Trey Ratcliff Speech at Google (and the new Google Holodeck!)

[email protected] Talk is now Online

I was very excited and honored to speak at Google for their [email protected] program. The people I met there were cool, interesting, and genuinely into in HDR Photography. The team there recorded the whole presentation and have recently put it online — so now you all can see.

I hope you all enjoy and get something out of it.  Besides what is included in the video, what else would you like to hear me talk about?  What burning questions do you have?  I’d be happy to squeeze them into one of my “Van Down By The River” speeches in the future! 🙂

I need to go in and annotate this video like, at 12:41, 5 shot vs. 7 shot HDR, etc (I just made that up… but, I do mention that somewhere in there…  and then people could many of the common questions answered that I commonly get).

You can see the full [email protected] YouTube Video here.

Shots from Inside the Googleplex

After I was done with the speech, I gave an workshop to some of the Google employees. It was very fun and stimulating… but, while waiting on that to begin, I went around to grab images from inside the Googleplex. These have all been approved by corporate communications, so I can release them!

Herein, you will see one of the mysterious hallways of Google, the new Google Holodeck (well, pseudo-holodeck), which is showing Google Earth on the moon (you can zoom in, spin around, etc etc), and the last is Spaceship One, which has been lowered through the roof. Awesome, eh?

  • Richard

    Hey Trey.. Was wondering. If I could buy one more bit of software (I only have PS and Noiseware), do you think Topaz Adjust would be the best choice? I like that smooth look you get, especially on shots like the front of the Google building with the sign. I’m thinking that’s Topaz Adjust. What do you think? Could you maybe do a priority list of software to get? Not necessarily bundles, but individual pieces?… Thanks..:)

  • Richard

    Edit to the above.. I of course have Photomatix.. doh!

  • Wow, Trey, I can see why you enjoyed your time at Google HQ’s!!! My niece knows someone who went there to work. And I guess they love it there. She’s in the Chicago area at a business that is high-tech. She loves her work, and I’m so happy she and her little boy have a happy life!!
    Love these photos!!! Can’t wait to add them to my album when I go to facebook this morning later on. Wish I had an hour to watch the video, but I don’t 🙁 . Great job as always, thanks for sharing your Google experience with us!!!!!

  • MrNokill

    A great talk at google, not only re you a great photographer you are also a good story teller and really bring your pictures alive. Plus you don’t fill up with time settings for your camera that always gets me unexcited to take pictures myself so thank you a lot on your great job to get me exited to take a picture! 🙂

  • Richard – Yes – I think Topaz Adjust is a great addition to your arsenal. If you want to buy more of a “multitool”, then Nik or OnOne are good investments!

    MrNokill – thanks – keep going out to take great pics! 🙂

  • casusan

    Love these shots of google Trey! Inquiring minds want to know!

  • A wonderful presentation Trey, very insightful and I did enjoy every minute of it. Shooting all day and processing all night – my nirvana – I thought I needed therapy as does my wife – I don;t think much anymore however -;0)

    Your point at the end about making the eye move around to absorb the image was not only very insightful but oh so true. In the world of photography the master of this technique (and am sure one of the finest photographers ever) is Clyde Butcher, he prints most of his pictures 4-6 feet wide – he knows if you are standing in front of one of them you will feel you like you are in his magical world it works very well. If you have not seen one of his shows put it on your list, and if you can get a show and talk – stand by a – wonderful spirit here!

    Cheers and an image filled journey to you in NZ.


  • Thanks for the comment — I will look at Clyde’s website – thanks very much for the link!

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  • Friggin awesome!!! You lucky dawg… 🙂

  • Great speech Trey. I was happily listening when I noticed the slide you put up with examples of the HDR Spotting submissions included mine! Top left, “The Red Carpet”. A huge grin on my face when I think that was seen by such a great group of people (including you!). Keep doing what you’re doing I’m enjoying the blog, the book and your tutorials.

  • One thing I was hoping you would cover is where you get prints made. I loved your presentation and appreciate your points about the controversy over HDR.

  • Facebook User

    Congrats dude…thanks for sharing!!!

  • Thanks y’all.

    Lucy – cool your photo was shown at Google !! 🙂

    Ann – this is a moving target with me – I now get mine made at Really Big Canvas, and I think they do a great job!

  • What is the second from last photo of, it looks like a some kinda of Google master control? What is it?

  • Hehe – that is the new Google holodeck-thing ! 🙂

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  • Great presentation man! I was watching this and noticed my photo on the HDR Spotting page on the bottom left…lol. Keep fighting the good fight for the rest of us!

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