Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway

Secret Spots?

Where is your favorite secret photo spot? Perhaps someplace that a few people know about, but it’s generally kind of an out-of-the-way place that no one would ever know about.

Hmmm… if there was only an app for that… hmmmm… maybe your friend Trey has something up his digital sleeve…

Daily Photo – Time Traveling in the Steampunk Subway

Here is a new one from a discovery I just made here in France! Thank you for the inside tip on this amazing place from Friend X.

This incredible subway station under Paris has undergone a full Steampunk conversion, thanks to the mind of François Schuiten, a comic book artist from Belgium. Each tiny circular window lining the edges is a portal to another world. This is all influenced by Les Cités Obscures, where humans live on the counter-Earth. A wonderful concept… I think many of us on Google+ already feel one with the idea of the counter-Earth.

If you’d like to visit this stop someday, pull up a huge subway map and find your connections to the Arts et Métiers stop. It’s kind of out of the way, but just bring your camera and your imagination, and you’ll be there soon enough…


  • Susan

    What a great idea – cool looking place! Love the detail! Are you gearing up for burning man? Super shot Trey!

  • That is so amazing looking! I love it. On secret spots, I just returned from Vegas and had to explore around the Aria and Bellagio casinos again. Not very SECRET but some amazing art and architecture there. Also most places in Colorado (convenient, since I live here), and I also had great fun exploring some of the scenic byways in Utah. Some utterly amazing views there (in fact, most of the 4 corners states have amazing stuff). I’d buy that app, by the way. Hell yeah I would!

  • btw, love the matrixy guy, he makes the shot even stranger (and appears twice- is that the glitch you were mentioning on google+?). sorry for the twice post… or is that deja-vu a glitch in the matrix too??

  • Patrick Ahles

    OMG, this is so cool! This is going on my must visit list! The guy indeed appears twice. Or are they simply agents?

  • Thanks!

    Patrick — hmmm… why is that? hehe

  • George Green

    Of course, he’s a double agent! Cool place, great picture

  • Andy Bird

    Kind of reminds me of my favourite subway shot from NYC – sadly there was no space age concept happening where I was – excuse the slight blurriness of my effort – it was hand held…..


    That elderly gentleman on the left in the incredible sunglasses looks up to no good. Who knows what he’s carrying in that briefcase – atomic secrets or keys to a black helicopter is my guess…..

  • You guys are funny, great comments today! :)Beautiful shot Trey, have a great time in Zermatt, looking forward to see some crazy sunset clouds over the Matterhorn!

  • Rather excited about the app idea Trey 😉 Rather cool picture too with some nice reflections.

  • Cindy Williams

    What a tale it could tell….

  • WOW, epic shot Trey – quite simply amazing… the dude in the shades looks pretty cool too!
    I haven’t got a secret place to photograph as such, but my favourite locations are Banks Peninsula (believe you’ve been there – Akaroa) and the foothills of the Southern Alps… both in Canterbury (NZ) and stunningly gorgeous! 🙂
    I enjoyed seeing an insight into your travels today via Google+ can’t wait to see the end result of the Matterhorn shot… the cloud formations looked incredible! Enjoy the rest of your trip 😉

  • Great photo.
    One place I’ve been that was amazingly beautiful yet we were the only people there when we visited was Puente de Dios in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The waterfalls there are spectacularly beautiful.

  • Very cool. Thanks for telling us how to get there, I’ll have to visit France one day and see that for myself. ;-P

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a great day 🙂

  • Excellent image, how do you stop oranges/reds from over saturating in hdr? I struggle with that.

  • Fantastic shot Trey.

  • terry temple

    WOW!, What a Beautiful piece of work…Makes me want to step right into this photo….

  • Stephen Clarke

    Susan… is that a little Trey I see in your avatar photo? Looks like Mom was proud even before HDR!

    Trey, another great shot. Are the walls at this subway stop actually copper panels or just painted to look like it?


  • Sharon Thomas

    Love it! And an app for that…..super idea!

  • There’s an excellent Francois Schuiten art book that was published here in the States a few years back (“Book of Schuiten”). NBM was the publisher. It’s gloriously oversized and hardcover and worth every penny at original cover price. Might be out of print now, sadly.

    And, of course, his graphic novels are must reads, too, though most of those are out of print. NBM published a few. Fantagraphics published a few before that. Sadly, there hasn’t been anything new translated here in the States for a long time. Terribly frustrating.

  • Trey, That’s fantastic! I recently sent you a link to a steampunk inspired blog. I love this genre. Hope your having a fantastic time in Europe. My family and I are off to the UK and Germany today.


  • Patti Moore

    I was living in London when I discovered the Arts et Metiers stop…certainly a far cry from the tube. I was awestruck!

  • Such an inspiring photo, Trey. I am trying to channel you while I am here in Copenhagen traveling around. I found an amazing photography spot in Silver Star, Montana… it’s a collection of everything, just don’t call it a junk yard!

  • A truly amazing shot, Trey. Simply outstanding!

  • Awesome capture of a very cool place, Trey. I love Parisian subway stations. You can sign me up for that app too. That would be sweet!

  • MPD

    This may very well be a time travel tunnel of sorts. Has anyone else noticed the white-haired gentleman in the trench coat and sunglasses appears to following himself through time further down the platform?

  • That would be quite some app…but I don’t know how most photographers would feel about it.

    On another note, that subway looks magnificent. Almost seems like the man has a doppelgänger further down.

  • This is awesome! Love it when you show cool places that most people will ever see…the “dark glasses” guy really adds to the mystery of the shot.

  • Trey, that would definitely be a cool app. Not really a “secret” spot, but absolutely out of the way, the top of Blood Mountain in Georgia. http://justshootingmemories.com/2011/06/23/blueridge-sunrise/

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  • Back to back awesome work trey.
    Very cool shot bro.

  • Fantastic image! I’ll visit this place as soon I’m in Paris again.

    Where you able to use a tripod over there?

  • I know you will love it… happy to gave you access to one of the secret passage to the dark cities 😉

  • Trey, when was this remodeled? I studied abroad in Paris (Fall 2008) and that metro stop was the stop I got off every morning for studio. It looked nothing like this. Now I’ll just have to go back I guess… pity 🙂

  • Ah correction, I lived a block away from that station. 101 Rue Beaubourg…good times

  • That guy in sunglasses looks like Boris Spassky, the Former World Chess Champion and Bobby Fischer’s nemesis.


  • I lived walking distance from it for two years and yet I have only been twice (this line 11 didn’t bring me anywhere I needed to go).

    Hi Steven V, what a coincidence!
    You lived a block away from it, but if I remember correctly you either took line 11 at Rambuteau or line 3 at Art & Métiers, this is line 11 at Arts & Métiers and it already looked that way when you lived there. And yes, I remember those things. 😉

  • Love this! The guy looks like Karl Lagerfeld going incognito (a friend of mine who was in Paris with me has an awesome story about almost literally running into Karl Lagerfeld while dressed in her most beat up clothes).

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