The Yellow-Eyed Penguin

Straight Outta Lightroom

I’ve use Lightroom all the time. It’s great. This shot below came straight out of Lightroom with no Photoshop adjustments at all. Lightroom is extremely powerful, and I know lots of people that use it exclusively. I do use it all the time, although mostly just to organize my photos — not edit them.

Daily Photo – The Yellow-Eyed Penguin

These are the rare yellow-eyed penguins of New Zealand.  I think they are rare.  I don’t know.  It seems like all animals are rare or endangered, so those words kind of lose their punch after a while, don’t they?  I mean, if most everything is rare, then it becomes quite common, linguistically speaking.  Anyway, they said it was rare, so there you go.

And I know why they are rare!  They just stand there.  It’s no wonder humans had a field-day on New Zealand.  These giant, meaty, tasty birds just stand around.  They are like Cheesecake Factories that are open all night and always free.  I’m sure they are pretty hard to resist when you are hungry.  Mmmm… Penguin-Flavored-Cheesecake.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Awww….they are so cute! And how like you to make the cheesecake factory reference – know you really don’t mean it! Love these cuties and would like to visit them!

  • marc in calgary

    Well there you go Trey, they’re a rare treat. We don’t often have them up north.
    I remember my daughter (of about 8 years then) asking me, “Dad don’t you like rabbits?” to which I replied, “of course I do, I love rabbit with potatoes and corn and a little bit of rabbit gravy” ….
    and the other kids saying, “ok just watch for the smile, he’s got to be joking” This only happened about a thousand times.

  • Cool! Can you tell me where this was? I will be heading over in Jaunary and will have plenty of time to explore! 🙂

  • Haha penguins always make me laugh – i think they always look like they are in a bad mood. I rememeber seeing a badass one at Edinburgh zoo which eyeballed me for about ten minutes which i thought was pretty cool.

    I’ve only ever seen them in zoos but it would be cool to see them in the wild one day.

    Here’s one of the last ones i saw in Tenerife earlier this year :-

  • Nice shot. Wikipedia says the worldwide population is about 4000 yellow-eyed penguins.

  • Gail in Montana

    nice photo of the penguins, Trey. No, penguin cheesecake doesn’t sound good, lol. I will never hear the end of when I called some white pelicans, penguins somewhere in Colorado a few years ago. My hubby keeps making remarks everytime we see penguins on TV/computer or pelicans in the wild. We do get White Pelicans here in Montana, even at our local Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge! Anyway, love the photo, thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂

  • Lim

    they are rare because partly dude to where and how they land on shore. they like landing on very rough sharp rocks. So they have to ride a high/rough wave. And if they misjudge it’s pretty much game over for the little guys.

    I saw them a few years back and thought they must have a death wish. I can’t imagine many would live to breeding age without human intervention.

  • Great shot as always Trey !
    Brought back fantastic memories of my visit to the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand.
    Hides and walkways under the sand dunes had been built to prevent people disturbing the yellow-eyed penguins as they made their way off the beach to their nests.
    I took the following shot from underneath one of the penguin’s bridges – there was a crack in the boards just wide enough to point a camera through. Not a quality shot like yours Trey, but I just wanted to share it anyway.!/photo.php?pid=432271&fbid=158422794183199&id=110226935669452
    You could hear their little feet tappiing as the walked above and over you. Great memories.
    Cheers Trey !

  • Thanks all! Matthew – pretty sure it was near Dunedin

  • Thats interesting, they don’t have the trademark yellow lines coming back from their eyes. Penguins are pretty much the cutest animal in the world. Here is a shot I took of a yellow-eyed penguin in NZ (just a point and shoot)
    By the way, after reading your blog for the past few months you have inspired me to get a dslr, and I just picked up a used Olympus E-510 today for a couple hundred bucks, and I am excited to start dabbling in HDR. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Michele

    Nigel – I think that Trey’s photographed young Yellow-eyed penguins which don’t usually get the yellow headband and the rest of the adult plumage until they are over 12 months old.

  • It’s cool to see penguins photographed on something other than ice. You don’t really imagine them waddling around on the dirt and among bushes! Thanks for sharing.

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