The Keyhole to the Old City

Travel Planning

Are you much of a travel planner?  I kind of am… I think I’m accidentally kind of an expert on this… people always ask me these questions and I should write a little ebook or something.  I have one loosely planned… maybe 2013 or something!  But I do have a title… it’s a quote from Buddha:  “It’s better to travel well than to arrive.”

Daily Photo – The Keyhole to the Old City

This is the second photo I have posted from Montpellier.  I have a lot more to process… it’s a beautiful town!

We were staying with a very nice older couple and had spent the evening in the city.  Before leaving, we were not quite sure how to get back to their home.  After asking, we got one of those very quick but complex set of directions.  They are the sort of directions people give when they have lived somewhere their entire life…  They mention landmarks that they are quite sure we have already seen and give dire warnings about going down the wrong fork in, oh, you know the place….so on and so forth… and then we were thrust out into the cruel city… not really having any sure way of finding our way home…  but, I figured, as long as we were lost, we would take photos along the way.  That is when I saw this…

  • Susan

    I love this Trey – so beautiful – like a painting – would be fun to see it as a print – that long pathway looks so inviting – I think I see a ‘shop’ there I would want to explore!

  • Love the title of the book !
    Neat shot , the man walking down really sets the perspective on the arch. thanks for sharing !!!

  • Yeah, the guy in the middle – is it me or is that Jerry Stillar?

    So – here’s something I realized after taking your webinar . . .
    Working on your really cool, world’s-best-places-ever pictures – it was a lot easier to make those look good than the yeah-this-is-the-trash-can-in-my-alley type pictures I currently have in Lightroom.
    That’s not meant as a slight in anyway. It’s just that when you – and when I say “you” I mean “You Trey” – combine, great processing abilities honed over years, with great equipment, cool software, and Planetary Best level locations . . . well, I think I’m back to loathing you.
    In fact I’m sure of it.
    Have fun in Iceland. I’ll be in the Airport Garage at AIBA in a white panel van when you get back wearing a dark turtle neck, black Wayfarers and reading last weeks newspaper.

  • (Hey Trey’s Mom? I was just kidding! All that stuff about the airport? Not true. Don’t want you to worry.)

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey – I like the gritty, textured look of the archway and exterior wall… years of history, excellent! I also like the way you’ve captured the guy strolling up the street… adds a wee bit of ‘life’ to the image without too much distraction.
    I agree, Montpellier is a beautiful old city… if you get the chance, try visiting one of the old French cities when they’re celebrating Bastille Day, especially during Le Tour de France – always a fun atmosphere and great for photographing! 🙂

  • Vicki Wilson

    I love this, the guy walking down the street definitely adds perspective to this, what a cool find! Great colors and texture, you really feel like you have stepped back into time.

  • Gail in Montana

    I agree with your Mom, Trey. Beautiful photo, want to go there!! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great Tuesday. We will be celebrating my hubby’s and a friend’s birthday by going out to lunch today. And on the first day of summer, summer finally arrived here!!! Yay!!! Have a great day in Iceland. 🙂

  • Richard (oldhickory49)

    Agree with all the above, especially the lone figure walking right in the center of the street. That lone figure makes the whole thing work for me. Of course personally, I’d be thrilled to have gotten this one with or without the lone figure.

  • Awesome shot, Trey.

  • Great shot! Love the composition on this one. Awesome that you got the lone walker in the center of the walkway.

  • Carl cosby

    I love all your pictures, this is great 

  • Thanks! Yes – it took some patience to wait for a guy to coming walking down the street there… !

  • Great shot. I am envious and need to start traveling more.

  • Great shot Trey. I took a similar ‘keyhole’ shot recently in Pisa… And if I’m starting to think like you it must mean your ebooks did the trick!!

  • Julie

    I’m with Theo. I am jealous of all the incredible locations you get to travel. This is a really interesting shot. It makes you feel like you are there.

  • Really cool capture. I’m loving the composition, here.

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