Photo Mystery – The Power Lunch

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Daily Photo – The Power Lunch

Here is a wonderful photo mystery.

Can anyone name this spot? Where could it be? I hope this is the hardest photo mystery yet. Whenever I put up one of these, the clever people in the community get it almost right away. But perhaps this one is a bit different.

If no one can figure it out, it will be revealed in an upcoming story tomorrow… Actually, tomorrow is the first of a long-form three-part story. …something a bit different for you!

HDR Photo

  • Chris Sproul

    I have no idea where it is Trey, but it’s fantastic! i can’t quite work out whats going on with the ceiling 🙂

  • No idea. But love seeing the tripod in the picture. And who is that woman?

  • Nope not a clue. But I do like that wall in the background!

  • My guess – Somewhere in San Clemente, CA perhaps inside a B&B or older hotel… Casa Romantica Cultural Center and
    Gardens??? Not sure…

  • I’m guessing Hearst Castle, but that would be too easy right…?

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Nice shot, love the setting.
    If everyone looks at the mirrored square at the bottom of the wall in between the two chairs theirs a nice image of trey’s tripod, and slightly to right, just above that, maybe the person who was interviewing him, eh trey, tut, tut, leaving the tripod visible, it must have been her beautiful green piercing eye’s eh : )
    As for the location, i downloaded the largest image, had a look around the image, and seeing knives and forks on the tables to the left and right thought it looks like a restaurant, and then after looking at the metadata in CS5 and seeing that the Raw file is called “From Hollywood to Google” i came to the conclusion that this must be a part of the Restaurant at Google Headquarters where you gave one of your lectures. ; )

    By the way, i have (2) TWO ONLY, invites for HDR SPOTTING if anyone of you budding Trey Ratcliffs out there wants to show off your work on the best HDR site out there, this is strictly on a first come, first serve basis, just drop me a mail at mike1052(at)gmail(dot)com

    All the best


  • haveacupoftea

    Wouldn’t that be in the restaurant/bar on the last floor of a Las Vegas hotel, what’s its name again… Mandalay Bay, THE hotel or something.

  • haveacupoftea

    On second thought, I’d go for the greater Los Angeles area, but then…

  • Mike Diblicek

    Update on my previous post (see post 6) concerning HDR Spotting invites, i’m afraid they have ALL GONE, so until the next time.

    All the best, and look forward to seeing your images on the great site that is, HDR SPOTTING.


  • Gail in Montana

    Mike is very observant!!! You can see those reflections. I, of course, have no clue where this might be. Interesting how both side walls seem to have a bathroom, but one may be just a window on the left reflecting the opposite wall. Until tomorrow, we will all be in suspense, lol. Thanks for sharing where ever it is.

  • Gail in Montana

    OOPS, make that a dining area, lol. Glad I checked it again!

  • Eric Campbell

    Gotta be Hearst Castle …either way – the interior design is outstanding as well as the style it has. I wouldn’t mind having a room like that at my own spot!

  • Mitch Sacks

    Hmmm… Is this another part of Hans Zimmers home?

  • No idea where this is – Is it your house perhaps?

  • Hmmm.. HMMMM!!!

    You guys have made some interesting observations…. bathroom or tables… tripod… mysterious woman… strange ceiling… what else does a puzzle photo need?

  • Sunfell

    Lovely lounge area. Love the skylight and the curtained twin dining nooks. A very exclusive restaurant, perhaps- on a hill? I’d love to visit it, or replicate it in a more modest manner in a home of my own.

  • Rod

    Ok looking around, on the top floor of a building. Looking thru the window on the left you can see over a valley. The one on the right you can see other windows thru the curtains. Upper Tea room somewhere. Maybe San Francisco?

  • Rome!

  • A shipboard lounge, perhaps a nice spot for drinks and a cigar after dinner.

  • A train? Presidential trai n or something?

  • Shag carpet rug screams Graceland to me, but I have no idea beyond that.

  • Mark Selleck

    Trey – this is the Penthouse restaurant at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica Beach,


  • casusan

    Wonderful shot and yes ‘puzzling’! I think Mike is right and it’s in the LA area somewhere! Looking forward to the long story!!

  • Nicolas Boivin

    I would also go with the hi class train. Somewhere in Europe on a long trip from Europe to Africa or something along those lines

  • Yep, Mr. Mark Selleck is right from what I can tell at the Huntley Hotel website. Good job figuring that out. Great shot BTW. Trey, they should use this shot in their adverts. Very nice!

  • Betty

    Is it inside a Frank Lloyd Wright house?

  • Bob

    I think Mark Selleck is right. Look at the website for The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica and you’ll see this area shown in their rotation of pictures.

  • Chad

    Playboy Mansion, after all, you are the “Man” Trey!

  • Hehe great guesses all… I like the idea of the really classy train. That is on my list of adventures, btw… the orient express!

    Anyway, Mark Selleck has it right.. it is the top of the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. It’s a really cool restaurant with an amazing view.. for the rest of the story, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow! 🙂

  • Wade

    Ahh Yes!
    Professor Plum In The Parlor With A Candlestick!!

  • George

    It is on a train (somewhere perhaps the Orient Express) – the lounge between dining tables. The skylight above….

  • Chaz

    Based on earlier photos of yours, it looks as if it could be part of Hans Zimmer’s Studio. This a total WAG, but the outside looks like the flat suburbs of LA.

  • it’s the penthouse restaurant & lounge in santa monica!

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  • Love it – as usual!

  • polkadotkiss

    some kind of train, luxurious passenger train or something

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