Rainbow over the London Eye

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HDR on the iPhone

I was recently on Leo Laporte’s show The Tech Guy — we talked all about HDR on the iPhone. I’ll link over to that podcast when it comes available. My friend Brian Matiash wrote up a little analysis on his blog that you might enjoy as well.

Daily Photo – Rainbow over the London Eye

Today I am taking a train from London to Paris, and going through the chunnel (under the English Channel) for my first time. I’m very excited about this… I love the idea of rail travel in Europe. I don’t know why this is… I do look around at the other passengers and they often seem Euro-melancholy. Maybe you know what I mean…

So, today’s shot is of the newly famous London Eye. It’s more than just a ferris wheel. I can understand why it was so controversial when it was being built. What proper city would want a carnival-esque attraction right in the middle of it all? Well, this is no regular ferris wheel. It’s at least four times bigger than most, and each capsule is like a tiny plane. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to go inside for a ride… this was for many reasons:

  • They put a bunch of people in with you, and I fear they would all crowd to the window
  • I want to go up at exactly sunset and take an amazing photo, which would really require me to be by myself or with an assistant
  • I saw there was a special “ride” you can get that has gourmet chocolate on board. That sounded good and I wanted to plan that for a future trip!

London Eye

  • casusan

    Love the rainbow! That’s two you’ve captured recently! I’d go for the chocolate without the ride – I am not good with any rides above the ground – ‘it’s a small world’ is my speed at Disney!

  • You always seem to be in the right place at the right time! Great atmosphere capturing the scene!

  • I agree with you – I always wondered what the big deal was about the London Eye. I guess it’s kind of like most modern urban structures in that they take a little while to win the hearts of the public. After seeing it up close and lit up during the photowalk i’ve got to say I was very impressed. What a stroke of luck that a rainbow appeared while you were there – terrific capture!

  • Jon

    Is this the picture tha you edited on the workshop? or did you redo it again at a later point. Thanks for the commemt on my picture by the way. very kind of you.

  • Cool shot. A typical subject shot untypically 😉

  • Lovely photo! The only thing that would make it more perfect is if the Ferris Wheel was lit up!

    NEK Photography Blog

  • 1seashell

    Amazing photo of the rainbow – congratulations! We got great photos from the top of the Eye, some of our most spectacular ever of London…next time…

  • StalePhish

    double rainbow! what does it mean?

  • Double rainbow…. all the way!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wonderful capture of a double rainbow, Trey. I think that means you will be doubly blessed ;-). I’ll go with you on the chocolate ride!! I love ferris wheels, even tall ones, and this one sounds really interesting. I used to be afraid of heights, but I’ve gotten over that as we go up in the mountains. I can look over the edge now, lol. Hope I hit the Lotto so I can make it over there, ha. Have fun on the chunnel. I love to ride on trains, hope you find some amiable passengers on there with you!!!!! Enjoy your week, can’t believe it’s Thursday already!!! Thanks for sharing, love this one!!!!

  • Great shot…would probably make this guy go nuts!

  • John

    Great photo! I have to say – I loved going up in the London eye and think it is a totally cool addition to London. That being said – I found it pretty hard to take good photos from the inside due to all of the windows being made of curved plexiglass and the windows not being that clean. I found it virtually impossible to find an angle to take a photo that did not have problems with glare from the windows. There might be a photographic trick or method that takes care of this that I am unaware of…but I wasn’t happy with a single photo of mine from inside the eye.

  • Anthony Roby

    The capsules aren’t crowded – I’ve always been able to get close up to the windows in the spots I wanted to be. I agree that sunset / dusk is the best time to go up.

  • Kazinvan

    Nice photo!

    I have no idea how many seats are in each capsule or how much tickets are for the trip but have you considered buying all of the seats in one capsule? Expense could be worth it if you capture a stellar shot.

  • I love that photo and I love this site – can’t wait to read it through and learn from you!

  • Love the London Eye with rainbow! Beautiful. I went for a ride in May. Chose the Champagne Flight and it was hubby, myself and one other couple. And I felt it was reasonably priced. Just a thought for you. And I do have to agree, it was hard getting nice shots due to window glare and cleanliness. If I remember correctly, the cost of buying out the capsule was about 500 pounds. A bit pricey for me. 🙂

  • Robert Diaz

    Hey Trey. Its Robert Diaz from BM. I was wondering if you can give me some camera advice. I want to take some better pictures so i’m ditching the cybershot> Should I start with the d70 like you did? remember this camera is going to burning man so it has to be up to par. here is my email hope you can teach me your ways. [email protected] and thank you again for the pictures you sent me…

  • Maria

    Trey, thank you for the lovely pictures of London, as a former resident of London for years, I truly enjoy these pictures and bring back memories of times past!

  • Thanks all!

    Jon – yes I did have to re-do this one! Ugh! The one I did in class was just lo-res so I had to throw it out!

  • What wonderful clarity of light, the kind you get just after a heavy rain storm, and I love the fiery reflections in the windows of the old County Hall building too. Great shot!

  • Burt

    You know, I’ll bet if you walked up to the management office with a print of that shot, they would let you go up anytime you please, and in a car all by yourself to get The Shot you really want.

    Just a thought…

  • Great shot, Trey. Man, I want to go to London…. (I say that about all the places you visit when I see your photos, btw, just in case you are wondering).

    And thanks for that link to your buddy’s site. I already added it to my rss reader! If anyone is interested, I also posted a short review and comparison (with pro hdr) of the new HDR feature of the iphone here: http://japandave.com/2010/09/iphone-hdr-a-mini-review-and-comparison/

  • Jon

    I see, its come out well. good job.

  • Matt

    The last time I took a ride in the Singapore Flyer, which I understand to be quite similar to the London Eye, I took approximately 40-plus hand-held 3-shot brackets throughout the duration of the journey. One must work some editing magic to salvage the results (cabin glass color cast and reflections, minor ghosting, et cetera) but even this proves useful toward honing one’s post-processing skills. I found the whole process delightfully supplementary to the experience of the amazing ride itself!

  • Cassie Tillas

    Great photo! I was in London a month ago and went on the London Eye. My friend and I bought “fast track” tickets for 28 GBP each at our hostel, went to the ticket counter at the Eye and the girl talked us into upgrading for only 2.50 GBP more for a capsule with only one other couple, and we had beverage sevice (Pimm’s, yum!). I got a few good shots of London from inside the capsule by holding my camera right up against the glass so as not to see any reflections in the pictures. Worked pretty well, but it would be tough with a tripod….

  • Zheck

    Hi Trey, you should visit Singapore sometime and ride on Singapore Flyer which is much more taller than London Eye, well currently it is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. 😉

  • Molly

    This picture is so calming. It looks like it doesnt really even exist. You did a great job of capturing this photo, i just hope that one day i can take a picture like this.

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  • Wow!!!! So similar with Kaohsiung’s Dream Mall Ferris Wheel…☺

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