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EG Conference

High Dynamic Range Photo

This is the first print release of the new year. This is the stunning azure blue pool in Hearst Castle.

I know we’ll have a few people attending the EG Conference in Monterey next week, so be sure to come up and say hello! If you’re not coming to the conference but are in the area, maybe you can join us at the PhotoWalk on Sunday (see below)!

Free Monterey Area PhotoWalk

This will be on Sunday evening on April 10th at 6:30 PM. See and contribute to the details at PlanCast! I don’t have a path figured out yet… so please drop your ideas there into the PlanCast!

Carmel Area suggestions for lodging?

After the conference, I’m staying a few extra days and wondered if you had some suggestions? Perhaps a few nights in Carmel and one down in Big Sur. I usually find my own places, but I find that YOU are such a tremendous resource for suggestions, that I should ask your opinion!

New Print Available!

This is the first print I have released in 2011. As you can see on the Prints page, these are all available in unique numbered series on paper, canvas, and metal.

This photo, like the one below, was taken on a trip up the California coast. I stopped in Hearst Castle for an amazing private tour of the facility. While there, I visited the indoor pool area and had to sidle along a wall to get to this spot. I had a feeling it would splay out some nice shapes for me.

Daily Photo – Off the PCH at Sunset

Whenever I go to California lately, I have meetings in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rather than fly between the two, I like to take my time and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s such a famous highway, but it’s usually fairly empty. There is always a beautiful sunset… it’s pretty much a guarantee. I popped out of my car and hiked through the brush a bit to grab this one so you can see what it looks like.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Susan

    Gorgeous shot of the sunset there Trey – the coast is always so interesting with wildflowers and rocks by the Pacific – I think you should stay at the ‘tickled pink inn’ – the big one on the bottom with all glass views – beautiful, private and romantic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Patrick Ahles

    Beautiful warm glow, Trey!

  • Beautiful capture Trey. HWY 1 is definitely one of the best coastal drive in NA. I wasn’t lucky when I was there, it was mostly overcast.

  • What a wonderful view – i’d really love to visit the west coast some time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m jealous… and this makes me miss home. Hwy 1 is great, all the way up… if you can, stay in or near Santa Cruz. The drive between there and San Francisco is amazing, especially if you get some fog (and you may, this time of year). Half Moon Bay, Pacifica… all are beautiful. Devils Slide is a pretty cool area too, if you can get out to get some shots that would be epic. And in Monterey, check out Cannery Row unless it’s completely high-end stores and such (although that could be a set of good images). Monterey Bay Aquarium is a neat building too.

  • Firstly, Kelley your photo’s are great! I just checked some out :), well done.

    Secondly, Trey I love checking the blog out every morning, I feel I’m addicted now haha. After looking at the pictures It makes me feel awake and fresh for the day ahead.

    I love all sunset shots, as I know allot of people can get fed up of seeing too many but I love it :). Especially this one.

    Thanks for sharing Trey

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful sunset Trey – it reminds me of the West Coast, here on the South Island of NZ

  • Stefano

    Thank you for providing me with a lot of gorgeous wallpapers.

  • Beautiful shot! Love the subtle color.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very beautiful photo, Trey, it’s now on my desktop, too. I agree, the whole drive along Highway 1 along the coast if gorgeous. We’ve only been down as far as the first group of giant Redwoods in CA, but have taken it most of the way up to the farthest point in WA on different trips. It’s all good. Have a great Friday!! Enjoy your day/night, everyone!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Awesome sunset, awesomely done!

  • raunak

    Nice shot, Trey ! Probably not one of the more stunning images that I have seen on your site but still it has a nice feel to it. .somehow the foreground is not working for me. . still, you captured some great colour and a beautiful moment.

  • Check road conditions before you head south to Big Sur. Highway 1 recently washed out about 12 miles south of Carmel.

  • Hi Trey. Don’t know any places to stay along the PCH (I stay in an RV), but wanted to let you know that Hwy 1 had a landslide a couple weeks ago and was closed a ways south of Monterey somewhere around Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP. Check it out if you plan to drive south. Have a great trip.

  • Beautiful, Trey. Hwy 1 is closed in two places south of Carmel at the moment. You might have a little trouble driving there.

  • Great photo, I never get tired of seeing sunset photos, especially when it’s over water.

  • I love the way the sun reflects across the water to the bush in the foreground, a beautiful peaceful scene!

  • Fantastic capture at Hearst Castle, Trey! Love it. Lived in central CA for many years, and that was one place I never made it to. Your shot is reminding me that it would most definitely be a great escape again. Have a great weekend.

  • Ooo — yum. I think I’ve seen this photograph before(?) — every time I do, I am instantly calm. LOVE the HDR reflections, the blues, the contrasting colors within. So very beautiful.

  • Matthew Langjahr

    The latest Cal Trans update on PCH is that it should have one lane open by April 4th. Part of the road fell into the ocean about half way between Carmel and Big Sur. It will be a bottle neck and will slow you down but you should be able to get through. Have fun!

  • Ana

    I am going to EG and I can’t wait to hear you speak there!

  • Jim K.

    Trey, I’ve followed the link you posted above for purchasing prints and they don’t have your picture of the Hearst azure pool available. Can you edit your post with a direct link or speak to your print company about getting the listing up? Many thanks and well wishes.

  • Rick Skillin

    Big Sur Highway 1 is closed between Lime Kiln Campground to the south and Bixby Bridge to the north due to road collapsed by Bixb Bridge and landslides by Lime Kiln. The repairs are estimated to take a month for Bixby and a week or 2 for Lime Kiln. There is no access o the Big Sur area. For anyone wanting current openings or closings contact California Highway Patrol.

  • Thanks all!

    Ana – see you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jim – it should be up soon – or you can contact Caroline there at and she will get it to you – she may be a day behind or so!

  • Trey,
    You’ve got to give us a clue as to who you didn’t hit it off with at the EG….
    Was Charlie Sheen there???

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