Hearst Castle in San Simeon

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Daily Photo – Hearst Castle in San Simeon

Did you know that Hearst Castle is only a few hours north of LA? If you ever end up in LA for a trip, be sure to set aside a few hours for a trip up to see this place. After you get out of the LA city-scape-area, the terrain totally changes – so does the “feeling”.

Towards the end of the day, all the tourists had left. I had an escort with me for most of the day. This gentleman was a retired LAPD officer who spends a few days per week working up at Hearst Castle. There are several of these guys and gals that help keep the place secure. They take the job pretty seriously, as you would expect from any LAPD-type. After a few hours, I was able to wear them down with humor. I found they responded very well to anti-lawyer humor, btw. So keep that one in mind in case you ever get in a pinch.

Everyone there was extremely nice, and I loved the opportunity to capture Hearst as it is meant to be captured. I kept returning to this fountain time and time again — until the skies and light was just right…

Hearst Castle

  • casusan

    Wow! Cool shot and wonderful reflection – I love Hearst and seeing all these makes me want to visit again soon – super Trey!

  • Don’t know if I should be embarrassed or not, but I had to look in wikipedia to find out just what Hearst Castle was… Interesting. Sounds like a nice place to visit and see.

    That’s a great shot of it! I especially like the reflection in the water of both the building and the sky. Great job, Trey!!

  • Good choice to return to it. The fountain makes the photo.

  • Great photo, Trey, the outside is just as impressive as the inside!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Matt

    Just so you know, at least for me, the website loads much MUCH faster!

  • Inspiring dude! Gorgeous saturation! The reflections rock and it’s a quite a nice looking building too!

  • ooooo…. This is toooooo good. Best reflection and the right saturation I’ve ever seen…

  • Stunningly sharp. Great shot!

  • Wonderful!

  • Reflection, one of the good subject photography..it become more stunning in HDR Photography.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Dylan

    I had always wanted to go to this place, but from their website they specify no tripods are allowed? I was curious how you got away with this…thanks!

  • Patrick

    Just a quick question:
    Do you set a manual white balance in your camera when bracketing?

    I’m just asking because it is not mentioned in your tutorial.
    The part about actually taking the pictures and which camera settings
    to use is pretty short.

  • Trey, I couldn’t load stuckincustoms earlier this morning (using Firefox), but it’s working for me now!



  • Ya know, I’ve been to Hearst Castle, but I never saw it the way you show it in this photo! You have a great eye for composition, light, and detail!

  • Beautiful!

    I’m kicking myself now. 2008 My girlfriend wanted to visit here. I voted for a second trip to Yosemite. Would have been nice to visit both.

    By the way this page took along time to load up. Is that normal?

    Keep shooting and sharing Trey


  • Dylan – they have a photographer’s day where I think tripods are allowed

    Patrick – I usually stay on Auto White balance

    Eugene – thanks for the update!

    Michael – there is still time!

  • dave schoonover

    Fabulous photo! Tough getting good pictures there any day, since you’re gambling on the weather. But … they are REALLY tight about photography. Here’s a link to there rules: http://www.hearstcastle.com/content/hearst-castle-site-photography-0
    … sigh, guess we’ll just have to live vicariously thru Trey’s work!

  • Yep. You’re absolutely correct, Trey. Perfect light.

  • love your attitude and your remarkable technical abilities and superb work. i ask a philosophical question. as a former news photographer, and lover of photogs like helmut newton, diane arbus, and even bresson, i have been a fan of photography that was not worked over, and rather raw, using so called flaws (such as flare, off exposure, etc, etc). as such, i am clearly NOT a technician with my photography. i love the soft, blurred feel of an old bresson shot, or a cinema verite-style, or grained helmut newton fashion or celebrity shot. (okay, the question ;)…do you see the verite styles of the 30s french, and 60s/70s journalism and fashion photogs, as outmoded? or usable only when highly technically applied as a ‘treatment’? or do you, as an hdr/technical photographer, respect current photoraphers (rare as they may be) who use raw technique primarily, and for whom this is part of their work.

    for me, i use hdr to some extent on most shots, but my street work is not done with tripods, it is impromptu, often grainy (1600iso) night work, and thus the ‘flaws’ must be part of my work, and the look…i apply hdr, but often keep it hidden to enhance the work, but not to look hdr.

    appreciate your response, and your website

  • THanks!

    Michael – well I really do like those classic styles… a lot! In fact, I’ve been doing a lot these effects with my other cameras. Putting some of those other styles on the photo gives them a certain feel that is hard to explain – but I know what you mean! 🙂

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