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Do you all listen to music when out taking photos? Have you ever tried it? I love putting on my noise-canceling earphones and listening to all sorts of things when I am out taking photos… I never see anyone do this, so maybe I am alone in this practice?

Daily Photo – To Another World

There are no short days at Disney! They are all long escapades, filled with happiness, crying, sticky fingers, strollers hitting you in the achilles tendons, and scary people that should not really be allowed to the buffet area.

This was another one of those very long days. Sometimes, towards the end of the day, one of the only things on my mind is getting back home to collapse — especially after carrying around my tripod and D3X the whole day! But, on this particular exit from Epcot, everything lined up so nicely that I just could not help myself!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Beautiful and so colorful Trey – yes, it is another world – know you all enjoyed and will have fond memories too – even with sticky fingers!

  • Yep, I listen to tunes when shooting. Not all the time, but on occasion it surely helps stir the muse. I just use earbuds though.

  • Deron

    I’ve never done it while shooting but do it all the time while photo editing. I find it really helps to break up the tediousness of the HDR process.

  • Yeah I’m with you on the whole Disney experience – the ‘Block Party’ at Hollywood Studios was one of the most stressful experiences of my life for all of the above reasons.

    Thanks for posting the link to that picture at Westminster from the London Photowalk – i think it’s views had doubled the last I checked. I said I’d post the link to the rest of my Photowalk work once you had got out of China. You might have seen them anyway but i’ll post it anyway for anyone else who want to have a look :-

    Also i kept in mind what you said on the photowalk about taking photos of interesing people and tried it out for real last weekend – they are on the link below :-

  • Simon Morris

    Blimey, that’s one huge golf ball… seriously though, Disney a magical experience for all the family!

    Nice shot Trey.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very nice photo, Trey. Love the colors of the area!!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Andrew

    Great stuff again!!

    I went out one day stressed and put on headphones to relax and started shooting. I realized just how great it is to listen to music while shooting! Something I definitely wish I’d figured out long ago!

  • Never listened to music while shooting. I guess it would creep me out not being able to hear my surroundings. lol But to each his own!

  • Trey, I think Epcot is my favorite park for taking pictures. The world showcase is just full of wonderful compositions. A very close second would be Animal Kingdom, then Magic Kingdom, then Hollywood Studios. How bout you?

    I just got back from Disney a few weeks ago, here’s a link to the images I’ve put up so far:

  • Well, there is a way to have short days at Walt Disney World. Just live here in the area and get an annual pass. My house is about a 45 minute drive away, so I can head down for an hour or two to get the shots I want at just the right time, and then head back home to relax. I don’t have to try and cram everything into one big, long day.

    Then again, I’m also not visiting with family. Those strollers still attack everyone, though. There’s no escape.

    Disney isn’t the only place where people try to take it in all at once. You see the same thing in Las Vegas, with people clogging the Strip and all the hotels, trying to see every sight and then go party all night. What a stressful way to take a vacation.

  • You are not alone! Listening to music can help you in several ways I think! You’re not disturbed by the voices of people, sounds of cars etc.. You just listen to something nice and all you think about is photography!

  • damn beautiful…looks like a giant golf ball..

  • Dan Henderson

    Trey – Listening to music whilst on a shoot is great BUT – Would you not prefer to hear the wild animal creeping up on you having established you may well be edible?? And when you’re in the city- check both ways (a lot) before you cross the street πŸ™‚

  • It’s amazing how this sphere that is made up of equilateral triangles just seems to draw you in to its inner mystery! Simply great.

  • Great picture Trey! I am excited to see more Disney World pics! πŸ™‚ Absolutely love the feel of this one. It has a very airy atmoshperic feel. Is this a picture that you have taken a while back and just recently tonemapped? Or something you tonemapped the night you got back from taking the picture?

  • I first noticed the idea of tunes with shooting the other day with the German fellow writing about you in shooting in China. I thought maybe wearing headphones was a tactic to avoid being bothered, or you were shooting video and so wanted to hear the sound.

    Not much of a music person myself, have plenty but rarely listen to it. Wouldn’t have occurred to me to try listening to tunes while photographing. I usually like to hear whatever natural sound is going on around me, in any given situation. Hearing protection in loud environs, yes. I don’t really ‘get’ the modern addiction to music, but each to their own!

    Glad it works for you, since you’re so often sharing such good photos with your followers!

  • I love to hear some Steve Roach’s tunes while taking photos… pretty relaxing music, I bet you you’ll like his music too.

  • We have been to Disney World multiple times and we never are able too leave early…there is always one more thing to see. We have a blast, but it is exhausting!

  • Hi Trey,
    another great pic.
    Is your really right stuff ballhead a BH-55? I’ve been looking at getting one but cant decide between that and the BH-40

  • Yes – I think I do have the BH 55

  • And thanks everyone else for the comments!

    Kevin – this is relatively recent – I was at Disney with my family not too long ago! πŸ™‚ I do have old photos from previous trips as well, though…

  • I almost always listen to music while I shoot. I find it gives context, in a way, to what I’m doing, and it often influences the nature of the shots as well as what I look for from moment to moment. Glad to know I’m not alone, as I too had never seen anyone else shooting with headphones on!

  • Check out a cool pic I took leaving Magic Kingdom last year.

  • I always listen to music while shooting!! I’m so glad I’m not alone!! I got made fun of by a guy from Nebraska watching me shoot at the beach one day. It didn’t bother me I just turned up the tunes and walked the other way…. though I now wish I got a shot of him!! hahaha!!

  • bitguide

    80 gb zune has its slot in the camera bag. Trey no matter where else you travel, you own the magic kingdom!

  • You’r kidding? Music is a must when shooting. I can’t even shoot, heck, don’t even want to if my ipod is not with me.

  • Great shot! I shot the same exact golfball – it looks so unnatural, but so is a talking mouse who is a sorcerer’s apprentice, right? πŸ˜‰

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