nice photo of London … really captures the emotion well!

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo of a rainy day in London!! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful Saturday 🙂

  • Awesome shot Trey. When doesn’t it rain in London? he he. I’m a practitioner of the last method myself. I just get soaked! Have you considered an umbrella hat? It probably won’t protect your camera, but it’s a fun hat! ;-P

  • I love this image, Trey. Terrific. (And like you, I usually opt for getting soaked.)

  • Thanks all!

    Alan – I’ve done one in Chicago, I need to do another!

  • Mayowa

    Wow! I love the shot. Way to go!!!

  • Lots of good things in this photo, but what really grabs my attention is what appears to be some kind of wraith sprinting down the left side of the photo trailing that purple scarf.. or whatever it is.
    It creates such a sense of mystery and movement.

  • Carol Cohen

    Must remember all this while contemplating photographing in my Seattle!

  • Julie

    Richard, there is one on the right too coming through the revolving door. They add interest to the photo. I love the stark contrast of the color in this photo. I would love to come to a Chicago photo walk. Of course, St. Louis is 3 or so hours from me, and I would love to go to one there as well. It would be interesting photographing the Landing and the Arch in HDR, but I am not familiar enough with St Louis to recommend other opportunities.

  • Amazing picture, I love your detailed work with color on this one.

  • Andrea Boyle

    So when will someone invent a way to sucessfully clamp an umbrella to a tripod?? I took your webinar, Trey, but didn’t have time to do the homework on this lesson. I’ll be hung up for 4 weeks recovering from some surgery (this week) so maybe I will revisit that lesson and get caught up on it!

  • If this is your work when you are soaked, then I would be blown away by your other shots (that being said, this is fantastic!). I love playing with HDR and see this as becoming a more “mainstream” fine art approach to photography. I am looking for great artists for my compilation of great photographers. I would love feedback of the top “HDR” fine art photographers that should be a must for inclusion. Thanks!

  • Ian Wilkinson

    The main photo is missing from this page. It looks like something was supposed to be pulled in from this link ( but the HTML isn’t right…

  • Thanks for the heads up – fixed!

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