New Video Interview

New Video Interview in China

Well, I won’t repeat what I say in the intro to this video interview, but maybe you like this new format…  

This is part 1, and you can see Part 2 of the Video Interview right there.  Btw, if you like this style of doing interviews rather than a text-version, let me know.

Daily Photo – “The Place”

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again — the Chinese are not always the best at naming things.  I just don’t get it.  All I can figure is that these names are ultimately decided upon by a committee.  And this is why you never see a statue of a committee.  (well, except for maybe in China)

Anyway, besides the horrible name of this place — “The Place” — it is an awesome place!  It’s a modern outdoor shopping center with all the sorts of shops that one might expect.  High end shoe stores, purse stores, clothes, espresso, and the like.  The centerpiece of the whole place is this enormous downward-facing diamond-vision screen.  I’ve heard it’s one of the biggest in the world, and I don’t doubt it.   While shopping, underlings are entertained by non-stop animations and cool artsy video montages set to music.  It’s quite the spectacle!

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  • Love this shot Trey! I’ll definitely be heading here when I get to Beijing next week!

  • Trey – love the image and really enjoyed the video. I think you should try to do more of those. Looking forward to part two… Interesting bit about group think and loved the exchange (or lack there of) with the cabbie…

  • Jeez that’s rather spectacular for a shopping mall – great capture! Off to NYC tomorrow for 8 days so i’ll try and get online at some point and keep myself up to date with the adventure!

  • nice landscape…well processed HDR photo

  • Simon Morris

    Hi Trey, thanks for the video clip… some helpful advice there.
    As for ‘The Palace’ photo… WOW, I can also imagine the number of injuries you could receive whilst out shopping… folk constantly looking up and… bang, there goes another baby stroller into your achilles 🙂

  • Tiansong Hou

    Trey, another very nice image as always. I just checked the Chinese name for this place. It is called ????(Shi mao tian jie). Actually, it’s such a beautifull Chinese name with the meaning of “World trade Sky Ladder”. But you are right, when they named this place from its original name in Chinese to english, it totally ended up with a poor one.

  • I absolutely love this shot Trey, it really messes with my perception, I can’t tell if it’s indoors our outdoors! great POV!

  • Trey. Having been to China and throughout Asia myself, loved your video! Favorite part had to be the shocks comment and the “he is easily entertained”, it made my morning! Great shots, you are a real inspiration so keep them coming.

  • Gail in Montana

    Love the photo, what a nice “place”, very beautiful!! Listening to the video, sounds good, but it will quit when I hit the submit button. Just don’t have the extra time to listen to it all 🙁

  • Trey, this is one of the things I love about your website. The vicarious travel. I look forward to a “mini-adventure” everday to places I have never been. Of course, the images are great also. Thanks!

  • casusan

    This is beautiful Trey – what a great ‘place’! And love the video too!

  • Wow, awesome shot! What a cool place too!

  • Always prime numbers for interview questions — too funny (love that you’re such a geek — feels like home! I mean that as a compliment, by-the-way. My husband, son, and I are all proud geeks.) =)

  • This kind of video is a great idea. Really produces a feeling of keeeping in touch with you during a journey. I like it a lot!

  • Hehe… thanks everyone… yes very geeky Liz!

  • Shakira

    I totally agree with Jonas. Love the video idea!

  • “Just focus on being awesome and everything else will take care of itself”! I actually laughed out loud! That is the best and most true advice I have ever heard! Good job dude!

  • Roger

    I really like the video idea, more of “you” shows through without the text editing. I’ve read some of these answers before but I still feel like I got more out of this style, keep it up. I love the photo. We were in China for almost a month 5 years ago. A example of how big a country is we took 7 flights while we were there.

  • The videos are great! Love them. It’s a much more personal feel plus the humor comes through better. I’ll watching out for new videos for sure!

  • I definitely like the video format over the text format. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Hey really enjoyed the video format. Definately worth doing again in the future. Its even more cool that you do this while travelling as well.

  • It seems like you travel full-time. How do you pay for it all? It doesn’t appear you have any sponsors or ads on your site.

  • bitguide

    my 2 biggest fears, clowns and malls.
    i would want to go to this one. Video was Way cool. Your zone system comments intriged me, would like to hear more of your spin on this.

  • THe video works for me 🙂 Such beauty exists in an interior of a shopping complex/mall? I am bemused 😀

  • THanks everyone!

    Darren – the site is profitable enough to support all the travel and toys… I feel very lucky – we sell lots of image licenses, DVDs, ebooks, etc etc… I like to keep the site clean and ad-free.

  • Love the video! Traveling vicariously with you is exactly how it feels! Keep them coming!

  • Consumerism comes to China ;-). Looks more like a museum than a shopping mall. Beautiful it certainly is. Excellent work, yet again, Trey.

  • Will Zhao

    Actaully, if you say it in Chinese, it’s actaully a very meaningful and colorful name!

    But as you said..the Chinese aren’t paticularly good at coming up with English names…

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  • great use of hdr

  • Je trouve celà bien que les agences de casting soutiennent le téléthon .

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