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Daily Photo – Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Ever heard of this guy? He wrote plays or something like that?

Now, this is not the original theater, but it is a fully operational new version of it, located right beside the Thames in Central London. I was lucky enough to get a private tour of the facility and it was really cool, as you can see. Everything appears to be pretty authentic, from the thatched roof to the multiple view levels. In fact, it’s exactly how I remember it from Civilization.

The guy that was showing us around said that, after it was first constructed, that veteran British actors scoffed at it, thinking it was more of a tourist attraction than a serious place to act. But that sentiment has changed in recent years, with more and more big names coming to act out the classics. I didn’t get to stay around for a performance, but I think it would have been pretty impressive… the space is very tiny and intimate. And even though it’s a replica and “pretend”, that’s all acting is anyway… so I think everyone could easily get caught up in the moment of it all.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow – what a cool place! I love the woodwork and the thatched roofs-and of course there’s that awesome sky! Will tune in tomorrow for sure!

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  • Ben

    Yeah this is a pretty cool place. I remember going when I was younger to watch a play there – a comedy. It was great but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called… urgh!

  • Nice photo of an exciting place and tour.

  • I don’t see why actors would scoff at this place because it’s ‘pretend’ – it’s quite ironic – isn’t acting pretending? It does look like an authentic enough replica for me – great capture!

  • Simon Morris

    I like the woodgrain detail… find Photomatix works wonders in that particular area!
    Trey – it could be my eyes playing games however, what’s with the green tinge in the centre of the roof?

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice looking place!

  • What an awesome place to get to visit. Love the detail in the wood.

  • It’s a beautiful spot with not a bad seat in the house. Love the detail and color of the wood!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wonderful place to visit, Trey!!! Wow, amazing photo, would love to see that in person! Simon, that green tinge on the roof is most likely some kind of moss growing on it, as it is very wet and humid in London. Thanks for sharing, Trey, have a great Tuesday and good luck with the PhotonetCast this afternoon! 🙂

  • Thanks!

    Simon – that is probably some lens flare or somethin’ like that.

  • Very nice Trey. I am digging this photo.

  • Averil

    I was just there this past summer. Our hotel was not too far from here. Unfortunately I never got to go inside the theater due to long lines and not enough time. Took pics outside and all around. Thank you for the wonderful photo and letting me see a glimpse inside. 😀

  • Jennifer

    How awesome is that – as a Shakespeare major, it’s my goal to go there and see a production. Great capture!

  • Reminds me of the stage the used in “Shakespeare in love” -movie?
    nice phot, but is it me if i say it has an oriental feel to it…cant shake that thought:)

  • lovely photo. One of my favorite little parts of London. The area around that is pretty cool too, lots of warehouses and such on the Thames. I had a great wander there my last time in the area!

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks for explaining Trey, I guessed as much!

  • Lessermahn

    Why are my comments being deleted. I’ve posted twice and watched the comments be deleted after a little while.
    The comments were not rude, they had a bit of constructive criticism but that’s all. Trey you should be able to deal with this.

  • Jeanine

    Trey – Lovely photo, as always. It’s a shame you couldn’t stay for a performance. We were there just this past summer and saw a performance of Anne Boleyn. Truly amazing! We had general admission tickets (5 pounds) and we rested our elbows on the stage. The actors are very gracious and talk with the audience before the show. Make the effort to go but you might want to leave the kids at home. They might not enjoy the austere accommodations.

    What’s your favorite area restaurant? I think ours is Izzy’s. Good wine, great pizza.

  • Thanks!

    Lassermahn – I don’t delete comments unless they are outright offensive. I didn’t delete any of yours. I see one of them is here on another post:

    Jeanine – that is a hard question – many wonderful places to eat there for sure!

  • Great photo that makes history come alive, as in the book Amazing People of London where Shakespeare gives a virtual interview of what it was like in those days. Very educational.

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