The Lamps and the Sakura

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Updated Nikon D3S Review

I’ve updated the Nikon D3S Review with the new video from japan as well as the new photo below. I occasionally pop into previous reviews to update them with new information so they stay fresh. In a way, they are sort of “living documents”, especially as my experience and opinions grow and change over time.

Daily Photo – The Lamps and the Sakura

Sakura is the Japanese word for the Cherry Blossom. I don’t know if I can explain how crazy the Japanese people are about this yearly bloom! For one thing, every local newscast has a big “Cherry Blossom” report that has in-depth descriptions of exactly where the trees are blooming in the country and upcoming predictions. The wave sweeps across the island of Japan and rich graphics cover the screen like a cold front, assaulting the countryside.

I took this photo with the Nikon D3S. I’ve recently taken to carrying two cameras with me. I take the Nikon D3X with me, and it’s usually attached to the tripod. This is the one that I use for 90% of my landscapes. While I carry that, slung around my neck and shoulder, Chewbacca-style, is the Nikon D3S, which I use for people shots, DOF shots, and videos.

This was taken at F/1.4 with a 50mm prime lens. The shutter was 1/8000 and the ISO 200. As always, this “EXIF” information is available on the SmugMug site if you click through and do a tiny bit of investigative clicking!

The Lamps and the Sakura

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-04 15:15:53
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/1.4
  • ISO200
  • Focal Length50mm (50mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • casusan

    I know that is so beautiful there with the blossoms Trey – you were lucky!!

  • That is crazy, sounds like the Cherry Blossom blooming season is similar to the hurricane season here in Florida. Love the DOF, great shot Trey.

  • Great shot! The guy who complained that your pics had no dof would be happy i guess 🙂
    the cherry blossom looks wonderful.

  • Pretty photo, Trey!! It seems that the Cherry trees are blooming around the world. They are so beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing the blossoms and the lamps in Japan!!

  • Lovely. Wish I was there during the blooming period.

  • Thanks!

    Charles – yes maybe so – I REALLY want to make that guy happy that is so concerned with DOF! hehe

  • prosem

    Interesting bokeh pattern. What lens is that shot with? Great overall composition! Good movement thoughout.

  • Thx – this is a 50mm prime at 1.4

  • I prefer not to bokeh this photo coz the tree behind it so beautiful..I think the lamp should go detail with the tree behind..sorry this is my amateur opinion..:)

  • Beth

    Tried to find this in the About Me section, but how did you get so lucky to be traveling around the world all the time? I read somewhere it’s half for work, half for pleasure, but who exactly do you work for and what are you doing? [Need to sign myself up]

  • Thanks for the comments

    Beth — well – the site is very profitable.. we do a lot of licensing and whatnot, so I get to take fun trips… that’s all.

  • Frank

    background looks weird. More like motion than like bokeh… Is that from the processing?

  • Thanks! No – it is just basic bokeh in the background

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