Flowers and Carved Stone

Monterey PhotoWalk

We have the Monterey PhotoWalk group up now on Flickr! Thanks again for coming out.. that was a lot of fun… enjoyed the conversations and the chance to shoot with you guys! 🙂

Daily Photo – Flowers and Carved Stone

I kept driving and driving and driving and weaved my way up past a town in the far northwest fjords. I saw this strangely (and nicely) shaped mountain with that strange early-morning lighting. Then, I spent another hour or so hiking around until I found this special kind of blue flower (EDIT thanks to commenters Scott & Guðjón – it is called the lupine or lúpína in Icelandic). Just when I was about to give up, I found a giant patch of them, so I selected the right lens and set up for this shot.

HDR Photo

  • Lupines!!!

  • I love the seemingly little houses off to the left of the shot. Great capture!

  • This is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to travel to Iceland one day soon!

  • I think you might be right Scott – we get them here in Scotland too. Beautiful scene once again!

  • Guðjón Geir

    In icelandic it’s called lúpína 🙂

  • Patrick Ahles

    Wow, so many of them, great view. I shot one some 3 years ago:

  • Michele

    The church was still being built when we were there in 2008.

    Wow – you sure walked a long way to get that image of Mt. Ernir, Trey! ;.)

  • The blue flowers are lupins – here in NZ in parts of Central Otago they range in colour from yellow to pink to deep purple but we dont have blue ones for some reason.

    Great image 🙂

  • Dan

    This relaxes me so much! hehe

    Love it… Wallpaper time 🙂

  • Ah yes, I remember lupins from my childhood… They used to grow like crazy all around Closeburn Station where we lived. Still around today I just don’t notice them as much, haha… Great shot, I love the contrast of subject matters! My latest is a dramatic night HDR taken nearby Wilson Bay here in Queenstown:

  • Susan

    Awesome shot Trey – sooo beautiful! Glad you get to go again this year for solstice!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, nice to know Lupines are found everywhere!!! Beautiful photo of the mountains in the background with a whole lot of lupines in the foreground!!!! Had to change my desktop again after making sure the previous Montana picture was saved in my photos. The Kootenai Falls here are beautiful, Trey, if you are ever up in northwestern Montana. Not that you have time to go to another out of the way place, lol. Thanks for sharing all of your photos!! I forwarded the newsletter to my sister in Michigan and she has one of those photos on her desktop now. It’s catching, lol. Have a great Wednesday!! 🙂

  • Timm

    C’mon Trey… you live in Austin, TX. and cannot recognise the state flower! Shame on you! 😉

  • The buildings really give scale to the mountian…cool shot.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey – good contrast and composition, the lupins in the foreground lead you nicely into the surrounding landscape!
    Talking of lupins Trey – you may recall Lake Tekapo here on the South Island of NZ, it’s where the ‘Church of the Good Shepherd’ is located. If you time it right around the summer months, the area is covered with a variety called Russell Lupins – predominantly white, pink and purple in colour and grow to approx. 1.5m in height. It’s a photographers paradise what with the stunning aqua blue colour of the lake itself… highly recommended when you’re next visiting! 🙂

  • Richard (oldhickory)

    Dazzling. Such a simple and elegant composition…:)

  • Thanks!

    And new I know the Icelandic word for lupines is lúpína. You can tell it’s Icelandic because of the crazy symbols.

  • What a beautiful field of flowers. Love this image, the buildings give it scale, very nice!!!

  • Lisa B

    Ah, yes……another cousin of our famed Texas Bluebonnets which have just reached their peak this spring! It’s so cool to see the same family of flowers in a different part of the world. Beautiful!!

  • Tom

    Trey nice work. Have been using some of your tricks on my own HDR shots. on Flickr and Twitter, under the name “Photosnark”. thanks for all your help.. Any comments would be appreciated.

  • Beautiful composition Trey. But I notice there is some kind of green fringe around the carved stone (mountain). Just to make sure I downloaded the picture and checked it. Do you see what I am referring to? I notice them in couple of my landscape pictures when there is not enough light around. I would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you

  • Axeman in Monterey

    That’s the same green fringe I was talking to you about on Sunday during the photo walk. This has appeared my photographs also.

  • Steve Dunn

    Very pretty. Bluebonnets! State flower of Texas. We love them.

  • So beautiful and peaceful. Love it!

  • The beautiful results are well worth the effort you went to for the photo. Thanks for sharing.

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