The Olde Organ, Guessing Game, and my Secret Music List

My Music Playlist – What are some of your favorites?

As I travel around the world, I’ve picked up an amazing collection of unique music. It’s not for everyone, but if you like eclectic stuff that gets you in a right-brain mode, I think it’s great.

This first list I am releasing is my “World Lounge Mix” – I made an iTunes iMix of it and added the mix to Trey’s Music List!

Coming soon are some of my favorite songs from other categories, like Ambient New Age, Spanish Guitar, World Music, and more.

What are some of your favorite songs? Share them with me – I’d like to know!

Daily photo – The Olde Organ

Okay, if you were in one of my workshops, you are not allowed to guess, because you heard the unexpected answer.

But, of the rest of you, who can guess where this photo of this ornate organ was taken?  Those in my workshop know because I worked on it during the festivities.  It’s so funny whenever I zoom into 100% and people ooh and ahh at the details.  It’s funny because I do the same thing!  I know a lot of people say that 24 megapixel is overkill, but… well… it’s just cool.

I plan for the future when many people have 70 inch wall displays at 10,000 pixels across.  I want to make sure my images are ready for them!

The Olde Organ

  • Unreal! Looks like I can reach out and touch it!

  • Possibly somewhere in Paris?

  • Robert Murray

    Anything by the Cold War Kids.. Imagine a ambient bluesy Radiohead, add super unique vocals and slick storytelling.
    Also anything by the Fleet Foxes, think Beach Boys of the middle ages

  • dreaming of you ~ como la flor ~ selena <3

  • Just got your book Trey.. simply OUTSTANDING! Will devour it in a few.. Thanks for sharing your hints.. A ciao from Italy..


  • For some reason this one looks much sharper than your usual photos, especially in the corners.

  • Wow. You just convinced me to upgrade my camera.

  • Ian

    Looks like a British cathedral – Norwich, Exeter, York maybe.

  • Hi Trey,

    Just ordered your book from Amazon. It will take a couple of weeks before it arrives in my hands down in here in Australia, and I can tell you that I am impatiently looking forward to it. I have not played with HDR yet, but I certainly enjoy looking at your images and wish I had played with HDR while I was living in Japan. There is something about an image in HDR that seems to push yet pull you at the same time into the image. I think its wonderful and warm.

    In regards to music; it may not be to your taste, but I absolutely love ??????? (ikimonogakari). Since hearing them back in 2006, not a day goes by where I don’t listen to a couple of their songs, and to be honest, they just make you smile. Have a listen to a few of their songs like “sakura”, ”???????? (kaeritakunatayo)”, and “??? ???? (hana wa sakura kimi wa utsukushii) – The flowers are Sakura and you are beautiful”. I wouldn’t be anyway without my Mozart either.

    Thanks again for this wonderful site Trey. I have learnt a lot.


  • This is such an awesome shot here man, love the POV, and great details and colors as always! The organ looks 3D, just a fantastic shot!

    Just picked up your book over the weekend, and I can’t put it down!!

  • Beautiful picture of the pipe organ, Trey!!!! I love all kinds of music, but can’t remember titles. Some of the groups and singers I love are Charlotte Church, Celtic Thunder, The Celtic Women, Andrea Boceilli, John Denver, Anne Murray, Josh Groban, Manheim Steamroller, and much more. We saw Manheim Steamroller’s Christmas concert last November. It was absolutely awesome!!!! Oh several country bands like Lone Star, whom we also saw, and others. I have a large variety of favorite music. I know that’s more than you wanted to hear, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hehe, as a native of the city in which this organ resides, I’ll leave the guessing of that Holy Name to the others. Nice shot.

  • Beautiful detail, Trey. The magnificence of a church is so difficult to capture in a single exposure.

  • Wow! Now I want to really upgrade……That will take some time, but the details are worth the wait.

  • Brad Truxell

    Great shot as usual Trey! As for the music, it seems no one likes music like this. I think it is awesome you enjoy different styles of music. One of my all time favorite artists is a new age composer named Thierry David. If you check out his album “Zen Pause,” you won’t be disappointed. Also, I just picked up a compilation cd titled “Frequent Flyer: Buenos Aires.” I have been listening to it nonstop as of lately.


  • Facebook User

    I also shoot in 24MP. The camera will do it, it seems stupid to me to bump down the resolution.

  • The more I look at your pictures like this, I say to myself ” I need the 14-24″.

    This is one of your stupendous shots. hmm… BTW, anyone here any ideas about the Tokina 11-16 (The poor mans wide angle) for dx cameras?

    Trey, do you know something about this lens i am kinda trying to make up my mind between 11-16 tokina and a 12-24.

  • Matt

    Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago. (1989 Flentrop Organ)

  • Its— I’m not telling either. 🙂

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Fantastic Trey! Love this one too!!

  • Thanks all!

    And yes – good guesses…. you are right – it is in Chicago at the Holy Name Cathedral! 🙂

  • Amazing picture Trey! It was an awesome experience to see this worked on in person at the workshop. You truly are the master of HDR!

  • Patrick Smith

    Trey, it was an honor editing this image with you! If it weren’t for the guy in the workshop that grew up down the street from it, I don’t think we would have ever guessed its location.

    One thing I forgot to ask you, since you live in Austin, is if you have ever made your way to the music festival Austin City Limits Look it up and try out some of the bands from the line up. I think you would particularly enjoy Grizzly Bear, Avett Brothers, The Decemberists, Bon Iver, Dirty Projectors, and Ghostland Observatory(also from Austin).

  • Jack Rice

    Nice collection of music, did quite like the Norah Jones track floating around in there, will have to check out some of the others. Recently I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Muse, Newton Faulkner, Hot Chip and other assortments. As Patrick Smith mentioned, Bon Iver is also very good too.

    Great shot, really puts good use to the wide-angle. I would’ve probably have also said in the UK, except for the green marble like slabs under the windows and the decorations, but can believe it’s an American one, but with hints of influence from older British cathedrals. Nice organ though 😛

  • Holy church bells, Batman! That shot is just… heavenly! Perfect subject for that nice lens/camera combination you have. BTW, your book showed up in the mail today, and I am just about to listen to some tunes from your playlist while digging in to it!

    Best from Berlin!

  • Great picture. I listen to when I’m working. I’ve customized a Techno station that I don’t like to listen to except when I’m working. It’s motivating without being distracting. Bon Iver is good.

  • Tim

    Here’s a grooveshark playlist with these songs. For songs I couldn’t find, I added two others by the same artist, preferably from the same album. For the few that didn’t have any songs by that artist, I left them out. The order is the same, apart from all the Bitter:Sweet songs being at the beginning in my playlist.

  • @SATHYA…
    I just ordered the Tokina 11-16 for my nikon d200. Most people are giving it very good reviews, including Ken Rockwell. I would recommend reading his review, perhaps some others, and look at reviews by those who’ve already purchased the lens at retailer sites like adorama, or amazon. I feel good about my purchase decision, but of course it hasn’t arrived yet. Hope this helps a bit! Happy shooting.

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