Another Beautiful California Night

The Problem With PhotoWalks

I really enjoy leading PhotoWalks… I try to do my best to get around and talk to everyone. The biggest problem is simply that I don’t have time to get to know everyone as much as I would like! I can tell after meeting people that these are some interesting people…and we would probably have many things to discuss!

During the San Clemente one below, many people stayed after for a little pizza party. That was great fun and I did get to talk to people a little bit more in depth.

Daily Photo – Another Beautiful California Night

Here is photo from the very fun and engaging Photowalk in San Clemente, California.

Do you guys know who David Arkenstone is? He’s a musician that has done a few songs I’m sure you’ve heard. I’ve listened to some of his music for the last 5+ years, and I was SHOCKED when he showed up at the photowalk.  He enjoys photography and was a closet-fan of the site!

Even better, he brought me a bag full of CDs! How cool! Luckily, after that, I had a long road trip all the way up to San Francisco — I was able to listen to his CDs and just chill out… I was very happy (and felt lucky!) to meet him in person.


  • Thanks so much for talking about photo walks- I’m very inspired by the idea and starting one in my town, first walk will be this Friday. I’d love any suggestions from others on how to do one, as I’ve never been on one before, it just sounds so fun that I wanted to get other photographers together to play with the idea. Anyways, you read my mind and the photo is BEAUTIFUL, you caught the clouds shape and the sunset color just perfect!

  • Soooooo beautiful sunset.

  • I can’t fault this image Trey.I can almost smell the salt!!! Do you protect your camera in any way or just wipe it down when you have finished shooting?

  • Kelley – just have a route planned, encourage sharing online after the event, and end with coffee so people can hang out extra time!

  • Very cool that you were able to meet David Arkenstone! He’s a very talented musician. It amazes me how many artists have a passion for both music and photography.

  • I was lucky enough be there with all the great people and even enjoy the pizza. Great learning and fun.

  • What impresses me is that you could charge for your photo walks, and you don’t. Instead, you prefer to give to others, share your talent, just put it out there. I’m betting you feel you’ve gotten back far more than you ever gave. It’s a great thing to learn, isn’t it?

    Gorgeous shot. Almost feel as if I’d been there.

  • Patrick

    Is this photo a single raw image or did you just mask a lot?

  • This is one of my favorite photos of your seascapes, Trey. So very beautiful. It would be fun to walk out on that pier!!! Love the colors and nice capture of the wave coming in!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Brad Truxell

    That is so cool about David Arkenstone. I listen to his music religiously, and if he showed up to take pictures with me, I would also be ecstatic. Awesome photo as usual, I love the colors in the sky.

  • Thanks again for leading that photowalk, Trey. It was great to meet you and learn a bit of your photography style. BTW, I was the guy who introduced you to his wife and 1-month old daughter at the pizza place afterwards.

  • casusan

    Absolutely gorgeous Trey – new wallpaper!

  • Gorgeous!

  • Only time I can get a shot like this here on the east coast of florida, is way too early in the morning!!!! beautiful shot….maybe i’ll have to spend a weekend over on the gulf coast, and try this in the afternoon !!!!

  • Mohsin

    great and cool collection of HD by David Arkenstone!!!really lovable and adorable..

  • Lenny Machin

    Trey, I love the new look! Some may be tempted to think “the bigger header the bigger the ego”, but I’ve been following you long enough to know better. I appreciate how you cater to us armatures as well as the genius, high-end crowd! Looking forward to the DVD.

  • Lenny Machin

    PS: can’t find the “Clubhouse” 🙁

  • Love the updated site! I check it every chance I get. Being in Iraq it’s hard, but I do my best. Stumbled on to your site by accident and have been a fan every since. I am heading home after a very long year here and I can’t wait to put some of the awesome things that I have learned to use. I am really looking forward to traveling when I finally get back with the Mrs. Thanks again for being and inspiration to this old Soldier!

  • Rick Stuve

    Hey Trey,
    Can’t wait for this book to help me with my mistakes. Always better to learn from some one else’s mistakes. 🙂 If the new ebook is half as helpful as The world in HDR it will be an amazing tool.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  • When/if you come back to San Clemente, please take a picture of the flocks of pelicans that fly over with the beach in the background. I live down there and they are so amazing to watch.  Love your site!


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