The Storm Hitting the Barn

Tripod as an Easel

I recently swtiched to some Really Right Stuff tripod legs. They are awesome! I have them linked up on the HDR Camera Equipment page.

So, there are plusses and minuses to carrying around a tripod. Here is a “plus” that not many people think about.

Whenever you are carrying around the tripod, it takes a bit of effort and forethought to set up a shot. You need to positing it in a special place, at a certain height, and at a particular angle. I compare it to Renoir or Monet taking their time to set up their easel and canvas in the perfect spot. It makes a big difference if you walk 10 steps closer to the target area or 10 steps further from the target area. There is an extra consideration photographers have to use because of the lens that is on board, but it’s still a similar process. So, as much as I lament the extra hassle of a tripod, I do like that it requires me to go through a thoughtful process of setting up the shot.

Daily Photo – The Storm Hitting the Barn

It was about 3 in the afternoon and things were getting over-the-top warm. You know that feeling when the weather gets so uncomfortably warm that you expect something to happen soon? This feeling washed over me about 30 minutes before these violent clouds form to sweep over the Rocky Mountains towards the barn.

The tripod was nearby, so I grabbed it to go outside and set up the easel.

HDR Photo

  • You know, your skies are the most incredible I have ever seen. Always. You have a great eye for finding what will turn out beautiful in an HDR shot. This photo is no exception…. Thanks for sharing it. I also like the really vibrant greens in this shot. A little intense over on the right, with the crazy light on the trees, but it all works well in the image and gives the feeling you were describing about a storm on the brink of exploding.

  • Great shot. And yes, tripods are good for a lot of things, the only downside being (as I see it) the extra weight to carry. But that’s just the cross you have to bear to produce great photos.

  • Thanks … yes that is a downside ! 🙂

  • Very nice shot Trey and that sky is wicked mate :-),

    But i wont beat around the bush, tripods are essential for landscape photography, hdr or not. If people take their work ABSOLUTELY seriously, they should always be carrying their tripod with them for landscapes.

    As Trey said, it slows you down and free your hands giving you the chance to think whilst not being distracted by the camera in the hands. It will let you stop down to F11 which i myself use as the optimum for my lens. Any further closed i get diffraction, any further open i get reduced sharpness, the problem with working consistently at a ‘set’ aperture and minimum sensitivity is the amount of light.

    This is why we have tripods guys. Heavy tripods mean consistent results at all light levels, no camera shake and the ability to use whatever aperture you choose in whatever conditions.

    There is no getting away from it, it is the weight of tripods that makes them so stable, carbon tripods are not as stable BECAUSE THEIR LIGHTER.

    The weight is something people just need to get over, i don’t even drive and i still carry round a heavy Manfrotto.

    Keep up the good work Trey-Lee.

  • Gail in Montana

    I love this photo, Trey!!!!! Great job. I first posted it to our Yellowstone Trip album on facebook because I have a pea brain and saw Yellowstone, as I had Yellowstone on my mind, rofl. So I then brought up my Trey Ratcliff 2 album and posted it where it belongs and then deleted from the other. I must not be very awake this morning, lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing another photo of Yellowstone!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Petersheim

    Sorry, Trey, that my comment isn’t directly related to this post, but I’m wondering about the results of the OpenCamp “vibrant”-themed photo contest. Is there anywhere the multitude of us who entered but couldn’t attend OpenCamp can go to online to see the winners of the contest? As I understand, the winners were to be selected yesterday, right? I’m really interested in seeing the winning shots…

  • Paul

    I love dramatic skies – is this shot in 1-shot “as is”, or is it yet another HDR image? It looks like the sky is enhanced, by using the HDR technique. /Paul

  • Trey, this is my kind of weather shot, simply perfect and beautiful.

  • casusan

    Beautiful scene Trey – and awesome clouds!

  • Dayton

    As usual a great sky. I especially like the ominous sky over the peaceful barn and meadow. You definitely captured the feeling of foreboding.

  • I was about to pull the trigger on an RRS TVC-33 myself. I think your endorsement just sealed the deal for me. Quick question… when you travel, do you check it in your bags or are you able to bring it as a carry-on? Thanks! -Ken

  • Thanks all!

    Ken – I carry it with me on the plane. Never had a prob.

    Paul – it’s a typical HDR of mine with multiple expos !

    Michael – yes – the winners have been selected – Fred Van did the honors… I will ask him to get these up on his site !

  • When the storm comes its a good time for HDR photography..

  • I wouldn’t be without my tripod when I go out. Yes, it’s extra weight to drag around, but I believe the advantages of using one, especially in low light are well worth it

  • Great capture – Thanks to Ken for asking that question regarding Tripods and aeroplanes. I was concerned the fact that mine has a spirit-level, thus it has a liquid present, then it might be considered a risk as far as carry-on luggage goes. That puts my mind at ease a bit for my forthcoming trip to NYC – cool!

  • Nice post men. great!

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