The Best Fish Evar

You guys are insane – Thanks!

Wow I didn’t think yesterday’s post about the Photoshop Giveaway to announce the Webinar would generate so much traffic. It shows how many “lurkers” there are on here. You know, guys, you don’t have to wait until I give something away to leave a comment! hehe… no problemo… I already know from the stats that less than 1% ever comment. That’s cool… if you’re quiet, I’ll just assume that everything is a-ok. I’m kind of a quiet person too, really…

A great bootleg video from EG

I got to see this live at EG – it was one of the most amazing things… So, these two guys, Jake Shimabukuro and Charles Yang had just met the night before! Jake is the most famous ukelele player in the world right now… if you think that sounds lame, well then wait till you see this. And Charles Yang is from here in Austin, and he’s currently finishing his degree at Julliard. Thank God I did not have to speak right after them!

Daily Photo – The Best Fish Evar

I have a restaurant suggestion!

The best fish I have ever had is in that little viking-house there to the right. You have to duck to get through the door. Once inside, you emerge into a darkened viking-style dining hall (imagine the great hall where Gríma Wormtongue held powah over King Théoden of Rohan).

This spot is pretty well-known restaurant called Tjöruhúsið in the little town of Isafjordur. There is a little window in the back where the fishermen come every morning to deliver the fresh fish in exchange for getting to eat there for free. They bring you the food inside giant iron-clad pans… it was so awesome. I’m going back in a few months and I’m going to gorge myself here with giant dinners before heading out for all-night shooting.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • what a day you must of had hope you got some sleep. Like the colours of this one like a rainbow

  • Susan

    Beautiful and colorful with those dark looming skies – the restaurant sounds fantastic – I hope you do go back!! Those two are amazing in the video!! Oh wow – I am just blown away with their music! Thanks Trey!

  • Love the contrast of color against the sky! Sounds like a cool place to eat!
    Check out some of the clouds in my recent images
    Let me know what you think!

  • Great photo, love the colors and the clouds.
    Jake Shimabukuro is amazing… Fun to see him. I get to have a little Hawaii pride when I hear him, even though I only lived there for a bit 🙂

  • This is awesome, right now I’m looking at your image on a big ass LCD monitor, and I must agree with you with what you wrote in the book. SEE IT BIG! It’s so powerful! I am 99% sure this was in your composition eBook. 🙂 About yeterday, it’s sad I think…Many comments were like ‘yeah yeah nice photo, whatever, give me the CS5…’ Come on, it takes a few seconds to write a comment, not only if someone is giving something away for free!

  • really like the dramatic sky and zhe colors
    your pictures are just amaizing

  • “While my guitar gently Weeps” is playing in the back ground courtesy of those 2 amazing guys. I am blown away by their playing. I already truly love that song. To hear it played so magically like that . . . thanks for the link.

  • I remember this from the ebook too Filip – it’s wonderfully colourful. However I was under the impression that your favourite fish dish was rotten shark followed by a shot of some Icelandic booze hehe?

  • Simon Morris

    I like the simplicity of this image Trey – I’m constantly drawn to the wood clad building just behind the green boat… I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love Photomatix for the way it processes wood… textures always look gorgeous!
    Filip – ditto, couldn’t agree more… well said! 😉
    Susan – thanks for the Gravatar link 🙂

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot, very nice colors! And those clouds! Beautiful…

  • Clay

    Nice what kind of fish did you eat?

    Love you on MostlyPhoto

  • Ray

    The best fish EVAR?

  • Edward Vetalice

    Speaking only for myself, I don’t comment that much because I see your great work, then look at what I’ve done, then I’m too depressed to comment. Be assured though, any of us that have bookmarked this site love your work, and want to one day pull up that masterpiece as you do.

  • Vicki Wilson

    I love the colors of the boats in contrast to the gray skies. Eating fish so fresh and at that restaurant sounds yummy! What kind of fish is the local fish there?

  • This is an amazing music performance, and when you go and look at what each of the two artists have done in the past it makes sense that they could pull this off.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, those two were amazing. What a privilege to see them in person. And to think they had met the night before!!!!
    So, what kind of fish did you have?? What a neat scene, all my favorite things in it. I love to go fishing, but haven’t been since we moved to Montana 🙁 . Maybe this summer. I don’t see the water, but I know it’s there. Love the colorful boats!! And here we are in Snohomish, WA, seeing sunshine, possible temp’s as high as 70 today, yay!!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey!!! Love my daily visit to StuckinCustoms!! Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone. Hope to make it here sometime tomorrow. Take care and God bless 🙂

  • Dan

    I can’t get enough of Jake Shimabukuro and Charles Yang. Been on youtube checking them out… Friggin’ awesome! Thanks haha.

    Enjoying the Clouds in today’s shot, One massive downside is….I hate fish 🙁 hehe.

  • Hehe thanks….

    Ray – “Evar” is a geeky way of saying ever. I know this is lost on most people, and the explanation makes it sound extra-dumb.

    Gail, Clay, and Vicki – I don’t know what kind of fish I had – but it was awesome. The thing is, when you travel, every non-English-speaking country has their own name for the fish. So, they might call “Cod” something like “Gargle-floooster.”

  • Thanks for sharing the video! That was amazing!

  • Hi Trey, for some reason this is my 1st visit here, can’t think why. Great images, a nice HDR look with so many bad HDR’s out there, some of mine are in that bad camp. Iceland is very much on my list of places to go, it’s a very long list. If you want great Fish & Chips and you’re around Vancouver, Canada, stop in at Sockeye City in Steveston, it’s the best I’ve had and I should know I’m a Brit, that’s all we eat right ;o)
    The video is fantastic too, I’ve seen the ukelele player before, Syl Arena posted him on his pixsylated blog, he played Queens Bohemian Rhapsody, super talented. As I was watching I could here a camera shutter, it sounded like a Nikon shutter and I see that’s what you shoot, I guess that was you. My Canon 1dsiii has a much different, harsher sound to the shutter, maybe it’s worn out, I don’t know. Anyway, great to find your blog, I’ll drop in again soon.



  • John Vito

    That’s the best video Evar!

  • Wormtoungue! Awesome reference, had forgotten all about that guy. Just started rereading Lord of the rings, haven’t gotten there yet.

  • Lisa B

    Yum, fresh fish. Places like this are the best!

    Jake is so awesome!! We saw him last summer in Hawaii and were completely blown away, but he and Charles together are even better! My guitar-playing son was so inspired by Jake’s playing that he has taken up playing one himself. Can’t wait for him to see this video!! Thanks for sharing it, Trey!

  • Nice clouds, Trey. I reckon that clouds are one of the hardest parts to get right – so they are not too muddy…

  • Arai

    Since you talk about Grima Wormtongue, that cloud really makes sense. 🙂
    Great link about those two musician, I have to google it to find that it was Beatles that they’re playing…

  • Very very good webinar,

  • I guy follow the webinar is very good.

    Tahnk you

  • I totally agree on the description of the food and the fish and the place. Been there, done that, loved it!

  • Justin Isaac

    What would we ever do without bootleg videos? This amazing performance would have only been seen by the people in that audience. 

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