A Rainy and Romantic Night in Ibiza

HDR Tutorial- Five Languages Soon!

The HDR Tutorial is already in four languages, and the fifth, French is coming soon!

About 80% of the shots I put on the site are HDR, like this one below. I hope the Tutorial helps you out… if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a tweet or comment.

Adobe Speech Soon!

The event in San Jose is coming soon… The talk is free to all, and it’s on Feb 24th at 1 PM PDT in the Park Auditorium at 345 Park Ave in San Jose. There’s more information on the Adobe Distinguished Lecture Series page.

Daily Photo – A Rainy and Romantic Night in Ibiza

Part of Ibiza is an old walled medieval town that is surrounded by layers of winding streets old shops intermixed with homes. A few streets away from the walls, some of the streets are full of pubs and quirky shops… I think it’s better to explore them at night than in the day — and especially so in the rain.

On this night, it was a little chilly and rainy, but that does not effect my camera. I’ve never had a problem because of rain or cold or heat or anything. It just works!

The rainy streets were full of colors and life. I saw this couple quickly walking under an umbrella so I took a quick one to capture the scene.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • I really like the colors in this one. For some reason my eye is drawn to the group on the left as much as the umbrella couple (looks like an interesting conversation). Also, those bar stools are pretty cool.

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  • casusan

    Oh wow – great shot Trey – love how colorful it is and in the rain….the streets and reflections look amazing! Every shot I see of yours in Spain makes me want to visit!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice capture Trey… the motion blur of the couple under the umbrella really brings the image to life, and the reflections from the paved area look great!

  • Excellent, the couple fits perfect there. And you made it “double awesome” with reflection! 🙂 Great! BTW, will someone record the speech? I would love to see/hear it!

  • That’s exactly what it’s like outside in Glasgow today. I’ve never actually (deliberately) done any HDR in the rain mainly because I don’t think my camera likes the rain too much. It had it out at the British Open Golf last year and it just didn’t play ball – i’ve no idea why. Having said that I would have loved to have shot this scene – the rain on the ground creates some interesting reflections which you know I like. That guy looks like he’s got a pretty hot date…..the guy on the left looks like he’s waiting on one arriving.

  • John Michaelson

    Gorgeous colors. I like that the couple is in motion (they’ve got somewhere better to be). The stools look like they might be from Tomorrowland circa 1970.

  • Ben

    The best thing about getting out there when it’s raining has to be the reflections and enhanced colours the slight (or perhaps a substantial amount) layer of water creates. I really like the blue and red colour on the floor.

    Without the rain this shot of mine from Beijing would probably be rather boring – http://benlee.squarespace.com/asia/beijing-china/5994307


  • 5 languages is pretty impressive.
    Since you have a lot of fans in Germany, it seems, how about adding German to the list? Let me know if you want a translation of your tutorial and the details about how you want it done.

  • A great shot! Lovely reflections!

  • Gail in Montana

    Nice photo, Trey. Great capture of a romantic scene in the rain. Have a great day. 🙂

  • Thanks!

    Filip – I think the speech will be recorded… yes – will get a link up if possible.

    Frauke – German coming soon my friend!

  • Incredible shot, so colorful even in the night. Always amazing, Trey!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  • Very cool, excellent emotion in this shot!

  • Doug

    Love the colors and sense of movement in the umbrella-couple! I’m distracted, though, by the teal and blue shadows to the right of the manhole cover — a bit artificial looking.

  • Kumerasta

    Whoa. Back up a second. You made this out of one shot? How much processing did it take. It’s just amazing. Even the end of the lane is clear. Awesome.

  • Thanks!

    Kumerasta – no this is 5 images — but the couple comes from just one of the RAWs

  • Ken

    Goodness this picture looks breathtaking! You sir have inspired me to go take some pictures

  • Dave

    Is the Adobe Distinguished Lecturer series you did available for online viewing or download. I live right down the street and wasn’t able to make your lecture, now I’m kicking myself. Thanks! Dave

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