The Black Rock

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A World in HDR, now in Chinese!

The book is now out in a new Chinese version! We had some very good talks with Chinese publishers about this through Peachpit, and I think the final product looks pretty good! Now, I’m not totally sure (since I can’t read Chinese), but it looks like you can order it through this site.

HDR Photo HDR Photo

The Black Rock

I spent a several hours on a huge black sand beach. This was in the volcanic area of southern Iceland, not too far from the recent volcano eruption. Parts of the nearby town of Wik were still covered in ash while I was there, so it had sort of a light feeling of an Icelandic Pompeii.

There were no roads in this area, but I wanted to explore, so I drove my 4×4 boldly out into the black sand expanse. It’s strange just driving in a blue, soft morning light across an endless horizon of black sand. It’s almost like being in the middle of a huge black asphalt parking lot, with no lines, no curbs, and no end. Every few miles, enormous black rock structures would shoot up out of the flatness. I stopped at every one, almost like it was calling me.

HDR Photo

  • XY

    I have just bought the English version from Amazon, now you tell me a Chinese version is available now…by the way, this new Chinese version is in traditonal Chinese and I wonder if it is only published in Taiwan. There are millions of photography enthusiasts in the mainland of China, it’s a huge market. I hope to see the simplified Chinese version, that would be great!

  • Sounds like a cool place!

  • What an experience!

  • I like the contrast and composition, and I believe you carried the atmosphere pretty well in this one, but there are just not enough colors in this one I find. The HDR process prings out the textures and contrasts but overall it’s not a mind-blowing picture (like the one with the sunrays in the fog for example – maybe that one was so good that I will measure every new one with that, which is probably a little unfair ;)).

  • Are you sure you did not take this shot on the moon 🙂

  • Looking at your work for sometime and very much enjoy your images. However ( always seems like a “however” comes when we put our images out for others to see.) all the blue in this image doesn’t feel right. I think it seem a little flat. Think this in B&W would have been a better image.
    Just had to say it, but I do very much enjoy your work

  • Gail in Montana

    I love this one, Trey!!! I am probably weird, but I can see an elephant in this rock, lol. I see his eye and ear, and his trunk is buried. I guess if Lewis and Clark can see a beaver in the Beaverhead rock formation on the Beaverhead River near the Virginia City Ghost Town in southwestern Montana, I can see an elephant in this one. But I tend to see shapes in rocks and mountains. There is one to the northwest of us that looks like an alligator head to me ;-). Anyway, this is a spectacular photo, thanks for sharing.
    Weird Gail in Montana, rofl!

  • Trey, it’s amazing to see, how you’re photography is becoming more subtle and gentle. This is delightful and you’ve used the processing to maintain clear tones throughout. I love this photo and I love the subtlety with which you have executed it!

  • Wow it’s like the end of the world!

    Not sure if you’veheard of the show ‘Top Gear’ but in a recent episode they drove right up to the volcano in Iceland that was causing all the airline havoc to retrieve a part of it. It’s quite an impressive sight. I’ve added the link here incase you get the chance to have a look.

  • casusan

    Awesome Trey! Love those beautiful blue clouds – hey it does kinda look like an elephant!

  • I wonder how big this thing, if have something near it to make a comparison.

  • Thanks everyone. This place is huge… there was nothing I could put there for scale… except my car.. which made it kinda dull ! 🙂 I wish I had a skeleton or something… I should carry one with me for scale and drama.

  • John Vito

    You could travel with a blowup doll… just for scale for these kinds pictures!

    Cool shot!

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