The Mountain Storms of Time

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I know you guys love HDR as much as I do… The DVD is pretty much done… The Premium version is clocking in at over 6 hours. That’s a lot of time watching me work through these things, step-by-step. We are in the middle of testing these to make sure they work inside many different DVD players.

Even though the team is making a bunch of these, we are not sure how many will be avail in the first batch, so be SURE to sign up to our newsletter so you get early notice!

My HyperMac Comes Through!

A few months ago, I did a HyperMac Review here on the site. This is a really cool external battery that will charge up your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or i-anything. Sometimes, I am away from power outlets for far too long, and this thing saves my bacon. I find I have an inexhaustible need of electrons to power my life. It’s just the way it is… having this thing around while on the road was a real benefit. It hasn’t let me down yet… I highly recommend it!

Daily Photo – The Mountain Storms of Time

Ahhh… I’m so excited to be posting these two photos!

During my recent expedition in Iceland, I revisited an old favorite. This area is wild and incredible. I can’t get enough of this particular vista, and I waited patiently for things to get just right.

It was bitter cold outside, and I had all manner of warming clothes on.  Even though I brought my sweet special gloves where the fingers peel back, it still was not enough to keep my whole person warm.  Upon landing and going into Reykjavik to have breakfast at my favorite French restaurant, I bought a few strange-looking woolen Icelandic hats.  Maybe I should have captured photos of myself in all this garb… but I am sensitive to taking too many photos of myself on the blog.  When people do too much of that it gives me the heebie-jeebies.  This is probably just in my head.

Now, you may remember this exact spot from another photo, several years back. The lower photo was taken around the middle of winter, and this new upper photo was taken in the middle of summer. I’ve put the two below so you can compare and contrast.

This was shot in the middle of the summer of 2010, not too far from the solstice.

HDR Photo

And this photo was taken in the dead of winter about 2 or 3 years ago.

  • That’s awesome, Trey! It’s amazing how you found almost the exact same spot! Did you mark the location with a flag stating “Trey Ratcliff was here” or something?! lol j/k Keep up the great work!

  • Wow that first image looks reminds me of the movie ‘Capricorn 1’ when James Brolin, OJ and co are escaping those sinister black helicopters – minus the snow of course – exciting!

  • Damien

    Great shots Trey. Interesting to see the same image at different times. Regarding the DVD, can you confirm if you will be shipping internationally? I have been waiting ages for this DVD and I’m sure if it’s as good as the other books, it will be excellent.

  • Really awesome photos Trey!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, two wonderful photos for the price of one 😉 !! I love them both. Glad you happened to be in Iceland at the right time to capture one in winter and one in summer, WTG. Thanks for sharing once again. Have a great weekend, going to be a hot one here in the Bitter Root Valley.

  • casusan

    Amazing to see both of these! I like that little water fall!

  • I understand your concern about not wanting to post too many self-portraits on the blog. Next time, find a willing model to wear the funky woolen hat.

  • Noah

    Trey, in the section of ‘Hypermac’ you talk about how great it is then the last sentence says ‘…and I can’t recommend it any more!’ Is that a typo as it sounds great until the last few words where is sounds not so good :(. Great pics by the way as usual.

  • so the first one is HDR ??
    and the second not so much??

    But brilliant to have the exact same
    spot.. do u use satellite to navigate?

    Bout them people puttn up pics of themselves
    hell yes its okay… unless your a hairy dude:D!!!!

  • Patrick

    Trey certainly means that he cannot recommend it more than he already does.
    Meaning he recommends it a 100%, more just isn’t possible.

    Either that or it really is a typo. 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    They are both HDR shots.. just from different seasons.

    and I’ll fix that typo ! hehe

  • I love the summer one! Can I get an update on when we could be getting those tips for shooting random people? Really waiting for that! 😛

  • New Zealand has such fantastic landscapes

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