The Myst Staircase

The RED Epic

I made the decision. Red has been contacted and now I’m just sitting here, waiting…waiting…waiting… Don’t know what it is? Check out the RED Epic page. I’m so excited… oh jeez trying not to think about it…

Daily Photo – The Myst Staircase

I wish I could have met Gaudi. The only thing I know about him is his art, but I’m guessing he was an interesting guy.

I also would have like to own one of his houses, but then I’d be in a pickle. He only designed and built a few of these houses, and I think living inside of them would be amazing. But, since it is such a work of art, I’d feel compelled to share it with the world. You can’t live in it AND open it up to the public – so what to do? I’d like to say I’d be noble and open it up to the world, but the wonderfully selfish side of me would want it all to myself. Maybe it’s not that different than owning a Renoir. Not that I own one of those either… but it is an interesting decision to think about.

This is one of the many beautiful staircases in the Casa Batlló, located in central Barcelona on Passeig de Gràcia. It’s also called the “House of Bones”, and it reminds me of the good old days playing Myst…

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Ok… the photo: gorgeous, interesting, really cool. Little bit of weird noise on the steps, looks like, but still an amazing shot. The camera: holy hell, how pimpy is that?!? And I don’t say “pimpy” lightly. That looks amazing. It makes me itch I want to play with it so much. Not 58K much, but still… I am sure you will have fun with it if you get it!!! And you will show the results, which is sorta like getting to shoot it myself…

  • Great angle to work with or what?

    Again i’m familiar with this building from studying Gaudi during my ill-fated college days – it is incredible! Would I be right in saying that this is the house that has what looks like skulls as window frames on the exterior of the building?

  • Patrick Ahles

    OMG, if you are going for the RED, I will seriously have to find a way to meet you in person!

    The picture is gorgeous, stunning really. All these shapes and decorations make my head spin: where to look?

  • Jürgen

    High Trey,
    thank you very much for your enthusiasm and passion in daily updating your webpage.
    It is one of my highlights every day to enjoy a new fantastic picture.
    I am wondering how you get all the tourists and visitors out of the frame since the Gaudi architectures and other attractions are usually crowded places.
    To place a heavy tripod there is probably another painful thing where nice uniformed guys with their buzz cuts are shouting at you.
    Do you bribe the watchmen to get in during the closing hours 😉 ?

  • Gorgeous curves in the shot with some wonderful lighting. And that camera … it looks one beast of a camera !
    I was lucky enough to go to Barcelona myself last year and managed to get a few decent shots of Gaudi’s architecture myself

  • Simon Morris

    Unique capture Trey – don’t ask me why, but for some bizarre reason it reminds me of something out of ‘The Hobbit’… can’t quite put my finger on it!
    As for that insane camera – WOW… 120 fps, 18 stops dynamic range… the results should luck incredible!

  • Susan

    Wonderful shot – yes, I am intrigued by the windows also! Congrats on RED – like waiting for Christmas!

  • Marc

    Love Barcelona, love Gaudi, love your pictures!!!!

  • Gail in Montana

    I looked at that Red camera, looks to complicated for me, lol 😉 . Hope you can get one soon. That is a neat photo of the stairway!! I can see why it reminds Simon of The Hobbit with those windows. Thanks for sharing once again, I sound like a broken record, lol. But you are generous to a fault!! Love your story, too. You have an amazing brain! 😉 Have a great Palm Sunday 🙂

  • I love all the Gaudi architecture & art in Barcelona- it adds such a unique flavor to the city (which already has so much beauty to it). I love this shot- the HDR really captures the magnificence of his architectural genius!

  • Very nice! Yes, definitely feels like Myst.

  • Thanks all!

    Jürgen – Well – I am just patient… and I wait around until no one is around… sometimes it never works, but I always try to give it a little time.

    Andy – yes – it does kinda look like that… it is both pretty and macabre, depending on your mood

  • Wow, excellent shot, original point of view and capture. Thanks for sharing.

  • This place looks awesome! Great job of capturing the mystery of it.

  • Louis

    A bit too strong on saturation for my taste, but that’s me. Did you need a special pass to take pictures, when I was there professional photography wasn’t allowed?

    Also did you go to park Guell, there is a ton of great HDR oportunities there it’s a wonderfull place…

  • Eric Ruji

    Interesting curves.. i can just hear the Myst screen transitions…

  • Oooh, which lenses are you going to get for your RED? That thing is a beast!

  • Trey, that camera looks really awesome – i especially like there philosophy about no part being obsolescent and the more-or-less constant upgradability. Very good environmental story there which appeals to me.

  • #1 – If they don’t get you the RED first – WHY? If not you then who?
    #2 – I can’t wait to see what you do with that thing. The day you get a RED will be a top 5 day for me. Sad, but true.

  • I loved what you’ve done here. The design is elegant, your content classy. Yet, you’ve got edginess to what you’re offering here. Ill definitely come back for more if you keep this up. Don’t lose hope if not too many people see your vision, know you’ve got a fan right here who values what you’ve got to say and the way you’ve presented yourself. Good on you!

  • Thanks!

    Louis – No special pass needed.. I just waited until there were less people…

    Matt – I don’t know. I’m trying not to think about it. But I’m thinking about it.

    Gonzo – cool mate – I knew you’d be with me… I saw a tweet that said something about me “losing touch” or some oddball comment like that! hehe

  • Losing touch? With what? THE ORDINARY?

    I don’t even have a twitter account so I know that didn’t come from me. Plus I didn’t post that. That’s the other reason I know it wasn’t me. Plus, I asked me and I swore to me that I didn’t say that. So I’m pretty sure. 🙂
    You are so far out there in a real pioneering mode that I really think companies should use you to find out what their product can do. RED should GIVE you their equipment with the agreement that you show them just how far it can be taken.

  • Hey Trey. Love this photo!! I’m a big fan of Myst myself and to this day am still effected by its images and immersible feel.

  • Rich

    As per usual, your photographs look great.

    Would it be possible one day to get some of the Sagrada Família?

    That would blow my mind. I’ll Google in the meanwhile.

    Great to see something from Gaudi, lots of variety.

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