Approaching Roppongi on Foot

Interview Recap

In case you missed this interview with Ron Martinsen, a very nice fellow, you can see it over at Being a fellow photographer, he asked very good questions and I enjoyed the talk!

Daily Photo – Approaching Roppongi on Foot

On my last night in Japan, I was feeling restless. It sometimes comes at the end of the trip, when I feel like I just haven’t taken enough photos. Of course, that’s never the case, since I usually have thousands in the hopper by that point. But when I know that the city is full of life, I just have to get out there and capture a bit of it.

Roppongi is one of the most happening areas of Tokyo, and the rain makes it all feel even more alive. It’s pretty safe to walk around at night. On the edges, there are some unsavory types about. Typically, they are large Africans who are in the employ of various underground activities. It’s not a good idea to hang around there, so I pass through as quickly as possible, wielding my tripod like a weapon to give them a bit of hesitation.

  • Yes, those guys can be a nuisance. I unfortunately fell into their little scheme once. More out of curiosity than anything. These guys took me down numerous stairwells until we came to a very small room which contained numerous girls that appeared to be drugged out of their mind. It gave me the chills and I got out ASAP! Fortunately they didn’t try stopping me. The tripod on the shoulder helps for sure.

  • Haha.. great story Matthew

    Also, look at the light from the lamppost. Now that’s a star burst effect if I’ve even seen one!

  • Cool! The reflections are awesome! Really nice light.

  • Your photographs of Japan always bring back a flood of memories for me. Roppongi is definitely a happening nightlife area of Tokyo. I spent more than a few nights down there with my fellow Marines. We never got much trouble from the….ummm…..hired help.

  • Really great shot, as usual 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Ohhhh, I love it, 😀

  • Gail in Montana

    Looks like a fun area to be in Trey, great photo once again. Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying hearing from a lot of your HDF photographer friends who have become my friends on facebook!!! And I know have a Malaysia nice lady as a friend!! Have a good week.

  • bee you tea full image

  • Ahhh my old stomping grounds. Next time I’m back there I want to do some HDR as well of some of my old haunts. Wish I could go back to my first 4.5 years in Japan to Iwakuni/Hiroshima area. LOTS of cool opportunities there for HDR.

  • Nice shot! In al my time in Japan, I’ve never been to Roppongi. But that shot looks just like Nagoya, which I know well. Then again, I guess all big cities look pretty much the same, outside of famous landmarks and such.

  • Jon

    Large Africans?

  • Reminds me of your “Times Square” photograph Trey. Wonderful…..

  • casusan

    Oh wow – cool shot, I like all the lights and feeling of movement Trey!

  • tokyo beautiful no matter at day or night

  • Love the night shots with rain!

  • great picture
    i just got back from tokyo a few days and boy its a great place to take pictures, so much to see and do. the streets are filled with so many lit signs, its crazy
    i really had a fun time learning and playing with HDR.
    your original size of the picture is 6000 pixels wide, hats insane!
    there is so much detail i can zoom in and read a license plate of a car way in the back.

    next time it rains i’m gonne try this as the rain increases reflections on the pavement!
    i’m learning so much by looking at your pictures.
    i use a nikon d90 but i’m starting to think i need a camera that can do more than 3 bracketed exposures as i cant seem to match your picture quality.

    does having 5 to 9 exposures really always beat out 3 exposures? i have a hard time telling if more than 3 frames is really needed as i dont have a d3x or a anything that goes past 3 frames.

  • Wow. This is an amazing shot…probably my favorite of yours in a while!

  • hey cool – thanks everyone !

  • Wow, this is awesome!! So vibrant, so alive! Great colors! Wow!

  • Mark

    Check out the special What The Duck strip made in honor of HDR (#7):

    Looks like Duck needs 10 HDR processing mistakes…

  • Very nice, this lens is sharp. After seeing all these wide angle shots I decided to rent out 14-24 and try it over the next few weeks with my D90.

  • Michael

    Hope I can get some great shots like this in Kiev this fall!

  • Hugh Koester

    If you use a tripod, why can’t you use a tilt/shift lens? It would improve you images tremendously.

  • Mike C.

    Yours is the only site my wife peeks over my shoulder to see what I’m looking at. Awesome, no I mean AWESOME work man!

  • Kaz

    HI Trey, your Nikon 50mm lens review comments have been corrupted with porn and sex sites.
    You should check it out.


  • Thanks everyone.

    High – I don’t mind the distortion, but I do hear comments like yours from time to time.

    Kaz – yes – I do need to clean that up !

  • Hey Trey, thanks for mentioning! Hopefully your readers will enjoy your interview and other great content we have like the upcoming printing series!

    Best wishes!

  • agus f

    awesome pictures!

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