Entering the Fjord

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I just finished a fun one on Sunday night for the Austin Photography Group. It was a very enthusiastic crowd and I was happy to meet many of them and talk about HDR Photography. Here are some other upcoming ones.

  • Google – In early February, I was invited to come out to the Google HQ to give a talk for their [email protected] program. I do not think that it is open to the public, but it will be recorded to be put online to be shared with everyone. I’ll let you know when it comes available!
  • Ignite Austin – Jan 13 – I believe this event is totally sold out, but you may still be able to get in… or show up and fight your way in!
  • Art Institute of Austin – Jan 14 – This sounds like a great group of people, and we’ll be able to get a bit more in depth into the artistic side of things.  Or, at least that is my hope!  I look forward to meeting you all! 🙂

Daily Photo – Entering the Fjord

Sometimes I get annoyed when I make a wrong turn, but not this time!  I was trying to find a remote place in the far northern part of Iceland, and I ended up going the wrong way.  Before I knew it, I was several miles deep into this fjord, but I could not bring myself to turn around.  It was too interesting and pretty!

The next day, I ended up finding the right way to go, but with white-out snow conditions, the road was sketchy.  VERY sketchy.  It was one of those situations where I was just inching along, scared witless, and giant trucks would occasionally blow by me at 60 km/h!  I was thinking… Jeez, these Icelanders are crazy!

Entering the Fjord

  • casusan

    Ahhh…amazingly beautiful and peaceful scene – love the colors here and would have wanted to stay myself!!

  • kathy

    wow. just wow.

  • Beautiful! Especially with the reflected sunlight.

  • I always start my day with the Daily Photo. This one’s a beauty.

  • Me too, bsimak, first thing I look at!! A very beautiful place and photo, Trey!! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on the invitation from google, WTG!!

  • I love the colors of the clouds reflected off the water. Nice Shot.

  • Great work Trey. IMO, this is one of your best. The clouds, the colors, the reflection, mountains in the background…perfect.

  • This ones amazing. The striking colors, the reflection the treatment… Gorgeous Trey… This is my third comment in the past 1 year which states “One of your BEST”!!!!!

  • I’m absolutely pining.

  • Howie

    Very well done! Great balance between Highlights and shadows,super composition. Nature for me always kicks it up a notch compared to Human made elements.

  • Thank you very much y’all – interesting you guys like this so much! I’ve had this one sitting around for about 4 months wondering whether or not I should upload it!

  • PJ

    Let me just wet my pants for a bit.

    Ahh. That’s better.

  • Beautiful shot. It looks peaceful too. I want to go here.

  • Oh, how I want to visit Iceland! 😉

    Gorgeous shot!

  • Ali

    Great photo, Trey!

    Quick question…I recently purchased your book (yesterday – I love it) and I’ve managed to read about 50 pages so far. I realized that I don’t see any nighttime photos, the latest time I saw was at sunset. This brought up an interesting question and sorry if it has been asked before, but does HDR work well with night photos? I wanted to test my question in action, so I took some city-lights photos last night.

    To see a decent level of light I dropped my shutter speed really low at aperture of 4 (that’s as low as my lens will go) and took 5 photos at different exposures. Even after dropping the shutter speed as low as it goes, my histograms of all the shots still didn’t cover the entire range. Anyways, being content with knowing that this is the best I could do that night, I went back home and started the post-processing only to find out that the stacked image was too “glowy” and no matter how much the controls were changed, I couldn’t get a nice look out of it.

    Now this may just be my inexperience at the post-processing, but I wanted to get your opinion how HDR fairs at night and if you had some tips for it. Sorry for the rant, and thanks for the help!

  • hehe thanks al – sorry about that PJ!

    Ali – Night photos work just fine. However, given the choice, I prefer sunset. A black sky can be sooo boring sometimes! Why keep the sky boring when, just a few hours earlier, it was so colorful? That’s what I say.

  • I love how the yellows and blues work together. Maybe it’s my monitor on my laptop but the colors don’t look overdone, but more natural looking.

  • Damien

    Excellent colours in the Water. I love the reflection of the Sun. One of my new Favourites I think

  • Matt

    Almost looks like there is a fire in the clouds causing smoke. Very cool. I really like the reflection in the water too!

  • Trey,

    I heard your podcast on digital photo experience today and you left me wanting more. We do alot of camping and some travel and I’m always looking for a wonderful photo. I do not have a fancy camera yet, not even an slr but I do have a pretty good cannon powershot until then. Nevertheless, I enjoy taking pictures and I’m yearning for more information. Any ideas in getting started with learning the basics?

  • Very nice shot…the composition, colors and textures are wonderful!

  • Great picture!
    Wish I was there!

  • superb photo.
    you should take a trip to Norway one day if you haven’t already been here. I will take you for a trip around the isles in the north if you need a guide.

  • Gorgeous shot

  • BGP

    Great shot, one tip, get yourself to Glen Rannoch Scotland and with your talent you will get fantastic shots ( August,September)
    I know what i am talking about,i have lived in the area most of my life.

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