The Bay Beyond the Golden Gate

London Workshop Announced!

Newsletter subscribers got this news a little early, and here it is for everyone else!

Many details of the London event are now on the HDR Workshop page. Registration is in exactly 6 days (next Monday) at 10 AM London Time. You may remember the last one sold out in 11 minutes, so be ready. That page will have the order form “switched on” at 10 AM sharp. This time, we are on Rackspace servers, so we should be able to handle the surge without crashing!

Daily Photo – The Bay Beyond the Golden Gate

This spot up on the mountain, just north of San Francisco, is a very windy spot! Even when you have a sturdy tripod, the wind can knock it around quite a bit. In this one, I had to set up to shoot and then stand in front of the tripod, curling my body around the lens to try to block the wind.

It was a 5-exposure HDR, and I affixed a wide-angle lens so I could get the Golden Gate bridge on the left and the setting sun on the right. The skies were nice enough to cooperate with a nice palette of colorful clouds to trail across the sky. I’m not a big fan of shooting in the wind… it puts me on-edge a little bit. I do quite enjoy that feeling of popping back into my car after the event. The clunk of the car door shutting and the lack of the sound of the wind… that is a nice feeling.

As far as HDR settings go, I wanted to juxtapose it with this other sunset photo below. In this one, I took 7 exposures from +3 to -3, mostly because I was shooting into the sun. It also left me with more possible frames to correct the “ghosting” problem from the waves. Does this make sense?

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a lovely shot of the bay – beautiful! I know what you mean about the wind – it can be steady and chilling in SF area – but this shot was worth it!

  • chris sproul

    makes perfect sense Trey. I’m looking forward to the DVD ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I know the feeling. I am totally amped when out in the cold and wind, but when I’m done, getting out of the elements is like slipping into a cocoon — the sudden comparative silence, and being all safe and warm.

    I love both these shots, but especially the second; there’s just something very elemental about the movement of water. And yes, your method totally makes sense!

  • For what it is worth, and since it is free, it is worth every penny … these are pleasing images. The first is smooth and “realistic”. The second has been dedicated to HDR-ing. It would be even better if not quite so “cooked”. You have real talent. It is composition. Just my opinion.

  • Both excellent images but my personal favourite is the one taken under the pier, i particularly like the movement of the waves crashing against the pillars y’see.

    Saw the post regarding the London talk which I would have loved to have attended but i’ll have to miss out on this one i’m afraid – i noticed and article on the 2012 Olympics in the paper today so i think i’ll make some plans to head down for that.

    Here’s one of my shots from London anyway to get you in the swing….

  • My God those colors… Awesome new photo!

    I don’t understand how ghosting would be easier to remove with more exposures. The more exposures, the more movement, and the more ghosting?

  • I think the exposures with faster shutter speeds would produce images with less blurring on the moving areas which could be introduced with some extra post-processing on photoshop Henrik.

  • On “The Bay Beyond the Golden Gate” did you set the photomatix strength to 100 or did you just use lots of masking in photoshop as the HDR look is very subtle in this one. Cracking sunset! Loving the soft colours

  • Thanks all.

    Chris – I always set it at 100%, and then dial it back later in photoshop.

  • Gail in Montana

    WTG, Trey, both photos are excellent. I love the bay scene, spectacular!! Good luck in London, hope all turns out well and you get lots of takers. Have fun!! And, thanks for sharing once again, two for the price of one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • The bottom one of the ocean is a great HDR!! I have such a hard time correcting ghosting… ugh.

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    Interesting observation on being out in the wind. I’m the same way. Getting back to the car is like crawling back inside a cocoon.

    Wind… nasty stuff.

  • always like HDR, exotic afternoon, still learn how to make such a cool photo with entry level SLR ๐Ÿ™‚

  • THanks all!

    Jen – yes it is a trial !

  • Chaz

    This is driving me crazy trying to figure out which pier it is. I’m going to guess Pacifica? If it was Santa Cruz I believe there would be cliffs on the right.

  • I’d love to know how you capture such fantastic pseudo-hdrs

  • Beautiful picture!

  • Simon Blint

    The sunset shot under the pier is just beautiful. Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

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